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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.3
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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If Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was already a great game on the “old” systems, you’d have to expect it to be great on the next-generation of consoles, and you’d be right. This “new” B2:MC is well worth the purchase price, despite the relatively small amount of new content.
MAN!AC (May, 2006)
Für die Next Generation hat man die aufregenden Online-Kämpfe lediglich optisch aufpolliert.
Game Chronicles (May 18, 2006)
Whether you are looking for an action-focused single-player war game or a fantastic multiplayer experience that rivals those Tom Clancy titles, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a masterful bit of game design. They managed to put just enough single-player elements in to keep the game fun for the solo players while keeping everything intact for the online warriors. But at the end of the day Modern Combat is nothing more than a visual facelift of last year's Xbox release, and while it looks damn good, I can't recommend buying it a second time (unless you can trade in you old copy for a good price), there just isn't anything new here. But new recruits looking for one of the best military games going, both online and off...well, let's just say we are looking for a few good men.
ActionTrip (Apr 27, 2006)
Players who have never experienced a Battlefield game and want to get into the action as quickly and easily as possible, should run right out and buy an Xbox 360 and a copy of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Somehow the guys at EA have worked some magic by reproducing the Battlefield experience without the expense or hassle that comes with today's gaming PC. Add to the mix a single player campaign, mini game like challenges and an online component that matches its PC brother, and console fans have a real winner. However, if you have played the PC version, and have no interest in the single player features, the new weapons and vehicles may not be enough reason to trade in your mouse for the 360 controller.
Game Captain (Apr 16, 2006)
Online-Fans sollten sich dieses Sahnestück auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen, Solisten sollten sich aber überlegen, ob ihnen der gute, aber unspektakuläre Einzelspieler-Modus das Geld wert ist. Besitzer der Xbox- oder PlayStation 2-Version brauchen ebenfalls nicht noch mal zuschlagen, dafür sind die Verbesserungen einfach zu dürftig ausgefallen. Für alle anderen gilt: Gefechtsposition einnehmen und stürmen!
TalkXbox (Apr 26, 2006)
Overall, Modern Combat on the Xbox 360 is a solid title. The gameplay is still fun and the graphics have been drastically improved. The only problem is that we’ve seen almost the exact same game on the original Xbox. This fact makes it very difficult for me to recommend Modern Combat to anyone who has already played it before. For those that haven’t, you can be assured of a fun multiplayer experience.
Gaming Age (2006)
For me, it doesn’t get much better than this. Sure, it is a port, but a damn good one that will keep me busy for quite some time. The game does so much right, and so little wrong, minus some online joining and creating issues. Is the game for you if you have or have had Battlefield 2 on the Xbox or PS2? I guess the answer is depending on how much of your life was sucked into it the first time around. If the answer is “a lot of it”, then you would be a fool not to pick this up if you’re an Xbox 360 owner. If the game didn’t float your boat the first time around, there’s nothing here all that new besides a new paint job. Well, I know which group on in…so I’ll see ya online!
82 (Apr 30, 2006)
Eine Warnung an alle Battlefield-Cracks: Mit dem PC-Vorbild hat die Konsolen-Variante neben den ewigen Ladezeiten nur das grundlegende Spielprinzip gemein – die Action selbst ist weitaus arcadiger! Und das ist gut so, denn dadurch gewinnt die Reihe ordentlich an Schwung: Ich mag vor allem den Singleplayermodus, der das Geballere in einem zwar oberflächlichen, aber doch interessanten Rahmen hält und nicht einfach nur eine Map an die andere klatscht. Klar hat das Spiel mit der KI auch Nachteile: Die eigenen Kameraden trampeln recht forsch an die Front, fallen wie die Fliegen und fahren ohne Rücksicht auf (eigene) Verluste - die Gegner dagegen respawnen unschön, z.B. in einer Zone, die man Sekunden davor vollständig »befriedet« hat. Und gerade auf der 360 hätte ich grafisch mehr erwartet, die Optik ist nett, aber alles andere als Next-Gen! Sei’s drum, das Missionsdesign ist solide, die Action fordernd.
XGP Gaming (May 03, 2006)
Now, the million dollar question. Is Battlefield 2: Modern Combat worth a purchase if you’ve owned it on the Xbox and already played it to death? Well, that’s up to you but, essentially, you’re paying for the same game with some updated graphics. Those of you that haven’t had a chance to check out the franchise yet owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, as it is one of the best online games available on the Xbox 360.
XBox Front (May 21, 2006)
Die preisgekrönte Battlefield-Serie hat es nun endlich auf die Xbox 360 geschafft. Nachdem „Battlefield 2 Modern Combat“ bereits Ende vergangenen Jahres für Xbox und Playstation 2 erschien, erreichte uns nun ein Testmuster der NextGen-Variante, die wir für euch natürlich ausführlich unter die Lupe genommen haben. In unserem Review erfahrt ihr, was den Egoshooter auszeichnet und welche spielerischen und technischen Unterschiede zwischen den einzelnen Versionen zu erwarten sind.
Video Game Talk (May 03, 2006)
If you own a 360 and you haven't played this game on the Xbox yet then you'll want to check this one out. The single player campaign isn't exactly amazing, but the online multiplayer is. I had so much fun playing Conquest that I forwent much needed sleep "just to play one more". Quite honestly I haven't done that since Halo 2 first came out. The graphics are very good and the immersive feeling in most every environment is unbelievable. The audio is quite the mixed bag with some of the most terrible voice acting I have heard in a while. Overall though Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a fun wartime game with an addictive online mode and plenty of things to do otherwise.
VGcore (Apr 20, 2006)
Overall, Battlefield 2 should only be picked up by two types of people: those who never bought it for the Xbox, and those who are diehard fans. There is no question that the game has amazing replay value thanks to its online component, but if you bought the game the first time around and are a casual Xbox Live participant, there is no reason for you to buy this game.
Gamezine (Apr 14, 2006)
On frôle presque l’excellence… En solo, le jeu est long mais surtout très difficile. Cette difficulté est en fait le principal défaut du jeu, ce qui l’empêche d’accéder à une meilleure note. Quoi qu’il en soit, et fait rare, voici un peu de renouveau dans le monde du FPS sur Xbox 360, ce que Call of Duty 2 n’avait pas réussi à faire. La Xbox 360 se permet en plus d’afficher la version la plus belle, et il faut voir que c’est plus qu’un portage mais réellement une version spécifique à la console. Merci EA pour ce joli cadeau qui enrichit grandement la ludothèque de la console.
MS Xbox World (Mar 10, 2006)
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a welcome addition to the Xbox 360 roster of shooters and whilst it doesn’t offer that much difference to other shooters other than its freeform play it is a game which contains pick up and play action. The single player is perhaps weaker than the online play but still has enough for a purchase especially as it’s not as tactical as Ghost Recon and should appeal to more casual players. The arcade element and the fact that players have reasonable freedom means that most gamers should find Battlefield 2 to be an entertaining game. Sadly the conquest modes aren’t usable offline versus AI bots which would have added another layer for those not online connected. In general I have had a good experience with Battlefield 2 especially online which is where the real fun begins.
GamePro (US) (Apr 11, 2006)
The visual and audio package is suitable for Battlefield 2. In general, the areas look great, but there is noticeable draw-in where you'd least expect it. The sound of your gun hammering into an adversary is music to the ears, and the tunes dynamically change as soon as you're piloting a vehicle. All told, if it wasn't for the addicting online play, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat would have surely lost the war. There's much more variety and excitement when playing with 23 other people on some really wonderful maps. My suggestion: skip the single-player campaign and head straight to online play.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Apr 20, 2006)
Mich konnte Battlefield 2: Modern Combat nur im Xbox Live Modus richtig fesseln. Die Einzelspielermissionen hab ich nach dem ersten Xbox Live Match sofort an den Nagel gehangen. Solltet ihr das Spiel bereits auf der Xbox besitzen und keine Möglichkeit haben über Xbox Live zu spielen rate ich von einem Kauf ab. Diejenigen unter euch, die auf ihrer Xbox 360 sich in noch nie da gewesene Onlinegefechte stürzen wollen rate ich sich zuerst die kostenlose spielbare Multiplayer Demo vom Xbox Live Marktplatz herunter zuladen und sich bei Gefallen das Spiel zu kaufen.
GameDaily (Dec 14, 2006)
The Xbox 360 ports continue with EA and DICE's Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. This frantic and wildly intense FPS is clearly the superior version because of its slight graphical enhancements and its improved online component, but these changes are too cosmetic to influence me to purchase it, but that's only because I've played the Xbox version, but it's still a very kick ass product, full of tons of action and a hell of a lot of explosions. In fact, Modern Combat provides one of the best multiplayer experiences on the Xbox 360, but if you've played the older versions to death then there's no reason to buy this game.
In the end, Battlefield 2 is an excellent multiplayer game, and a very poor single-player game. If you’re lacking a Live subscription and capabilities, then it’s not necessarily going to be worth your time, unless you’re a military/FPS junkie looking for a fix. Otherwise, just consider this game as what it’s meant to be - an engaging, raucous, adrenaline-filled thrill of a multiplayer game. Modern Combat undeniably ranks up there as one of the best ways to spend your time with a 360 and a Live subscription.
Club Skill (Apr 21, 2006)
Battlefield for the Xbox 360 is a must for anyone who has never had the pleasure of playing it before now, as for everyone who has experienced it on the Xbox or PS2, well you should get it anyways. Yes the fifty quid price tag is extortionate but then again if you do a bit of searching online you can find it for a steal at around thirty quid. The game is a thing of beauty once you take it online, you will find yourself losing all sense of time and the only thing that will be on your mind is the screams of your enemies as they get mown down by your assault rifle. This game not only offers you great visuals and a flawless online game, but you will also find yourself using tactics like flanking enemy tanks and dropping from helicopters to gain a foot hold while playing online. The campaign mode is pretty dull, but the only reason why you need to buy this game is for Xbox Live…simple as!
80 (UK) (Apr 18, 2006)
Modern Combat nails the tension and thrill of war like a sniper nails a headshot. It's smooth and it happens so quickly it can leave you shocked - if you're not paying close attention you'll end up with your limbs spread across the war zone. If the on-screen action makes your palms clammy and your heart beat a little faster, the game must be doing the right thing. Whether man-to-man with automatics blazing, frantically darting for an inch of cover and hoping a combination of skills and blind luck will save your arse, or tank-to-tank, the pause between shell loading causing your buttocks to tighten as you take aim a shot you hope will rip your enemies apart. Modern Combat is a tense and dangerous war game from the very start.
GameSpy (Apr 13, 2006)
Basically, your decision on whether or not to purchase Battlefield 2: Modern Combat boils down to one easily answered question: Are you going to play multiplayer on Xbox Live? If you are, rush out and pick this game up right now. It's got just about everything you could want from a multiplayer game, including plenty of competition and a solid netcode implementation. However, if multiplayer gaming isn't your thing, you might want to rent this one for now. The single-player mode really isn't anything to write home about, although it'll satisfy any FPS jones you might have.
IGN (Apr 11, 2006)
Electronic Arts is finishing its first quarter publishing barrage with the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, a nearly identical port from last fall's PS2 and Xbox versions. A ground-breaking title on PC in 2002, EA's Battlefield has been copied, improved upon, or dumbed down by competitors, depending on which imitation game you've bought, with many long-in-the-tooth diehard gamers still maintaining that the first PC original was the best.
78 (May 17, 2006)
STAND UP SOLDIER, it’s time to pick up your weapons and to move yourself to the battlefield. The enemy has taken control of an important oil platform and it’s your job to take it back! Don’t even dare to turn your back on the battle…
DarkZero (2006)
What we have here is a pretty good war-based shooter - the only problem is the market is already well-catered for on the 360 with Ghost Recon and Call of Duty 2, both of which are better games. This could have been a really great game if executed properly, but as is usual with EA they have spent more time and money on the production values rather than refine the gameplay to make it the best game it could possibly be. If you already have both Call of Duty and Ghost Recon and fancy something a little different in the same genre, then it’s worth a rental at least.
If you own an Xbox 360 and haven't yet picked up a copy of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat then this is definitely the version to go for. The improved graphics and effects are much better than in the previous versions and the addition of the achievements means you'll want to replay the missions over and over in an attempt to unlock them all. Essentially though it's still the same game as we saw on the PlayStation 2 last year and if you've already played the PlayStation 2 or Xbox version you'll probably not want to buy the game simply for a few additions and upgrades. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is basically a good team-based online shooter. It could have done with more modes to play online but you can create or join clans and on the whole it's a pretty good experience. Offline the game is also enjoyable thanks to the Hot Swap feature that allows you take on different roles at the touch of a button.
X-Power (Apr 30, 2006)
Al bij al is het, hoewel ik er rotsvast van overtuigd was dat dit 's werelds makkelijkste review ging zijn, best wel moeilijk om een eindquotatie op de 360-editie van Battlefield 2: Modern Combat te plakken. Hoewel het in feite niets meer biedt dan hetgeen de Xboxeditie reeds in huis had, blijft het gewoon een heel hip spel. De erg arcade singleplayer viel, ondanks enkele minder mooie kantjes, goed te bekoren - verwacht je echter niet aan memorabele momenten à la Call of Duty 2, of tactische hoogtepunten als bij Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter - en de multiplayer staat nog steeds als een Taipei 101-hoge paal van boven laagstaand water.
Xbox Gazette (May 02, 2006)
Au final, Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat se révèle être un bon jeu surtout pour son mode multi même si tout n’est pas parfait. Le mode solo n’est pas dénué d’intérêt et constitue quelque part une bonne surprise mais ne peut justifier à lui seul l’achat du jeu. On pourra toujours regretter qu’outre une amélioration graphique notable, cette version 360 n’apporte pas de réelles nouveautés par rapport à la version Xbox sortie il y a près de six mois. Ceci dit, Battlefield 2 reste un jeu à conseiller fortement aux fans de FPS possédant le Xbox Live Gold.
75 (Apr 13, 2006)
Malgré des problèmes évidents de finition (animation et I.A) et un mode multi bien moins passionnant qu'on aurait pu le croire, Battlefield 2 est vraiment un jeu digne du plus grand intérêt. Jouable, particulièrement réussi graphiquement, comportant de bonnes idées et surtout immersif, il surpasse bon nombre de FPS consoles pourtant plus emblématiques. BF2 réussit donc son entrée sur consoles avec un certain brio, même s'il est regrettable de ne pas avoir pu bénéficier d'un titre totalement fignolé. Dommage, surtout au prix de vente de cette version Xbox 360.
Deeko (Apr 23, 2006)
So what are we left with when the smoke clears and the toe tags have been distributed? A single player FPS with a slight arcade-y feel to it and an online feature that almost gets it right. Fans of the PC versions would be advised to steer clear of the console iteration. If you just don't have the system to play the PC titles, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is enough to tide you over until you take out that second on your house in order for you to upgrade.
FOK!games (May 03, 2006)
De Xbox 360 versie van Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is een prima port van het origineel geworden. De singleplayer stelt nog steeds niet veel voor, de multiplayer steekt prima in elkaar en ook de graphics zijn netjes opgepoetst. De singleplayer heeft dan wel zijn haken en ogen, maar de variatie en het hotswappen maken toch nog een hoop goed. Als je graag op Xbox Live speelt is dit gewoon een hele lekkere game, maar als je het zonder moet doen dan kun je deze titel beter laten liggen. Hetzelfde geldt voor de mensen die de game al hebben voor de PlayStation 2 of Xbox, want er is eigenlijk gewoon te weinig toegevoegd om deze game nog een keer te kopen.
Gameslave UK (May 07, 2006)
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is pretty much the same game as appeared recently on the PS2 and Xbox. Of course, it's been overhauled to make use of the systems extra power and graphical abilities. I should just add that it's not quite the same as the PC version and has much more of an arcade combat feel.
Daily Game (May 08, 2006)
Again, though, the most notable changes between the Xbox 360 and current-gen version are the graphical and audio updates, which you'd expect, and the improved enemy AI. In theory the enemy AI is a vast improvement, but with the lack of equally improved friendly AI, the change is a minor annoyance. HotSwapping is fun, but only when you have comrades to HotSwap to. And with the relative inability to do just that, there's really only so much fun to be had in the single-player portion of the game.
GameSpot (Apr 07, 2006)
It seems a little strange that Battlefield 2: Modern Combat should have the "2" in the title, given that this is the first Battlefield game to make an appearance on consoles. The game also, unfortunately, bears little resemblance to its superb namesake on the PC. While Modern Combat does offer some amount of charm with its highly produced interludes and its slick unit-switching mechanism, ultimately this multiplayer-focused military shooter falls short of its promise with design flaws in its campaign and clunky vehicle handling. The obvious graphical enhancements for the Xbox 360 do add something to the overall package, though.
Gamer Within (Apr 11, 2006)
Therefore, if you do not have the original version, and are looking for some good fast-paced shooter action with vehicles, then Battlefield 2 might just be what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a true next-gen game, or a solid single-player campaign, look elsewhere. I would argue, and people are free to disagree, that the XBox’s and PS2’s BLACK from EA is a far better shooter in terms of campaign and even in some aspects of its graphics than this 360 title. A lot of new “pure” next-gen games are coming down the pipe in the near future, so it might be worthwhile to consider holding out for some of those, especially if you are on a budget.
TeamXbox (Apr 07, 2006)
All that makes it hard to recommend for purchase, but it’s truly a matter of personal taste. If you haven’t played any other console version of Modern Combat and/or you’re looking to boost your Gamerscore with some achievements, you may want to add it to your collection. I’d just as soon wait for the next—and not rehashed—Battlefield to show up.
71 (Apr 15, 2006)
So, the game isn't a total loss. There is a nice arcade shooter and a lot of polish in this package. For gamers looking to experience the world of Battlefield who only own an Xbox 360, then the game is worth checking out. However if you happen to own a decent PC setup and want a really good Battlefield2 experience, you are better off picking up the PC version.
Ce portage sur XBOX 360 se révèle correct. Amusant en mode multi joueur, il l'est par contre moins en mode un joueur. Vivement une suite développée spécialement pour la 360 !
Totally Gaming Network (May 17, 2006)
Overall the game is fun to play but it's certainly not the best war game I've seen for the Xbox 360. If you're looking for a good old fashioned run-and-gun style FPS and love co-op online play, then this is the game for you.
Gamekult (Apr 14, 2006)
Pour le premier épisode de sa série Battlefield sur console, Electronic Arts réussit là où Pandemic et LucasArts avaient plus ou moins échoué. Doté d'un mode solo pas inoubliable mais distrayant, le titre assure en effet l'essentiel en multijoueur en reprenant les bases d'un gameplay qui a largement fait ses preuves sur PC. Fluides et sans trop de lags, les parties s'enchaînent à douze contre douze et on prend un certain plaisir à semer la destruction aux commandes d'un char ou d'un hélico, malgré leur maniabilité assez moyenne. Evidemment, les joueurs sans connexion à leur disposition réfléchiront à deux fois avant de s'intéresser au titre, et ceux ayant déjà pratiqué sur PC n'auront aucune raison de l'essayer, mais les autres auraient bien tort de le laisser passer sans y jeter un oeil. Dommage cependant de voir cette version Xbox 360 se contenter de légères améliorations graphiques, sans plus de contenu.
GotNext (Jun 27, 2006)
It would be easy enough to write off Battlefield 2: MC as a shallow port of a solid Xbox game with a high def coat of paint added... because that's exactly what it is... but the franchise didn't get to be the king of teamplay-based online shooters by slick adverting or with chicks who kick high: the game is fun. It's always been fun. Played online with two teams of solid standing you'll be laughing it up with genre defining F-U-N. The problem is that we've had this fun before, and it's impossible to recommend paying for the same experience for the third time when nothing new has been added to the mix.
1UP (Apr 06, 2006)
Arriving as it does fashionably later to the party than its PS2 and Xbox siblings, BF2MC makes one thing abundantly clear: the end of transition period to next-gen (at least for the 360) is nigh. The window for making up-sampled versions of existing games is rapidly closing, if not already shut. This one may slip through, but not without some scratches on its back.
GamesRadar (Apr 13, 2006)
It’s just about time for this better-late-than-never porting business to stop on the Xbox 360. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is nothing more than a slightly-tweaked version of the (admittedly cool) military shooter we were all playing on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 last year. So if you already played the heck out of it then, you can probably stop reading the review at this point.
Yiya (Aug 08, 2006)
Für Online-Actionspieler bietet Modern Combat auf der 360 einiges an Spielspaß. Wer jedoch schon eine Version für die Xbox besitzt, der wird primär nur ein Grafikupdate bekommen und sollte sich gut überlegen, ob das den Vollpreis rechtfertigt. Ein Blick in die Multiplayerdemo vom Xbox Live Marktplatz wäre auf jeden Fall anzuraten.
3DAvenue (Jul 21, 2006)
It's very hard to come up with a reasonable justification for why you should rush out and buy the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. For a start it's annoying that it's not a better port of the PC version -- there can certainly be little argument that the 360 isn't capable of running such an application -- or that it doesn't expand on the previous generation console titles enough. Given that Xbox 360 games have (to date) been more costly than their previous generation counterparts, it becomes quite hard to actively enthuse about it, and that's something that's only made worse by the fact that there are plenty of retailers offering the PS2 or Xbox versions for less than fifty notes at the moment -- or less than half the RRP of the 360 version.