Beyond Good & Evil Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Start screen
Jade enjoys the peaceful scenery in Hillys ...
... but not for long. The DomZ attack.
The first battle
Your uncle Pey'j comes to the rescue.
You receive your first pearl which is used as payment later in the game
Edmundo is your digital companion
Use your camera to take pictures of animals ...
... and to identify objects
Ingame menu
Quite unusual menu to enter codes for locks
Collectible: MDiscs
The MDiscs contain story and mission info
The rhinos at Mammago enhance your vehicles
Travel and fight with the hovercraft
Quite simple conversation dialogue with the weird bartender
Air Hockey mini game
Make sure to examine the items you pickup
Shell game mini game
Race track mini game
Use these bubbles to explode obstacles
Jade gets attacked by another weird enemy.
Enemies leave crystals behind which convert to money
Use these vending machines to buy items
Pey'j gets a cutting tool ...
... to open those fences
Two cute little monsters ...
... or maybe not so little anymore
Meet the resistance
Either duck or jump to avoid those barriers
Map view with locations of pearls and animals
Chase down the looter to earn another pearl
You need to make a photo of this lock in order to get the code sent to you.
Teamwork is needed in lots of places.
Push the enemy into the energy barrier to make it explode
Meet agent Double H ...
... who charges head first into obstacles ...
... and the ends up in awkward situations
Hit the tank at the back of the guards to weaken them
Redirect the light to progress