BioShock Infinite Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Start screen
Title screen
You arrive in a chapel.
Watch the hummingbirds fly around.
Welcome to Columbia!
Find Kinteoscopes...
Kinteoscopes explain important "facts" about Columbia.
Collectables: Voxphones
The city strives with life, a quartet singing a song.
Get your first vigor in this fancy bottle.
Details about the vigors are explained in short movies.
Refill your salt using this machine. Salt is needed to use vigors.
A vending machine at your purpose
Make your choice, Booker!
The gun has not detected you yet.
Shop menu
Find gear to get perks.
Inventory menu showing details about collected gear.
Objective menu
You can close in for executions with the Sky-Hook.
Watch a very weird meeting with hooded figures
Finding an infusion gives you a choice which attribute you want to power up.
You used your possession vigor to turn this enemy to your side temporarily.
Use the Sky-Line to travel around.
Meet Elizabeth...
Elizabeth can tear open "windows" to other locations.
A beach in Columbia?
Dimwit & Duke machines
This is the only kind of map you will get in the game.
The game is rich with details. Enjoy exploring it!
Elizabeth will provide you with coin and items from time to time.
Beware if you see a flock of crows.
This cipher hints at some hidden stash... find the code book to decipher it.
Thank God you are only a statue.
A Fireman gets fired up.
Attack enemies from above to deal extra damage.
Elizabeth can "summon" special allies and fortifications.
A Patriot
Hello buddies, nice to meet you.
A Handyman charges. You better use the RPG to hit its heart.