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Beautiful and Bone-Chilling Nick Rycar (200) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars
not the review you've been waiting for.. so buy or rent Bioshock, I don't care lasttoblame (425) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Wow! Scott Monster (1009) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars
Shock The Monkey! MasterMegid (902) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (94 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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100 (Aug 30, 2007)
Alors certes, ce n'est pas Deus Ex, ok, il ne révolutionne peut-être rien, mais au final tout y est, sans exception, et plus encore. La liberté qu'offre Bioshock est subtile, cachée dans une IA qu'il est jouissif d'exploiter à son avantage, dans la possibilité de revenir sur ses pas et d'avancer au rythme qu'on s'est choisi, de constituer le personnage qui ressemble le plus à notre style de jeu... il n'y a pas autant d'embranchements que dans un Deus Ex (mais il y en a à l'issue de nos choix moraux), c'est vrai. Mais tout ce qu'on en attendait est bien là, il suffit finalement d'ouvrir les yeux. Bioshock, les game designers du monde entier n'ont pas fini d'en parler et d'en apprendre. De notre côté, on n'a pas fini de le rejouer différemment, ne manquant pas de sourire de toutes nos dents à chaque plan qui se sera déroulé sans accroc. Bravo Lévine, bravo 2K Boston / Australie : vous avez tout compris à ce que c'est qu'un putain de bon jeu.
Destructoid (Aug 17, 2007)
I could certainly draw attention to some extremely petty faults like the occasional audio glitch (nothing more than an absence of sound once or twice), the lack of a player's shadow, and the somewhat shallow ending, but I'd feel kinda silly doing it. Vague disappointment over the game's very final minutes doesn't lessen the impact of the preceding 14 hours. BioShock is to the FPS genre what Super Mario 64 was to platformers, what Chrono Trigger was to RPGs -- such a drastic leap forward that you wonder if it will ever be topped. Whether it will or won't be is largely irrelevant; what matters is that, after BioShock, the first-person shooter will never be the same.
If you're looking for a beautiful game that is endlessly rewarding you've found it in Bioshock.
TTGamer (Sep 05, 2007)
As you can tell, we're very much in raptures about BioShock. In the beginning of the 360's life it has been hard to see one game that would sell the console and now we finally have it. BioShock is a game that if you consider yourself a gamer you simply must own, let alone play. Finishing this game will become part of gaming culture, in that if you haven't done it, some will consider you less of a gamer. We can't gush enough about this one. The only problem - the huge effort 2K Games will have to put in to top this for the inevitable sequel.
The Video Game Critic (Sep 01, 2007)
With its stunning originality, engrossing storyline, and fantastic production values, Bioshock practically defies criticism. Hours literally melt away as you become caught up its fantastic tale of an undersea utopia gone mad.
Game Shark (Sep 13, 2007)
This is a game that will entertain you for its entire lengthy playtime. It's also a game that will leave you pondering its narrative in the moments before you drift off to sleep. It's a tale of moral imperative, the nature of man, tragedy, betrayal, right, wrong, and the gray that lives in-between. And if you're not interested in the depth its story line explores, it's also an immaculate action game, with enough ways to bludgeon, maim, and blow stuff up to hold you over until Halo 3 arrives.
ZTGameDomain (Aug, 2007)
Moments like these are common in BioShock and are the heart and soul of what make it the masterpiece that it is. Being able to tackle the game any way you see fit is a task that most developers boast but fail to deliver upon. Ken Levine and the team at Irrational Games (now known as 2K Boston and 2K Australia respectively) have crafted one of the most engrossing experiences in the history of interactive entertainment. If you own an Xbox 360 or a PC it would be a disservice for you to miss out on this incredible experience. I cannot recommend this game enough; in my twenty plus years of gaming I can honestly say this is the kind of title that I dream about playing and I am just glad that I got to experience it. For those of you complaining about me-too sequels and the same old crap being pushed to retail on a weekly basis now is the time to speak with your wallet. Pick up BioShock and get lost in the city of Rapture.
AceGamez (Aug, 2007)
Even without any multiplayer, BioShock stands (or floats?) as one of the genre's greatest accomplishments. There's a reason that this game got some much word-of-mouth buzz before release; everything about it has been incredibly well thought out, and I haven't even gone into a huge amount of detail regarding much of it. You'll notice really small but crucial touches throughout your descent in Rapture that make it easily one of the most engaging, fun and unique shooters of any console. Whether you're looking for an action game, an adventure game, a good story, a unique concept, or hell, even an RPG, BioShock's brilliant campaign will make you realize that the first person shooter genre can and needs to be so much more than it is. This is well and truly a next generation shooter and every other developer should be taking notes, while every gamer needs to experience it.
Gamervision (Nov, 2007)
While the game is not perfect I can bring myself to give it a perfect score. It is easily one of the best games ever made. The plot rivals great novels and the voice acting and animation trump some of the best movies. BioShock will forever be the proof we point to in the “games as art” debate as one of the best in its class. This is our Casablanca, our Ulysses and our Mona Lisa folks. It may never get any better than this.
100 (Aug 30, 2007)
To put it simply, BioShock is a brilliant game; one that sets the proverbial benchmark not only for first-person adventure titles, but also for all future games to come. And this is no flashing visit, with your stay in Rapture easily reaching 20+ hours if you don't rush through. But it's not just the fact that BioShock is a real looker, or the fact that as a first-person shooter alone it stands up to all of its competitors; it's the thought and craftsmanship that went into realising Rapture, its emotionally-jarring denizens and its compelling and seamless narrative that pushes you willingly forward from chapter-to-chapter.
Console Obsession (Aug, 2007)
In 1999, Half-Life turned the genre on its head. Now, it's Bioshock's turn. Long live the future of videogames.
A lot of critics are hailing Bioshock as a possible Game of the Year, and I am one of them. The former Irrational Games is back and better than ever. I’m just curious how life will be after Rapture.
GamesRadar (Aug 15, 2007)
Really, though, the only glaring weakness we can find in BioShock is that it may be too unusual, too original, too artistic and too genius to be embraced by the general public. Please don't let this game become that forgotten, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We need sequels. We need more. Go out and buy it already.
1UP (Aug 16, 2007)
No creation is ever truly flawless. Some might miss certain elements that were unique to System Shock 2 (BioShock's spiritual predecessor), while others might lament that there weren't enough compelling reasons to revisit areas you've already cleared. The mechanics of the final battle are somewhat familiar, and the enemy voice samples do repeat a bit too frequently. But taken as a whole, as an experience that's richly and utterly complete, and one that engages the player in a constant dialogue, BioShock is virtually unassailable.
Yahoo! Games (Aug 20, 2007)
The most salient fact about BioShock is that it's different. If it doesn't sell well, perhaps it's time to abandon hope and resign ourselves to the eternal recurrence of space dungeons and World War II. Games like BioShock are what we need. They are what we deserve. This is one of the best examples of where we should go. It's silly to argue whether games are art, which doesn't matter one whit, when you can simply point to BioShock and say: "Games are this."
These minor complaints mean very little in the end. There's nothing which will make you ever want to stop playing; you'll simply curse under your breath and get on with killing Splicers and hunting Little Sisters. There's also a core story which this review hasn't even touched on, and with good cause. 2K Games has remained notoriously tight-lipped on plot details and we'll do the same. But just what do those ghosts and surreal images which keep popping up mean? And what are those odd, chain-shaped tattoos on our protagonist's wrists? Could there be some deeper connection between the main character and Rapture than we are first led to believe? You'll have to discover these answers for yourself as you make your way through the murky depths and face the untold horrors of Rapture's darkest corners.
100 (Aug, 2007)
In a year that’s seen a wave of groundbreaking blasters hit the shelves, BioShock stands shoulder-to-shoulder with established franchises such as Halo and Enemy Territory. And while it’s not the total FPS reinvention many were expecting, multifarious action and a sinister atmosphere nonetheless make Irrational’s adventure one of 2007’s most gripping, innovative gun-toters.
G4 TV: X-Play (Aug 23, 2007)
The gameplay itself should be enough to sell you on this game. If you were a fan of the original System Shock, or you really dug Deus Ex, then you should get a huge kick out of this game. But there’s so much else to admire. The art direction is outstanding; mixing art deco architecture, classic 1950’s graphic design and tons of great old music from the early jazz era that adds a musty creepiness to the overall atmosphere of the game. It’s definitely not your typical Space Marine fare, and that’s a very good thing. So if you really do believe in what the best games have to offer, then would you kindly play BioShock?
Gaming Age (Aug 24, 2007)
If you haven't picked up Bioshock yet, it's time to stop waiting. I don't care if you're waiting for Halo 3, or until you can find the time to play it -if you've got the money, you owe it to yourself to buy this game. Not because I've recommended it, or because it's been critically-acclaimed since months before it hit stores, but because you own a game console to enjoy video games. Bioshock wasn't meant to be enjoyed, though. I'm sick and tired of developers claiming their games are immersive and interactive when all they meant was "buy it please", and even more weary that this recycled terminology can't hardly ever come close to meaning what the words stand for. This is why it is monumental and difficult at the same time for me to try and explain how this game is very much both of those things. It's something I didn't feel was possible, but you won't believe it until you play Bioshock, and by that time, you will have experienced it yourself and understand what I meant.
The Next Level (USA) (Sep 03, 2007)
Ultimately, that is why Bioshock stands out in an oversaturated genre. Rapture is believable as a dystopia both in the way non-player characters react within it, and how the environment and story elements let you see the effects of political corruption on a populace. It succeeds as an action game by providing an assortment of weapons and abilities beyond the typical gun selection of most first-person shooters. As far as inventory management, the effects of character upgrade choices, and difficulty level go, it does feel like some concessions have been made to make this game appeal more to the masses than in its spiritual predecessors. For these reasons, I don't think Bioshock manages to surpass the System Shock and Deus Ex games overall. Still, I did find it enthralling from beginning to end, and the fact that it deserves its place alongside some of the greatest games ever made is achievement enough.
100 (Sep 06, 2007)
Even if scary games or first person shooters aren't your preferred game you owe it to yourself to try Bioshock. And look around while you're there. Sure, there are horrible enemies waiting to gut you like a fish at every turn, but there's also a beautiful undersea forest, a gripping narrative, and a beautiful art deco city to explore and imagine as Andrew Ryan - its builder - must have seen it in his mind before it all went to Hell and your plane crash marooned you here.
Xbox Exclusive (Nov 13, 2007)
Without a doubt, this is one of the finest video games you will ever play. The bar has not only been raised, its been twisted into a pretzel. BioShock works best because you can’t categorize it as just another FPS action game, because it’s more than that; it’s a story driven mystery with chaotic scenarios wrapped in a world of artistic wonder. It may be a while before another game comes along that can sit on the same plateau with BioShock, but there are a lot of talented game designers out there, so hopefully it won’t be that long. When the ballots are counted and the envelope is opened, BioShock will be the Game of the Year. Who’s your Big Daddy?
Totally Gaming Network (Aug 29, 2007)
The difference with Bioshock is that it never once became boring and the use of mixing weapons and plasmids makes for some pretty spectacular battles. This game rocks – enough said!
Just Adventure (Jul 10, 2008)
Still, I can’t imagine anyone leaving Bioshock disappointed. I was particularly fond of it after seeing its early, uncanny resemblance to The Shining, one of my favorite films of all time. Especially during early scenes in a hotel function hall, where a themed, gala event had unfolded, masks and party favors everywhere. Music from another age emanates from everywhere. Most of the splicers you battle still wear masks and bottles of Arcadia wine litter the landscape. Now that I think about it, your name in the game is Jack! It can’t be a coincidence! (There aren’t any hedge mazes at the bottom of the ocean, however). Whether you’re a nice guy or not and whether you tackle System Shock 2 beforehand or not (or (re)watch The Shining!), you owe it to yourself to own a copy of Bioshock. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but playing this game makes Jack a fun action hero. Great party, isn’t it?
GamePro (US) (Aug 22, 2007)
BioShock comes along at a time when big-budget games are becoming an almost disposable form of entertainment. You play them through once and put them back on your shelf to gather dust, forgotten. In the end, most of those games don't matter. I'm happy to say that BioShock does matter. It leaves its mark on a genre that has its fair share of memorable titles and it does it with style and panache. It is easily one of the best games of the year and it more than ably lives up to the high bar set by its spiritual predecessor, System Shock 2
BioShock may seem like a game driven by its setting and the atmosphere it creates. While delivering a level of intrigue you rarely see in games, its most captivating element is its gameplay – which I can easily say delivers the most rewarding and adrenaline-filled experience I have ever had with an FPS. Everything about this game screams perfection, but there’s one element that might not sit well with you. Rather than dying in battle, players simply respawn at a vita-chamber. The damage dealt to an adversary remains even though the player didn’t succeed. You simply have to go back and clean up your mess to continue on. As intense as the gameplay is, knowing you really can’t fail takes some of the bite out of it. Yes, this system will allow gamers of all skill levels to complete the game – which is a developer’s dream – but it may alienate gamers who only turn to games for a challenge.
EL33TONLINE (Feb 05, 2008)
After playing Bioshock you’ll feel that video games have been looking in all the wrong places to find the next new, big FPS franchise. Outer space, movies, comic books, the future, Tom Clancy techno-terrorism, historic was right under our noses, under the sea!
GameSpy (Aug 16, 2007)
Put simply, BioShock is an unparalleled achievement. No other game comes even remotely close to it in terms of raw emotional connection. It may still be too early to name a Game of the Year, but after experiencing BioShock in all of its haunting artistic glory, every other game will have to try that much harder to even be considered as a candidate.
Official XBox Magazine (Oct 08, 2007)
Throughout its rich, imaginative, 15- to 20-hour journey from figurative surface to the depths below, you find yourself feeling, thinking, and imagining maybe even more than you’re hacking, plundering, and shooting. It’s by no means a perfect game, but the way it merges storytelling with deftly crafted action is a brilliant and mostly successful exercise in seeing just how flexible the videogame medium can be. Play it, talk about it, experience it — a game like BioShock won’t happen again for a good long while.
Jive Magazine (Aug 20, 2007)
Players enter the game as a castaway in Rapture, an underwater utopia torn apart by civil war. Caught between powerful forces and hunted down by genetically modified "splicers" and deadly security systems, players have to come to grips with a dangerous and mysterious world filled with powerful technology and fascinating characters. With multiple avenues for surmounting challenges on both a moral and tactical level, no encounter ever plays out the same and no two gamers will play BioShock the same way.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 23, 2007)
BioShock is a title that gamers spend their whole lives waiting to play. Something that delivers on an absurdly high level in every department, and one that never dips in quality for the 15-20 hours that it lasts. Sure the game is a little linear, contrasting to the go anywhere, do anything nature that the level design maybe suggests. And perhaps the enemies could have been better designed so that they aren’t all pretty much identical. Yet, it’s just all too easy to cast these minor issues aside to the back of the brain because everything else has been executed to absolute perfection. It’s time to put down a deposit, because once you enter Rapture, you will never, ever want to leave again.
Game Chronicles (Aug 19, 2007)
BioShock is quite simply the adventure-RPG of the year, perhaps of all-time. It’s going to be quite some time before anybody can top this game. With stunning visuals, immersive sound, and an epic story, BioShock hearkens back to a time of fantasy and wonder, blending elements of Jules Verne and John Carpenter into a cinematic masterpiece of sci-fi horror that you won’t want to miss. I can’t think of any game more deserving of a perfect ten than BioShock.
Deeko (Aug 26, 2007)
While Bioshock doesn't necessarily do anything remarkably new once looked at from afar, what it does achieve is a literal masterpiece of all the elements presented. Most shocking of all is the deep customizable weapon system which give it an almost RPG feel. In the end, what can I possibly say about Bioshock that hasn't been said countless times over? It is one of the more thrilling gaming experiences anyone can have and that's no exaggeration - weaving together a tapestry of art, technology and plotline that will be a sterling example of how to create a game in this genre for years to come. It really creates some of the most brilliant moments that will leave you wondering about not just the fall of Rapture, but a look at our own society's obsession with perfections[sic] ... Hands down Bioshock is, so far, my GOTY, if not my game of choice for this generation.
100 (UK) (Aug 16, 2007)
BioShock is the ultimate rarity: not only does it live up to its lofty promise, but exceeds it through simple, old fashioned talent and imagination - not to mention verve, style,class, wit, and sheer bloody-minded ambition. It takes the tired, worn-out FPS genre by the scruff of the neck, reinvents and bend it out of shape in such a breathtaking fashion that it's going to take something very special to top this in the months and years ahead. For a game to be so outstanding in one department is one thing - to manage to tick every single box from graphics to audio to gameplay depth to atmosphere and innovation is pretty much unprecedented. Seriously - if you don't find something to love about BioShock, we'd recommend a trip to the nearest doctor to check if your heart's still beating.
Game Revolution (Aug 21, 2007)
Bioshock is that rare game where the plot, environment, and combat are all steps above the normal video game experience. Games at their very best, like this one, can create amazing alternative worlds for us to inhabit, doing those things we can't do in real life. This is one product the free market should be very happy to have.
Digital Spy (Aug 24, 2007)
BioShock is a rarity in the games world. It manages to hit the top mark for graphics, sound, gameplay, atmosphere, originality and depth. If you want something very special to play this autumn, look no further.
Gamer 2.0 (Aug 20, 2007)
What is BioShock, then? It will challenge you, it will move you, and it will force you to make hard decisions. It is unbelievably immersive and tenaciously inventive. It is a game that sets the bar high for others to follow—for its art direction, narrative, and gameplay. It may very well be one of the best games to come out this year, and will surely be mentioned for a while to come. If you had doubts about how this game would deliver on its hype, you may now set yourself at ease. Irrational Games has delivered and then some. And you’d be a fool not to get your hands on this now.
Jolt (UK) (Sep 03, 2007)
Yet, that fear of an impending death never fades. The feeling of being watched, of being used, of being nothing but a pawn, balances perfectly with the game’s no-holds-barred approach to combat. It’s this mixture of ambience, emotion and plain old fun that sets BioShock apart from the scores of FPSes hitting the shelves this year. It’s neither perfect nor as revolutionary as some might make out, but it is one of the most progressive, gripping and downright fun games to hit the market in the last decade.
XboxLiveAddicts (Sep 08, 2007)
This game is such a necessary must have, it should be owned by every Xbox 360 and PC gamer in the world. Whether it�s for its diversity in combat, it's deep and impressive storyline, or even the way it immerses you totally into the game. And if you're like me, you'll love it for every reason possible.
98 (Aug 29, 2007)
The hype and hyperbole surrounding BioShock prior to its release left 2K with a steep uphill climb to avoid seeing its game labelled as merely 'good, but not as good as promised'. The final product is by far and away the very pinnacle of first-person shooters, with 2K achieving those heady heights by braving to not just push against established genre barriers and expectations but to rip them out and place BioShock atop the pile as a landmark pseudo-RPG first-person shooter that will be a benchmark of quality for many years to come.
Game Vortex (Aug, 2007)
If you are a fan of FPS's, then Bioshock is right up your alley. The game is hard enough to keep you interested and the storyline and varied forms of attacks will keep you coming back for more. Like I said in the Difficulty section, every time I walked away from this game, my heart was pounding and I kept wondering why I joined a gym to get my heart-rate up. Simply put, Bioshock is a must buy, and if you are still on the fence, then either download the demo or rent the game, but be ready to buy it when you're done.
Video Game Generation (Sep 06, 2007)
In short, Bioshock takes players and makes them feel they are really in Rapture. The visuals, ambient noises, voices and story form a rusty hook that players will just love to run through their cheek.
GamingExcellence (Aug 27, 2007)
Make no mistake, BioShock is a masterpiece, as pure a gaming experience as exists today. It will take something beyond outstanding and phenomenal to take this game's rightful place as game of the year. My earlier comparisons to film classics such as Casablanca were not meant as a casual comparison and were not made lightly. I make those comparisons while still paying every compliment possible to those artful and important moments that those classic films represent within our culture. The comparison still stands; what Casablanca was to movies, BioShock is to gaming. There's nothing else to say except buy it now, and then buy another copy for a friend.
GameZone (Aug 21, 2007)
I am really tripping out right now, I didn't know what I was getting into when I popped this into my 360. Folks, if you need another reason to buy an Xbox 360, then consider this the best reason to do so. Easily the best game I have played on any of the newest generation of systems. If this isn't game of the year, I will be shocked.
VGcore (Aug 24, 2007)
So what constitutes art? Well, no one can really answer that question. It is just one of those opinions that differ from person to person until a general consensus says that it is okay to define something as art. Sometimes it takes years for it to happen; sometimes a work will never be respected. All the elements are there in BioShock, and simply needs to be played and experienced to be truly appreciated. Arguments about art aside, it is one of the greatest shooters of all time, and a glimpse of just how far video games have come, if not where they are going to go.
97 (Aug 30, 2007)
Xbox 360 and PC owners got a real treat from 2K. This game is a gem in its own right and deserves every award it will most certainly be given. The atmosphere is absolutely astounding and you really get a feel for all that happened in Rapture. I most certainly recommend this game to anyone and everyone who has a chance to play it. For the best experience, find yourself a big HDTV and a surround sound system. You will thoroughly enjoy every second you spend in Rapture
97 (Sep 07, 2007)
Läpäistyäni Bioshockin ensimmäisen kerran läpi oli oloni ihmeen tyhjä. Tässäkö tämä nyt sitten oli; se paljon puhuttu vuoden peli, ehkä jopa kaikkien aikojen paras räiskintä, johon kaikkia tulevia pelejä tullaan vertaamaan? Hiljalleen palailin takaisin maanpinnalle pohtimaan, mistä pelin kohumaine on peräisin. Bioshock on siis kohtuullisen puhdasverinen räiskintäpeli, eikä mielestäni edes mullista genren ajattelumaailmaa erityisen radikaalisti, vaikka esitteleekin muutamia uusia ideoita. Bioshockin nostaa räiskintäpelien kuninkuusluokkaan se timantinkova tosiasia, että peli on tehty niin käsittämättömän hyvin, että se suorastaan sumentaa mielen. Kerrankin pelin voi pelata alusta loppuun miettimättä jatkuvasti asioita, joita pelintekijä olisi voinut tehdä jotenkin paremmin. Pelaaja voi huoletta keskittyä täysipainoisesti tärkeimpään, eli pelaamiseen. Näin ne pelit pitäisikin tehdä! Jos tämä ei korvaa System Shock 2:n floppausta tekijöilleen, niin ei sitten mikään.
IC-Games (Aug 22, 2007)
When summing up, especially with a game so highly praised, it’s very hard to convince the more cynical gamer that us journalists were not promised unimagined wealth for our recommendations. With a game like BioShock however it’s easy; the game simply sells itself regardless of what anyone says. Without doubt, BioShock is truly a next-gen masterpiece, more than worthy of your attention. It simply blows everything comparable out of the water and for now we challenge you to find otherwise.
Gaming Target (Aug 24, 2007)
Bioshock is one of those rare games that completely sucks you into its world. And that's just referring to Rapture itself; the game makes you feel like you're stuck in a total disaster where everyone's crazy and yet the place still has life thanks to what's remaining of the city's amenities, as both a reminder and a demonstration of what things used to be like in this once-utopia. The plot is mature, realistic, and critical without shoving it in your face, and the voice acting matches the weight of what's going on. Of course, the gameplay also delivers by bringing depth and ease together in one package to make it truly playable with a bare minimum of frustration. It's not flawless, but Bioshock is a legitimate candidate for the best game of 2007, and any game that wants to compete with it will have to raise the bar to insane levels to match what's been accomplished here. For Bioshock is the total package.
No creemos en el juego perfecto, Bioshock tampoco lo es, si bien no se nos empequeñece la boca a la hora de catalogarlo de obra maestra. Sin duda, hasta la fecha, y a espera de los grandes títulos que nos aguardan en estos meses, el título de Take Two se presenta como la apuesta más fuerte para subirse al trono de juego del año.
Lawrence (Aug 27, 2007)
Bioshock offers a captivating narrative and experience without ever taking you out of the game. There were only one or two occasions where I couldn’t control my character because of a cutscene. The entire story is told as you control the protagonist, progressing through the game. At no point did my interest in the gameplay or narrative wane. It’s a disservice to throw the simple “FPS” label on Bioshock, as it offers so much more than the Halos of the industry. It’s a haunting, captivating, beautiful title that should convince the Roger Eberts of the world to rethink their “videogames can’t be art” viewpoint. Bioshock is an experience that is currently unrivalled in the industry, and it belongs in the library of every Xbox 360 owner.
XboxAchievements (Aug 27, 2007)
Bioshock is from beginning to end, a modern day gaming masterpiece. Simply put, it's one of the greatest games of the current era and serves as a high watermark that may not be surpassed for years to come. From the compelling plot and completely convincing atmosphere to the fantastic graphics and attention to detail, Bioshock is the total package. It may have the occasional graphical problem, but in the grand scheme of things, they are all paled by the scope and grandeur of the rest of the game. Much like Atlas Shrugged was for Ayn Rand, who's writing so greatly influenced him, Bioshock is Ken Levine's magnum opus and I for one thank him and Irrational for this great experience. Now, would you kindly go out and buy it already?
GameLemon (Nov 28, 2007)
Buy this game. Now. Before Big Daddy smashes your skull and drinks your brains out.
Next Level Gaming (Sep 10, 2007)
What is not to like about Bioshock. You have read and heard the reviews, and this is just another good review of a game that you MUST own for the Xbox 360. Looks like Sony really missed the boat on this title, as it is only PC/Xbox 360 exclusive. And yet another reason why you should own a Microsoft Xbox 360 system. Beautiful rich graphics... a very deep and mysterious storyline... a great of characters and acting... and overall a really awesome, kick-ass game that needs to be had. The ONLY downfall I saw was no multi-player modes.
97 (Aug 21, 2007)
Bioshock has got everything that a great triple-A title needs, and it’s got it in spades. Intense combat, amazing and deep story, beautiful graphics, awesome sound – yes please. Add to that the level of customization and the multiple endings, and you’ve got something worth talking about. Is it a 10? Not quite, but it’s more than deserving of its spot as one of the highest scoring games at Game Almighty.
IGN (Aug 16, 2007)
Irrational had a clear vision with this game, something pulled off with remarkable precision in every department. They didn't just deliver something that's fun to play, a criterion so often cited as the benchmark of what makes a game worthwhile. BioShock stands as a monolithic example of the convergence of entertaining gameplay and an irresistibly sinister, engrossing storyline that encompasses a host of multifaceted characters. This is an essential gaming experience.
Chief (Sep, 2007)
BioShock is geen shooter, noch rollenspel of survival-horrorgame: het is alledrie en veel, veel meer.
Game Freaks 365 (Sep 11, 2007)
With so many things to do in Bioshock, it's a shame it is only 20 hours long. A game like this should be much longer, but you will immediately want to play the game over again to try and find everything. Bioshock could challenge every competitor this year for Game of the Year.
96 (Aug 26, 2007)
Do not be tricked into thinking this is a first person shooter like any other, the designers have taken a lot of time to give this game not only a feel and sound that is second to none, but also depth, due to the searching, inventing and research of the inhabitants, reaching for your gun will always be the last thing on your mind.
TalkXbox (Aug 28, 2007)
With strong voice acting, a solid array of weapons and abilities at your disposal, a great score, wonderfully creepy atmosphere, beautifully detailed environments, nearly unparalleled art-design, solid game-play and an engine that runs smooth as silk, BioShock stands testament to just what the term "next-generation" should mean. The amount of care and innovation put into 2K's gem make it a truly remarkable and one of a kind game, and it stands proudly as one of the best single-player experiences that can be found not only on the XBox 360, but pretty much anywhere. So enhance your gaming and get the genetically enhanced shooter!
Ultimately, Bioshock is a blast and probably the best game I've played this year. Some of Bioshock's storytelling techniques are unprecedented and will perhaps set a new standard for storytelling excellence in gaming. It doesn't hurt that Bioshock's great story is framed by incredible visuals and solid controls as well. Overall, Bioshock is a game that you don't want to miss out on unless you're easily spooked.
Atomic Gamer (Aug 17, 2007)
BioShock is one of those games that goes down in history as a shining example for other developers to learn from. The massive amount of effort that's gone into creating great architecture and environment goes beyond what many game developers are even remotely capable of, and while I'm not trying to trash other successful shooter franchises, the RPG elements in BioShock give the action a level of depth you simply can't get in games like the Halo series or Gears of War. Attention-deficit gamers might not find this one to be so great, but in my opinion this is not the fault of the developers. BioShock is a well-rounded single player experience with excellent action, a compelling story, some excellent horror moments, and stunning visuals.
96 (Aug 20, 2007)
Regardless of the fact that BioShock is not a perfect game, it is still an amazing one. This is the most atmospheric game available on Xbox 360 – and it’s one of the most atmospheric video games of all time, period. The game is incredibly polished and well done on every level. It’s a graphical and audio showpiece, to boot. There are few games that manage to captivate and enthrall the way that BioShock does. The intriguing storytelling, smooth pacing, varied level design, gorgeous graphics and incredible audio all come sweetly wrapped together in one must-purchase package. Don’t miss this masterful shooter.
96 (Sep 13, 2007)
And that’s a comforting thought. One that made our belief in gaming return and contains the promise and hope that the future looks bright for our favourite hobby. Up to you to buy Bioshock and up to the industry to make its conclusions. Originality, dare and ambition do get rewarded!
GamesCollection (Apr 03, 2008)
Se possedete un pc "bello potente", potrete godervi un bellissimo gioco che vi regalerà ore di divertimento senza mai annoiarvi. Assolutamente da acquistare! Per i possessori di Xbox 360 questo problema per fortuna non si pone, regalando emozioni senza limiti, seppur con alcuni compromessi grafici rispetto alla controparte PC di fascia alta.
Stick Skills (Jun 09, 2009)
There are many great games that come by, but BioShock is one that truly pushes boundaries to demand its place in history as one of the greatest of all time. Besides the amazing visuals, there isn’t much innovation to the game, but that doesn’t stop it from being such a satisfying experience. The game does have some minor downsides, but none are enough to turn a gamer away. If you haven’t played the game yet, something’s wrong with you. If you have, then play it again until the release of BioShock 2.
The world of Rapture is almost enough to make Bioshock an exceptional experience on its own. But the fantastic role-playing elements, standout scenarios and truly mental character encounters make it extra special. An experience of this calibre only comes around every few years and should be played by as many people as possible.
NZGamer (Aug 27, 2007)
If you explore every nook and cranny – and I highly recommend that you do – the game will easily last around 20 hours. More importantly, the game stays entertaining throughout those 20 hours, which is a feat that few games accomplish. If you’re looking to sink your teeth into a quality single-player adventure, there are very, very, few titles that can compete with BioShock. Seriously: if you own a 360 or a good PC, why aren’t you playing this thing already?
Realm of Gaming (Sep 07, 2007)
BioShock is the most unique and innovative first-person shooter on the Xbox 360 and rises above to reinvent the genre! It is enthralling and will keep your hands to the controller until the very end. If you have an Xbox 360 and are mature enough, make sure you play BioShock.
Game Partisan (Dec 17, 2007)
In BioShock, Irrational Games has created a masterpiece of a game that treads upon waters that few games have dared to before. In many ways, it succeeds and lives up to it’s hype and promise. It is a game that does something so few games is capable of these days, regardless of their caliber. BioShock submerges you into its world. It makes you feel, experience that you are someone else, somewhere else, and demonstrates the incredible flexibility that a game can provide. Although this revelation makes some of BioShock’s small, but devastating shortcomings, all the more painful. Granted, with a proper sequel, the excitement for improvement is already there, but BioShock clearly establishes itself as an insurmountable achievement in gaming history. An essential must-play, regardless of what you thought an FPS, or just a game, could ever deliver before.
TeamXbox (Aug 17, 2007)
It’s rare to find a game that has both quality in its engineering and quality in its gameplay. But BioShock is certainly that in a nice package. Best of all, it sets the bar high right at the start of the pre-holiday season, in a year when we’re expected to see a lot of Triple-A games. At the end of the year, let’s see if they belong in the same ocean as BioShock.
Game Positive (Aug 29, 2007)
BioShock is one of those rare titles where considerable attention was placed on every facet of development, resulting in an extremely polished, fun, and engaging adventure. The issues with the weapons and hacking are minor hindrances in what is otherwise a spectacular gaming experience. With an enjoyable narrative and so many combat options, you'll want to go back and play through it multiple times just to see everything. If you have a remote interest in first-person shooters, gaming, or even science fiction, this is one title that you should definitely check out.
Vgames (Sep 04, 2007)

ואו. טירוף. לעזאזל. אלוהים ישמור. וואו. ביושוק הוא אמנם לא משחק חסר בעיות, אך האווירה הנהדרת והסיפור המורכב מפצים עליהן - ובגדול. המשחק שומר על רמה גבוהה לאורך כל אורכו - העיר מפתיעה ומרשימה מחדש בכל שלב ושלב, ואין חדר אחד שנראה כמו קודמו. תוסיפו את כל זה לסיפור מורכב ומעורר מחשב וקיבלתם מתכון מוצלח למרק דגים. אההה, התכוונתי מתכון מוצלח למשחק השנה.
יש לכם אקס-בוקס 360 או מחשב שמסוגל להריץ את המשחק? רוצו לקנות אותו. עכשיו.

Hurry, Mr. B!” a demented little sister tells her brutish Big Daddy protector, “Angels are waiting for our kisses.” By “kisses,” sister is of course referring to the stab of an Adam collector, and by “angels” she means a corpse. Welcome to BioShock’s Creepytown. Please enjoy both the mayorship and the key to the city…
DarkZero (2007)
Of all the questions BioShock asks of you, the decision of whether to buy it or not results in only one answer. A resounding yes! It is not a game that tries to shock with new exciting gameplay twists, nor does it confuse with new fangled control methods. It just takes everything most gamers have grown to love over the years, wraps them up in a beautifully realised world, and refines them to near perfection. With great gameplay, fantastic sound, and quality narrative it is an almost perfect realisation of what a quality title should be in the current gaming climate. But most importantly it is a fervent effort to raise people’s expectation of what a quality game is expected to provide. It's just that good!
Armchair Empire, The (Sep 17, 2007)
BioShock has more cool elements than any ten other FPSs combined. I could go on and on about the hacking mini-games (love them, want to see more of them in later games), the "U Invent" kiosks, and the multiple ways to take out enemies to clear levels. My brother was playing the game along side me on a separate 360 and it really seems like we played two different games. I would say there is more variation in two play-throughs of BioShock than there is between most FPSs and their sequels. So, what is my final take? Unless something truly revolutionary comes down the pike (I’m looking at you Halo 3), BioShock is sure to be my game of the year. Other than possibly lamenting the Vita-chambers influence on the game’s core difficulty, I have no complaints about this modern masterpiece.
Gamernode (Aug 20, 2007)
If you're looking for another run 'n gun game to play while you chug down a few Cokes, you'll probably be better off not picking BioShock up. If you want a good game you can play in the dark, immerse yourself in, and love well-crafted plots and great writing, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't go get BioShock tomorrow morning. (Unless you don't have the money - that's a good reason). It's exactly what we all said it would be, and that's a very rare feat to accomplish.
IGN Australia (Aug 20, 2007)
The worst part of Bioshock? It ends. You'll want more to see and do, just as you likely have in some of the best games of all time. And, like the game's maniacal entrepreneur himself loftily aimed, Irrational put art and intellect above and beyond schlock of the common game. They accomplished something wonderful.
games xtreme (Sep 03, 2007)
That said, it shouldn't put you off the game at all and I really only have one more thing to say: Would you kindly pick up a copy and play it!
95 (Aug 29, 2007)
Il est vrai que l'IA n'est pas au top du top, il est vrai que si on court bêtement la durée de vie chute, que le système de résurrection est un peu trop laxiste, il est blablabla... Quelques arguments qui ne valent que si on s'obstine à comparer Bioshock aux autres FPS en lui refusant le fait que, à l'image de son ancêtre System Shock, il vaut pour lui seul. Alors au diable les critères idiots, froids et objectifs, Bioshock est envoûtant, une pièce d'art qui se savoure non seulement comme un excellent jeu mais même comme un excellent bouquin narrant la déchéance d'une utopie. Et ça, c'est encore trop rare.
BioShock is one of those rare games that is destined for divinity; worshipped by those who play it, immortalised in the annals of gaming greatness, and serving as an example for which all that follow should aspire. Its narrative unfolds in a way unlike anything else on the Xbox 360, pulling you in deeper and deeper, making you want to know more, encouraging you to explore and ultimately getting you emotionally invested in its outcome.
Extreme Gamer (Aug 22, 2007)
If you’re on the fence about Bioshock being "just another shooter" put those worries aside and jump off the fence. Bioshock delivers an outstanding adventure deep into a psychotic world filled with wonder and interesting plot developments and characters. The level of polish in the entire project is on the top of its game with some of the best graphics and audio to date. If you every wanted a little more out of your standard FPS affairs then Bioshock will satisfy your needs and give you a few moments of pure gaming bliss. Bioshock is the next-generation of shooters that will no doubt be placed along side the other greats that I mentioned in this review like System Shock 2 and the original Half-Life. Dive in.
94 (Aug 21, 2007)
BioShock ist ein Meisterwerk. Es ist nicht die Revolution der Ego-Shooter; es hat kleine inszenatorische sowie technische Schwächen und es stellt in Anbetracht Levines früherer Werke nicht einmal eine Erweiterung seiner warnenden Vision dar. Aber es befreit ein Genre, das sich oft den Vorwurf der Gewaltverherrlichung gefallen lassen musste, von dem Vorurteil, diese zum Selbstzweck zu erheben. BioShock gelingt die Gratwanderung, Ausbrüche von Gewalt ebenso unausweichlich wie moralisch verwerflich darzustellen - sowohl spielerisch als auch erzählerisch. Nicht zuletzt zeugt es von der Aufrichtigkeit der Macher, mit wie viel künstlerischem Verständnis und mit welcher Liebe zum Detail sie den einzigartigen Schauplatz zum Leben erwecken: Rapture ist wegen seiner optischen und akustischen Wucht schon jetzt eine Ikone der Computer- und Videospiele.
FiringSquad (Aug 21, 2007)
Yes folks, we have played BioShock and we loved it. The minor flaws in the game's design didn't keep us from having an all night session to get to the end and we think that will be your conclusion as well. It's still mid August but it's going to be tough to find a game that will match BioShock for fun, originality and visual style in 2007. We will be waiting to see if any other game released this year will come close to it.
Like Half-Life 2 before it, BioShock is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has been saturated with the same old settings, the same old abilities, and the same old lame storylines that mostly serve as just a reason to shoot things up. Now, would you kindly buy BioShock if you haven’t already?
XboxZone (Australia) (Sep 03, 2007)
Ken Levine and the team at 2K have once again crafted an experience I would definitely place in the classic category, just like System Shock before it. Sure it has it's problems. The combat is nowhere near perfect, some of the physics are glitchy at times, and there is no multiplayer or Live scoreboards of any kind. It’s also very dark and oppressive, which will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet it still stands as a shining beacon of game design in so many different areas. The graphics are absolutely sublime, the story deep and involved. The weapon upgrade, hacking and plasmids mechanics are outstandingly functional, and the atmosphere is supremely engaging. In all the quest will take upwards of ten to fifteen hours if you really explore most of what there is to offer, but after a couple of play throughs things will get old. It’s definitely a game that you play for a good time and not a long time, but you will have a very good time, that’s for sure.
Xbox World 360 (Aug 16, 2007)
So, better than Halo 3? Let's go there, shall we? Since we at Xbox World are too busy making this mag to complete that time-travel gymnasium we've got loitering in our garage, we don't yet know precisely how highly Halo 3 will score, in all honesty - it's eminently possible it could come in as less. But despite both games being about pointing a gun at all and sundry, they have very little in common. Bioshock's cerebral pace will be a culture shock for those more accustomed to bouncing around with the Chief, but we implore you to take a chance on Bioshock. Turn the lights out, take the plunge, and make this the wettest summer on record.
JustPressPlay (Sep 03, 2007)
In the cookie-cutter genre known as the FPS, it's hard to find a game that really stands out. You're either shooting Nazi's or aliens, but in Bioshock it's neither. BioShock's art-style helps it shine bright and sets itself apart from the competition. It's easily destined to be in the running for game of the year and it's pretty fun. What other game has enemies that screech "Please make it stop!" as they run around engulfed in flames, desperately in search of some water?
We could carry on writing this review for ever, such is the richness of this game, the sheer amount of stuff to see, the hacking of security systems, the touching interplay between Big Daddies and Little Sisters, the list just goes on. No, instead imagine a game with the wit and believable characters of Half Life 2, the moral choices and weapon/skill pallet of Deus Ex and the unique and complete universe of STALKER. Imagine a game that is greater than the sum of all those parts, and you have Bioshock!
Just RPG (Aug, 2007)
Without a doubt, BioShock is a shoe-in for hordes of Game of the Year nominations. It’s certainly among my favorite titles of the year, and I highly recommend it to all gamers, whether you’ve got an Xbox 360 or a gaming PC. If you haven’t played it yet, then I suggest you at least go out and give the demo a try.
93 (Sep 17, 2007)
My advice: Yes, go buy this game, you'll have a wonderful time with it, but be sure to savour it there is no multiplayer (I know some of you find that unbelievable), but the quality of the single player is worth the sacrifice a million times over, anyway, isn't it about time we had a decent shooter that doesn't sell itself on multiplayer? And the replay value will be determined only by your attitude to replaying linear storylines.
Deaf Gamers (Sep, 2007)
As I write this review it's pretty amazing to see that the game is on course to be one of the highest rated games of all time given how many gaming magazines and websites are giving the game full marks. We have to agree that the game is immensely impressive although there are some question marks over the game's deaf gamer friendliness. On the whole we think it's possible for deaf gamers to enjoy the game but it's a shame that more care hadn't been taken to ensure a more satisfactory experience for deaf gamers as there are some moments when deaf gamers are, quite literally, in the dark about things and that's not good. As a game however, BioShock is certainly one of the most impressive games you'll play on the Xbox 360 this year.
Worth Playing (Aug 21, 2007)
Bioshock is a must-buy title for the Xbox 360. A few minor problems aside, it is simply a fantastic game; the atmosphere is excellent, the plotline is intriguing, and the graphics and sound design are phenomenal. Simply put, if you're at all curious about the game and you're an Xbox 360 owner, Bioshock is for you. Other than being a bit too short and easy, Bioshock does everything right. Although Halo 3 is due out later this year, it's going to have a hard time matching the fantastic single-player experience that Bioshock provides.
92 (Aug 31, 2007)
But, all in all, Rapture is one of the greatest games that has ever been produced. The story, the huge decaying city, the personalities of the people you see, hear, and listen to...all of it combines together to create a masterpiece of gaming. Now, would you kindly go out and buy a copy?
XBox Front (Aug 29, 2007)
"Allzu große Erwartungen werden oft enttäuscht“ - nicht so bei Bioshock. Der Ego-Shooter ist eines DER Highlights des Jahres und ein heißer Anwärter auf den Titel „Spiel des Jahres“. Jedes Element passt perfekt zusammen. Die gruselige und glaubwürdige Spielwelt Rapture, die Mischung aus packenden Kämpfen und Charakterentwicklung, der klasse Sound, die Hammergrafik und nicht zuletzt die spannende Story machen Bioshock so einzigartig. Jeder Shooter-Fan sollte sich Bioshock sofort zulegen, beim Spielen das Licht ausschalten und die Anlage voll aufdrehen. Bioshock muss man einfach gespielt haben.
ActionTrip (Aug 20, 2007)
In a nutshell, beyond any shadow of doubt, BioShock is an excellent single-player shooter experience. The undeniable quality of this title and its emphasis on true and not pseudo-mature storytelling and character development make it a must-have for every self-respecting gamer. On the other hand, the game is not without its faults, which, in all honesty, is true for just about every single thing on planet Earth (and possibly beyond).
Fortunately, all these flaws do is put a minor blemish on a well-formed diamond. This metaphor is a bit more meaningful than usual. BioShock is one of the best games of 2007 for any platform, not so much because it offers new wonders - there are a few - but as a result of meeting high standards, as any diamond should. For its price of admission, BioShock will definitely please you.
Game Captain (Aug 31, 2007)
Doch bekanntlich ist kein Spiel perfekt. Die Wechsel zwischen Plasmid und Waffe ist etwas fummelig, das Minispiel nicht ganz ausgereift und eine größere Gegnervielfalt hätte der Abwechslung gut getan. Nichtsdestotrotz ist BioShock ein grandioser Shooter, zwar keine Revolution im Genre, aber dennoch ein Spiel, dass jeder gespielt haben sollte und mein persönlicher Anwärter auf das Spiel des Jahres ist.
Computer Bild Spiele (Sep 05, 2007)
Einzigartig, gruselig, spannend, grafisch und spielerisch eine Offenbarung. Und doch können all diese Adjektive nicht vollständig die Faszination dieses Spiels beschreiben. Von der ersten Sekunde zieht Bioshock den Spieler in seinen Bann und lässt ihn für viele Stunden bis zum unerwarteten grandiosen Finale nicht mehr los. Das Ende wird Sie mit einer überraschenden Wendung beeindrucken. Bis dahin erleben Sie mindestens 20 Stunden Spannung und reichlich Action beim Aufdecken des Rätsels um die Stadt Rapture.
GameGrin (Nov 12, 2008)
I can't remember the last time a game gripped me so much with such a strong narrative, I literally sat and completed it in almost a single sitting. The game is mature, tackles interesting issues and isn't afraid to try to do things a little differently. Whilst it follows most of the conventions of the genre, it brings enough new elements to make it fresh and interesting. Seldom is a game crafted with so much attention to detail and has an atmosphere as strong as Bioshock.
Xbox Gazette (Sep 11, 2007)
Bioshock est une grande réussite. Il mélange les genres FPS, aventure et RPG avec brio. Il en fait de même avec les divers gameplays proposés : combats, utilisation de plasmides, exploration, recherches menées avec un appareil photo, résolution de petites énigmes, création de munitions, tendre une embuscade, hack d'appareils divers (parfois quand même un peu répétitifs). L'histoire, originale et très prenante est parfaitement intégrée à l'action sans qu'il n'y ait de pauses ou de coupures. L'ambiance est particulièrement bien développée, rehaussée par des musiques et des bruitages de grande qualité. L'architecture, les décors et l'eau en particulier sont très réussis et font honneur à la console. On regrette quelques rares ralentissements et parfois certaines textures qui ne se chargent pas, ou alors tardivement. L'absence de multi ne se fait que peu ressentir, tant l'aventure solo est de qualité et marquante.
90 (Sep 10, 2007)
Ja, auch Bioshock hat seine Mängel und das Überspiel ist es letztlich auch nicht geworden, dazu hängt das Spiel nach den ersten imposanten Stunden ein wenig zu oft durch. Dennoch hat mich seit Half-Life 2 kein Shooter mehr derart in seinen Bann gezogen. Grafik, Sound und das Setting sind einfach top und erzeugen gemeinsam die wohl beste Atmosphäre, die es in einem Videospiel je gab. Ich persönlich hätte mich zwar über ein etwas eigenwilligeres Gameplay gefreut, doch für die Verkaufszahlen ist der traditionelle Shooterpart vermutlich die bessere Wahl gewesen. An ein Half-Life 2 kommt Bioshock aber ohnehin nicht ganz heran, Valves Meisterwerk bietet auf Dauer mehr Abwechslung und die spannendere Story.
UOL Jogos (Aug 31, 2007)
Para quem aprecia a diversão eletrônica, "Bioshock" é daqueles títulos que precisa ser conhecido. No meio de tantas seqüências - algumas memoráveis como "Half-Life 2" e a série "Metal Gear Solid" - algo totalmente novo já é gratificante. No entanto, ver uma franquia nova que consegue cativar através da narrativa e experiência é uma dádiva. Não é livre de defeitos. Quem procura um autêntico FPS (First Person Shooter) talvez torça o nariz pela dificuldade amena e pela complexidade do sistema de armas, que garante variedade, mas não necessariamente privilegia reflexos. Aliás, "Bioshock" nem deve ser comparado a outros jogos do gênero. A visão em primeira pessoa atua como recurso extra para aumentar ainda mais a imersão. Rapture é um fantástico universo e merece ser visto com os próprios olhos, mesmo que virtuais. Não pense duas vezes em mergulhar de cabeça.
Video Game Talk (Aug 18, 2007)
Bioshock does something that video games rarely bother to do: Break new ground. A combination of endlessly creative combat, mixed with a captivating story make for an experience that I can promise you've never had in any other video game before. And the breathtaking picture and sound bring it all to life with an attention to detail that you rarely see. Simply put, you have to play this game. If you don't own a 360, buy one. If you do, you might as well have an Atari 2600 if you're not using that 360 to play Bioshock. This is a must-have not just in the sense that you have to own it, it's a must-have in the sense that it makes all the rest of your video games seem less necessary.
Daily Game (Aug 22, 2007)
The atmosphere, high-level concept, graphics and audio are all phenomenal, and they more than make up for occasionally repetitive gameplay. You owe it to yourself to experience BioShock, by far one of the most compelling games of 2007.
Bordersdown (Aug, 2007)
At its core BioShock can be described as a corridor first-person shooter that builds on Irrational's legacy and borrows from the best parts of others in the genre to better serve itself. But to distil the game to such a dry description is to do it a disservice. Flawed though it may be, it's one of the most atmospheric first-person games ever made and perhaps the standout title of the generation so far. Dazzling, thought provoking, compelling and engaging, it's an experience which refuses to lessen its hold until you've seen it through to the end, and in doing so, lodges itself in the memory in a way that few other titles can.
VGNZ (Aug 31, 2007)
BioShock is a game that should be played immediately. The single player campaign is one of the most enjoyable I have come across in a long time. Of course there is no multiplayer and the single player experience only lasts so long. In any case, the game is presented in a way that makes the effort worthwhile. Is BioShock the greatest game I've ever played? No. Is it the greatest FPS game I've ever played? It definitely has its moments, but no. So a genre defining classic BioShock is not. What it does is raise the standard for all other titles in the genre and on the Xbox 360 in general, which is surely the next best thing. In this sense BioShock lives up to expectations and the associated hype, making it worthy of your attention.
Boomtown (Sep 06, 2007)
Bioshock is a real triumph, a wonderful story told in a beautiful world gone terribly wrong. Xbox 360 owners may baulk at a game that doesn't feature multiplayer action but this really shouldn't put you off. You'd be missing out on a game that will often make you gasp in delight.
Gameplanet (Sep 12, 2007)
This is possibly the greatest FPS story. The living environment, even if it does not live up to expectations, is moving at times when Little Sisters and Big Daddies interact. Bioshock is what gaming should be, an art-form.
USA Today (Aug 23, 2007)
More so than any other game in recent memory, BioShock is dripping with atmosphere and intrigue, and it's one of those rare titles where story, dialogue and character development are just as important as the action sequences. Xbox 360 players who are 17 years of age or older will not want to miss out on this extraordinary interactive adventure.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Aug 24, 2007)
Bioshock comes at a time when sophisticated first-person-shooters are hard to come by, and as a result it really should be on any Xbox 360/PC gamers shopping list. Style, presentation and atmosphere are of the highest quality, though some later design aspects fail to continue the strong gameplay that Bioshock begins with.
BioShock is a really compelling piece of work. While there has been a bit of streamlining and trimming of features from its spiritual predecessors, the game’s compelling story, satisfying action, pleasing aesthetics and brilliant atmosphere more than make up for it. BioShock may not do anything particularly new, but the combination of many important gameplay elements, a gripping narrative and interactivity with the game world in such an impressive fashion will undoubtedly raise the bar for many first person shooters to come.
ripten (Aug 27, 2007)
The great thing about scoring a game in the upper eschalon of the review scale is that it invites endless debates about what would work better, what little tweaks or changes could possibly make it truly perfect. I’ve suggested a couple here– multiplayer mode and a more open environment– but every player who experiences Bioshock will likely come away with their own take on the subject. Perhaps the game relies too much on scripted events, or the audio logs, to tell the story, but it’s still a story that goes so far beyond “saving the princess” or “stopping the terrorists” that it qualifies as thought-provoking entertainment. From start to finish, and hopefully long after, Bioshock deserves a place on your shelf and in your Xbox 360.
Video Games Daily (Sep 10, 2007)
Bioshock set itself up for a fall with a massive level of hype, but manages to create a deep and rewarding experience that only the most jaded gamer would find serious issue with. Highly recommended for everyone, with the possible exception of servicemen aboard submarines.
Hooked Gamers (Aug 27, 2007)
I have been especially vague concerning aspects of the story and gameplay. The reason for this is because the real accomplishment in Bioshock is in its ability to give you an experience. While spoilers in regards to gameplay and the overall narrative may not spoil the game for you, I can assure you that it will diminish your overall experience on your first play through. My greatest regret is that I cannot experience Bioshock for the first time ever again. The game truly is the sum of its parts and those parts make one great game, possibly the best of 2007 so far. The only real question is why are you not playing it yet?
PlayDevil (Oct 26, 2007)
While "Bioshock" will probably be awarded with "Game of the Year" it definitely deserves it. It does have its flaws like no multiplayer, a few graphical niggles and perhaps the game could be a bit longer too but will you regret playing the game? No. Will you love playing through? Yes. Is it worth the money? Absolutely ! Bioshock is the closest a game has come to high art and that's something we love !
Der Ego-Shooter Bioshock hat einen weiten Weg hinter sich: Ursprünglich als Shooter/Rollenspiel-Hybrid geplant, haben sich die Macher des Klassikers System Shock 2 (PC) letztendlich dafür entschieden, den Shooter-Anteil vorne anzustellen. Es gibt zwar immer noch einige Elemente, die aus dem RPG-Genre stammen, der Hauptaugenmerk liegt aber deutlich auf handfester Ballerei, angereichert durch etwas »Magie«. Die Mischung mag ungewöhnlich sein. In Rapture, dem Schauplatz des Spiels, ist das Gewöhnliche aber sowieso ein dehnbarer Begriff…
MS Xbox World (Aug 21, 2007)
BioShock is easily the most bizarre videogame to appear in some time with plenty of diverse ideas and purely surreal art in the game, Rapture looks like one creepy yet entertaining place to visit. If you can’t wait until the games release later this week and if you haven’t done so already then go download the demo from the marketplace and give yourself a taste of the salty underwater life that is Rapture. Games don’t get much better than this and if you are into shooting adventuring and general gaming then Bioshock is well worthy of a purchase.
90 (GAF) (Aug 28, 2007)
Along with the game of choices, the end game is near Fight Club in terms of twists. So those looking for something to mess with their minds will find that the outcome alone will do the trick. BioShock is a game that any gamer can get into, even those not comfortable with the FPS genre. It also happens to be better than just about anything else available, and finding something that can even come close to the sensation of taking down your first Big Daddy, or thinking up your first big Plasmid attack combo will be hard to do. BioShock isn't just a game for Xbox 360 owners; it is a game for everyone.
Gamezoom (Sep 15, 2007)
Mein Chefredakteur Christoph lobte schon die dichte Atmosphäre in Bioshock und auch von der Grafik, bzw. dem Sound war er begeistert. Auf der Xbox 360 ist es genauso und nicht anders. Die Grafik kann zwar nicht mit der PC-Version mithalten, nichts desto trotz gibt sie einiges her und sieht auf den heimischen Fernseher richtig hübsch aus. Genauso der Sound und die Steuerung, welche für eine Konsole richtig gut ausgefallen sind. Negative Aspekte hat das Spiel wenige bis gar keine, und wenn dann stören diese nicht den Spielablauf.
As a first-person shooter with a bit more to offer, Bioshock is excellent. Of course, it helps that the bit more to offer consists of one of the most comprehensive game worlds ever created, a fantastic story with as many or as few layers as one wishes to delve into, and a cohesion that rivals gaming’s greats. A stronger end game would’ve capped things off nicely, but being good instead of great only stands out because the rest is a top-notch experience. Bioshock is a title that shouldn’t be missed.
A masterwork that effectively carries on the legacy set forth by its spiritual predecessor, System Shock 2, BioShock offers thrills, chills and gameplay the likes of which will be emulated, talked about and idolized for years to come. There’s simply no better first-person experience on the market that gives you this much game, this much story and such an emotional response to boot. There are some flaws, but they’re so minor in comparison to the wealth of goodness found here that most are easily forgotten. The one thing you won’t forget is your time spent under the waves, locked deep in the world of Rapture, where how you play is just as important as how this wonderful game plays you.
Gamestyle (Sep 02, 2007)
Bioshock unfortunately just misses out on that special 10/10 score, but still manages to engulf us in a world like no other. Rapture is a beautifully stylised city that provides plenty of mystery and intrigue. Definitely a game of the year contender.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Sep 09, 2007)
Wird BioShock nun den hohen Erwartungen gerecht? Ich persönlich sage ganz eindeutig: Jein! Im Kern handelt es sich nämlich nach wie vor um einen regulären Shooter, Zusatzfähigkeiten oder Zauber hat man bereits in anderen Genrevertretern gesehen. Das Spiel ist dennoch großartig und einzigartig im Genre, denn an so eine geniale Atmosphäre, solch ein unverbrauchtes Szenario und soviel Emotionen kam für mich persönlich bisher nur The Darkness heran. Allen Ego-Shooter- und Action-Puristen kann ich daher dieses Meisterwerk nur wärmstens ans Herz legen! Glaubt mir, ihr werdet so schnell nicht wieder aus der grausamen und eindrucksvollen Welt Raptures auftauchen können und wollen…
GameSpot (Aug 20, 2007)
If you're the kind of player who just wants yet another action-packed shooter, BioShock probably isn't for you. Its weak link is its unsatisfying no-skill-required combat, which might aim this one just over the head of the average Halo fan. But if you want to get a little fancy, there's a lot of fun to be had with some of the game's more indirect fighting methods. It builds an amazing atmosphere by using terrific graphics and sound to set a creepy mood. But BioShock's real strengths are as a compelling work of interactive fiction, and as a unique ride through a warped world with some great payoff built into its mysterious plot. If that description has you even the least bit interested, you won't be disappointed one bit.
Gamer Within (Aug 23, 2007)
After playing through BioShock and having enough time to reflect on all the great things that were loved about this game, BioShock really blew me away. Initial impressions of the game weren’t overly high. However, the more you play the game, the more you are sucked into its engaging world that you’ll never want to leave. It starts off slow, picks up the pace a few hours in, begins traveling like a speeding bullet towards the end and explodes in utter amazement by the end of the game – which, thankfully, is wrapped up so brilliantly well. Tired of lifeless shooters? BioShock is, without a doubt, the game for you.
Quebec Gamers (Dec 18, 2007)
Bioshock est définitivement un des meilleurs jeux de 360 et un des meilleurs jeux de 2007. Je ne dirais pas que c'est un jeu aussi extraordinaire ou révolutionnaire comme d'autres le disent car si vous avez déjà joué à Doom III ou Quake 4, vous reconnaîtrez ici sensiblement le même genre de jeu mais avec une ambiance et un thème complètement différent ainsi que plusieurs ajouts qui sont, il faut le dire, très bien! Ces ajouts, comme la customisation et l'ambiance particulière, sont ce qui le place dans une classe à part.
Edge (Aug 30, 2007)
BioShock offers a lot of quality beyond the problems that exist within it. But its a game of if only. If only the mechanics matched the atmosphere. If only Rapture was a less linear world to move through. If only BioShock was the wholly brilliant experience you know, from your moments within it, it could have been.
Digital Chumps (Mar 20, 2008)
The game as a whole yields a fun experience you should try out at least at some point. Bioshock started this season off quite well with superb visuals, well-constructed environments, and great sounds all coming together to make a quality game.
Ugh. My tone is probably coming off as too negative by now, when in fact I enjoyed BioShock quite a bit and mean only to provide a counterpoint to the legions of glowing reviews that somehow managed to average a 95% on GameRankings. Your opinion on BioShock will likely depend on your expectations. Believe in that 95%, and BioShock will probably turn out to be one of this generation’s biggest disappointments. Take into account everything I’ve said, however, and I think you’ll have a good time with it, as I did… though I fear I may have enjoyed it for the wrong reasons.
Hade Irrational lugnat sig lite, tagit ett steg från actionstigen och vågat betona äventyret mer hade Bioshock blivit ett mästerverk. Nu är det ett actionspel som lämnar en med den gnagande känslan att det hade kunnat bli något ännu större.
EGC Games (2007)
Unfortunately it isn’t. The game feels like a set of features pasted together while limiting the player’s options ‘just because’ doesn’t look like a good idea. Getting past all the hype, Bioshock is a very limiting game that depends on its artificial difficulty to keep the player interested. Enemies have a rather jerky and quirky behavior that with the limited amount of bullets and plasmid recharges make the game more difficult than it should be. As for bosses, expect to get frustrated because of their illogical and heavy-hitting behavior. Furthermore, limited upgrades not only to plasmids but weapons as well does manage to take away a lot. Whether these design decisions were made with immersion and atmosphere in mind, they manage to limit the game quite considerably. To summarize, Bioshock can be characterized best as ‘artificially limited for no apparent reason’.
Game Critics (Nov 20, 2007)
So what does BioShock do right? It looks great, it sounds great, and it absolutely knows which genre it's in. The difficulty is quite reasonable (and adjustable as well) so I'd actually say that it's a great place for beginners or people who don't have a lot of FPS exposure to start. Beyond this, my feeling is that it doesn't do much beside meet the usual expectations. Without the kind of adrenaline-inducing pace that carries action blockbusters or the kind of emotionally involving characterization that can sustain a slower think-piece, BioShock certainly satisfies the standard FPS criteria but falls short of carving itself a place in the top tier.