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BioShock Screenshots (Xbox 360)

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Our plane crashed in the middle of the ocean.
A strange lighthouse is the only shelter.
Are we the only survivor?
Inside the lighthouse.
Some kind of travel device. Is this Myst?
Andrew Ryan explains his rationale
The city Ryan built far from prying government eyes.... Rapture.
Looks like Rapture isn't living up to its name.
What happened to the people?
A security drone saves us from our attacker.
Pipe wrench fight.
Everyone else in Rapture couldn't handle genetic manipulation. Let's see how you fare.
We'll need more than a wrench to fix this leak.
Beautiful water effects
One of the lucky ones?
Rapture's falling apart in every way you can think of.
I guess New Year's wasn't so happy.
We're armed now, for what good it will do us.
Bio-shocking! ..err... complaints to the usual address.
You can find audio logs to help piece together what happened here.
First glimpse at a Big Daddy and Little Sister.