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Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Opening cinematic - US bombers approaching their target.
Opening cinematic - German Messerschmidt fighters intercepting allied bombers.
Main Title
Main Menu
Campaign is split into chapters, first one starting as a training mission.
Call in the game menu to check out on your current objectives.
During your training mission you'll be test-driving in a WWI plane.
Camera is fixed on your back unless you lock on to your target.
During mission loading you'll be shown various screens with hints during battle.
Flying over Dunkirk in a default formation.
If you speed up the picture will become more blurry and you'll feel the engine trembling much more.
Heading to intercept a squad of Junkers Ju 87 dive-bombers better known as Stuka bombers.
Enemy planes are in flames and the bridge has been saved.
Rotate your right analogue stick to start the engine.
Preparing to take off.
Pull up your gears after you take off.
Another one down as you're protecting allied ships.
Fighting German Luftwaffe across the ever-gloomy skies of London.
Taking off from a carrier requires a bit more skill as the runaway is quite short.
Taking pictures of allied ships before you're ready to go for a reconnaissance.
Helping allied ground troops fight against the infamous Desert Fox.
Using rockets against enemy tanks and flak cannons.
Multitude of Japanese Zero fighters are attacking ever so suddenly, taking off while there's still a chance.
Protecting your airfield and ships against enemy bombers.
Cloudy weather plays on your behalf as you're trying to approach enemy force without being spotted.
It is our turn to strike back at Japanese fleet now.
Protecting your bombers against Japanese fighters until they reach enemy fleet.
Attacking the enemy airfield.
Taking out enemy fighters before they can take off.
Going down in flames... but you can activate a quick-time event for repairs before it's too late.