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Blazing Birds Credits (Xbox 360)

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Blazing Birds Credits

Vector 2 Games

Game DesignDavid Flook
ProgrammingDavid Flook
GraphicsDavid Flook
Quality AssuranceJonathan Flook

Xbox LIVE Arcade Team

ProducerMark Coates
Test LeadScott Fintel
Release Management TeamJosh Mulanax, Shu-I Chang, Alex Shogren (Excell Data Corporation)
Software Test ManagerMatt Golz
Product Planning & Business TeamJim Sink, David J. Edery
MarketingJason Ing, Kristen Miyake
PRJulianne Diaz
VMC MAT TestersTyler Barrett, Jonathan A. Goble, Karl Wadesauer
VMC Test ManagersEdward McPherson, Scott R. Griffiths
VMC Senior Test LeadDaniel E. Smith
VMC Test LeadKelly Shipman
VMC TestRobert C. Minnick, Zach Guptil, Matthew Bombard, Jeremiah Armstrong, Omri Alon
LocalizationMalika Kherfi, Ricardo Cordoba, Tico Stojanovic, Shinya Muto, Sangjin Kang, Kyoung Ho Han, Se Min Jeon (Wise HR), Andy Liu, Atsushi Horiuchi, Sachiko Nagasawa, Koji Kikawa
Consumer ResearchChuck Harrison, Thomas Fuller, Steven Mathiesen, John Davis, Marc Todd (User Research Intl)
Multiplayer Test TeamT. J. Duez
Special ThanksOliver Miyashita, Kevin Salcedo, The XNA Community Game Platform Team

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (552572)