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Atari Fossil

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.0
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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Wonderwallweb.com (Jan, 2008)
I can’t do anything other than to whole heartedly recommend Boogie Bunnies, underneath it’s cutesy exterior lies a very challenging game that, most importantly of all, is fun to play. By far the highlight of the Xbox Arcade this year.
Game Vortex (Jan, 2008)
Compared to other color-matching puzzle games on XBLA, Boogie Bunnies doesn't stand out, though it isn't horrible either. For all of its problems, it is still oddly addictive and worth a look if you're in the market for another puzzle game.
TeamXbox (Jan 15, 2008)
Despite a few bungled dance steps here and there, Boogie Bunnies is still a strangely addictive experience. The game’s cutesy exterior may require the player to take a shot of insulin before playing, but the gameplay is hard to walk away from. If you’re in the market for a new take on a classic puzzle game, it’ll probably be worth two-stepping over to the Live Marketplace and giving this game at least an audition.
GamesRadar (Jan 16, 2008)
Other than those issues, though, there’s not much to complain about here. Boogie Bunnies doesn’t stand out next to the best puzzlers on Live Arcade - Bejeweled, Puzzle Fighter, Zuma, etc. - but it is a solid title with something to offer.
GameSpot (Jan 18, 2008)
At 800 Microsoft points, Boogie Bunnies is a tough sell. Sure, it's entertaining for a bit, but it's just not interesting enough to keep you coming back for more. If you're curious, check out the demo--but know that the full game doesn't offer up much more.
Game Chronicles (Feb 09, 2008)
Boogie Bunnies is an easy, cheerful way to burn through about half-an-hour of life. Any player pushing much deeper into the game than that is probably just looking for XBL achievement points. Ultimately, there are many $10 purchases in life that will generate more happiness for you than Boogie Bunnies. However, if you have too much money and too much free time, this is the game for you.
360 LIVE (Feb, 2008)
Puzzlegames gehen immer. Alles was mit »Bekomm drei Exemplare zusammen und freue dich« erklärt werden kann, ist leicht verständlich und macht süchtig. In diese Kerbe schlägt auch »Boogie Bunnies« der alteingesessenen Artech Studios. Statt jedoch Blasen im Trio anzuordnen, schießt man hier verschieden farbige, flauschige Hasen aneinander. Sind drei beisammen, gibt's je nach Farbe einen anderen Effekt. Rote Karnickel sprengen beispielsweise zusätzlich noch einige andere Exemplare weg. Je höher das Level, desto schneller rückt die Armee der Mümmler auf den Bildschirmrand zu. Fegt man sie also nicht schnell genug vom Monitor, heißt es »Game Over«, Prinzipiell ein nettes Spiel. Mehr als 400 Punkte ist es jedoch nicht wert. Zu schnell legt sich nämlich der abgedrehte Ersteindruck. Für Fans.
Games TM (Mar 20, 2008)
The downside of Boogie Bunnies comes only from the vast number of titles it's up against. The likes of Poker Smash will almost certainly be more appealing to puzzle fans due the more look and nature of the game, but those that can see past the sweetness on the surface will certainly find plenty of appeal.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Feb 13, 2008)
The biggest problem with the game is that it's simple but devoid of real depth. Without the challenge of precision-aiming, it becomes easy to blunder through levels without much planning and the experience is shallow and repetitive for it. Arcade, Classic, Endless and Co-op modes fail to expand the idea enough to warrant the 800 Microsoft Points price-tag because, put simply, there's an abundance of better examples of the genre.
Cheat Code Central (Jan, 2008)
Boogie Bunnies is a pretty good Live Arcade title for fans of games like Bejeweled and Hexic who aren't necessarily looking for anything new. The problem with this game really comes in when veterans of these puzzlers realize that this game is almost a clone of these previous titles. It does, however get points for being visually appealing by looking really cute. I am admittedly one who is easily impressed by huge displays of utter cuteness, however, so if you're not like me, then you probably won't want to invest any time in Boogie Bunnies. But if you have 800 points to burn, really enjoy the occasional puzzler, and really adore all things cute, then you may enjoy this title for a short time. So you have been warned. Boogie at your own risk!
Jolt (UK) (Feb 15, 2008)
But its mere existence does raise an important question: whether it’s Live Arcade, PSN or Wiiware, don’t we want a bit more from these supposedly snack-sized chunks of gaming than cynical clones? If you’ve got a thing for dancing rabbits, you just might be happy to make do.
1UP (Jan 29, 2008)
And with multiplayer so interesting -- not to mention lag-free -- it becomes clear that Boogie Bunnies is not so derivative and uninteresting as that initial, cursory glance suggested. In fact, although there are certainly better falling-block puzzle games on XBLA, Boogie Bunnies is pretty decent. Its real failing, though, is that it is difficult to a fault, and again, in solo play, a lot of victories or losses will be chalked up to chance. If you put a lot of stock into multiplayer, though, you could do a whole lot worse than boogying with these bunnies.
Official XBox Magazine (Jan 16, 2008)
The two-player co-op game makes for mild (offline) fun, but the too-short music loops will drive you crazy and your teeth will hurt from the sugar content. The game’s biggest sin? These Bunnies are boring.
Overall, this is a fairly average title and at 800 MS points it isn't really worth it. There are many other better Arcade titles out there to spend your MS points on.
Gaming Nexus (Mar 12, 2008)
Boogie Bunnies is cute, exciting and a lot of fun ... for a few minutes. Unfortunately the shallow gameplay and boring levels keep this adorable game from being more than a silly time waster. This is yet another very average game on the Xbox Live Arcade.
IGN (Jan 15, 2008)
Don’t spend ten dollars on Boogie Bunnies. Xbox Live Arcade games are meant to be fun, cheap distracters from more hardcore game experiences but Boogie Bunnies is neither cheap nor is it fun. It’s boring and unexciting gaming at its finest and should only be experienced by those so addicted to puzzle games that they’ve burned through everything else that’s out there.
Eurogamer.de (Jan 25, 2008)
Das Versäumnis solcher eigentlich ins Genre eingebrannter Selbstverständlichkeiten lässt Boogie Bunnies im Fahrwasser echter Größen zurück. Lasst Euch von den süßen Hasenohren nicht täuschen. Auch wenn sich die Bunnies ohne große Schmerzen spielen lassen, kommt doch zu selten Spaß oder gar der berühmte Suchteffekt von Lumines, Puzzlefighter und Co. auf.
Compared to the heavyweights on the scene like Puzzle Quest and Zuma, Boogie Bunnies is nothing more a crisp packet fluttering past in the breeze, temporarily catching your attention as it twists past your face with its trumpet blasts of cute noise and Haribo colour before it disappears forever, lost down the back of the Xbox Live Arcade sofa to hang out with Word Puzzle. There's a good game lurking somewhere underneath the candy coloured surface... it's just not worth spending 800 Microsoft Points trying to find it.
GamePro (US) (May 28, 2008)
Boogie Bunnies isn't so much bad as it is unimaginative, derivative, and just plain boring. Hardcore puzzle fans may find some small amount of enjoyment out of Boogie Bunnies, but for the average player looking for a good puzzle game there are plenty of others already released that are far better.
Well to differentiate Boogie Bunnies from those other games, Artech throws a one-two punch at us. First off, you are not restricted to moving your bunny along the bottom of the screen. Instead you can also climb the sides of the screen in order to find an appropriate spot to launch your bunny. Unfortunately this just overcomplicates what was once a simple puzzle mechanic. Second, the on-screen bunnies have a tendency to break into dance and when you match up bunnies while this is going on your points are multiplied. This proves to be random, devoid of any real strategy, and threatens to send you over the edge and into a diabetic coma from the sugar sweet overdose. The whole experience just wasn’t very addictive and the super cute look and concept was just too much for me to stomach.
411mania.com (Feb 04, 2008)
So in general, you just keep playing and having fun while trying to get the high score.

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