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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Welcome to Pandora.
The four mercs out for fortune. One will be your character.
A vision of a mysterious woman promises to guide you to the vault.
Marcus Kincaid. Bus driver. Gun dealer. Storyteller. Entrepreneur.
This "Claptrap" model robot guides you through a tutorial.
Sorting your inventory.
The natives aren't entirely friendly.
Ragtag settlements dot the landscape.
Hungry skags are a constant vermin.
Nothing modern weapons can't handle.
The first of many local quest-givers.
The Arid Badlands
Human foes pack shields just like you. Gunfire strips them away.
The settlement of Fyrestone at dusk.
And again at night. The day cycle on Pandora is greatly accelerated.
Brick using his berzerker special. Enemies fall to his beefy fists.
Vehicles can be spawned from garages.
Bandits can drive too.
Hitting the afterburners
Quests are tracked in a typical quest log.
Big (and dangerous) bosses lurk across the planet.