Bully: Scholarship Edition Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Start screen
Title screen
Jimmy Hopkins is sent to Bullworth during the introduction
Ingame tutorial
Meet Gary.
Buy Beam Cola to replenish your health
Lockpick the lockers to find items. Don' get caught though!
Meet the preps, one of the five rivaling factions
English class mini game. Arrange the letters to find words.
Bullying at Bullworth
Stats page for attended classes
Your room in the dorm. You can save here, create items using the chem set and go to rest.
Use the slingshot to harass some Jocks
People with errands are indicated with a blue arrow. Complete these to earn money.
Biology class. You have to dissect animals
Collectible: transistors. Collect these and give them to the local hobo to gain advanced combat moves.
One of the ingame arcade games
Use your skateboard to travel faster between locations. You will also get a bike later in the game.
Sports class. Win these to unlock new fighting moves.
Collectible: rubber bands
Halloween is here, be prepared for the Big Prank
Hide in closets to evade prefects
Your local Yum Yum market.
Change clothes to have different effects on other people.
Geography class. Finish and pass these to reveal the locations of collectibles on your map.
Having fun at Bullworth by putting someone in a locker.
Math class.
Art class: a Qix game
Give flowers to the ladies ...
... to have them kiss you. This will increase your health bar temporarily.
Fight in the local box club to earn the respect of the preps
Shop class. Complete these to upgrade your bike.
Collectible: garden gnomes.
Collectible: Grottos and Gremlins cards
You found the nerd's hideout
You volunteered for the big Christmas play. Match the rhythm with the buttons. This is the same mini game as Music class.
Take photos to help the hobo santa to earn money.
Hitch a ride with a car.
Map view
Playing dodge ball in the gym. You are with the nerds of course.