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Written by  :  Alex Barberi (9)
Written on  :  Apr 18, 2006
Platform  :  Xbox 360
Rating  :  4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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You are called to duty!

The Good

>>> Gameplay (Rating: 8/10)
The story-line brings you through the Russian, British and American campaigns. Each time you switch to a new campaign, you play as a different character. It's a cool way to play and they've got some neat new guns I've never seen before.

>>> Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Rating: 9/10)
I absolutely loved all of the things that the AI said! They would run around shooting, while taunting the enemy. "You poor fascists came all this way just to die!!" They also had a great variety in the intelligence of the AI, the privates weren't too smart, but the captains and such were very smart; this was great to see.

>>> Graphics (Rating: 8/10)
Stunning detail here. Their was a guy standing next to me and he stepped in front of the window to see if it was clear (how stupid); he was immediately shot in the head by an MG42 that flipped him over! It was awesome to watch; the ragdoll physics of this game make all of the shots different and it sure is nice. You could also see that a lot of detail was put into the soldier's faces; their faces looked quite real. There was also a part early in the game, in the Russian campaign, at which we blew down a large building; the graphics from the explosion were amazing! Smoke and debris were everywhere. Speaking of smoke, this game has the best smoke grenades of any game ever! If you throw a smoke grenade, you cannot see through it at all; these are the best smoke effects I've ever seen.

>>> Audio (Rating: 9/10)
Great sound effects and I loved all of the different voices they used for the AI.

>>> Multiplayer (Rating: 10/10)
Although I only ever play Deathmatch, I am extremely pleased with the Multiplayer in this game. I could sit there and play multiplayer for hours. Yes, it's just your basic Deathmatch, but the areas they've got make this fun.

The Bad

>>> Gameplay (Rating: 8/10)
The story-line was all that immersive; it was good, but I'd say it could've been somewhat more immersive. I would've been much more "in to" the game if I hadn't had to keep switching characters each time I played a new campaign, but that definitely made sense. You play a Russian in the Russian campaign, British in the British campaign and American in the American campaign.

>>> Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Rating: 9/10)
Some of the AI were stupid, but some of them were very smart. Nothing I didn't like about the AI.

>>> Graphics (Rating: 8/10)
Some of the explosions, such as the first one in the game that blew up a vehicle, we're very unrealistic. Flat fire (a technique known as billboarding) flew up into the air. I said to myself, "No way is that next-gen graphics." Many times layers of flat fire will be used and it can look realistic, but this didn't.

>>> Audio (Rating: 9/10)
Some of the sounds seemed to have come from earlier versions of Call of Duty or some other game; I've definitely heard these old sounds in other WWII games.

>>> Multiplayer (Rating: 10/10)
Nothing I didn't like about the multiplayer.

The Bottom Line

>>> Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Oh yeah, buy it. It's a great next-gen game with graphics like you would not believe. As I said, the story isn't incredibly immersive, but single player was still really fun to play. Multiplayer is definitely awesome. So what are you waiting for? Go get it!