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    Based on the best-selling board game, “The Settlers of Catan”, Catan places players in the role of colonists on a newly discovered imaginary island. Through strategy and trading 3-4 players vie for control over the territory and resources of this uncharted wilderness. Players compete online with their friends from around the world or choose from up to 6 computer personalities. Features include an all new 3D “Living World” environment and a robust AI to challenge all skill levels, even the experts! Catan is addictive fun for all ages, taking just minutes to learn and a lifetime to master!

    • All New 3D "Living World" Board
    • Game may be played with 3 – 4 players
    • Play against historical personalities including Alexander, Cleopatra, and Tokugawa – a challenge to all skill levels, even experts!
    • Popular house rules including Friendly Robber and Friendly Resources
    • Multiple Dice Roll Options: Randomized, Dice Deck with re-shuffling options
    • Multiplayer on Live! Arcade (1 – 4 players; limited to 1 player per console)
    • Randomized board setups

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