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The Gamers Paradise (Aug 15, 2013)
Trust me, the art style Ska Studios have chosen for this game fits it perfectly and the sound effects you get when punching your way through enemies, or blasting through them with different weapons and objects your pick up or unleashing your special powers on them is so satisfying you never wish for the hordes of enemies to stop attacking you for some weird reason. Also the developers have managed to create enough difference in the enemies you encounter for there to be little to no feel of repetition which is an incredible feature in itself.
Gaming Age (Aug 23, 2013)
I really enjoyed my time spent with Charlie Murder, and think that Ska Studios did an excellent job with this. As much as I enjoyed the hyper-stylized action of their Dishwasher series, I think Charlie Murder stands out as their best effort to date. It has the unique visual style that has become the trademark of the developer, but at the same time feels like a major step forward from the standard action gameplay found in their earlier work. There are elements to Charlie Murder that are certainly less unique than others, but as a whole this is one of the better RPG/brawler hybrids that I’ve ever played.
RealGamerNewz (Sep 05, 2013)
Charlie Murder tries to bring the fun back in classic beat em up genre from the arcade days. Which I am glad to say it does and is enjoyable to see it do so. I give Charlie Murder a 9 out of 10 making it an RGN Gold Game.
Geekenstein (Aug 18, 2013)
Ska Studios has come a long way since The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1. While their previous games have been great, I firmly believe that Charlie Murder is the video game that will headline their tour into greatness. It’s a must buy for gamers wanting to scratch that old school itch or someone looking to indulge themselves in some subject matter that’s rarely touched in video games.
Mash Those Buttons (Sep 04, 2013)
This is a high quality beat ’em up, and the fact that you can play it with a bunch of friends online or local is just amazing. Not enough games let me enjoy them with a friend in the same room anymore, so this is beyond a welcome addition. It’s especially good because this is a game that I really want to show my friends. It sounds great, looks great, and plays great. Stop lollygagging around reading this crap and go get it.
Co-Optimus (Aug 12, 2013)
Charlie Murder is easily seen as a labor of love. The small details that are found in almost every aspect of the game make apparent. Fans of Ska Studios previous work will feel right at home here. I think any fan of the genres that Charlie Murder mixes so well will love what the game has to offer. I know I did.
InsideGamer (Aug 31, 2013)
Charlie Murder is een absolute aanrader voor menig gamer, helemaal als je op zoek bent naar een nieuwe beat ‘em up of een gezellige coöperatieve game. Door eenvoudige actie te combineren met loot en uiteenlopende character classes, biedt Charlie Murder meer diepgang dan je zou verwachten. Het loont om jouw personage met enig denkwerk te levelen en de juiste items voor hem of haar te selecteren. Tel daarbij op dat de game behoorlijk veel content en diversiteit biedt, plus het congruente stijltje, plus de geslaagde humor, en je spreekt van een uitzonderlijk goede XBLA-titel. Dat je soms moet platformen terwijl dit niet altijd even goed werkt, is een klein beetje jammer, maar het verstoort de rest van de toffe ervaring gelukkig niet enorm.
LevelUp (Aug 25, 2013)
Charlie Murder es un título divertido, lleno de acción y apropiado para jugar con amigos, y tengo que decir que no me divertía tanto con un beat'em up desde el lanzamiento de Castle Crashers. Si buscas un arcade que ofrezca horas y horas de juego, una gran variedad de minijuegos y buena cantidad de items por encontrar, Charlie Murder será perfecto para ti.
XboxAddict (Aug 28, 2013)
The moral of the story is, don't judge a book by its cover. Like The Dishwasher before it, Ska Studios' Charlie Murder may have an art-style that may be hit-or-miss with some people, and like its name, the game leans a bit towards the macabre and gore-tastic in its approach, but this game is as solid a brawler as they come, with a refreshingly deep RPG-side that any action gamer worth his or her salt will come to love after spending some time with it. It's easily worth the 800 MS points ($10), especially if you've got friends.
Gameplanet (Aug 22, 2013)
With its cartoon punk press aesthetic, excellent soundtrack and lengthy-but-unpadded campaign, there's little reason not to enthusiastically recommend Charlie Murder.
Worth Playing (Oct 03, 2013)
Charlie Murder is a very tough but fulfilling beat-'em-up. The too-similar boss fights will disappoint those who expect some strategy in their encounters, and the stingy checkpoint system in the latter half of the game may be off-putting to some players. Still, the fighting is fun whether you go solo or with allies, the minigames help break up any potential monotony, and the loot system will entice people into going for another round. Wrap that up in the top-notch stylized presentation, and it's easy to see why Charlie Murder is highly recommended.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 15, 2013)
Charlie Murder is basically a combination of everything the studio has done to this point and more. It's a side-scrolling beat 'em up with zombies, graphic cartoon violence, and the occasional shoot 'em-up or rhythm section. And on top of that, a variety of RPG mechanics give this title depth, Castle Crashers style. Though there are some design flaws that can be highly frustrating, on the whole, it's a great buy for $10.
GameTrailers (Aug 14, 2013)
The dark and humorously grim atmosphere help make Charlie Murder a unique brawler that knows how to throw a punch and stands out from others in the genre. Adding its own clever twists to combat thanks to RPG-rooted loot and leveling system that grants a satisfying level of customization, Charlie Murder makes a strong argument to invite a gang of your hardest-rocking friends over to unleash havoc on the teeming hordes of a demon lord.
With its wild punk rock vibe, Charlie Murder is a solid game offering up more then the average Xbox Live arcade title. The lengthy campaign is a lot of fun to tear through with friends, and the great soundtrack makes for a fun atmosphere. The disruptive menu mechanics take away from the experience, but if you can over look this, Ska Studios has created an entertaining game that is worth every penny of its price point.
Vandal Online (Aug 14, 2013)
Charlie Murder es un juego muy divertido y perfecto para pasar esas tardes de aburrimiento repartiendo mamporros junto a nuestros amigos, ya sea de forma local o a través de internet. Consigue enganchar, tiene un desarrollo muy variado y cuenta con una buena cantidad de contenidos, siempre y cuando tengamos en cuenta el género al que pertenece. Sin embargo, lo limitado que puede llegar a resultar su sistema de combate y lo desajustada que está su dificultad no le hacen demasiado bien, así como lo descuidados que están algunos escenarios. Pero tal y como ya hemos dicho, si sois fans de los "yo contra el barrio" de toda la vida (aunque con toques modernos) y tenéis una Xbox 360 y 800 Microsoft Points, la nueva obra de Ska Studios se convierte en uno de los productos más apetecibles que podréis encontrar en el catálogo de Xbox Live Arcade.
ITF Gaming (Aug 14, 2013)
Charlie Murder is a fun, violent and quirky beat ‘em up with a lot of playability. The story may not be something to tell your kids about, but it sets the scene for the levels and the world is expertly crafted through little nuggets throughout the title. Gameplay is where the title shines, with some fast, frenetic and frantic gameplay which will keep players stuck in their seats. Add in that the title supports 4-player drop-in/drop-out co-op, and the title suddenly has a far greater appeal to it.
82 (Sep 06, 2013)
Auch mit Charlie Murder bleiben die Ska Studios ihren Dishwasher-Wurzeln spielerisch und stilistisch treu. Dieses Mal standen aber auch die Castle Crashers von The Behemoth ganz offensichtlich mit Pate: Bis zu vier Schnetzelmeister können neuerdings gemeinsam auf blutige Beutejagd gehen und ihr Alter-Ego durch das Sammeln von Followern (Erfahrung), Tätowierungen (Spezialangriffe) sowie leistungssteigernden Klamotten und Accessoires vor höllischer Punkrock-Kulisse zum ultimativen Starschlächter heranzüchten. In speziellen PvP-Arenen kann man sich sogar gegenseitig an die Gurgel gehen. Dass man allerdings auch im kooperativen Einsatz nicht vor Verletzungen durch Mitspieler gefeit ist, nervt mitunter - vor allem, da die Übersicht nicht immer optimal ist. Fans rabiater Hau-drauf-Action kommen dennoch voll auf ihre Kosten. Allein die abgefahrene Inszenierung ist schon das Geld wert.
Meristation (Aug 16, 2013)
Castle Crashers ya tiene un sucesor en el Xbox Live Arcade, y su nombre es Charlie Murder. El nuevo beat'em up con elementos roleros de Ska Studios ofrece horas de diversión a ritmo de punk rock y un sentido del humor muy bien ejecutado.
Examiner (Aug 08, 2013)
The game’s great atmosphere and storytelling vastly outweigh some of the more technical problems I have with Charlie Murder. The combat is solid and the art style is awesomely unique. The music is great for any punk or metalhead, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. As a whole, Charlie Murder is far from perfect, but it brings a great reimagining of the arcade brawler.
Stick Skills (Aug 14, 2013)
At the end of the day, Charlie Murder made me want to mosh around the walls, with all the brawling and punk rock making quite the personal impact. Some of this desire may have been caused by minor gripes, but it’s still a solid brawler that anyone who loves beating people up–or punk–will enjoy. So zip up your ripped jeans, put on Damaged by Black Flag, and rise above to knock the metalheads down with your punk.
80 (Aug 15, 2013)
Overall, Charlie Murder is a really top end Arcade title. Despite what I’ve said about the save system it’s hard to find much else to complain about other than it might not have a huge amount of re-playability, although I’m not at the stage to really judge that as I just wanted to quickly beat it and post my review. There’s a lot to collect for you perfectionists, there’s online compatibility and leaderboards for the competitive amongst you and most importantly, there’s addictive, fun and frantic gameplay that will remind you of some of the classic coin-op games that inspired so many game developers, including Ska Studios who can add this to their list of, including The Dishwasher, fantastic downloadable games for the Xbox 360.
80 (Sep 12, 2013)
Charlie Murder is bij momenten een vrij repetitieve titel. Dat probeert de ontwikkelaar hier en daar te verdoezelen met minigames en boss fights, iets waar ze – bij momenten – aardig in slagen. De implementatie van een rpg-element is ook een aardige extra, maar eigenlijk niet meer dan een fletse toevoeging. Bovendien is de game niet variërend genoeg als je ‘m alleen aanpakt, waardoor je er dus meer van zult genieten als je ‘m met z’n tweeën zult aanpakken.
Project COE (Aug 29, 2013)
Charlie Murder is a far deeper beat ’em up than I thought it would be. It tries a lot of different things, with most coming together surprisingly well. Even with these fresh new ideas it can’t completely remove the monotonous nature of the genre, but if you’re into these types of games you could do far worse. This is a great one to spend an afternoon on with a group of friends, either online or off.
NZGamer (Oct 22, 2013)
While you’re not going to get an artistic masterpiece that analyses the state of society in Charlie Murder, you will have a lot of fun if you get some friends over to play with you. Drink a beer while you’re at it, too - it’s the ultimate party game. Crappy punk music, breweries, tattoos, and exploding heads - can’t get much more party than that.
Gaming Nexus (Aug 15, 2013)
Charlie Murder is full of amazing moments you'll want to tell your friends about. Unfortunately, the repetitive gameplay and overlong story works against the otherwise fun package. The good news is that the amazing music and presentation makes up for a lot of its shortcomings. With Charlie Murder, you have a real killer on your hands.
ZTGameDomain (Aug 21, 2013)
For only ten bucks, Charlie Murder is a rather fun beat ‘em up, especially when you have a few buddies helping you out. The menus can be a little tedious and losing progress because you don’t know when your last save was does grind the nerves after a while, but with the crazy art style and nice RPG elements, it offers players a nice reason to come back and grind for more. If you enjoy a fun beat ‘em up and have a few friends that don’t mind a ton of gore, Charlie Murder is a pretty good bet.
Charlie Murder is a much more complex game than fans of Ska Studios’ previous works will be expecting. It’s still a rebel, but this time there’s a cause to be found. RPG-lite elements, inviting co-op play, and zaniness combine to create a likeable, refreshing take on the brawler. If you need an excuse to punch things first and ask questions later, Charlie can provide it. Just leave your brain at the door and ask for the most punk rock beat-’em-up around.
3D Juegos (Aug 14, 2013)
Ska Studios da un paso al frente y nos presenta un gran arcade de peleas que se postula como uno de los mejores exponentes del género, quedando sólo por detrás de obras maestras de la especialidad como Castle Crashers. Su apuesta estética y variedad de su desarrollo son algunas de sus mejores cualidades, a lo que se añade una banda sonora espectacular y un modo cooperativo excelentes. Es cierto que si jugamos en solitario el juego pierde mucha gracia, pero para eso están los amigos.
Game Over Online (Aug 19, 2013)
While I don’t think it’s a great gateway game for brawlers like Final Fight, River City Ransom, or Streets of Rage, I do think it’s a worthy purchase if you enjoy the genre. You’ll definitely get a lot out of it if you do and also enjoy dark/gothic settings and characters since they’re all over the place. The rock-heavy soundtrack fits the action and the grisly sound effects add to the violence perfectly.
Defunct Games (Aug 14, 2013)
Despite a few hang-ups, I had a lot of fun with Charlie Murder. I loved the punk rock theme and enjoyed all of the wackiness they threw at me. It's a shame this game didn't come out a few months ago and not directly after Dragon's Crown. As retro-inspired brawlers go, this is one of the best. And at $10, Charlie Murder proves to be a lot cheaper than going to a real punk rock concert.
Console Monster (Aug 10, 2013)
Overall, Charlie Murder is definitely a title to consider purchasing. Despite its flaws, this is a game that doesn’t take itself very seriously. The gameplay, unique design and humour make this a thoroughly entertaining Xbox Live Arcade title, especially in co-operative play. In addition, whereas Charlie Murder only contains a single game mode (in the form of the campaign), the different endings ensure that gamers are rewarded for multiple playthroughs of the title. If you loved Castle Crashers, you’ll certainly enjoy Charlie Murder.
75 (Aug 14, 2013)
For 800 MS Points (or cash equivalent) it is a worthwhile purchase if only to play the game in co-operative mode. As a standalone single player going solo you are likely to feel frustrated and annoyed by the lack of save points that one more try will soon just become losing the will to live. Amazing how a game can be transformed into a super improved experience when there are more players in the game co-operatively beating the hell out of the evil horde together and sharing in the misery of a lack of save points.
Lazygamer (Aug 14, 2013)
Charlie Murder is an uneven, yet decidedly fun hybrid of brawler and RPG with a kick-ass punk rock soundtrack.
Game Informer Magazine (Aug 14, 2013)
The disruptive menu-tinkering and poor checkpoints cause plenty of frustration, but Charlie Murder can be a blast if you’re playing with three friends who understand the game. Ska Studios has created an entertaining 2D brawler, even if it doesn’t stand alongside the elite entries in the genre.
Polygon (Aug 16, 2013)
Charlie Murder is dependent on finding friends. Alone, the sharp difficulty curve derailed me completely. With strangers online, I found an angry place inside of me I wasn't totally sure existed. Charlie Murder mixes so many elements so well that it's worth the effort to make it work — assuming you've got the friends, and the communication skills.
Destructoid (Aug 09, 2013)
Charlie Murder has flashes of brilliance, and flashes of normalcy throughout its very up and down campaign. Some aspects feel like the developers were just going through the motions, and some feel truly innovative and fresh. But despite the uneven feel, there's a solid foundation underneath Charlie Murder, and fans of beat 'em ups will find plenty to enjoy as they bash their way through hordes of the undead while listening to a pretty kickass soundtrack.
GameSpot (Aug 19, 2013)
An entertaining indie arcade brawler with a lot of exciting, wildly different ideas woven throughout its gritty presentation, Charlie Murder stands out from its brethren in mostly the right ways. Some elements are more successful than others, but the entertaining co-op mayhem that plays out across this postapocalyptic punker landscape will spur you to alternate between throwing devil horns, cursing, and laughing out loud.
New Game Network (Aug 19, 2013)
A downloadable title that oozes style and has enjoyable combat mechanics, though nothing particularly original. The multiplayer-focused design make it a treat for players who can get together and finish the game at the same pace, but everyone else will run into annoyances. Whether the difficult single player experience or online connectivity issues, this title takes a few turns down the wrong avenue. Perhaps most unfortunately, these shortcomings will likely prevent the game from being remembered for too much longer after the current summer season promo wraps up.
70 (Aug 15, 2013)
Punk-apokalyptiske Charlie Murder er tidvis en real knockout av et slåsspill, stappet full av innhold og personlighet. Først og fremst har Ska Games presset knall underholdning ut av simpel «beat 'em up», enten man spiller mutters alene eller er sammen med venner. Det er først når Charlie Murder spiller flere instrumenter at det blir for mye støy. rollespillelementene er overfladiske, og når spillet roter seg inn på plattform-hopping, ølbrygging eller andre sidespor skulle man ønske at fremførelsen var litt mer fokusert. Litt ulyd er heldigvis ikke nok til å skjule at galskapen i Charlie Murder stort sett er veldig, veldig festlig og vel verdt å sjekke ut for alle som liker å hamre løs på knappene.
The Digital Fix (Sep 02, 2013)
Whilst not a huge departure from The Dishwasher, Ska Studios' newest offering has enough interesting elements to make this a fun couch co-op title. Ill-thought out checkpoints and general UI problems mean that Charlie Murder, whilst consistently engaging, falls short of classic beat 'em up status.
GameOver (Greece) (Sep 02, 2013)
Το Charlie Murder είναι μια από τις ωραίες ιδέες που βρίσκουν το δρόμο τους προς τις οθόνες μας. Δυστυχώς όμως, το χλιαρό σύστημα μάχης, το οποίο αποτελεί τον κύριο τρόπο αλληλεπίδρασης με τον τίτλο, μετά από ένα σημείο γίνεται επαναλαμβανόμενο, κουράζει και μειώνει την εμπειρία. Και είναι κρίμα όταν το τολμηρό και σπαρταριστό εικαστικό γίνεται αυτοσκοπός για τον οποίο κυρίως συνεχίζουμε να παίζουμε. Φυσικά, παρά το αδύναμο σύστημα μάχης, το Charlie Murder παραμένει ένα εξαιρετικό, καλοσχεδιασμένο 2D brawler στα πρότυπα του Castle Crashers με πολλά να προσφέρει, κυρίως σε όσους εξιτάρονται με την ιδέα και το εικαστικό του τίτλου.
God is a Geek (Aug 12, 2013)
Marrying Punk rock and side-scrolling brawlers is a terrific idea. The extras, such as the loot system, class-based spells and the phone integration is what keeps an old concept from becoming truly stale. With all of the positives, then, its just a shame that infuriating checkpoints and shoddy bosses hold back what is otherwise a really enjoyable trip down memory lane. Charlie Murder never breaks new ground in terms of gameplay, but with a couple of fellow safety-pin pariahs by your side, there’s no doubting that this can be a hell of a ride.
games xtreme (Aug 20, 2014)
The game isn't the longest game in the world, it takes about 10 hours or so to get from start to finish, and it's a mixed package. Part of me wanted to like it more and then strangely part of me wanted me to dislike it more. I suppose I could say that this game is a 'Marmite' game, you will either like this or not. There are times when it frustrated and times when it made me think you know this is quite cool. It does not rate as one of the best games I have ever played but it's not the worst either. True I have to play it when I am in the mood to do so, but I DO want to play through with all the characters.
BioGamer Girl (Aug 22, 2013)
All in all, Charlie Murder is a fine game and a fun cooperative game that can be purchased in a decent price range. Unique graphics and a rocking soundtrack are the main attractions here, but there is some fun combat as well with RPG elements thrown in for good measure. Some of the game's tougher levels and boss battles will likely require some level grinding, and dying and restarting stages is annoying, but teaming up with other members of the band to battle foes is always a lot of fun. Charlie Murder doesn't revolutionize the genre, but it does offer hours of gameplay for a low price and provides publisher Microsoft Studios with another good release for their Summer of Arcade promotion.
Engadget (Aug 07, 2013)
It's hard to tell where the punk lifestyle ends in Charlie Murder, whether in the game or with Ska Studios itself, and the game's insane, patchwork gameplay is a thrill. Charlie Murder is the chance to be a punk rock superstar and superhero at the same time – and if Grandma threatened to cut you out of the will if you ever got a tattoo, here's an opportunity to live out that fantasy, too.
XGN (Sep 02, 2013)
Heb jij zin in een nieuwe beat 'm up voor vier personen, omdat je bijvoorbeeld Castle Crashers wel weer gezien hebt? Dan is Charlie Murder zeker wat voor jou. De game biedt genoeg duistere levels om je mee te vermaken. Hoewel de game van alles probeert te zijn door toevoeging van RPG-elementen en verwijzingen naar het heden, is het in één ding niet geslaagd: een volwaardige Summer of Arcade titel te worden. Daarvoor is de game toch niet uniek genoeg. Leuk voor nu, maar niet één die je per se gespeeld moet hebben.
70 (Aug 25, 2013)
Charlie Murder doet oude tijden herleven. Je waant je weer even terug in de jaren dat je in Double Dragon of Steets of Rage de ene na de andere slechterik over de kling jaagde. Dat is op zich leuk, maar Charlie Murder vergeet met zijn tijd mee te gaan. Deze beat 'em up biedt zodoende een degelijke portie vermaak met soms antieke concepten.
IGN (Aug 20, 2013)
Charlie Murder is a competently made and often funny brawler that has fun with a wide range of inspirations. But when you're not battling evil IT engineers or grotesquely illustrated zombies it can descend into a repetitive slog of mashing the X button, particularly when played solo. Dull minigames don’t do the Charile crew any favors, but the RPG elements give us something to fight for.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Aug 21, 2013)
Men udover dette føles det mest af alt som en lidt træg oplevelse, der trods den temmelig atypiske stil føles underligt skabelonskåret og bundet af konventioner. Så medmindre du virkelig, virkelig brænder for brawler-genren og har en bunke gamer-venner, så kan du roligt gå glip af Summer of Arcade-kampagnens anden titel, for det er en lidt kedelig og kønsløs omgang.
GamingBolt (Aug 16, 2013)
A fun brawler with some unique thinking twists but stutters with a poor checkpoint system. Great for a Friday night and a few friends.
Game Revolution (Aug 16, 2013)
With friends, you'll get plenty of mileage, but alone you'll probably wish you spent your $10 elsewhere. If you and a band of not-so-local friends like to meet up for co-op every week, Ska Studios will more than scratch that itch. They've proven their strength in playing off a genre, like one of the thousands of punk covers out there, but I wish they did something more original with beat-'em-ups considering the competition in that space. Charlie Murder represents a studio heading in the right direction, but it still feels like painting by numbers.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 30, 2013)
Rijg lichte en zware aanvallen aan elkaar, voer combo's uit en denk eraan: onze versterkers gaan tot 11! Sla in het rond met meleewapens, knal met zware vuurwapens, lanceer magische aanvallen en doe bloed en ledematen in het rond spatten. Stijgen in level, het wisselen van wapens en uitrusting, en het vrijspelen van nieuwe abilities maken het allemaal lekker complex, maar onderbreken het spelverloop naar ons gevoel net iets te veel, en dan zeker wanneer je met zijn vieren speelt. Drop-in/drop-out co-op en online multiplayer werken voorbeeldig, en ook al is de gameplay aardig, het zijn vooral de unieke visuele stijl en de uitstekende soundtrack die ervoor zorgen dat Charlie Murder boven de middenmoot uitsteekt en nog lang in onze herinnering zal nazinderen. En de vraag wie nu het belangrijkste lid in de band is, kan je beantwoorden in de PvP arena. Ben je klaar voor deze snijdende gitaarsolo?