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Written by  :  GNJMSTR (174)
Written on  :  Apr 28, 2008
Platform  :  Xbox 360
Rating  :  1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars

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A straight forward FPS

The Good

Occult Warfare sounds pretty cool... Going off into a desert to a 'box' sealing an evil force inside. Its up to Jericho to do what needs to be done. Team Jericho has 7 members that can be controlled by holding A at any time and selecting what team member you want to be. Each member has their own specialty that helps with battles. The weapons are each equipped special abilities the make destroying targets easier. Each member has a primary and secondary weapon and some magic tricks. Magic and weapon effects are amazing. Head shots, melee kills, and using magic will unlock achievements. Fallen members can be healed by an active member, but if the whole team dies, its Game Over. Just in case you try to fall asleep playing, there are quick reflex moments where A, B, X, Y will flash on screen. For when a giant flying demon grabs you and you have to fight it to get away.

The Bad

The levels were mostly mazes with only one way. Straight-forward. After running down crooked paths that only lead one place, you now face a barrage of baddies. All at once, for a while, then nothing... its back to running the paths. While you are not controlling your team members, they are most likely getting killed, because they don't cover, or aim, or run from melee attacks. So, then you have to heal their body with no cover, risking your own life.

The Bottom Line

Jericho shows off Xbox360 graphics, but so does any other FPS made for the 360. The only thing different with Jericho is the ability to swap between team members so that you could be able to use their powers and weapons. But, gaining magic and acquiring better weapons for one character would be find, like most FPS. A very simple map packed with enemies in select spots. Having a bunch of team members is difficult, especially when they don't play like you. They like to get killed. It was a pretty good story, an Occult Warfare team going to stop a man that the American citizens know nothing about because its ridiculous. Just another first person shooter.