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Cloning Clyde is one of the best games on Xbox Live Arcade to date. It's an original idea instead of a port from the Atari age. XBLA needs more games like this!
Game Chronicles (Oct 02, 2006)
Cloning Clyde represents everything that is exciting and innovative about XBLA. It’s a slick game with pleasing visuals and sound, enjoyable and challenging gameplay, and all around great presentation. It really is difficult for me to find even one thing to complain about with this title. For what it is, it’s truly exceptional.
Extreme Gamer (Aug 01, 2006)
Cloning Clyde will no doubt be another hit on Xbox Live Arcade for Ninja Bee following up the strategic space adventure Outpost Kaloki X. Cloning Clyde has personality, the levels are fun, and you even have multiplayer support. Everything is in check and Cloning Clyde is definitely worth the price on the marketplace.
What you end up getting with Cloning Clyde is an excellent example of a classic style puzzler remade and infused with just enough cheek and humour to definitely be worth the asking price of 800 Microsoft Points. A great game for playing with the girlfriend, grandma or kids!
VGcore (Jul 21, 2006)
Cloning Clyde could possibly be the best game on the Xbox Live Arcade right now. With amazing originality and unique gameplay mechanics, it is a blast to play through. Mix this in with some great single player levels, a decent multiplayer mode, and some whacky but great visuals, and Cloning Clyde is a brilliant game that is well worth its 800 Microsoft Points price tag.
TeamXbox (Jul 30, 2006)
Microsoft has announced weekly additions to the Xbox Live Arcade line-up, and many of the current batch are big names: Galaga, Frogger and Pac-Man, among them. But with Xbox Live Arcade offering a broad range of “casual” games—those that provide shorter, tighter game sessions—there’s also a selection of somewhat unknown names among the classics, some of them pretty darned good.
TalkXbox (Aug 01, 2006)
If there’s one game you purchase out of this summer’s onslaught of XBLA titles, I strongly suggest you make it Cloning Clyde. This is no rehash and this is certainly not a cheap cash-in. It packs itself chock-full of gaming ecstasy – and when you throw in some superlative production values and a restrained yet delightful soundtrack, you’re looking at a very well-formed package that should be in just about everyone’s collection.
XBox Front (Aug 04, 2006)
Mir persönlich hat Cloning Clyde sehr gut gefallen. Der Arcade-Titel macht Spaß und hält den Spieler mit vier bis fünf Spielstunden genügend lang bei der Stange, was den Kauf des Arcade-Titels mehr als rechtfertigt. Leider fällt dabei negativ auf, dass ein Wiederspielwert gen Null tendiert, da auch der Multiplayer-Modus nicht 100%ig überzeugen kann. Vor allem der Grafikstil hinterlässt ebenfalls einen positiven Eindruck, sofern man sich mit den 3D-Objekten in einer 2D Landschaft anfreunden kann. Vor allem Strategie- und Knobelfans kommen voll auf ihre Kosten. Aber auch alle anderen können sich den Titel ohne große Bedenken anschauen und das abgefahrene Spielprinzip austesten – viel Spaß beim Klonen!
IGN (Jul 19, 2006)
As part of Microsoft's summer Xbox Live Arcade release schedule, Cloning Clyde came out today. Clyde joins a number of other oddball games on the XBLA like Wik and Outpost Kaloki X, but it's also offers some of the most extensive game modes available. It's also a lot of fun to play. At 800 Microsoft Points (10 dollars USD), it's one of the more expensive options. Still, it's still cheaper than Bankshot Billards, which stands as the most confoundingly overpriced XBLA title to date at 1200 MPs (15 dollars USD).
80 (Aug 17, 2006)
Cloning Clyde is clearly the kind of game that Microsoft, and with them a lot of gamers, would love to see more on Xbox Live Arcade. This time no cheap port or little inspired arcade classic but a very fun, relaxing and original game that will offer you quite some hours of fun for a very decent price.
UOL Jogos (Jul 20, 2006)
"Cloning Clyde" é um jogo está num meio termo entre os jogos simples que estão na Live Arcade e os títulos "sofisticados" em DVD. Enfim, é um título que parece resgatar a era dos 16 bits. Há partes que não foram bem-resolvidas, mas oferece um nível de dificuldade adequado e equilibra elementos de ação e quebra-cabeças, tudo com boas doses de diversão. No fim das contas, oferece um bom retorno pelos cerca de US$ 10 pagos pelo game.
Video Game Talk (Jul 21, 2006)
The biggest question is, is this worth the 800 points. Tough call to make but my personal opinion is yes. It's extremely refreshing to see a developer make an original game for the Live Arcade, and if all new titles can perform at the standard set with this title then I think that the arcade will attract even more people to its flashy self. With the quirky humor, the pseudo-three dimensional graphics and a unique breathe into this genre of quick downloads (around 25Mb) I fully recommend this title. From what I understand, the demo offers a great view into the world of Clyde and at a bare minimum that should be played. I have a prediction that many who play the demo will be drawn into the peculiar world of Clyde, bare assed and all. Highly Recommended.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Dec 21, 2007)
Aus technischer Sicht wirkt die Odyssey von Clyde ein wenig altbacken oder lieblos, jedoch fesselt das simple Spielprinzip und die Umsetzung des Spiels den Spieler schnell am heimischen Controller und sorgt durch humoreske Einlagen für echten Kurzweil. Für 800 Punkte erhält man so gute Unterhaltung bei einer durchschnittlichen Spieldauer von 8 bis 10 Stunden, bis man das Spiel erfolgreich gemeistert hat. Für Freunde von Rätselspielen mit Jump´n Run-Einlagen eine klare Empfehlung, für Skeptiker lohnt aber auf alle Fälle ein Probespiel der Testversion, die gut an das Spiel heranführt.
Deeko (Jul 19, 2006)
Ultimately, you really could do a lot worse then to buy this game. At a measly 800 points, the game proves to be more fun than a lot of Xbox 360 full games (Rumble Roses comes to mind). You'll definitely get your monies worth if you invest and beat the game entirely, and you'll be supporting a growing developer who has now proven themselves quite capable of making a fantastic game. Do yourself a favour and grab it. Not only are you investing in your entertainment, but your investing in the future of XBLA itself; and if games like this keep popping up, it'll truly be something to hold as a trophy of the Xbox 360 experience.
While not a game to set the platforming or puzzle genre on fire, its addition is welcome. Ninja Bee has crafted an entertaining and clueless hero character inside a game that is perfectly suited to his personality. Ignoring the multi-player, it's hard to find faults in this cute adventure.
GamesRadar (Jul 19, 2006)
Most of the Xbox Live Arcade titles this summer are simply updates of classic arcade games... with one amazingly intriguing black sheep, Cloning Clyde. More than just a rehash of an old fashioned concept, Cloning Clyde mixes clever yet silly humor with entertaining puzzles that grow in complexity as the game progresses.
80 (UK) (Jul 21, 2006)
Ever since Dolly the Sheep first baaa'ed her unnatural soul to the world ten years ago, cloning's never been far from the headlines. Which is why I have. Boring! If it's not a full-grown insta-clone, or some sort of exciting cross-breed that has horns and seven legs, I'm not interested. Labra-doodles? Bull-spaniels? Sod-off. (Although, actually, someone does need to make a cocker-dog.)
Yahoo! Games (Jul 28, 2006)
Cloning Clyde is a straightforward puzzle-platformer that's made from a little Lemmings, a touch of Oddworld, more than a sprinkle of The Incredible Machine, and a half-2D, half-3D graphical style that's all its own. Sure, there's a compromise on challenge and overall length to enjoy Clyde's antics, but given the price and cheerful experience, that works for us.
Lawrence (Aug 15, 2006)
Interesting platformer/puzzler that has some aspects that will remind you of Lemmings. 24 challenging standard levels (complete with par times for the Achievements completist) as well as several challenge stages. You can approach levels in two different ways: by blowing through them or by taking the long route and getting all of the Clydes out of the level.
Cloning Clyde has a warm, old-school look to it with plenty of charm to make up for the lack of sophisticated 3D graphics. There is still a good amount of detail to the environments but the sight gags and inane animation will be more than enough to hold your interest. The music is goofy but fitting. The cartoonish sound effects are also perfect for this game. But all of the audio tends to repeat. It would be best if you waited a number of days or weeks before replaying the game just to keep it fresh.
GameSpot (Jul 20, 2006)
Cloning Clyde is a side-scrolling platformer that deals largely in puzzle-based gameplay. As you play, you'll run your little dude around, stepping on buttons, carrying rocks and other objects around, and as the title might imply, creating clones of yourself to help with the puzzle-solving process. If you remember the classic Blizzard game The Lost Vikings, you probably have a basic idea about how Cloning Clyde works. But regardless of your prior knowledge of this particular type of game, Cloning Clyde is a charming Xbox Live Arcade title that offers a good amount of entertainment for its 800-point ($10) price.
GamingExcellence (Mar 27, 2007)
Cloning Clyde is definitely an Xbox Live Arcade gem. Want quality and quantity from your ten bucks? Look into Cloning Clyde, because stepping on buttons and blowing up rocks hasn’t been this much fun in a long time.
GamePro (US) (Jul 27, 2006)
Trapped inside a demented lab full of security robots and exploding mutuated chickens, can Clyde puzzle his way to freedom? Yes, but only with the help of his clones.
GamePro (US) (Jul 27, 2006)
Not everything is perfect in the land of Clone. We had trouble with the overly loose controls that resulted in a ton of misaimed jumps and the audio didn't exactly wow our ears. But the game is charming and funny enough to overcome these minor deficiencies. Cloning Clyde isn't the deepest puzzler in the world but at 800 Live points, it's a terrific bargain.
Totally Gaming Network (Sep 14, 2006)
Summing up Cloning Clyde is a stunning little Xbox LIVE Arcade title, there is nothing that is too hard within the game, but that makes it a perfect little package and a must have download; from the marketplace.
GotNext (Aug 07, 2006)
Still, Cloning Clyde is good, light entertainment the first time through. Running around the side-view mazes, solving basic problems, and switching from clone to clone in order to get past the myriad obstacles is pretty fun, but there's no real challenge to the game. Cloning Clyde gets by on its goofy charm, and is engaging enough to be worth playing despite its ease. It's little more than bubble gum for the brain, but that still makes it pretty tasty in the end.
GameDaily (Jul 20, 2006)
What a weird, weird game Cloning Clyde is. It has the aspects of a platformer but has some puzzle elements thrown into it that makes it just a little bit more out of whack. But that's the design of NinjaBee, an up and coming development team who probably wanted to turn a few heads, thus the introuction of an uncommon hero. The end result is a game that probably won't be one of the most memorable platformers for the system, but is a good time all the same and worth a few hours of play.
X-Power (Aug 09, 2006)
Maar over het algemeen is deze Cloning Clyde nu niet onmiddellijk zo een dijk van een game, dat ie zijn achthonderd Microsoft Points wel degelijk waard is. Er is wel wat plezier aan Cloning Clyde te beleven, maar spijtig genoeg is de uitvoering een beetje te beperkt om echt als een must have game te worden beschouwd.
60 (Jan 29, 2008)
Cloning Clyde est un puzzle-game bourré d'humour, qui a le bon goût de reprendre un principe qui a fait ses preuves et la mauvaise idée de l'associer à un gameplay peu original et à une réalisation austère. Malgré tout, le jeu reste divertissant, et le mode multijoueur réussi peut justifier la dépense des 800 points sur le Xbox Live Arcade.
Game Revolution (Sep 12, 2008)
Still, Cloning Clyde provides a competent, unique experience that you cannot get anywhere else. If you want a solid puzzle 2D platformer, it's entertaining, and has enough breadth to justify its ten dollar asking price. But it's outdone in everything it attempts by Braid, and there are a few better-made remakes such as Castlevania and EXIT. If you're intrigued by a puzzle platformer involving duplication and genetic mayhem, Cloning Clyde will provide a few hours of enjoyable entertainment, but not much more than that.