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"I'm Ethan Thomas, and I'm drunk and pissed off. Because the city is too blind to see whats killing it". MasterMegid (902) 4.56 Stars4.56 Stars4.56 Stars4.56 Stars4.56 Stars
While not as smart or scary as the first, Condemned 2's improved gameplay and intense combat make this a solid sequel. Kaddy B. (796) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.2
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (15 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Giant Bomb (Mar 27, 2008)
The single-player game in Bloodshot is probably about as long as Criminal Origins was, though Bloodshot definitely maintains a better momentum throughout. Bloodshot also features some multiplayer modes that are interesting in theory, but in the plainest of terms, the melee combat just doesn't work well in a multiplayer context. While I'm generally not much of a fan of gore-porn like Saw or Hostel, I loved Condemned 2 start to finish, despite it coming from a similarly depraved place. This game is all raw nerves and bloody fists, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll find plenty of both in the equally damaging Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Condemned 2: Bloodshot.
Game Chronicles (Apr 20, 2008)
At the end of the blood soaked night, I was very impressed with the Condemned 2. Monolith continues to be an unstoppable force in psychological terror. I was a little disappointed though with the amount of gun play and weak end to the story, but everything else makes up for that. Condemned 2 will have you cowering with its atmospheric terror and visceral visuals. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next installment. Until then, I highly recommend buying this title. It just doesn’t get any scarier than this.
1UP (Mar 11, 2008)
It has a few other problems as well: The story gets too caught up in its supernatural roots near the end and begins to lose its way, focusing too much on shooting (where the lack of duck and jump commands and enemy tactics really stand out). Also, the checkpoint system can be killer at times, forcing you to backtrack too much. And the few attempts at stealth do nothing. Most of the game, though, achieves its goal, keeping you off balance but entertained. Experiences like the grimy claustrophobia that comes from wearing a decades-old gas mask as flames lick around you or being caught in a tense chase through an old cabin will stick with you. With rock-solid gameplay and plenty of creeps, Bloodshot finds its soul by making your heart race.
Most of the game, though, achieves its goal, keeping you off-balance but entertained. With rock-solid gameplay and plenty of creeps, Bloodshot finds it soul by making your heart race.
360 LIVE (Feb, 2008)
(...) Abzüge gibt's lediglich für das zum Teil wirklich arg geradlinig geratene Leveldesign. Der zu beschreitende \Weg ist in der Regel sehr offensichtlich, klar abgesteckt und lässt wenig Raum für Erkundungsspaziergänge. Dennoch, als Gesamtpaket funktioniert »Condemned 2« hervorragend: Spannungsbögen werden dramaturgisch brillant gespannt, die Story überzeugt, die Nahkämpfe drücken einen förmlich ins Sofa und die Forensik-Rätsel halten die grauen Zellen auf Trab. Ob das gezeigte Maß an Gewalt in Ordnung geht oder nicht, ist Geschmackssache. Sicher ist eines: in Kinderhände gehört der Titel auf keinen Fall. Erwachsene aber können sich von den elf Missionen rund elf bis dreizehn Stunden lang extrem schocken lassen.
TeamXbox (Mar 12, 2008)
In more ways than one, Condemned 2 is an improvement over the original game. It does falter in some arenas, but the experience of playing through the story line felt very satisfying to this reviewer. Monolith has a history of making some pretty awesome games (oh, won’t they please make another No One Lives Forever?) and if it keeps up with the improvements of this sequel, then maybe we look forward to another one down the road. But, please, no more evil dolls or mannequins, okay? My feeble heart can’t take it.
Totally Gaming Network (Mar 27, 2008)
Condemned 2 is definitely one of the strongest sequels of the year so far, not falling into the trap of just dishing up the same experience as its predecessor but genuinely improving the whole game right across the board.
Cheat Code Central (Mar, 2008)
Condemned 2: Bloodshot definitely has all the ingredients for a memorable horror game. It has enjoyable gameplay, an engaging story, some freaky visuals, and super-effective sound. And while it is the single player mode that stands out as the best part of this title, the multiplayer is not too shabby either. This game is definitely worth adding to your library. That is, if you're not easily scared. Don't worry; we won't tell if you leave the lights on while you're playing!
Play.tm (Apr 20, 2008)
Apart from those few gripes though, Condemned 2: Bloodshot is a very good game all round offering up melee combat and adventure-style elements in one neat package. The music, wonderful graphics and creepy sounds all add to the dark and violent feel of this game and some of the achievements that are available will have the perfectionists going back again and again to get those gamerscore points. If you were a fan of the first then this is an improvement on that in almost every aspect and you will love them all, however if you hated the first one then chances are you won't take to the sequel either as it is very similar in most aspects.
Condemned 2: Bloodshot is probably the best survival horror title we've seen this generation. The online multiplayer modes aren't going to blow your mind, but they are a thoughtful addition. It's got a higher level of action than it's predecessor, and some gorgeous horror backdrops.
411mania.com (Apr 04, 2008)
Condemned 2: Bloodshot, while not overly different from the first incarnation comes as a fine sequel to what was already a pretty good game. This is a game that encourages you to think outside the box and use some strategy and smarts while challenging you to stay alive in hopes of bringing your city back to sanity. While the multiplayer is a welcome addition, I don’t see it really being more than a side distraction when you need a break from the single player game. Still, the story mode is really where its at and coupled with an intriguing story and a bone-chilling atmosphere, Condemned 2 succeeds as another fine entry into the Xbox 360 (and PS3) library.
Power Unlimited (Mar 31, 2008)
Condemned 2 Bloodshot is een gruwelijk spel dat je in een week tijd tien jaar ouder maakt. Met het dieper uitgewerkte combatsysteem en de angstaanjagende vibe overtreft het de voorganger met gemak.
XboxAchievements (Mar 18, 2008)
Condemned 2: Bloodshot is not just a carbon copy of Criminal Origins, but instead the natural progression of the series. Take every complaint you had about the first Condemned and assume it's fixed. The combat is deeper and more engaging, forensics gathering is actually fun this time around, and the presentation of the whole package is much better as well. The change in mood between the first game and Bloodshot may turn some hardcore fans of Criminal Origins off, but Bloodshot manages to stand on it's own two feet and progress the brand rather than just falling back on the series name like so many sequels that are shoveled out the door these days.
GameZone (Mar 26, 2008)
Condemned 2 is a great game that curious Xbox 360 owners should definitely check out to see what a different kind of shooter can play like. If you’ve enjoyed the countless number of FPS games on the 360 already then Condemned 2 should already be on your list of games to get. The melee combat is a unique system that works amazingly well in one on one combat. The disturbing and unsettling storyline will also please anyone looking for a “survival” horror game for the 360. The first Condemned game wasn’t perfect and neither is Condemned 2 but that didn’t prevent it from being an engrossing and engaging game that kept me coming back for more.
Extreme Gamer (Mar 24, 2008)
Condemned 2: Bloodshot takes everything the original game offered and expands on the gameplay with new combat mechanics and upgraded forensics spots. It might lack the same intensity level as the first game, but it offers up a good fright. The new Bloodshot Fight Club and the FPS mode offer more reliability than the first game, and if you can handle the madness online, your welcome go 8 on 8 with psycho killers around the globe. Gamers who enjoyed the first Condemned will fall right into place with the new edgier Ethan as you fall into another rabbit hole of insanity. If you are looking for alternative first-person shooter, Condemned 2: Bloodshot survival horror element is interesting enough to keep you hooked until the ride is over.
Defunct Games (Apr 21, 2008)
With its improved combat system, fantastic graphics, cool levels and fun crime scene instigation, Condemned 2: Bloodshot is easy to recommend to anybody that enjoyed the original. The game isn't perfect, but it offers a fully realized world that is unlike anything else on the market today. If you've been looking for a video game to truly give you a scare, then I suggest giving Condemned 2 a shot.
GameSpot (Mar 19, 2008)
Bear in mind that if you wince at violence or get nauseous at the sight of blood, this is not the game for you. It's brutal and often disturbing, and certainly not appropriate for everyone. However, assuming you are prepared for the intensity of such a gory undertaking, you'll find that the fierceness of the carnage is paired with compelling gameplay so that each benefits the other. It may take you nine hours or so to finish up the main story, though you can return to it at higher difficulty levels, or take on some of the simple unlockable challenges and compare your scores to those of others via online leaderboards. But the reason to play Condemned 2: Bloodshot is to be scared, to be shocked, and to explore the secrets of a slimy world where the natural and the supernatural become intertwined.
Kombo.com (Mar 13, 2008)
Condemned 2: Bloodshot improves on its predecessor in several key areas. The gameplay -- the melee-based action to the crime-scene investigation puzzles -- is far more polished and well- thought-out this time. Only a disappointing third act and a completely unnecessary multiplayer component keep it from must-own status. It will keep survival-horror fans happy until Resident Evil 5 arrives.
Condemned 2 is a fun game which will sate the appetite of those who loved the original title, Monolith have created another quality game with much attention to detail and with a flair for creative and spooky level design. Many of the complaints from the first title have been resolved and there have been improvements in key areas to bring something new to the supernatural table. The storyline is again very engrossing and unsettling, yet under the surface there is also a supreme first person shooter. Obviously this will never be as original as the predecessor however it is still a damn fine game and one not to miss.
Worth Playing (Apr 09, 2008)
Condemned 2: Bloodshot is one of the best games in the action/horror genre. The game had its fair share of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, the title wasn't meant to have weapon pickup ease or great multiplayer modes. This game was intended to scare the pants off of you and gross you out, and Bloodshot definitely does that. It gives other games high expectations to live up to, and it's an instant classic for any horror fan.
ActionTrip (Mar 27, 2008)
Players that can stomach the scenes of relentless violence and tension are in for one hell of a ride. And yet, Condemned 2: Bloodshot is hardly the pinnacle of next-gen gaming. Most of its flaws relate to underdeveloped aspects of gameplay that come into view at a later stage during the story mode. There's also very little to lure players into the multiplayer experience. The game does, however, take a significant step forward in terms of first-person combat realism. It even features a few cool surprises later on, but I won't spoil the fun. They work better if you discover them on your own.
FiringSquad (Mar 21, 2008)
Yes, Condemned 2: Bloodshot borrows a lot of conventions from survival horror and traditional shooters. But even though the game’s influences are always up front and center, the presence of such brutal hand-to-hand combat makes this one unique splatterfest.
IGN Australia (Mar 27, 2008)
But that's Condemned 2 for you – unique to a fault. It's adventurous, dark, silly, and it'll keep you up at night whether you want it to or not.
Gameswelt (Apr 11, 2008)
'Condemned 2: Bloodshot' ist auf der einen Seite ein gutes Argument für Jugendschützer im Kampf gegen so genannte „Killerspiele“ – es ist dreckig, es ist brutal, es ist zuweilen geschmacklos und gehört ganz sicher nicht einmal in die Nähe von Kinderhänden. Auf der anderen Seite ist es aber auch ein beinharter Thriller mit gelungener Kampfmechanik, einem interessanten Forensiksystem und dichter, bedrohlicher Atmosphäre. Schade nur, dass die PS3-Version unter enormen Sound-Problemen leidet, was einen ab und an zur Weißglut treiben kann. Rein spielerisch gefällt mir 'Condemned 2' besser als sein Vorgänger. Im Hinblick auf die Atmosphäre war allerdings der erste Teil stärker, da dort mehr auf eine durchgehend beängstigende Stimmung geachtet wurde als auf banale Schreckmomente. Aufgrund der Sound-Bugs gibt es einen kräftigen Abzug für die PS3-Fassung, so etwas darf nicht passieren. Dennoch ein würdiger Nachfolger für den ersten Teil.
Games TM (Mar 20, 2008)
A good sequel builds on the potential of its predecessors to create a much better experience, and Monolith has ensured that Condemned 2 does just that. Fears that the game retraces too many familiar steps emerge early, but that soon vanishes as the story picks up, and questions raised in the original are answered. Some unfortunate hiccups, like the aforementioned doll factory, do present themselves, and the replacement voice for Greg Grunberg - who had stated his desire to return but was declined by Monolith - is pretty horrible most of the time. There's also the problem of it not being anywhere near as terrifying or intense as the original. Despite these ailments, Condemned 2 is a sequel mostly done right. Mostly.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Mar 20, 2008)
Overall though, Condemned 2 deserves hearty praise for improving on everything it did first time around. The melee combat is brutally intense, the investigations play a bigger part, the visuals are top-notch, and the whole thing's wrapped up with engaging narrative. The multiplayer's one rather pointless and ill-judged addition, and a few sections of the offline campaign could have been better, but on the whole Monolith has delivered a compelling, classy follow-up that horror fans will happily devour.
games xtreme (May 14, 2008)
The first half of the game is great, it follows on from Condemned and should have taken us down a much darker path...yet...it falls down for the last half and gives you superhuman abilities...that somehow take away from the stark terror.
UOL Jogos (Mar 20, 2008)
"Condemned 2: Bloodshot" tenta consertar defeitos do jogo original e ampliar as características que fizeram dele um sucesso considerável há quase três anos. E consegue praticamente tudo isso, com um sistema de combate voltado para lutas corpo-a-corpo bem evoluído e uma mecânica de investigação mais profunda. O clima sombrio e assustador ainda continua, pena que se dilui ao longo da trama, que começa a crescer demais para tentar fechar o círculo, decepcionando um pouco no final. Ainda assim é um título consistente, que peca mais por não ter opções realmente robustas para prolongar sua vida após o término da campanha principal.
MS Xbox World (Apr 04, 2008)
I've enjoyed playing Condemned 2 as the style of play is really unlike any other game on Xbox 360 (bar the original). The first person viewpoint really puts you in the game, and the slow pacing makes things a lot more tense and engaging. I'm not overly convinced about the unarmed combat as it does seem to detract somewhat from the vulnerability you had in the first game. However looking at the title as a standalone game it provides a very enjoyable adventure experience that you could easily get into without having played the first game. If you are after a game which might feel familiar but offers enough diversity to feel fresh, then I certainly recommend Condemned 2 as a worthy purchase. If you are not sure then rent first and be surprised at how much you are drawn in to the game. Some of you might find the pacing a little slow, but I think if you stick with it, there's enough substance here to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.
IGN (Mar 11, 2008)
Condemned 2 doesn't make as big of a splash as its predecessor, but it does everything necessary to make a quality sequel. There are more features, fan complaints are addressed and it's still as spine tingling as ever. The story, though less akin to Swiss cheese than the first one was, is not as gripping and the game feels as if it lost its focus in the latter stages. As a sequel, the game doesn't have the originality the first had going for it and, as such, the shortcomings are more noticeable. The gameplay improvements are strong enough to overshadow these for the most part and you're still left with a wild ride.
TalkXbox (Mar 18, 2008)
All things told Condemned 2 is a good sequel that does manage to do the first game justice on most counts. The game isn’t always the most entertaining or satisfying but those who thoroughly enjoyed Criminal Origins will probably find a lot to like in Bloodshot. Online the game is about as fulfilling as a hangover but the single-player does more than enough to justify a good rental. Fans of the first will find what they’re looking for here, but take heed, for this isn’t a generous game.
Game Couch (Apr 21, 2008)
Condemned 2: Bloodshot, the follow up to 2005’s Condemned: Criminal Origins, continues the original game’s storyline expanding on a mysterious cult and filling out Thomas’ back story. It also ups the action and adventure, adding combos to the game’s melee system and deepening the game’s forensic investigations. If you’re new to the series, think CSI: Silent Hill with a bit of Fight Club thrown into the mix.
JustPressPlay (Mar 24, 2008)
It’s not as unique as the first Condemned and they tweaked certain elements that work in the games favor, but at the same time certain elements just work against it. It’s still one of the spookiest franchises of recent memory, but it’s not as creepy as Condemned: Criminal Origins. And the breaking weapons takes the fun out of it by a decent margin. But in it’s favor where else can you kill a guy with a toilet seat?
Game Freaks 365 (Apr, 2008)
Besides the campaign, there are a few things to keep you busy for a little while. One of which is the Bloodshot Fight Club. This mode gives you mini-missions to tackle and an online leaderboard to climb. This is merely a minor distraction and really will not keep your mind occupied for too long. Eight person multiplayer has also been added to Bloodshot, allowing for a little more bang for your buck. While the multiplayer is centered on melee combat, it really is not that great and you will find other multiplayer games more appealing (i.e. multi-player centered games like Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl). While Condemned 2: Bloodshot is not bad by any means, I would say it is only good for a rental for a weekend escape, but not much more after that due to its limited replay value.
Game Over Online (Apr 22, 2008)
Where Bloodshot really excels is in its expert use of the first person perspective, the tension it builds, and the savage brutality of fighting for your life against some of the freakiest, most profoundly disturbing enemies to ever “grace” a game. Though it fails to soar to new heights, or even achieve the same altitude as the original, it still has enough of what made the first game a survival horror classic for a new generation to be enjoyable. If you like being freaked out and beating stuff up, Condemned is still where it’s at.
Gaming Nexus (Apr 14, 2008)
Question: Do you want to be scared? I'm not talking about being startled when a dog jumps through the window or the lightning cracks; I'm talking about staying under the covers and never wanting to come out. Is that what you want? Then Condemned 2: Bloodshot is the only game you should have on your mind right now.
Condemned 2 is a worthy successor to a great game, and fans of the original will no doubt have rushed out to buy this without even waiting for reviews. There's a lot to love for newcomers though, with a richer combat system, deeper forensics and all the creepy goodness that is a hallmark of the series. Yet this game simply cannot receive a higher score until Monolith fix the unforgivable game-corrupting bug that can destroy your profile and reset your progress. If they ever resolve this heinous problem though, you should add 10% to the final score, because as a single-player experience, Condemned 2 is a taut and terrific tale that will have you gasping and jumping like the very best of horror movies.
GameSpy (Mar 11, 2008)
All these issues noted, Condemned 2: Bloodshot is worth your time. It's pretty irritating to play a sequel and face so many of the issues of the original, but Bloodshot's ability to take you into the terrifying world Monolith has crafted is astonishing. Maybe the next sequel will give the series that shot it needs to achieve true greatness, but in the meantime Bloodshot will still leave you afraid to step into the dark.
That Gaming Site (Dec 02, 2008)
An interesting idea but plagued by control issues and plot confusion; worth a rent for the scares.
allaboutgames.co.uk (May 25, 2008)
The overall length of the game isn't too long, about 18 hours for the main story and there are a few extra missions which require you to fight it out in arenas. On top of this there's an option to replay the entire game with a gun in a first-person shooter mode, as well as multiple levels of difficulties to try. There's also a multiplayer mode, which is a strange addition for this style of game, but will add to the replayability. That said, if you're going to get Condemned 2 you're probably not doing so for the online battles, but for the game's story and single player action. Apart from a few minor points dropping the game a few notches towards the end of the game, chances are you're going to be left with a good impression of Monolith's title.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 16, 2008)
All said, Condemned 2:Bloodshot is a fun game, a mess, for sure, but a good mess. While it never reaches the scares of the original, or the compelling story and characters, it's still a rollercoaster ride of butchery, blood and out and out violence - violence that never lets up.
Jeuxvideo.com (Mar 28, 2008)
Les belles promesses s'envolent un peu une fois qu'on a le jeu en mains. Pas si gavé de nouveautés que nous le faisaient miroiter les développeurs, Condemned 2 a la chance de reposer sur les bases du premier épisode. C'est heureux car les innovations de cette suite ne sont pas toutes des réussites. Les amateurs savent en tout cas qu'ils peuvent compter sur l'ambiance oppressante bien que légèrement moins flippante qu'autrefois et sur des combats à mains nues dont le degré de violence a encore pris du galon. On oublie en revanche le mode multi, l'aspect FPS raté ou les espoirs de voir un système d'enquête stimulant.
Game Revolution (Mar 25, 2008)
As a survival horror game, Condemned 2 is too short on horror. As an FPS game, it’s too short on strategy and level design. At best, it’s a brawler with some horror and FPS elements. The robust combat system goes for the “more is better” approach, but it’s just one more way in which the sequel keeps pulling you away from the taught creepiness and thrills of the original. There are some truly inspired freak-out moments in Condemned 2, but you have to put up with a lot of excess baggage to experience them. The first game may have been as blunt as a crowbar, but it never lost sight of its ultimate goal: scaring the crap out of you.
Avid Gamer (Apr 16, 2008)
If crime horror and street fighting are your thing, stay away from my house and give it a go. If your initial reaction is less than positive, best try something else. Condemned 2 is not a bad game by any stretch, but it isn’t all that fresh either, and beyond the issue of the themes and content, over-familiarity may lead seasoned gamers to lose interest before the end.
DarkZero (Apr 22, 2008)
In truth, you’ll probably end up being more shocked by the gore and brutality you see on screen this time round instead of jumping from your seat at the shock of one of the game’s set pieces. At times it seems to have gone down the route of films like Hostel and Saw, excessively revelling in gore-porn instead of sticking to the psychological horror of the original. As a result, it’s hard to call Condemned 2 a must buy.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 10, 2009)
The game frequently saves your progress automatically, which tends to relieve a great deal of anxiety. Condemned 2 is great on a technical level, but its gameplay becomes tiresome - especially if you've already played the first game. There are plenty of pulse-pounding moments, but after a while you may find yourself growing weary of it all.
Gamestyle (Apr 10, 2008)
Condemned 2 really is a menagerie of bad design choices. Level design in particular is enough to make a sane person crack up. Why for instance won’t it let you climb over a box knee height yet by walking up to a seven foot locker you can climb on top before jumping through a hole in the roof? There’s no visual signposting to say you can do this, you just have to guess at what the designer had in their head. We haven’t even mentioned the woeful multiplayer. If you really want a good first person horror title then pick up the original, this sequel is a complete mess.

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