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GameSpot (Dec 08, 2010)
The visuals are colorful and agreeable, but no more charming than the jaunty but generic electronic tunes that play as you move from puzzle to puzzle. Create more or less gets the job done, and there's glee to be had in watching your collection of miscellaneous doodads guide an object to its goal. But this glee rides the coattails of better games that displayed more creative energy. Many older games have already used the Rube Goldberg theme with far more flair and invention, while games like Spore and The Sims 3 offer superior tools for producing and sharing lovingly crafted handiwork. Create occupies a lukewarm middle ground, content merely to coast without excelling. It may feature a lot of sparks--but it doesn't light any fires.
Brash Games (Dec 19, 2010)
This game is not bad but its not great. I am sure that it is aimed at a family environment where I am sure it could be quite fun if you are all huddled around working out the challenges together. You also have the option to share your creations via screen-shots over Xbox Live. I did find this useful as it gave you some tips for creations of your own. I would recommend this game for someone that loves a good challenge, but be warned though it will take you hours to master. With all the good points and bad points, I am sure if EA release a Create 2 they will have it all sorted. I do feel that it is a sign that now EA is so big they are starting to roll-out quite a few games that just don’t meet the standards I used to enjoy!