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atari missile command

User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 2.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 2.8
Overall User Score (6 votes) 2.9

Critic Reviews

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Computer Bild Spiele (Jan 02, 2008)
Optisch bleibt der Titel weit unter den heutigen Möglichkeiten. Das ist schade, denn mit einer detaillierteren Grafik wĂŒrde sicher eine noch dichtere AtmospĂ€hre entstehen. So bleibt es bei einer zweckmĂ€ĂŸigen Darstellung, die Sie alles erkennen lĂ€sst, aber nicht zu BegeisterungsstĂŒrmen hinreißt. Bedauerlich ist, dass sĂ€mtliche Dialoge englisch gesprochen werden und Sie die deutsche Übersetzung lediglich als Untertitel eingeblendet vorfinden. Das zehrt enorm an dem GefĂŒhl, als tragende Figur Teil der beliebten TV-Serie zu sein. Dank der simplen und durchdachten Bedienung und der ausgeklĂŒgelten FĂ€lle hat das Spiel aber dennoch eine "gute" Bewertung verdient.
XBox Front (Oct 27, 2007)
„CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Eindeutige Beweise“ wagt den Versuch, das auf der Xbox 360 bisher stiefmĂŒtterlich behandelte Adventure-Genre zu etablieren und gibt dabei leider eine sehr mĂŒĂŸige Figur ab. Das Gameplay ist inspirationslos, die Grafik weit hinter den heutigen Standards und der Spannungsgrad mittelmĂ€ĂŸig. Das Hauptproblem ist der viel zu niedrig angesetzte Schwierigkeitsgrad, der dem Spieler den nĂ€chsten Schritt zumeist auf einem Silbertablett serviert. Unterstrichen wird dies durch die anspruchslosen Konversationen, bei denen ihr lediglich einen vorgefertigten Fragenkatalog stellt. Dass man zudem auf eine deutsche Sprachausgabe verzichtet hat, ist ebenfalls nicht nachvollziehbar.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 11, 2007)
Au final, cette mouture console des Experts est fidĂšle Ă  la version PC : mĂȘmes qualitĂ©s, mĂȘmes dĂ©fauts. Seules diffĂ©rences : elle est un peu plus chĂšre et un poil moins maniable. Mais elle bĂ©nĂ©ficie d'un avantage de taille : sur 360, les point & click d'investigation policiĂšre ne sont pas lĂ©gion...
Xboxygen (Apr 17, 2008)
Les experts : Morts ProgrammĂ©es est un mauvais jeu, indigne de la Xbox 360, et illustration parfaite de l’utilisation bĂąclĂ©e d’une licence. Pourtant, malgrĂ© toutes ses faiblesses, le jeu pourra donner satisfaction aux amateurs d’enquĂȘtes policiĂšres, tant ce genre n’existe plus en jeux-vidĂ©o. Pour pouvoir apprĂ©cier le jeu, il faut juste ne pas ĂȘtre trĂšs exigeant et aimer les histoires tordues, les affaires prĂ©sentĂ©es Ă©tant de dignes illustrations de ce qu’on peut voir dans la sĂ©rie tĂ©lĂ©. Probablement qu’il faut Ă©galement payer le jeu une somme modique sous peine de se sentir un peu arnaquĂ© ! A noter pour les amateurs de succĂšs que ce jeu semble fait pour eux tant il est simple d’obtenir les 1000 points sans efforts. Pour scorer, pas la peine d’ĂȘtre un expert.
Adventure Gamers (Oct 24, 2007)
The CSI games have become better in recent outings, but ultimately this title feels a lot like treading water, and in some respects, a small regression from the last game. With few new additions, increasingly dated graphics, and gameplay still in dire need of a little more substance, you’ll likely be entertained by the latest CSI, but not enthralled. Making the game easy and simple to play is understandable, as it's designed to appeal to fans of the show, not gamers. But it’s quite possible to have simplicity and depth, and the latter is once again missing in Hard Evidence. There's some effortless enjoyment to be found here, then, but until Ubisoft (or their CBS overlords) is prepared to take a few creative risks with the franchise, players will continue to feel as if they’re watching the CSIs, not being one.
CSI: Hard Evidence is a vast improvement over the previous CSI game, but given how absolutely rubbish that effort was, this shouldn't really be taken as a compliment. Yes, the environments are all 3D now, the case-breaking bugs have been squashed, and the actual mysteries will keep you guessing...but that's only just enough to keep this one off death row. The underlying gameplay mechanics just aren't great, and the linearity of the crime-solving coupled with the abysmal graphics cause grievous bodily harm to the title. The jury's verdict is in, and CSI: Hard Evidence has been found guilty of being boring and bland.
GameSpot (Oct 04, 2007)
If you've already invested in the previous CSI games, you're not going to find anything new or exciting here in the gameplay department. All you'll get are five brand-new cases that you will solve exactly the same way you did in the previous games. If that's enough for you, then by all means, give Hard Evidence a shot. However, more discerning players looking for something vaguely resembling a challenge would do best to skip this one.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Oct 28, 2007)
CSI: Eindeutige Beweise von Ubisoft ist sicherlich ein netter Fan-Artikel zur TV-Serie. Wer aber auf der Suche nach Unterhaltung und langanhaltender Spannung zu diesem Spiel greift, hat eventuell einen großen Fehlkauf in der Tasche. Hinter dem Spiel stecken sicherlich nette Ideen, die aber zu langweilig umgesetzt wurden. Im Grunde genommen klickt man sich nur durch die FĂ€lle um am Ende die 200 Gamerscore fĂŒr jeden Fall zu erhalten.
GameCola.net (Nov, 2007)
The game is actually kind of fun, but, unfortunately, for all the reviving of the point-and-click adventure genre TTG did with Sam & Max, CSI just plants the genre’s foot firmly back into its grave with this game’s blatant laziness and reliance not on quality game design, but on the CSI license and lucrative product placement deals to make a quick buck.
Gameswelt (Mar 25, 2008)
FĂŒr die Xbox-360-Version gilt Ähnliches wie fĂŒr die PC-Version des Spiels: langweilig, simpel, kurz und schwach prĂ€sentiert. Dazu kommt noch die inkonsistente Steuerung, sodass die Konsolenvariante des Titels in Summe sogar noch schwĂ€cher daherkommt. Finger weg, außer ihr seid unverbesserlicher Fan der Serie.
411mania.com (Oct 29, 2007)
If you’re a fan of the show, you might enjoy giving CSI: Hard Evidence a test-drive, if for no other reason than being able to interact in Anthony Zuiker’s fictionalized rendition of the Las Vegas crime lab. But if you’re any kind of gamer or, for that matter, CSI isn’t your cup of televised tea, look elsewhere. Can’t recommend it, but I hope Ubisoft and Telltale learn from their mistakes, assuming a new CSI game is commissioned. Which, given their current track record, looks about as likely as David Hodges suddenly becoming likeable.
Most of the cases are laughably predictable and don't harness the intrigue or razor-sharp writing from the CSI show. By no means do i recommend that you play this over any other game (except Two Worlds), but if you can make it through six or seven hours of woefully uninteresting content, you will net an easy 1,000 Achievement Points. It pays out nicely, but it'll kill you a little bit in the process.
Game Couch (Jan 15, 2008)
The game follows the show’s premise of solving murders through the collection and analysis of evidence: fingerprints, DNA, bits of fabric and the like. CSI theory posits that there is a trinity linking suspects to victims to crime scenes and back. Your goal is to collect all the evidence, following it through to an arrest. Unfortunately, instead of using modern day gaming technology to create an immersive CSI experience, Telltale offers up a boilerplate exercise in pointing and clicking.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Oct 13, 2007)
Ubisoft chose the right developer, but clearly it's a game which wasn't very high up on the publisher's list of priorities in terms of investing in it, and it shows. If you're a die-hard adventure apologist with a CSI fixation then step right up, but the rest of you can put your curiosity to one side - especially at its current stupidly high price point.
CSI: Hard Evidence for the Xbox 360 is the best and worst point and click adventure on the console, mainly since I believe it's the only one out. These kind of games can get old real fast, but for some reason CSI doesn't get old right away. With almost ten hours of game play here this game is longer than most Playstation 3 games, even some other games on the Xbox 360 and Wii as well. I'm sorry I had to make this my last review for awhile on Xbox 360 games, but if you have some time to kill between Halo 3 and Bioshock, which I will review soon since I just beat the game late last week, CSI is worth a rental. The $39.99 price tag sounds good but there is no replay value to this game, when you beat the five cases you are done and I doubt Ubisoft will release any downloadable content for this game since they can easily make another one in a few months.
XboxAchievements (Mar 07, 2008)
Rent this game for points but only if you are desperate. The storyline and acting are poor, the graphics are sub-par and there is no replay value at all to be had. I can’t honestly tell who this game was meant to appeal to as the basic game mechanic soon becomes repetitive and the presentation is more of a parody of the show rather than an accurate representation. Steer clear.
MS Xbox World (Oct 24, 2007)
There is some sort of fun in here somewhere, especially if you are tired of the usual games we expect from consoles, but it's all too short lived and totally uninspiring. I would recommend that you avoid buying this game unless you would like to keep the wife/girlfriend entertained for a few hours in your absence. However I'm pretty sure she could probably find a million and one other things to do with the time that are far more gratifying. CSI: Hard Evidence is a rental at best and will most likely be rented by fans and achievement hunters.
Thunderbolt Games (Jan 06, 2008)
Finding any redeeming qualities in CSI: Hard Evidence is like searching for clues in a crime scene drenched in bleach. Being a huge fan of the series myself, I’m the type of person who, if anyone, should enjoy the game. However, its utter lack of quality in every department is bordering on criminal. Playing CSI: Hard Evidence is a chore and one that’s not even worth doing to collect some of the easiest 1000 achievement points out there. Not even the most hardcore of CSI fans will find anything in Hard Evidence worth their time or money. It’s an embarrassment to the TV show and to Ubisoft, who should frankly know better.

atari missile command