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Dance Paradise Credits

52 people (50 developers, 2 thanks)


Managing DirectorThierry Bensoussan
Vice PresidentPhilippe Cohen
Development Director / Executive ProducerGuillaume Descamps
Creative DirectorGuillaume Descamps
Game ProducerAlexandra Raymond
Third Party ManagerArnaud Rossi
Game Design ManagerJérôme Erbin
Product ManagerAmandine Boesch
PR ManagerChristelle Carteron
Art Studio SupervisorAténéa D'Angelo
Communication Art DirectorGuillaume Arduré
QA ManagerCyrille Kreitz
Lead QAGreeg Da Silva
QA TestersYvan Romanoff, Valérian Robert
External QA AgencyEnzyme Testing Labs
Localization ManagerBéatrice Jeannès
Localization AgencyCybione
Thanks toSarah Lardilleux, Vincent Levy

Smackdown Productions

CEO / ProducerLaurent Benadiba
ProgrammingYouen Toupin, Alexandre Valdenaire, Olivier Mary, Pierre Ambrosini
Animations & MenusNicolas Lorut
Backgrounds ModellingFabien Forestier
Special EffectsNicolas Lorut, Fabien Forestier
Game DesignJerome Descharmes
Backgrounds DesignJean-Marc Langue
Characters DesignFranck Drevon
Level DesignJerome Descharmes, Tristan Truchot, Jocelyn Garcia
Animations TweakingMael Corson
SoundSteven Velema
Additional ProgrammingLaurent Benadiba
Videos EncodingTristan Truchot, Jonathan Debray


Motion Capture & Animation ManagersIsaac Partouche, Jean-François Szlapka, Emmanuel Linot
Professional Dancers & ChoreographersKarine Briançon, Malik Le Nost, Louya Kounkou
AnimationMarion Eloy, Mehdi Benlahrech, Timothée De Goussencourt, Michel Pensas
Production ManagerHelene Becourt
Tools DevelopmentSamuel Boivin, Brice Michoud

Universal Music Online

PresidentDidier Semah
Head of DevelopmentXavier de Baillenx
Project ManagerFlorent Boix
Licensing ManagerJeremy Briam
Assistant Licensing ManagerArthur Chapuis

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Credits for this game were contributed by chalumo (413)