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Kidzworld (Mar 07, 2011)
There is a good collection of songs in Dance Paradise, 40 in total, including pop songs by Lady Gaga and rock songs by Fallout Boy. On your own, you can play career mode and unlock clothes and items for your avatar or just do free play. Like all Kinect games, there can only be a maximum of two players at a time. When you play with a friend, you will share the four tracks in Attack, Versus, and Synchro mode. Of all the modes, attack mode has got to be the most fun. Overall, Dance Paradise is a decent offering to the dance genre.
NZGamer (Jan 07, 2011)
So despite it not being ideal for families, Dance Paradise is still a barrel load of fun with a large group of mates. Even those with a sense of rhythm matching a sack of potatoes will be able to get into this (possibly when encouraged by a few shots of liquid courage). Considering the game allows for a whopping ten player turn-based dance mode, Dance Paradise is guaranteed to get a party started if you have Kinect and the floor space at the ready.
GamingXP (Jan 27, 2011)
Wer gerne tanzt, sich aber vor der Öffentlichkeit scheut, kann es mit „Dance Paradise“ im eigenen Wohnzimmer machen. Es kann aber passieren, dass es spätestens nach einer halben Stunde etwas langweilig wird. Optisch bietet der Titel einfach zu wenig und auch die Bandbreite an Bewegungen hat sich bald erschöpft.
Video Game Talk (Feb 24, 2011)
The biggest fault of the game is that it can become extremely repetitive if you are working through the career mode alone. It's also not specifically a game that will teach you to dance. It's more of a casual game that's worth bringing out for parties, especially those that are new to the Kinect. However, the cute Wii-like design and the song selection seem to be at odds with easy other. If you were to glance at the screen while it was being played, it looks like a family friendly title. But the song selection is opposite of that approach. The best crowd for this game is likely 20 somethings that want another dancing game to go with their Kinect system.
GameSpot UK (Nov 18, 2010)
hough the complex dances may sometimes be confusing--particularly for newcomers--Dance Paradise is still fun. The large tracklist, great use of avatars, and competitive multiplayer modes mean you'll have a good time playing with friends. And the challenging career mode, complete with unlockables, means you won't get bored on your own either. The unique lane system for presenting routines also works well, making it easy to line up moves and bust a groove. It might not offer the same levels of sophistication and graphical prowess as Dance Central, but if you fancy a different take on the genre, then it is well worth it to put on your dancing shoes for Dance Paradise.
60 (Nov 22, 2010)
In der Theorie hätte Dance Paradise das Zeug, sich als unerwartet starke Tanz-Alternative neben Harmonix' Kinect-Perle zu etablieren: 40 lizenzierte Tracks samt Originalvideos z.B., einen interessanten Mehrspieler-Modus, der sowohl ein Gegen- als auch ein Miteinander erlaubt sowie eine clevere Einbindung des Avatars als Tanzbär auf dem Bildschirm. Doch die Praxis scheitert an der Umsetzung und vor allem der Genauigkeit der Bewegungserfassung. Was nutzt mir die für mein Empfinden gelungene Songauswahl und wieso sollte ich mich über die Verrenkungen meines Avatars freuen, wenn die Bewegungen vor dem Schirm nicht akkurat genug erfasst werden?
50 (UK) (Dec 08, 2010)
But ultimately, the silly multiple-avatar system and poorly choreographed dance moves let Dance Paradise down. The routines just aren't that much fun to perform or funny enough to watch. Young kids and badly co-ordinated adults will end up so frustrated they won't want to play, which ruins if for those of us who are spectacularly, unbelievably good dancers and enjoy laughing at them. Non merci.
Brash Games (Nov 29, 2010)
Dance Paradise’s plus points are far from enough to save it from the bargain bin. Having spent a disappointing few sessions struggling to see the appeal beyond the inevitable uncoordinated drunken performances at the end of a night out, this is a sad reminder that motion games spawn the most unpleasant, gimmicky games no matter what the platform. There are far more inventive and entertaining ways to enjoy Kinect than can be found here.