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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Xboxygen (Jan 05, 2010)
On a droit ici à un jeu ultra complet incorporant à merveille plusieurs styles qui sont fort bien adaptés aux différentes actions à effectuer. Darksiders est fun, a une prise en main facile avec une qualité et une beauté exceptionnelle qui s’en dégagent, il demande réflexion et propose des combats en veux-tu en voilà. En clair, on ne s’ennuie pas tout au long des 20 heures que propose le jeu, c’est que du bonheur. L’année 2010 commence sous de bon auspices, souhaitons qu’elle continue sur cette lignée ; ce jeu est, à n’en pas douter, un des hits de cette nouvelle année.
100 (Apr 30, 2011)
Darksiders isn’t going to win any points for originality any time soon, and it definitely owes much of it’s pedigree to some hard working alumni that have come before it, but it’s a good game of it’s own right. Everything that is presented here is done so with very hard work, and a true attention to detail that make it hard to find enough room to say anything negative. It also makes it hard for me to have any deeper discussion of the game because it apes so many things… where you might expect subtext, there is no subtext, no hidden layers. In this case what’s there is simply there. Fortunately what’s there is pretty damn good.
Console Monster (Jan 04, 2010)
How shocked I was to find that the more hours I spent investing into Darksiders, the more rewarding it felt. Darksiders feels like a breath of fresh air, a step in the right direction and a reinvention of formulas that are sorely missed when used at this level of quality. If this is the first offering of Vigil Games, I highly anticipate their next and keep my fingers crossed for a sequel. Now all that is left is to hope that Darksiders achieves the sales it deserves, and does not suffer a silent death aside the ever loud sequel sales.
95 (Jan 04, 2010)
Darksiders is an epic game with fast paced action, eye popping environments and awe inspiring enemies. This game may not have been on many peoples radars considering the other quality titles being released in the early part of 2010, but it should be the first game on peoples lists now because if you miss this you will be missing out of an unbelievable experience.
Darksiders is a complete game experience, and if you have even the remotest of fondness for action games you should make a point to play it. There are plenty of games that are fun to play through, but only a select few will stand out in your mind for some time to come. Darksiders is one of those games, and for me the 2009 holiday season will forever be tied to fond memories of the time I spent in War's post-apocalyptic world. And although it’s a first week of January release, it's hard to imagine Darksiders not taking a spot on the best of 2010 list.
AusGamers (Dec 30, 2009)
Darksiders is the perfect way to spend a solid January (and February), and all of the above just has me hoping this team continues the series, or if not, move onto something equally amazing. If you like your adventures filled with, well, adventure, Darksiders is going to keep up at night for hours and hours on-end (my longest marathon session came in at around eight or nine hours); the game's level-design is brilliant, it harbours among the best puzzles I've encountered in games, has an excellent and well-thought out learning curve, plenty of reason to explore, great art-direction, excellent sound and a compelling story with equally engaging characters. What's not to love?
AceGamez (Jan 06, 2010)
All in all, Darksiders should be considered a triumph. Simultaneously old skool and brand spanking new, it has enough variety in terms of atmosphere, gameplay and imagery to match any action/adventure game on today’s market. Not as hardcore as similar titles like DMC4 or the recent awesomefest that is Bayonetta, Darksiders nevertheless delivers solid, compelling gameplay in spades. Responsive controls, intuitive level design and a genuine feeling of starting weak and getting steadily more badass as you progress makes Darksiders not only accessible but also immense fun to play. Although perhaps the first game released in 2010, it’s already looking like a serious contender for the year’s Top Ten action titles. Quite simply, there’s a new god of War in town, and he makes Kratos look like an ice dancer…
Darksiders is what I call a "hybrid" game. It has taken elements from other games and made them its own. Not only does it have action-adventure, hack-n-slash, but just wait until you get to test drive War's horse, Ruin. And with smooth gameplay, awesome story and voice work, THQ has kicked off 2010 with a bang.
Game Chronicles (Jan 22, 2010)
I can only imagine the sequel and hopefully the chance to play as one or more of the other Horsemen, but until that day arrives, Darksiders is the ultimate quest for vengeance and a heavenly way to dispatch the endless demon hordes, proving once and for all that it is better to serve in heaven than rule in hell.
91 (Feb 03, 2010)
The game is a blast from start to end. Vigil games and THQ really knocked it out of the park in my opinion. The game kept my attention from start to finish, and has me eagerly awaiting the next title in the Darksiders saga. If January is any indication to what we can expect this year, we have a lot to look forward to.
Gaming Nexus (Jan 05, 2010)
A solid, well written, well executed game. If you're looking for something new and original, Darksiders is your game.
GamingEvolution (Apr 09, 2010)
Darksiders isn't perfect. Like some of its inspirations, Darksiders isn't so strong with the platforming. I had many moments of frustration because I felt very confident that War shouldn't have missed a jump, jumped too late, or should have grabbed a ledge. In fact, there were times where I swear War didn't jump at all, and just ran straight into a pit of death. Fortunately, falling to your death in Darksiders only results in a small health penalty and places you back at the jump you missed, so it was never a terribly big deal. I also had some issues with the camera. Specifically, it's fixed too close to War. Too often I couldn't really see what was happening in a fight, resulting in too many hits from off-camera. But I'll say it again: Darksiders is the best Zelda game I've played in a while. Joe Mad's visual style is stunning and unique and the game itself is just downright fun. Darksiders shouldn't be missed.
TeamXbox (Jan 05, 2010)
Finishing Darksiders was one of those great reliefs quickly followed by a refreshed desire to play it again. It’s a really long game for one of its type. My first playthrough took just over 20 hours, and that is without collecting every last item and maxing out the level of all weapons. If I go back and do that, it’s probably going to take at least another 10. And, yet, Darksiders was so much fun that I would happily do it again. There are some blemishes here and there, but they are technical in nature. Everything else about this game, from the concept through the execution, is unequivocally great. Darksiders is a great way to kick off the decade.
Digital Chumps (Jan 05, 2010)
Darksiders thoroughly impressed me and I wasn't expecting anything less. With any luck, this will be the start of a long and successful franchise. First must have game of 2010, and Vigil Games has got my attention for any future projects they're behind.
GamingExcellence (Jan 04, 2010)
Given Darksiders is the first release from developer Vigil Games, it’s an impressive debut. Masterfully crafted, Darksiders is clearly a work of passion, and though it borrows a lot of elements from other games, they come together in such a way that will keep you entertained from start to finish. While you’ll get between fifteen to twenty hours of play, you’ll find yourself exploring the open-ended world and seeking out all of the hidden secrets long after you’ve completed the main story. A twist ending to the game is also a nice surprise that leaves the game open to a possible sequel. 2010 is off to a great start with Darksiders, and if it’s any indication we’re in for a great year of games. Highly recommended.
Planet Xbox 360 (Jan 04, 2010)
It’s hard to mess-up with the graphics and audio when the game’s setting is just so damn awesome, many titles don’t have that going for them right from the start. With nearly 20 hours of gameplay in the main campaign it’s well worth the cost of admission – it releases in early January 2010 – and I didn’t even tell you how fun riding Ruin the demon horse is. A couple times the puzzles were a bit frustrating or the boss battles a tad too difficult but nothing that stopped us from continuing the adventure. What a great and “fun” way to start the New Year of video gaming, developer Vigil Games have a true action experience on their hands with Darksiders, make sure not to overlook it when it hits store shelves on January 5, 2010.
Totally Gaming Network (Jan 02, 2010)
Graphically the game is gorgeous which the different kinds of environments help to showcase. This is a really easy game to get into and one that everyone should be able to enjoy. If you are a completionist it will take you a while to get all of your abilities and weapons and to level them up completely. If you just want to go through the game and enjoy the story and not have to worry about leveling up or customizing anything then you can do that too. The weapons that you use the most will level up naturally as you progress so it isn’t anything that you need to concern yourself with if you don’t want to. The characters compliment each other really well and this is an incredible effort for Vigil’s very first title. Not only is this a tremendous start to this year, this is a tremendous start to this decade and something that both Vigil and THQ should be very proud of. This could be the start of a great new franchise for both studios and gaming in general.
MS Xbox World (Jan 04, 2010)
Without a doubt, Darksiders is a game that stands on the shoulders of giants, and Vigil Games clearly could not be more proud of this fact, as their passionate yet careful design demonstrates that they both respect and know how to borrow from the best. But more importantly, they also know how to craft an engaging, original tale, how to create a complete living, breathing world in which to tell it, how to construct addictive, mind-bending environmental puzzles, and how to provide enough variety and gameplay twists to make everything that is old completely new and fresh again. Simply put, gamers looking for action and adventure NEED to play this game. Gamers looking to get their 3-D puzzle-platforming fix NEED to play this game. Gamers looking for a truly fantastic story NEED to play this game. And fans of Joe Mad and comic books in general who have any sort of dexterity with a videogame controller NEED to play this game. To do otherwise would be to do oneself a disservice.
It has been some time since I had this much fun or been this addicted to one particular game, and that says something about Darksiders. It is cleverly crafted on what are some tried and tested ideas, mixed with a healthy dose of epic storytelling and good old fashioned gore. There is no doubt that it will have its detractors out there who may say it has emulated similarly styled games, but the attention to detail that Darksiders pays and the inclusion of a far more fleshed out story cannot be matched. The game is most certainly one title in 2010 that you must add to your game collection.
IGN Australia (Dec 29, 2009)
Darksiders has been a long time coming, but the wait has been worth it – this is a great action RPG. Solid, ever-evolving combat meets solid, ever-evolving puzzles in some really evocative environments. There are a few clumsy or lacklustre moments – the flying sequence is dull, for instance, and this isn’t in any way a revolutionary game, but it is good fun and it is well-designed. A bit more challenge – both in combat and in puzzles – would have been appreciated (action veterans may want to consider playing on 'Apocalyptic' over 'Normal' difficulty), but in all Darksiders is more than worth your time and money.
Gaming Target (Jan 20, 2010)
One thing you can say about Darksiders is that it isn’t original. It takes a lot of elements from highly revered games. But one thing you can’t say is that Darksiders is uninspired. The people at Vigil have obviously worked really hard to make sure that the quality of all of those gameplay elements stand up to the games they came from. This is no cash-in. What at first seems like a God of War clone turns into a grown up version of Zelda - a bloody adventure with dark themes and settings, and it actually works. The puzzles are clever, the combat is visceral, there are a good amount of items and upgrades to be had and the world is convincing. Darksiders might not be very innovative, but it is without a doubt a 3rd person jack of all trades that shouldn’t be passed up.
Destructoid (Jan 12, 2010)
Darksiders is one of the best action-adventure games of the current generation. Everything in it, you've played before, but never has such a collection of game mechanics been stitched together so well, not to mention feel like part of a coherent game world. Everything that is in Darksiders feels like it belongs there, and makes sense. Altogether, fans of action games owe it to themselves to check out this memorable, lovingly crafted, and simply fun title. Vigil is going to achieve great things if this debut is to become its standard.
Gamer Limit (Jan 07, 2010)
Instead of your run-of-the-mill repetitive action adventure title, the game provides puzzles, item collecting, Earth-roaming, and soul harvesting activities as other avenues for you to take part in. Despite the same day release as Sega’s pivotal action adventure title, Vigil Games’ debut is a fine introduction to their future repertoire. The bar for 2010 has been raised a little early, but hey, so did the Apocalypse – and look what that got us.
Cynamite (Jan 09, 2010)
Darksiders überzeugt durch eine intuitive Kampfsteuerung, viel Stil und dem richtigen Maß an wahnwitzigem Humor.
90 (Jan 05, 2010)
En soignant aussi bien le fond que la forme, Vigil Games nous offre un pur chef-d'oeuvre d'action/aventure. Equilibré, rythmé, contemplatif, rageur, le titre fait naître moult sentiments tout en mélangeant les influences. Prince of Persia, God of War, Zelda, Portal, autant de modèles insufflant une énergie sans cesse renouvelée à Darksiders. Eclectique et homogène à la fois, poussant un peu plus le concept du "bigger, better, louder", ne se reposant jamais sur ses acquis, impressionnant à souhait, le jeu de THQ s'impose comme une étoile dans le ciel. En espérant que les joueurs suivent sa lumière qui devrait montrer la voie à d'éventuelles suites. On en frémit d'avance...
GameFocus (Jan 04, 2010)
While January is shaping to be an interesting and busy month in the gaming industry (other games like Bayonetta, Army of Two: 40th Day and Mass Effect 2 are also being released this month), Darksiders starts the new year off with a bang. I’m extremely happy for Vigil Games and THQ for making the decision to release the game now rather than falling between the cracks during the exhausting and crazy Q4 2009 period. If you’ve got some holiday money burning a hole in your pocket, Darksiders is worth every dollar.
3D Juegos (Jan 04, 2010)
Darksiders abre el 2010 como uno de los grandes lanzamientos de acción y aventuras que nos dejará el año. El juego mezcla con habilidad abundantes géneros, y consigue un conjunto brillante de rol, combates y rompecabezas que calará en el aficionado. Un videojuego de los de antes con tecnología de ahora, que no teme apostar por conceptos atípicos, controles complejos y un crisol de géneros para mostrarse genuino y con personalidad.
Spazio Games (Jan 07, 2010)
Il debutto di Vigil Games nel mondo dei videogiochi è sicuramente da ricordare e uno dei modi migliori per inaugurare questo rovente 2010. Darksiders è, nonostante l’inesperienza del team, un titolo maturo e sviluppato con competenza. Dopo le prime ore di gioco l’avventura di Guerra comincia a mostrare il proprio valore, grazie ad un level design ottimo, scandito da una vertiginosa crescita del proprio personaggio che acquisirà una varietà di azioni ed oggetti veramente notevole, capace di tenere incollati allo schermo per tutta la durata dell’avventura principale. Una trama con poca verve, qualche piccola sbavatura nel sistema di controllo e la mancanza di un pizzico di originalità in più impediscono a questo titolo di raggiungere l’amalgama perfetto. Rimane comunque un’opera di altissimo livello e consigliata a tutti gli appassionati del genere, soprattutto in vista dei possibili seguiti che il finale aperto lascia intuire.
Worth Playing (Feb 01, 2010)
Darksiders is a game that completely enveloped my time. I got lost within its mythos (I'm a sucker for Heaven-versus-Hell stuff), storytelling, visuals and gameplay. It's true that it merges the parts of other outstanding games, and some may call that derivative. However, I think its characters, level design and puzzles were enough to help it stand out on its own. Besides, how strange would it be to knock a game because it has too much stuff you liked before?
9lives (Jan 08, 2010)
Darksiders is verrassend op alle vlakken. Het juiste evenwicht tussen het verhaal, het solide vechtsysteem en de uitdagende puzzels zorgt dat je deze game wil uitspelen. Voeg daarbij de unieke grafische stijl en Darksiders wordt het eerste spel van 2010 dat je moet in je bezit hebben.
ActionTrip (Jan 14, 2010)
Struggling to be as open-minded as possible and upholding at least a shred of journalistic integrity (which, I realize, I've never had), I'd like to criticize this game for doing precious little to advance gaming as we know it. Perhaps the developers even prolonged the main campaign more than they should've. Half of the effort that went into additional levels and puzzles, could've gone into making at least something we haven't seen before. While such criticism should be taken into account if you're going to buy the game, it does seem somewhat unfair, since Darksiders: Wrath of War is actually a very entertaining and challenging game that tells a good story.
XboxAddict (Jan 11, 2010)
Overall, Darksiders has a crap ton of content, and it has quickly become a new and exciting intellectual property for THQ. Also, if you’ve got kids, make sure they are in bed when you pop this puppy in. If the rest of 2010’s game lineup looks anything like Darksiders, it’s going to be a damn good year! Highly recommended, don’t let this one slip under your radar. Can’t wait to see Darksiders 2!
XGN (Jan 10, 2010)
Darksider brengt je alles wat je ervan verwacht. Een mooie post-apocalyptische wereld met subliem geluid verdient gewoon een hoog cijfer. Als dan ook nog eens de gameplay heel tof is dan kan er niets meer mis gaan.
JeuxActu (Jan 07, 2010)
THQ ne pouvait pas mieux commencer l’année en sortant Darksiders, certainement la grande surprise de ce début 2010. Malgré ses faux airs de beat’em all à la sauce God of War, le titre de Vigil Games se destine finalement à devenir le jeu d’aventure incontournable pour tous les possesseurs de PS3 et de Xbox 360. Beau, doté d’un gameplay solide, facile à prendre en main, captivant et sévèrement burné, Darksiders est un festival de plaisir d’une violence et d’une intensité rares. Que l’on aime ou pas les hack’n slash ou la série The Legend of Zelda, il est inconcevable de passer à côté de ce hit qui vous tiendra en haleine pendant une quinzaine d’heures de jeu. Vivement la suite !
Game Over Online (Feb 03, 2010)
The game ends with a really blatant sequel hook, and the buzz about the game is better than I thought it'd be. Darksiders could use a few overhauls to its combat system before it's a truly great game, but what's here is an entertaining series of shameless thefts.
Gamernode (Jan 02, 2010)
In the end, any complaints about Vigil Games' first outing are far outweighed by the reasons to praise it. If for no other reason than its ability to seamlessly fuse the best aspects of two great formulas, Darksiders is a triumph in game design, a platform to build upon (the ending hints at a sequel!), and something everyone who truly loves video games should try, because you'll likely love it.
Vandal Online (Jan 05, 2010)
En conclusión, Darksiders es ante todo un juego muy completo. Como ya hemos comentado, integra elementos de muchos otros juegos y lo hace bien, sin profundizar demasiado en ellos ni tener un estilo propio muy marcado, sino manteniendo un equilibrio que lo convierte en un gran juego de acción y aventura. Cuenta con un buen sistema de combate, un diseño abierto que se aprovecha bien y mucha variedad para el jugador, y sobre todo con una duración mucho más larga de lo habitual (unas 15-20 horas) y numerosos secretos para ir convirtiendo a nuestro jinete en una verdadera máquina del apocalipsis. Muy completo y muy recomendable.
Gamervision (Jan 06, 2010)
Darksiders doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to adventure games, but that’s not a bad thing. Though it’s not without its issues, and the elements inspired by classic adventure titles don’t always hit their mark, there’s actually quite a bit to like about the game. From the solid story and non-stop action, to the impressive character and level design, the combined aspects present an impressive package. Darksiders starts 2010 off on the right foot, and sets the bar for the rest of the year in gaming.
Game Informer Magazine (Dec 29, 2009)
Even without a clear narrative purpose, Darksiders never wavers from being an enjoyable adventure. I had a blast playing it, and strangely enough, the obvious nods to other games added to the fun. Despite a lame last boss fight, the setup planted for the sequel has me counting the days until it arrives.
Meristation (Dec 31, 2009)
Darksiders bebe de muchas fuentes, pero la fusión de elementos tiene su propia personalidad. Largo, divertido y variado, el primer juego de Vigil Games nos ha dejado con un excelente sabor de boca. Cierto es que han optado por no arriesgarse más de lo necesario y se inspiraron en algunos de los juegos más importantes de los últimos tiempos, pero han sabido tratar su material y dotarlo de una jugabilidad particular que hará las delicias de los aficionados a las aventuras de acción en tercera persona, con mucha exploración; un subgénero que en los últimos tiempos estaba cayendo en el olvido y que con Darksiders regresa con fuerza. Una muy buena obra que sitúa a Vigil Games en el punto de mira de cara a futuros títulos.
85 (Jan 02, 2010)
These misgivings, however, come with the realization that Darksiders is a debut project from a new developer. The game has a few rough edges, but Vigil isn't unfamiliar with the business of making or playing games, and what their work shows is they're a group capable of delivering exciting gameplay and deserved of our attention; they've managed to plant a strong foothold with an new product. Darksiders is certainly an IP we'd like to see some numbers or subtitles attached to in the future.
XboxAchievements (Jan 19, 2010)
This game is a pleasant surprise and will keep you hooked while it lasts. Sure the story may be pure hokum, but the gameplay is rock solid. This is Zelda for a more mature audience and is yet another great January release – who'da thunk it?
GameTrailers (Jan 06, 2010)
Darksiders has a lot of staples in its stable. And, yes there's even a horse. And a flying section. And even some gun segments. They're all fun, but nothing to blog home about. It's able to emulate its idols very well, so whatever War is doing, it's bound to be enjoyable. But anyone who's attracted to this sort of game, or action games in general, is going to feel more familiar than floored.
83 (Jan 05, 2010)
Nach gut 13 bis 15 Stunden und einem großen Finale mit Gänsehautgarantie ist das Abenteuer vorbei. Und ich muss Vigil zu ihrem Erstlingswerk gratulieren: Trotz einer äußerst spröden Anfangsphase nimmt Darksiders schließlich Fahrt auf, bis es vor allem im letzten Drittel sowohl erzählerisch als auch spielerisch vollends überzeugt. Das Action-Adventure wird zu einer stimmungsvollen Tour de Force, die eine wohl temperierte Mischung aus Ruhephasen mit viel Erforschung, intelligenten Rätseln für Kopf und Fingerfertigkeit, gut konstruierten Bossgefechten sowie vielen, aber unter dem Strich leider zu anspruchslosen Kämpfen bietet. Dass die Story um Verrat, Täuschung und Rache ebenfalls zu unterhalten versteht, kann man zweifellos der Comic-Vergangenheit von Co-Designer Joe Madureira anrechnen. Und mit zunehmendem Aufenthalt in dämonischen Gebieten wirkt die anfänglich austauschbar bunte Kulisse immer stimmungsvoller.
Gaming Age (Jan 19, 2010)
Its especially exceptional considering it's the first release from the developers at Vigil, and shows a certain level of polish that a lot of new IP's released last year was definitely lacking. You could make the argument that it relies too heavily on mechanics from other titles, and lacks a distinct personality, but at the same time everything that it borrows from is handled pretty well, and combines into a game that's actually fun to play. I'm not sure that I'd care to run through it again and again, despite not collecting 100 percent of the secrets within the game, but I'm certainly happy I had the chance to check it out. It's at least unique for the systems it was released on, and I'm all for an edgier take on the standard Zelda formula. Definitely worth checking out if you've been on the fence, and something I wouldn't have any qualms spending a bit of money to pick up.
Game Shark (Dec 31, 2009)
Darksiders has set 2010 off to a running start. With gory hack-and-slash action, challenging dungeon puzzles, an intriguing (albeit sometimes annoying) guardian demon, gorgeous scenery and a story that begins with killing mankind, you get a little bit of everything. To top it off, the end of Darksiders gives an obvious lead-in to the sequel, a feature I don't always favor. But in this case, I can't wait to see what Vigil Games has next up its sleeve.
Game Revolution (Jan 04, 2010)
Darksiders is a title that takes a lot of bold risks and almost all of them pay off, but it's not without it's share of technical issues. While it may have the drive to run with the big dogs, it lacks the final polish that one would hope for. Nonetheless, if you're looking for something adventurous that's a little more grown-up than an elf boy in green tights, War is your man.
If you're looking for a good action/adventure title to fill the void left by the relative dearth of games released in this genre, then Darksiders fits the bill nicely. It's an extremely technically proficient game, and it accomplishes everything that it sets out to do with flying colors. However, Darksiders only crime may be that they set their sights too low. This game hits the bullseye in the center of the target, but I couldn't help but wish that the target was a little higher towards the heavens.
RPG Site (Jan 07, 2010)
Darksiders doesn't do anything new or groundbreaking, but it does a fantastic job of putting together some of the best elements from other games to make something that isn't entirely original but is still incredibly fun to play anyway. War's adventure is polished, and even though it doesn't achieve everything it set out to do entirely, it's definitely a fantastic, fun game with good looking graphics and silky smooth animation - and it's a great synergy of the values of the RPG and Action genres. A fantastic start to 2010.
Legendra (Feb 02, 2010)
Darksiders est une belle surprise. Sous ses allures de faux Beat Them All, il cache un gameplay réussi qui rend hommage à de nombreux hits du paysage vidéoludique. L'introduction est si parfaite qu'on regrette que tout le jeu ne garde pas le même décor. Mais on oublie vite ce petit détail pour découvrir un jeu prenant, au gameplay riche et varié qui se paie en plus le luxe d'arborer des graphismes accrocheurs et un doublage excellent. Darksiders est assurément un bon jeu, et on espère que Vigil Games va vite développer une suite qui corrigera tous les petits défauts du jeu.
GamesCollection (Feb 20, 2013)
DS non inventa niente (infatti, nell'articolo ho messo alcune delle fonti da cui ha preso ispirazione), ma nel suo essere "non originale", fa la sua più che adeguata figura regalando un gioco molto buono che vi sorprenderà in più di una occasione. Ormai, si trova anche a pochissimo (io l'ho pagato 5 euro) e vale sicuramente una prova!
Factornews (Feb 18, 2010)
En toute honnêteté, personne n'attendait vraiment ce Darksiders. C'est donc un plaisir encore plus grand de découvrir avec ce jeu une vraie bonne surprise comme on n'en avait pas vue depuis longtemps, maitrisée sur tous les points : une réalisation solide soutenant un design accrocheur et un univers original, et un gameplay allant repiquer ses idées chez un certain nombre de titres ayant chacun fait ses preuves dans son domaine : du God of War pour les combats et du Zelda pour la progression de l'aventure, pour ne citer que les plus importants, on a vu pire comme sources d'inspirations. Le jeu a en plus la bonne idée de vous tenir en haleine pendant au moins une bonne quinzaine d'heures, et même plus si vous voulez récupérer tous les innombrables trésors planqués sur la carte du monde. Une vraie bonne surprise donc, et un indispensable pour tous les amateurs de jeux d'aventure-action bien burnés.
The Darksiders experience from start to finish, despite its sneering faults, is imaginative and compelling when at its best. The story itself, which opens up with an awesome CGI cutscene, never loses steam as War finds himself in ever-changing territory and situations. New gameplay elements are constantly being introduced adding new approaches to the combat and puzzle-solving, if someone were watching you play through the first dungeon, left, and returned to watch you work through the final dungeon, they might think you were playing a different game. That's the extent to which the new weapons and items you acquire change the landscape. If you can make it through the few moments of frustration there is a great adventure to be had here with an outstanding cast of characters and wonderful locations to explore.
GamesRadar (Jan 05, 2010)
In spite of lifting nearly every gameplay element from other, often better games, Darksiders still succeeds at bringing these disparate threads together into a brutally satisfying whole. It’s also a blast to explore even at its low points, and if the idea of a Zelda with a more “mature” bent and better combat catches your interest, you’ll want to check this out.
Darksiders teeters dangerously close to being simply a mish-mash of influences, but thankfully it succeeds in establishing its own identity. This is largely because of its original art design and in the way that it smoothly integrates action and large-scale environmental puzzles. It's not a perfect game, the 360 version has rather bad vertical sync issues and the controls take some time to master. However, the game's engaging gameplay and addictive exploratory momentum more than make up for its few failings.
80 (Jan 05, 2010)
Darksiders es un juego artesanal y encantador. Si te gusta la temática y sus referencias (Zelda y God of War, para abreviar) te volverá loco y es una compra obligada. Tiene sus fallos y podría haber ido un poquito más allá con los combates y sistemas de gratificación y con la exploración, pero definitivamente no es algo que tenga que echarte para atrás a la hora de ir a tu tienda, comprarlo, ponerlo en la consola, taparte con una mantita y prepararte para pasar algunas de las tardes más épicas de este principio de año.
GameSpot (Jan 06, 2010)
Darksiders unapologetically borrows gameplay ideas and mechanics from all over the spectrum and is constantly cramming new ones in all the way up to the very end. While it's not innovative by any stretch of the imagination, neither is it entirely derivative, as these myriad features not only gel together surprisingly well, but when put together even feel fresh again. Though it's hobbled by a disappointing story and excessively complex controls (as well as some technical issues on the Xbox 360), Darksiders is a fun and entertaining adventure with a host of fair but challenging puzzles, a lengthy single-player campaign, and an engaging combat system.
GameSpy (Jan 06, 2010)
While no feature in Darksiders stands out as truly unique -- even the story, with its Heaven vs. Hell bits, somehow feels a little tired in these days of apocalypse-happy books and movies -- its borrowed parts combine to form a game that's not just competent, but good. Sure, it's more than a little familiar at times -- and on more than one occasion I said, "I remember that from game X," -- but Darksiders is proof that what's old can truly be made new again.
GameZone (Dec 31, 2009)
If there’s one title in early 2010 title that needs to be on your “must-buy” list, then adding Darksiders to that list is safe bet.
80 (UK) (Jan 04, 2010)
Still, while on the surface of it Darksiders feels like a game with a lot of good ideas but only a few of its own, where even a brief flying section on an angelic mount owes rather a lot to Panzer Dragoon, overall the silly old story and wonderful art style give terrific heft to the universe, and the clockwork of the puzzles and game systems are precision-engineered in a manner that you come to trust implicitly. It may be a game of betrayal and redemption, but you won't feel hard done by if you choose to begin 2010 in its company.
THQ's Darksiders may not be the most original game, however it works by giving the player a fun gaming experience that attempts to be clever at certain times and actually succeeds. As the game progresses, it's interesting to see the story unfold and more specifically, see our favourite horsemen of the Apocalypse redeem himself through some visually impressive powers and of course, good old fashioned hack 'n ' slash action. Definitely a good way to start 2010!
RPGamer (2010)
Being derivative is generally seen as a bad thing, and copy-cat games usually don't get much attention. However, Darksiders proves that being a copy-cat is alright if you manage to equal the source material in terms of quality. With a decent-sized quest of roughly twenty hours and an adjustable difficulty level, Darksiders should be able to tide over both Zelda and God of War fans until their respective franchises see new installments. The game also ends with a set-up for a potential sequel, so hopefully this won't be the last we see of the end of the world.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 04, 2010)
As Darksiders reaches a gripping conclusion, you’ll no doubt feel proud of your efforts at restoring War as one of the revered Horsmen. There’s surprises along the way, in a narrative that is extremely simple to follow. Vigil Games has created a superb protagonist here, as Darksiders proves that its brawn isn’t a world away from the excellence of Bayonetta. What’s for certain though is that, with two thrilling hack ‘n slash releases already this year, Kratos has a hell of a battle on his hands to remain the god of a considerably evolved war.
DarkZero (Jan 13, 2010)
It’s a shame that Darksiders has been stuck with the same release date as Bayonetta. If people haven’t done their research they may expect it to be in the same genre as Platinum Game’s action witch. Please don’t think that because Darksiders is a great release for the start of 2010, certainly for people who like the action adventure genre. Even if it takes ideas from other games, it mashes them together to make a complete game that plays well and does its inspirations proud. Darksiders is a nice surprise that is well worth 15+ hours of your life to complete it.
80 (Jan 08, 2010)
Darksiders deserves attention. As a new franchise it does so many things right and should find a place for itself in a massively crowded market. If War was a more engaging character and the combat more refined, Darksiders would stand as one of the early contenders for game of the year. Even so, it's a highly entertaining, 15 hour plus adventure, with some gorgeous visuals, devilish puzzles and exciting action. Fingers crossed the no doubt planned sequel will build on this very impressive debut.
80 (Jan 08, 2010)
Ci sono certamente margini di miglioramento e le speranze che Darksiders possa affermarsi in un sequel, limando le poche lacune ove ce ne sia bisogno, non sono affatto remote.
Boomtown (Jan 12, 2010)
Vigil games has produced an outstanding debut title here, and has given 2010 an excellent start for gamers. Darksiders is far from original with a story stolen from religious mythology and gameplay borrowed from other titles, but it's great fun. If you love Zelda, if you like a good hack and slash, even if you have an interest in ancient mythology then there's something here for you, and everyone else, well it's just a bloody good game. I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't all run out and buy this right now, now go get your coat and get down a games shop and do it.
80 (Jan 09, 2010)
Darksiders is het resultaat van een frontale botsing tussen de Zelda- en God of War-reeks. Maar in plaats van een gigantische puinhoop zijn beide samengesmolten tot een hybride die vrijwel alle goede elementen uit het action-adventure en hack-and-slash genre leuk met elkaar combineert, ondersteund door een prima verhaal. Het spel zal geen originaliteitprijs winnen, maar dankzij de grote mate van afwisseling in zowel omgeving als spelelementen, de lange speelduur en sterke puzzels is Darksiders een uitstekende game om het jaar mee te beginnen.
Atomic Gamer (Jan 12, 2010)
Despite a couple of strange mechanical issues and a handful of bugs, Darksiders is a significant accomplishment, even for a well-established company. For a new one like Vigil to pull it off is impressive indeed. Although the game has minor tech problems, it still manages to turn what could be some very dry Biblical themes into one of the most interesting, action-packed games on the market. If Dante's Inferno isn't thinking about Darksiders as competition, by now it certainly should be.
Giant Bomb (Jan 12, 2010)
While you can explain a lot of things about Darksiders by listing off other games that are directly referenced during the adventure, the game doesn't feel like some simple clone. If you like Nintendo's Zelda games and want to see an altered, darker take on its concepts, portions of Darksiders will absolutely blow you away.
IGN UK (Dec 30, 2009)
It's this level of polish and creative assuredness that really make Darksiders such a delight in the end. It's bold and recklessly inventive in ways that games rarely are these days, and virtually every aspect of Darksiders shines with quality, making for an experience that, while not exactly original, still feels fresh, satisfying and, above all else, enjoyable. It's far from the soulless fighter THQ's marketing would have you believe and the deft mix of combat, platforming and puzzle-solving makes for an action adventure that genuinely does feel like an epic endeavour. It's a genre too few developers try their hand at these days and one that's rarely done well. Despite some flaws, Darksiders is an expertly designed, frequently dazzling spectacle - and if it really is the first in a series as Vigil suggests, we're genuinely looking forward to seeing more.
IGN (Jan 05, 2010)
It draws heavily from mechanics established in the 3D Legend of Zelda games and mixes in a forgiving combat system along with elements from a host of other popular titles. It's a goulash of collection mechanics, exploration, and combat we've all seen before, but to Vigil's credit all these elements are adeptly combined in the same product and executed well overall. While the game world could have been developed more, the boss fights leave a lot to be desired, and more interesting things could have been done with the combat and puzzles, the game as it stands is still thoroughly entertaining. If it's successful and a sequel is eventually produced, it'd be great to see a game filled with terrors wielding powers of unknowable strength take a few more risks and step into territory less well-traveled. In the meantime, we should just enjoy the solid puzzle and combat mechanics Vigil is offering, as well as the opportunity to stomp demons as a Horseman of the Apocalypse.
Despite a few annoyances, Darksiders still manages to coax you in with it's scale and scope, proving to be a uniquely enjoyable and involving hack and slash title well worth spending time with. If you can get past a slow start and get to the real meat of the game, then you'll eventually find Darksiders to be an immensely rewarding adventure, that will sate even the most feverish of slice and dice appetites. Until God of War III arrives at least. Until then, Darksider's is a solid enough alternative.
1UP (Jan 11, 2010)
At its best, Darksiders plays like an interactive compilation of this console generation's most interesting game mechanics. At its worst, it's like sitting through a mediocre cover band as they fumble their way through your favorite tunes. There's fortunately enough of the former to make Darksiders worth checking out, even with heavy hitters like Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno, and God of War III vying for your attention.
Hellbored (Jan 18, 2010)
As with many games like this, despite all the complaining I seem to have done, I can still see this enjoying plenty of success. This is either from a simplistic approach appealing to a greater audience, or the legions of Madureira fans being able to ignore the tearing and movement issues. If you allow yourself to become immersed in the story then perhaps you will find more here than I did, but I can’t however, and that’s why Darksiders is more Too Human for me than God of War.
True Game Headz (Mar 01, 2010)
In comes what must be classified as a sleeper hit, “Darksiders” dropped at the top of the new year against what would definitely be some strong opposition from the more hyped up likes of “Bayonetta” and “Army of Two,” and it’s already sold well enough for THQ to confirm a sequel.
Extreme Gamer (Jan 16, 2010)
When admitting this isn’t a contender for the action adventure crown, Darksiders starts to hold its own. The combat, while a little forgiving, is satisfying enough to keep your broad shoulders advancing through the wreckage its demon inhabited world. Darksiders has a lot of solid ideas driven by genuine ambition. However, in the end, Darksiders cannot live up to its initial hype. I am sure that when all the movie pitches are put aside, Darksiders II will be an improvement, with more than one horseman coming to the rescue.
GamePro (US) (Jan 04, 2010)
I liked Darksiders enough that I'm going to recommend that gamers try to look past the shameless cribbing of ideas and discover the relatively worthwhile action experience hidden underneath. But I also hope that the developers will put more effort into the inevitable sequel and make it something more than a derivative also-ran. The idea behind the franchise has enough merit that it deserves a better effort and it's lamentable that they didn't realize that from the very beginning.
Teletext (2010)
It's a Frankenstein creation then, but a thoroughly enjoyable one helped by the colourful and detailed graphics. At the end of the day (or world) being competent but unoriginal is usually better than the reverse.
Ultimately, how much enjoyment you take will depend on whether you fall in love with the cartoonish characters and if you're willing to accept the ridiculous, convoluted plot. Darksiders is well made and passes the time, but it just lacks that 'wow' factor which would elevate it to greatness. There are far too many moments that you'll have seen a hundred times before.
Games TM (Jan 21, 2010)
Unfortunately, though, Darksiders has to be seen as a missed opportunity. It's an open-world that's not open, a Zelda game with no wit or brain power, and a God Of War clone without bite. If by some chance you've never sampled any of Nintendo's finest, then this could prove a far more entertaining post-apocalyptic romp, but on the safe assumption that Games TM readers are a Hyrulian bunch, then Darksiders will just be too much like hard work. So, a homage it is, but one that has probably borrowed the wrong parts.
Gaming since 198x (Feb 25, 2010)
Honnêtement Darksiders n'est pas un mauvais jeu en soi. Il n'y a pas de bugs graves et le jeu fonctionne. Il pourra vous occuper pendant une quizaine d'heures. Mais il n'a aucune âme. C'est une coquille vide qui donne juste envie de jouer aux jeux qu'elle essaye lamentablement d'émuler. Ne perdez pas votre temps dessus et gardez votre argent pour les bons plagiats de Zelda (c'est à dire 3D Dot Game Heroes).

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