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A masterpiece of laughs and horror M C (7) 4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars
The best zombie-related game since Resident Evil J.D. Majors (17) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars
A brutally addicting game Phobos-Romulus (43) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (57 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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When we die, apparently we don't go to heaven or hell. According to Dead Rising, we'll spend the afterlife wandering aimlessly through a mall.
Yahoo! Games (Aug 10, 2006)
First, let us say: It's about time! With Dead Rising, Capcom has finally given zombies their due. If you're a fan of the genre George Romero formulated in Night of the Living Dead, this is the game for you. It's a gleeful gory free-form zombie killing romp and it's just what you've been waiting for.
Hands down, Dead Rising is the most polished game I have played yet on the Xbox360. It has inventive gameplay, an entertaining if predictable story, superlative presentation, a good helping of humour, and a whole lot of depth beyond just killing zombies. I had to refrain from discussing a lot of these at length, simply because half of the fun is in discovering that ‘holy crap! This game does that too?!' for yourself. Lackluster aiming controls and a fairly punishing save system does make the game more challenging and frustrating, but they are hardly deal breakers. Everyone with an Xbox360 should at least give this game a go, because with Dead Rising, the next generation is here at last!
If you're a fan of zombie movies, or you've been waiting for a decent action adventure game during the sleepy summer months, Dead Rising is a godsend. Although the gameplay lacks a certain level of depth (for the most part, you are just hacking away at zombies), we still had the urge to go back into the mall for another round. And the story, dripping with well-crafted camp, is a perfect ode to Dawn of the Dead and its ilk. Don't miss out on Dead Rising. If anything, it's a great way to get out aggression. After all, what's more soothing than crushing a zombie's sternum with a sledgehammer?
Gaming Age (2006)
Capcom has done much, much more than just put a camera around a guy's neck and drop him in a mall full of zombies. There's a tightly woven story, the elements of which are actually part of the game. Seems like a novel idea, but it shouldn't be. Dead Rising is one of the highest notes of the year, on any platform.
Frictionless Insight (Apr 19, 2007)
If you haven't already, check out the best game yet to cross rampant consumerism with the hungering undead. With such a huge mall to explore, and tasks that range from taking on terrorists to shooting zombies like the proverbial barreled fish, there's so much fun available in Dead Rising that this is a must play. You just have to let go of your own fear of death and dependence on the quicksave.
Video Game Talk (Aug 21, 2006)
I highly recommend picking up Dead Rising at your earliest convenience. Gamers who love action titles, Romero loyalists, and achievement junkies will embrace Dead Rising as the next big title until this fall. While I'm always a proponent of renting games, Dead Rising could easily be purchased as the achievements will take at least 30 hours to knock out, specifically for the infinity mode.
Totally Gaming Network (Sep 11, 2006)
have to say that I am having so much fun playing this game, as it is completely different to any other Xbox 360 titles out there. The sheer amount of characters you get on the screen at anyone time is amazing, and this is why this game is special. It appeals to a number of our different emotions, and the game can leave you on a real high, as well as making you genuinely gutted if you have lost a survivor.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 17, 2007)
I couldn't justifiably criticise a single thing in this game; even the single save slot per profile makes sense. So what if you save when you don't have enough time to reach the case deadline? You can just carry on playing for fun and view the alternate endings. Your levelling-up and hindsight knowledge of the shopping mall makes for a better gaming experience on your second play through; there will certainly be less frustration. So you can see, this whole single-save-and-level-up system has been designed to make you enjoy the game time-after-time, preventing any potential impenetrable barrier of difficulty occurring and consequently you giving up completely. There's more than enough to get you playing again and again, and there aren't many games that can do that. This is not a zombie stop-gap until Resident Evil 5 is out; this is an actual game that you do not want to miss.
Game Arena (Dec 19, 2007)
So yes, the best thing about Dead Rising isn't the graphics, or the humour, or the flexibility of play. It's that it succeeds in taking a typical zombie game and transcends it into a proper story. Yes, it's not a tear jerker and nobody is going to think Dostoyevski wrote it, but take a look at your video store. Capcom have done a remarkable job of moving cinematic action and survival horror closer together. It's still a little too gamey in general to reel in non-gamers, but it's one more step towards a world where you don't have to explain why games are appealing - games like this increasingly allow you to show, not tell. Kudos to you, Capcom. A fine recovery from Street Fighter II on Live.
Game Over Online (Aug 28, 2006)
All in all, this is the first absolute must-have exclusive for the 360. You might not like fighting games, Chromehounds is sort of a niche title, and most of the rest of the lineup consists of PC ports. Dead Rising, though, revolves around beating zombies to death with unconventional weaponry, and I submit to you that this is something that everyone can enjoy. Everyone.
Gamezine (Aug 21, 2006)
Dommage pourtant que sa difficulté trop élevée vienne un peu ternir ce chouette programme, dûe au fait que les checkpoints sont trop éloignés les uns des autres. On est donc obligés de se retaper tout un parcours lorsqu’on meurt. Un peu énervant. Mais le reste est tellement fun que vous finirez très vite par oublier ce petit désagrément. Pour peu, on croirait jouer à une adaptation du célèbre film de Romero : Zombie. La référence.
Capcom have once again delivered a triple-A videogame, which is completely fresh and unique, and also very different from what they or anyone else has done before. This is potential game of the year material right here, and I can’t recommend it enough. Xbox 360 is desperately in need of some solid single player games, and Dead Rising is bloody superb. Go get it.
Extreme Gamer (Aug 21, 2006)
Dead Rising is one of the most engaging survival horror games to be released in the last few years. Dead Rising offers a lot to gamers in the way of action, suspense, stress, and humor. Besides Oblivion, no other Xbox 360 has reeled me in like Dead Rising has. If you have an Xbox 360 then you need to check out Dead Rising.
PGNx Media (Aug 16, 2006)
Capcom’s latest title ups the ante for number of zombies onscreen. You might expect a Capcom title involving zombies to give a nod or two to the Resident Evil series but that is not the case here. The action is fast, visceral, and quite enjoyable.
GameDaily (Aug 11, 2006)
Dead Rising was supposed to be my savior, the game that would rescue me from the doldrums of summer while at the same time allowing me to experience (in videogame form) George Romero's classic film, Dawn of the Dead. It's got a humongous shopping mall, thousands of zombies, and hundreds of weapons to kill them with. There's also a copious amount of blood, a decent selection of vehicles to test drive, and just plenty of over the top shenanigans. But unfortunately (and it pains me to say this), Capcom only got it half right.
GameSpy (Aug 08, 2006)
Despite the fact that there are some frustrating elements (namely the save system and AI), Dead Rising is a straight-up blast from start to finish. It offers a ton of replay value as well, since it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to complete the majority of the side missions during your first playthrough. There are also a lot of achievements to be earned, many of which will take a lot of work to obtain. Thankfully, playing through the game will unlock several bonus modes, including one which allows you to roam around the mall forever. Our only request for Capcom when they start work on a sequel is a co-op multiplayer mode, which would be an excellent use of Xbox Live. However, even without it, there's no denying that zombie-slaying has never been more enjoyable.
FOK!games (Sep 12, 2006)
Dead Rising is een heerlijke game voor gamers die het liefst alles in elkaar willen stampen op een schier oneindig aantal mogelijkheden. De game straalt aan alle kanten Horror B-film uit en heeft een grote hoeveelheid zelfspot. Toch konden er wel een paar punten aan de game verbeterd worden. De kleine teksten en de enkele savegame kunnen voor ergernis zorgen, maar over het algemeen is Dead Rising een prachtgame!
89 (Sep 25, 2006)
72 Stunden in einem Einkaufszentrum gefangen. Für manchen an sich schon ein Albtraum werden selbst hart gesottene Einkaufsjunkies die Lust am Shopping verlieren wenn sich Horden von Zombies in der Kassenschlange breit machen. Ob Fotograf Frank in Capcoms neuen Horror-Franchise trotzdem zu seinem Stammkundenrabatt kommt erfährt man in unserem Test!
Netjak (Sep 03, 2006)
Dead Rising is on of those games you seriously have to ready for, because if you play with the intention of getting the best possible ending, you WILL be busy. If you’re just looking to smash the undead, you definitely won’t get the full enjoyment of what this game has to offer. Seemingly endless gameplay emcompassed by a deeply involving environment places Dead Rising as one the best games on the Xbox 360 and a major step up in the genre of adventure gaming.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 12, 2006)
Though they say that you shouldn't judge a book buy its cover, players only need look at the cover of Dead Rising to know what is in store for them. Standing amidst a sea of zombies is a man preparing to use a television as a blunt instrument of destruction. The best part about the cover is the little disclaimer that is on the bottom-left corner next to the ESRB rating that reads, "This game was not developed, approved, or licensed by the owners or creators of George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead." Though it does share the same mall setting similar to the recent Dawn of the Dead, Dead Rising easily distinguishes itself from any other zombie film or game with an entertaining, if slightly flawed combat system and a surprising emphasis on narrative.
Gamernode (Aug 15, 2006)
In the end, despite a few minor flaws and annoyances, Dead Rising is easily one of the best games of the year, and I haven't had as much fun playing a video game in a long, long time. If you're a fan of zombie films, you owe it to yourself to get this game now (assuming you don't already have it). If you're just a fan of games in general, maybe give it a rent to see if it's your style, since these free-roaming games aren't for everyone. Either way, you really need to play it at least once, if for no other reason than to be able to tell people you played it before it got too popular.
TeamXbox (Aug 06, 2006)
Dead Rising’s imminent release got me thinking about this great industry, and it’s hard to believe that video games have been around for over thirty years now. Granted, the first round of electronic wizardry that is now common fare in millions of homes across the world wasn’t exactly the most mind blowing of experiences. Lights flashed, white square blobs moved around the screen, and manipulating those blobs passed for a good time back in the seventies (the abundance of acid and LSD probably didn’t hurt either).
86 (Aug 30, 2006)
Mit Dead Rising ist den Entwicklern ein wirklich gutes Splatter Game gelungen, bei dem neben der reinen Zombievernichtung auch Story und Gameplay ausreichend Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt wurde. Die Komposition aus interessanter Story, großer Bewegungsfreiheit, abwechslungsreicher Gegenstände, witziger Gimmicks und der bedrückend großen Ansammlung von Untoten sorgt für viel Kurzweil. Wir empfehlen volljährigen Spielern den kompetenten Händler ihres Vertrauens aufzusuchen, der den lokalisierten Titel mit englischer Sprachausgabe sicherlich in seinem Sortiment hat. Ein Besuch im Einkaufszentrum war selten so intensiv wie in diesem Spiel!
DarkZero (Sep 12, 2006)
verall the game is good, but slightly flawed - a little more thought from Capcom would have stopped these problems from arising. The story leaves things open for another game at the end, and hopefully they’ll take notice of feedback if they decide on a sequel.
Dead Rising is a game you’ll either absolutely hate, or absolutely love – there isn’t much room for middle ground. Those who love it will likely point to the pure enjoyment that comes with wiping out the undead. On the other hand, those who hate it will point to the numerous gameplay flaws.
Games Finder (Apr 28, 2014)
There isn’t a better way to prepare for the next zombie apocalypse then by playing Dead Rising and it just so happens that the game is crazily entertaining as well.
games xtreme (Sep 19, 2006)
The single save slot might put some folk off, but Dead Rising delivers an action packed zombie hackfest with a conspiracy laden plot to rival that of Resident Evil.
GamesCollection (Jul 25, 2008)
Un must-have per gli amanti del genere ma anche per i casual gamers in cerca di un titolo semplicemente divertente.
Cientos de zombis por masacrar, psicópatas peligrosos que neutralizar, decenas de personas por salvar y un argumento con variedad de finales. Todo ello con un motor gráfico totalmente digno de la next gen, mostrando en pantalla multitud de detalles. La libertad de afrontar el juego de mil maneras distintas hace que se desmarque por completo de sus compañeros de género, y en ese sentido lo revoluciona ya que si alguno puede presumir de ser un Survival horror, ese es Dead Rising. Otros como Resident Evil 4, le superan en cuanto a argumento y puesta en escena, pero este ofrece otras cosas como unos escenarios mucho más detallados, más abiertos y otra forma de jugar totalmente distinta.
Meristation (Sep 08, 2006)
Dead Rising (Xbox 360) Dead Rising es un título robusto, bien armado y con carisma que no escatima en dosis de humor negro, escenas gore, momentos de tensión, épicos y autenticas carnicerías. A pesar de su frescura se echa de menos una trama principal más larga y un sistema de guardado con mejores resultados y menos riesgo. Aun así es uno de los mejores títulos de la consola y un recomendado para los fans de las películas de zombis, de Romero o de las películas gore simplemente. Si no te incluyes en ninguno de estos grupos, puedes darle una oportunidad porque es un título bastante original y con un planteamiento interesante y divertido. Su frescura en el desarrollo. Poder utilizar cualquier cosa a tu alcance para matar zombis cada vez de una forma diferente es divertido. Gráficamente está a la altura. Una historia apasionante. El homenaje a Romero por parte de Capcom. Excelente doblaje en inglés.
XboxFrance (Sep 09, 2006)
D’une richesse étonnante, Dead Rising ne dévoilera tous ses secrets qu’aux joueurs les plus tenaces : la structure arachnéenne de l’aventure conduit naturellement à manquer de nombreux passages intéressants lors de chaque partie, et oblige donc à recommencer le jeu plusieurs fois afin de l’explorer à fond. Si le procédé en énervera certains, il faut avouer que le résultat est là et que les heures de jeu s’enchaînent sans que la lassitude ne vienne mettre son grain de sel. Il faut dire qu’avec une telle réalisation et tant de variété dans la manière d’aborder les combats, une rencontre avec des zombies n’a jamais été aussi jouissive !
X-Power (Sep 04, 2006)
De invalshoek van Dead Rising is dermate origineel en ludiek, dat je de verschillende mankementen die de game rijk is met een kleerkast aan mantels der liefde zal bedekken, en met volle teugen geniet van de ervaring. Bepaalde onvolkomenheden (onder andere het moeilijk leesbare lettertype op SDTV’s) lijken uit een lowbudgetgame afkomstig, maar erover blijven mopperen zou kortzichtig zijn en van een hoog zuurpruimgehalte getuigen. Ook alle vooroordelen over een korte levensduur zijn onterecht. Het hoofdverhaal, de tientallen nevenmissies en de grappige geheimen houden je makkelijk twintig tot dertig uur zoet, en als uitsmijter kan je nog de Infinity-modus unlocken, die je een pittige uitdaging voorschotelt. Dead Rising is een absolute aanrader voor de gamer die eindelijk eens een originele titel wil verslinden.
MS Xbox World (Aug 19, 2006)
The question remains that although not a perfect game is Dead Rising fun? I would say most definitely yes, and it’s this fun factor that propels the game as one of the greats for the Xbox 360 thus far. Dead Rising is a tremendous game and one that no zombie fan should be without. If you can’t wait for the spookier Resident Evil 5 then I suggest that you take a look at Dead Rising.
With that said, it’s obvious that I would recommend Dead Rising for the purchase. Xbox 360 gamers have needed a good action game for months and Dead Rising does the trick. A few things about this game really bite (sorry, had to say it at least once) but the laughs, shocks, and excitement that you’ll receive from this game are more than worth the trouble.
Game Chronicles (Sep 14, 2006)
There is a real enjoyment to be had from playing Dead Rising. With a nearly endless variety of items to utilize in killing a plethora of undead, there are hours of enjoyment in store for any would be zombie slayer. There is also an intriguing story lurking behind the curtain of blood that isn’t fully realized unless the game is played through a couple times to max out Frank’s stats and moves. The more stats and moves a player obtains means the more zombies that are going to be killed, thus allowing players to thrive on the Xbox Live Dead Rising Rankings.
eToychest (Aug 12, 2006)
Why do we find the undead so fascinating? From cinema to video games to even breakfast cereal, the living dead have woven their way into our culture. When it comes to video games specifically, few could argue against Capcom's success at creating titles focused on our obsession with zombies, especially considering the worldwide acclaim that has been afforded to its Biohazard/Resident Evil franchise. Truly Capcom has forgotten more about making games about killing zombies than most companies will ever know, and it is from that experience that it has leveraged its debut release for the Xbox 360, Dead Rising.
84 (Aug 12, 2006)
In the end when it’s all said and done, Dead Rising is easily one of the most enjoyable games I have played on the 360. Despite its glaring flaws, the enjoyment you’ll get from killing thousands of zombies in a mall full of goodies is just simply too much fun. If Capcom could have fixed the save system and done something a little different with the transceiver, Dead Rising would be damn near perfect. But as it stands, it’s a great game that shouldn’t be missed out by any 360 owner or zombie enthusiast.
Gamebrink (Aug 06, 2006)
Dead Rising comes so close to greatness it hurts. Smashing zombies with a huge variety of skills and weapons scattered throughout a seamlessly never-ending mall is always a lot of fun but the case game structure and RPG like leveling system sadly feel out of place. Kudos to the devs at Capcom for breaking out of the mold of standard videogame structure, but while playing through Dead Rising I couldnt help but wish that the mashing was more open ended.
GameSpot (Aug 07, 2006)
While not everything Dead Rising takes a stab at works to its benefit, it's still one of the more unique and enjoyable games on the Xbox 360. There aren't many games that give you the level of pure, bizarre variety that this game does, and its splendidly brutal yet entirely silly brand of action is too much fun to ignore. Some people are undoubtedly going to be severely put off by the constant battle between the game structure and save system, but no amount of structural missteps manage to derail this ride. It's zombie action for people who want zombie action, and it's simply a great piece of entertainment.
XboxAchievements (Jul 01, 2007)
If you can get over the antiquated save system and the fact that Dead Rising is nothing more than homage to all the B-movie zombie flicks of yester-year complete with laughable and corny acting and plot and buckets full of gore, it's a great time to be had. If all that sounds like positives to you, then you are going to freaking love this game. Zombie-haters need not apply!
Lawrence (Aug 23, 2006)
I've spent a good majority of this review ripping on some of the game's features, but don't let it dissuade you from checking this title out. Despite its many flaws and annoying aspects, it's actually a blast to play at times. To truly enjoy it, I'd highly recommend avoiding the main cases on the first playthrough, and use that time to simply level up in preparation for the second time. Bosses will be less annoying, you'll be able to carry more items, and you can run around the mall much faster. If a sequel could address the easily fixable issues in this game, it would be an excellent title. As it is, it's hard to not call it somewhat of a disappointment.
TalkXbox (Aug 18, 2006)
WARNING: This review is not inspired by or developed from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. You will see a warning like this at least three times right as you begin to play Dead Rising, the newest and one of the finest additions to Capcom’s historic library of great games. It’s a funny thing, because everything in this game seems to indeed be inspired by that penultimate of zombie-flicks. But that gimmick aside the game has its own level of innovation and plot development to get into that far surpasses the essential lack thereof in any of Romero’s movies. I will leave the Romero-chat with one other statement though... if you are a fan of Romero’s movies you will have a one-up on others in guessing how this game will end. Let me tell you though it’s not quite what you think and if you want to really truly know what happened to make this “small-town in America” become over-run with zombies you will have to play through this game at least 3 times.
Game Shark (Aug 14, 2006)
Dead Rising didn’t have a lot of buzz about it until about a month or so ago. It seemed even passed over at E3. However, thanks to a very good commercial and a pre-release Xbox 360 Live demo (which I believe is the first demo that has a strategy guide), the game has picked up quite a bit of PR recently. It’s about time we get a mid-summer release that isn’t football and may have potential to be a great game, don’t you think?
Game Revolution (Aug 11, 2006)
Nothing livens up a party like a few zombies. And if a few zombies can make something better, then a lot of zombies should make something awesome, right? That seems to be the theory behind Dead Rising from the undead aficionados at Capcom. As a fellow fan of our non-living brethren, believe me when I say that Dead Rising is indeed the motherload of zombies. It’s bigger than a party; this is a zombie jamboree.
IGN (Aug 07, 2006)
Think of Capcom's Dead Rising as a twisted Toys 'R Us, only instead of action figures and video games, it's katanas and sniper rifles. Part free-form murder spree, part allegorical testament to the virtues of vegetarianism, part fashion show, the core draw of Dead Rising is giving players a bevy of objects and items to violently employ. Like a giddy kid browsing monolithic product aisles at an archetypal toy store, there's a certain joy to be had and curiosity to fulfill by simply discovering what's available. Yet, despite all the bloody thrills, Dead Rising suffers from a few issues that keep it from truly excelling.
eGames (Nov 05, 2007)
Kusi mnie, żeby opisać tu wszystkie smaczki, które Dead Rising oferuje, ale wtedy stracilibyście możliwość ich osobistego odkrywania. Bo to, że dla każdego posiadacza X360 jest to zakup obowiązkowy, to nie ulega wątpliwości. Mnóstwo achievementów do odkrycia (w większości dość trudnych), nie za łatwy poziom trudności, ogrom wątków pobocznych i tysiące zombiaków do unicestwienia, stawiają tą grę na swoistej półce Must Have na X360. Szczerze polecam! Niech zombiaki będą z Wami!
80 (Aug 29, 2006)
Dead Rising is like that ex-girlfriend that keeps calling you back. You’ll find yourself screaming “I love you” just as much as “I hate you”, culminating in a conflict that either ends up with the two of you kissing and making up, or you dropping her cheating ass to the curb, never to see her again.
80 (UK) (Aug 18, 2006)
Even so, Dead Rising's eight survives. I ended my being-chased-by-a-man-with-a-butterfly-net impressions with the standard enthusiastic cliché about needing to discuss it having spent seven hours on it the previous day. A week later, I still know it'll be what I play later, whether it's because I want to try new missions, work on those amusing achievements, get my zombie kill-count up, hit level 50 or seek out the alternative endings. Or ride the motorbike, or other conveyances (you'll see). With Dead Rising, you survive, but it stays with you, and you go back. It may not be licensed by George A. Romero, but it was certainly inspired by him, and it replicates a lot of the feelings he inspired in the viewer. And as I plunge yet another sickle into someone's neck and jerk their head off with my foot, showering myself in blood, I can't help but think that he'd rather approve of it.
Edge (Sep 01, 2006)
Thematically eccentric, mechanically shambolic and technically stunning, Dead Rising is the kind of infectious experience that yearns for a sequel, though that's far from guaranteed considering its pinpoint premise and proximity to Resident Evil. As well as paving the way for the game's greatest Dawn omission - "We got this by the ass" - a co-op mode would give even a straight Willamette reprise a whole new lease of life, should it ever actually need one.
Factornews (Oct 04, 2006)
Dead Rising réalise un exploit : proposer un jeu de zombies qui tient la route, face auquel on se sent vulnérable et impuissant, mais aussi un jeu dont le concept et le déroulement sont tout à fait à contre courant des jeux d'aujourd'hui. A la fois linéaire et totalement libre, offrant un challenge très corsé, avec un système de jeu complexe et riche, c'est un jeu que l'on aborde de différentes manières au fur et à mesure que l'on progresse, renouvelant constamment l'expérience qu'il propose, pendant une bonne vingtaine d'heures pour les moins coriaces, mais d’une durée de vie quasi illimitée pour les autres. Epaulé par une réalisation solide, Dead Rising s'assure une place bien méritée parmi les meilleurs titres Xbox 360, mais également comme référence des genres qu'il mélange judicieusement.
UOL Jogos (Aug 18, 2006)
O maior mérito de "Dead Rising" é ter um estilo único numa época em que idéias originais estão escassas. É um jogo pensado para as novas plataformas de games, capazes de processar um volume maior de informações. O sistema de save, que obriga o jogador a refazer longos trechos, é um banho de água fria, principalmente nos casos mais avançados. As missões se limitam a levar sobreviventes do ponto A ao B e, apesar da variação de dificuldade, também deixam o jogo um pouco repetitivo com o passar do tempo, mas são compensadas pela enorme interação que o shopping oferece. Uma nova franquia de sucesso dos criadores de séries como "Devil May Cry", "Onimusha" e do emblemático "Resident Evil"? Se depender da resposta da crítica e público pode contar com isso. Aliás, uma enquete perguntando sobre o interesse numa possível continuação foi colocada no site oficial do jogo após o lançamento. Mas não espere tanto. Adote já esse zumbi.
Deeko (Aug 11, 2006)
So here I am, forever caught in a digitized version of Dawn of the Dead and just as funny. If I'm not back in three days, then well, I guess I won't be coming back.
PlayDevil (Nov 16, 2006)
Overall I would say this game is a good buy, with 50 achievements, good gameplay, solid controls, a lot of humor, and a good story. This game will keep you busy until the next big game, probably "Gears of War" or "COD3". Of course after a while, you might find the game too repetitive since the only thing you do is killing zombies and taking pictures to upgrade your score. Also too bad that Capcom didn't chose a different save system. At times it will be frustrating to start over again and again. But by no means would that hold me back from purchasing this triple A title. This is truely what zombie fans have been waiting for.
JustPressPlay (Apr 16, 2007)
Just in case you can’t tell by reading this review, Dead Rising is rated “M”; so don’t buy this for your ten year old son. If you could deal with the highly flawed save system you’ll find a great game that just screams replay. Especially since there are about three different endings and several alternate modes after you beat the game. Dead Rising normally retails for about $60 unless you could find a good deal for it.
80 (Sep 04, 2006)
Dead Rising est le gargantua du beat'em all, un truc foncièrement démesuré, violent, rentre-dedans. Capcom est habité par une folie certaine et fait copuler Resident Evil, les Gremlins et Evil Dead. On se sent terriblement bien dans ce mall, eden ludique truffé de possibilités. La narration sous pression de Dead Rising est d'abord infernale, embarrassée par des temps morts injustes. Il faut s'accrocher, recommencer, choisir de suivre le rythme élevé des événements, ou simplement rivaliser d'expérimentations puis relancer les 72 heures une fois l'environnement dans la peau. La rejouabilité naît de cette construction particulière. Dernier regret : le jeu préconise l'exagération mais n'arrive pas à mener son côté jusqu'au boutiste dans les affrontements mano a mano, ce qui est forcément un peu embarrassant. Mais ne nous y trompons pas, Dead Rising est aussi beau et magique qu'une larme de sang.
Part platformer, part pure action, part open-world adventure, there are a number of ways to enjoy Dead Rising. Indeed, if you don’t care why there are zombies in Colorado, you can easily get your money’s worth just running around the mall, doing side tasks and creating undead frappe with lawn mowers and assorted blades. Or you can follow the crisp, well-written, well-translated storyline and solve the mystery. And, best of all, once you finish—or at any time before that—you can start over again, retaining all of your skills and advancements.
GotNext (Aug 18, 2006)
Lack of multiplayer keeps Dead Rising from becoming a truly outstanding game. It's disappointing that the only services Xbox Live offers consist of a leaderboard and downloadable content. If co-op was scrapped to add a sense of hopelessness, then Capcom succeeded. Aside from the unforgiving save system, and frequent (yet brief) load times, Dead Rising is an absolutely blast to play through again and again. The body count in the Resident Evil series doesn't even compare. Zombies aren't the worst thing in the world though. They're slow, and always announce their presence with a quiet moan. It's kind of like being in the company of your grandmother, only she craves the sweet nectar of brains.
Armchair Empire, The (Aug 17, 2006)
Though Dead Rising pulls its inspiration from the George Romero classic Dawn of the Dead, the expected hokiness of the plot and dialogue is surprisingly absent (same for any obvious social commentary). In fact, most of the voice acting actually feels understated. And the blocking of the cutscenes makes Dead Rising feel a little bit like a movie rather than something hobbled together by a game developer. A very fun movie that concentrates on splatting zombie heads with plenty of reasons to come back to try to better previous run-throughs to unlock some cool extras and earn Achievements.
Defunct Games (Oct 31, 2006)
Despite a few design quirks (like stupid computer-controlled survivors, non-stop harassments from Otis and a save system that teeters on being broken) Dead Rising manages to become one of the best new franchises on the Xbox 360. This is the type of game that will have you heading back into the mall long after you've been rescued. This may not be Capcom's first foray into the land of zombies, but this is certainly a fresh take that deserves a look from just about anybody who is not offended by copious amounts of blood.
GamePro (Australia) (Aug 23, 2006)
Dead Rising's varied environments are colorful, crisp, and detailed, the frame-rate remains silky at 720p, and the sound effects are just punchy enough to lend a decent crunch to your attacks. The expansive environments are divided by too-frequent load screens, the story elements fall limp more often than not, and corralling idiotic survivors can try your patience, but the visceral thrill of taking zombies apart is so varied and enjoyable that such disappointments are forgiven. Dead Rising isn't game of the year, but it is a whole lot of mindless fun.
Gameslave UK (Sep 23, 2006)
If you love zombie movies and games then you MUST play Dead Rising as it shows the way zombies should be, they kill you because of overwhelming numbers, and this is the first game that really gets that point across. Not to mention the fantastic amount of weapons and other things I haven't had time to mention. Frank's cross dressing for one, Dead Rising is not a perfect game but it is a very good one. I really hope they make a sequel that addresses some of these issues, maybe a deserted city full of zombies this time.
80 (Sep 19, 2006)
In Dead Rising speel je fotojournalist Frank West, een nonchalante Amerikaan wie voor zijn werk afreist naar een gigantisch winkelcentrum in een relatief klein en afgelegen dorpje ergens in de VS. Al snel ontdekt Frank dat het winkelcentrum overspoeld wordt door zombies; zombies in de meest letterlijke zin van het woord. Ze waggelen maar wat voor zich uit, lopen overal tegenop en zullen louter actie ondernemen wanneer een nog niet geïnfecteerd menswezen bij ze in de buurt komt.
FZ (Sep 14, 2006)
Dead Rising var på förhand ett av de viktigaste spelen till Xbox 360. Det är ett exklusivt spel för Microsofts konsol och tillhör en unik genre som ska kunna locka till sig en del nya köpare. Om det lever upp till de höga förväntningar är omöjligt att säga, men det är ett mycket underhållande spel som dock lider en del av repetitivt gameplay. Är du en person som tröttnar fort på idogt knapptryckande och inte gillar att behöva ta dig igenom samma passage i ett spel flera gånger är det här förmodligen inte något för dig. För de som älskar zombiefilmer är det däremot ett måste för det har aldrig varit så kul att slakta de levande döda som i Dead Rising.
GamesRadar (Aug 08, 2006)
Is Dead Rising a zombie game, or a GTA-esque, sandbox-style beat ‘em up with wall-to-wall undead, or a mash up of dozens of different gameplay styles that are more than the sum of their parts? You would do the game right to call it pretty much all of the above. But one thing that Dead Rising isn't is a mere open-world zombie-killing simulator. That's apparent in its highly structured storyline which remains wonderfully true to every single serious-toned zombie flick that George Romero ever deemed fit to attach his name to: You are Frank West, a freelance photojournalist looking for the scoop to end all scoops.
GamePro (US) (Aug 08, 2006)
Trading in horror's usual dank alleys and noir lighting for an infested shopping mall, Dead Rising's arsenal of ad hoc weaponry is its most valuable asset.
1UP (Aug 04, 2006)
Dead Rising brings to mind memories of other ambitious games that tried to expand the survival-horror genre (like Blue Stinger on Dreamcast back in the day). It has all the hallmarks -- new play styles, a decidedly different pace from the Resident Evil franchise, and (in theory at least) next-generation graphics. And while it suffers from some typical early-generation pitfalls, it's a feverishly inventive game that triumphs over the very shortcomings that threaten to hold it back.
Gamers who grew up surviving horrific Resident Evil videogames and watching gore-de-force Dawn of the Dead remakes know that any real-life walking-dead uprising would both kick ass (hey, everything's free at the mall!) and suck ass (why is Aunt Karen trying to eat my large intestine?). No game encapsulates that apocalyptic dichotomy like Dead Rising, a million-zombie-march brawler that just happens to be the best s***ty game you'll ever play.
Diehard GameFan (Aug 25, 2006)
Dead Rising is yet another solid addition to the 360 lineup of games. Some notable technical issues, questionable design choices, and a lack of certain things that seem natural keep the game from the upper echelons of gaming quality, but what you’re given is still an incredibly entertaining experience. Even if the issues seem a little scary, Dead Rising is definitely worth the investment of a rental, and the sheer amusement of killing lots of zombies is enough to justify the cost of ownership on alone. Worth a look, if nothing else.
Good Game (Oct 10, 2006)
OK well, this game wasn't the best, but I still had fun with it. 7/10 from me.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 28, 2006)
The game also suffers from an excessive number of loading screens, and the font used to display dialogue is incredibly tiny. Finally, the missions can be tedious at times, forcing you to backtrack all over God's creation while your annoying cell phone rings off the hook. Dead Rising is definitely a crowd-pleaser, offering ample eye candy and an unsurpassed degree of instant gratification. But those who play the entire game will almost certainly develop a love/hate relationship with it somewhere along the line.
Good Game (Oct 10, 2006)
Look, you're obviously a zombie fan. If you're a zombie killing fanatic, you WILL have fun with this game. But I'm not, so I'm giving it 6 chickens.
It's unfathomable to imagine a game featuring thousands of gory targets waiting around to be hacked up with a lightsaber toy to end up a failure. While not a total loss (it's impossible to make zombie mutilation dull in any form), Dead Rising's full potential is never found. Its goal isn't to let the player enjoy its superbly crafted playground; it's only here to lead the player to one frustrating failure to another due to an absurd save system that's a far too critical design choice to ignore.