Dead Rising Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Frank West: photojournalist.
The sleepy little town of Williamette.
You're awarded points based on number of subjects and types of actions in your photos.
Frank is met on the mall's roof by a mysterious character.
Famous last words?
Who's slow and stupid now?
The barricade has failed.
Time to run!
Federal agent Jessie, played by a 12-year-old girl in an inflatable bra. You stay creepy, Japan.
Otis watches the security monitors, and will constantly harass you over the radio.
You have to solve the mystery in 72 hours.
Nearly anything can be used as a weapon. Like kicking a ball.
Frank earns new combat moves as he levels up.
Aside from 72 overall hours, you also have time limits to get to missions. The watch helps you keep track.
You can drop Servbot helmets on zombie heads for comedy gold.
Use a park bench to plow a path.
Loading a new area reminds you how much time you have left.
Smack zombies with a guitar.
Sporting a Mega Man helmet and a Mega Buster that launches foam balls. We're badass.
Grab a skateboard to get around faster.
Or, you can always just shoot zombies. Booooring!
Recreating the lawnmower scene from Peter Jackson's "Braindead".
Capture and shatter queens to instantly kill zombie groups.
The maintenance tunnels are packed with the undead.
Frank can try on different clothes... even some he shouldn't.
Skewer a zombie with the excavator...
...then use his spinning body to plow through other zombies.
More chainsaw? Yes, please.
Frank's katana skills are unmatched.
Aim at the zombies wheeling propane tanks for explosive results.
I want to ride the indoor roller coaster and I'm NOT waiting in line!
Break open a gumball machine...
... and all the nearby zombies slip on the gumballs!
Frank can find vehicles to drive in limited areas.
Psychopath (boss) battles are necessary, and tough if you're unprepared.
Escorting survivors to safety. Their AI can defend themselves a bit.
Zombies become more aggressive at night, and their eyes glow evil red.
Frank earns new moves as he levels up. Judo throw!