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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.6
Overall User Score (9 votes) 4.4

Critic Reviews

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Games TM (Feb 17, 2011)
While its predecessor borrowed heavily from various media to create a solid horror/action foundation, the sequel grows the brand with ingenious mechanics of its own - concepts like using depressurisation and even enemies as weapons lent all the more impact by Visceral's undeniable technical prowess - to reinvent a genre and unequivocally define it in one fell swoop.
The Game Hoard (Oct 16, 2019)
Moments of quiet terror might be rarer in Dead Space‘s sequel, but Dead Space 2 still brings the horror goodness with its grotesque and varied Necromorphs and the game’s heavy embrace of unsettling gore. It’s just as likely to make you jump as to squirm, nailing its moments of subtle dread while also featuring action-packed sequences of flying through zero gravity and gunning down groups of zombie-like mutants. The overrun colony provides plenty of diverse locations both in layout and in tone, and when the worst thing to really say about the game are its low amount of bosses, Dead Space 2 shows that this might have been the right direction for the series. The balanced multiplayer that fully embraces the action with players playing as both capable gunners and the unusual Necromorphs only further cements this game’s excellence.
Giant Bomb (Jan 24, 2011)
Two years later, it turns out EA's Visceral Games team still knows how to make a damn fine horror-action game.
AusGamers (Jan 25, 2011)
It’s the attention to detail that carries everything so seamlessly throughout, and if it’s not in your face, it’s in your periphery, or in your rear-speakers. From the incredibly functional city and its believable components and “lived-in” feel, to the creepy sounds off in the distance; that single spanner dropping from up on high to create a disturbing and disrupting echo, Dead Space 2 will unnerve you, it will scare you and it will grab you, by the throat, or your legs as you scurry to get away, and devour you. Whole.
That Gaming Site (Feb 04, 2011)
Still, Dead Space 2 does everything that the first title did and better. So far in advance of the original in every conceivable way, it makes the first title look like a demo. Bigger, better, bloodier, broodier, smarter, funnier and with more action, horror and intensity than most games, Dead Space 2 is the first must-have title of the decade.
Destructoid (Jan 24, 2011)
Dead Space 2 is a ludicrously intense, graphically gorgeous, thoroughly atmospheric game that takes everything the first title did and ramps up the absurdity to dangerous levels. It's cheesy to say that "if you liked the first game, you'll love the sequel," but in this case, I think that's a very fair assessment. Dead Space 2 is Dead Space with the tuning at its finest and the scares at their most delicious. Action horror has reached a new peak with Dead Space 2.
95 (Jan 27, 2011)
Troquant son originalité au profit d'une aventure plus variée, Dead Space 2 synthétise à nouveau les désirs les plus fous nés de la rencontre du cinéma fantastique et du survival-horror. Si on lui reprochera un scénario bâclé, une dernière ligne droite trop orientée "action", un multi 1.0 et, éventuellement, une absence de boss, comment ne pas encenser ce titre multipliant d'instinct les scènes cultes. Tour à tour, terrifiant, posé et fonceur, Dead Space 2 se savoure sur la longueur tant la découverte de cette station fantôme titille notre curiosité morbide. Cumulant à nouveau une bande-son tout simplement parfaite, une aventure équilibrée et de multiples clins d'oeil à destination des fans, l'oeuvre de Visceral fait montre une fois encore d'un beau paradoxe en amenant le plaisir né de l'effroi. Jamais cauchemar n'aura été aussi savoureux...
games xtreme (Feb 09, 2011)
Dead Space 2 is a great game, it has a really solid ending and a story that I wanted to finish to see what happened to Isaac Clarke, a hero I actually cared about in 2. If you like survival horror, science fiction and some really good quality with your experience, forget Resident Evil, Dead Space is the new king of the genre.
Cheat Code Central (Jan 25, 2011)
Survival horror may be a dead genre, or a dying one, and other than improving its personal formula (which it does very well), Dead Space 2 doesn't offer that much in the way of innovation. Chances are likely that once you start playing it though, you'll be scared enough that you won't care—or even be aware of a difference.
Lazygamer (Jan 31, 2011)
Dead Space 2 is quite simply a phenomenal game and an even better sequel. The controls are near perfect, the menu designs and game systems are ridiculously sharp and intuitive and the story expands into something much bigger via an epic, action packed yet terrifyingly immersive psychological thriller / horror that lasts 10-11 hours and includes multiplayer as well as a the potential for multiplayer play-throughs. Dead Space 2 is easily the best survival-horror game of this generation as well as possibly one of the better games in this generation overall. Unless you are heavily turned off by violence and/or horror, this game deserves a place in your video game library.
XboxAchievements (Jan 25, 2011)
Dead Space 2 isn't necessarily better than the first game, it just improves in some areas that weren't necessarily that bad to begin with. The audio is still utterly masterful, creating suspense at all the right junctures, while the visuals and gameplay make Visceral's game one of the finest examples of cinematic gaming at its best. The bottom line however, is that Dead Space 2 is one of the most downright terrifying games that you're ever likely to play. It'll give you nightmares, guaranteed.
Spazio Games (Jan 26, 2011)
Sono così tanti i passi avanti fatti da Visceral Games con Dead Space 2 che si potrebbe quasi parlare di “naturale evoluzione” di un prodotto autocosciente, che sembra aver imparato tutto il possibile dalle proprie mancanze. Unico neo, un comparto multigiocatore fuori luogo e poco più che accessorio, che regalerà solo rari attimi di soddisfazione. Poco male, dato che al suo fianco c’è una campagna in grado di tenere alto il nome dei survival horror in anni ad essi poco favorevoli, seppure con l’evoluzione che il passare del tempo ha imposto. Un’esperienza terrorizzante, impegnativa anche per i giocatori più navigati e soprattutto in grado di bissare quella rara sensazione offerta già dal suo predecessore una volta raggiunti i titoli di coda: quella di aver compiuto una piccola impresa, e di poter finalmente tirare un sospiro di sollievo. Almeno fino al prossimo incubo…
1UP (Jan 25, 2011)
Though, when both the multiplayer and the single-player's biggest flaws are, "they aren't as good as some of the amazing elements in this game," you have a damn fine game (if you have both a PS3 and the Xbox360, a slight nod to the PS3 version if only because you also get Dead Space: Extraction as a free bonus if your copy is among the initial "Limited Edition" allotment, plus just one disc versus the 360's two). But this isn't just a clear, "this game is better than its predecessor," situation. Take away the interface tweaks and improved mechanics behind how Isaac moves and feels, and examine the overall structure, you don't have a "good game and then a better game," you have two different games: a creepy sci-fi horror game with some damn good action versus a damn good sci-fi shooter with some creepy parts.
Edge (Jan 25, 2011)
Dead Space 2 isn’t as tidily self-enclosed as its predecessor. Multiplayer stretches the experience, and a new harder-than-impossible mode unlocked after a first completion resets players to their past save after each death, giving them just three saves to use along the way. It loses something of the tough-but-contained challenge of the first game, which offered a temptingly realistic shot at 100 per cent completion and resonated with efficiency of presentation, gameplay and setting. But this is perhaps a fair price to pay for a wonderfully crafted sequel. The game’s excellent controls and stream of grisly scares make it the current standard for survival horror, and it now boasts eruptions of blockbusting action that rival this generation’s biggest games.
GamesCollection (Jan 31, 2011)
Un seguito, crea moltissime preoccupazioni, specialmente, se il suo predecessore è stato eccellente. DS2 vince questa sfida, presentandosi come il nuovo punto di riferimento del genere Survival Horror. Un vero e proprio capolavoro che va giocato ad ogni costo. Lasciatevi contagiare dalla follia del Marchio, o combattete contro di essa!
GameSpy (Feb 03, 2011)
That minor misstep aside, Dead Space 2 is one of hell of a game. The hero's newfound voice adds an emotional impact and resonance that the original game sorely lacked, and I genuinely wanted to see Isaac conquer his inner demons nearly as much as the outer variety. In such an intense game (one of the most intense I've ever played), it's funny that the quiet moments were the one that really stood out.
90 (Feb 09, 2011)
If I were to compare the shift in tone from Dead Space 1 to Dead Space 2 I would liken it to the change from Terminator one to the balls to the wall action spectacle that was Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Dead Space 2 takes the mute faceless protagonist of Dead Space and throws him head first in to a non-stop action romp, soaked in excess gore. It may only be February, but Dead Space 2 is already a contender for Game of the Year 2011.
GamingBolt (Jan 25, 2011)
Simply put, Dead Space 2 is a game that you should invest your money in, without any second thoughts. The single player campaign is exhilarating with even more scares and chills than there ever were in the first game. The game also manages to take a look at the tragic life of Clarke and hence puts more emphasis on the storyline this time around, one of the things that I think was missing in the original. Add to that some amazing zero gravity sections and insane weapons, and you have a winner on your hands. It will be interesting to see what direction the series will take with the inevitable Dead Space 3.
Brash Games (Feb 15, 2011)
Dead Space 2 takes everything that was great about the original – the sense of constant, underlying fear, the satisfying combat and immersive, diegetic interface – and cranks it up to eleven. Subtle touches lend a foreboding air to proceedings, while the fact that there’s also a decent multiplayer offering alongside the gloriously stomach-turning story mode also makes it a title that will have you playing long after the main adventure has concluded. A terrifying thrill ride that never loses pace and comes highly recommended – if you think you can stomach it, of course.
Gametactics (Mar 14, 2011)
Nothing in Dead Space 2 feels safe. The game is almost as scary as the first and definitely has a lot more action. I forget who said it but someone said the difference between the first Dead Space and this one is akin to Alien and Aliens and they couldn’t be more right. The action factor has been taken up a couple notches but the fear still remains. . The story may not be as great as it should be but the story of the world and its events is the true tale and it’s still strong. The multiplayer is mediocre and forgettable. The graphics have been taken up a notch and the sound design is still at the top of the industry. Whereas Dead Space 1 felt like it was influenced by the horror of System Shock 2, Dead Space 2 feels like it was influenced by the action and cinematic moments of Call of Duty. It gives it a slightly different feel but it always feels like home. Dead Space 2 is a worthy follow up to one of the best games of this generation. Go and buy it.
90 (Mar 07, 2011)
This game is well worth the $60 price tag. It keeps you interested through the end and really makes you feel you are one with the main character. You have a sense that you need to keep playing throughout the game. Visuals and Sound really push this game to the top tier of games this year.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jan 25, 2011)
Sedan stör jag mig på att man under spelets första timmar behöver fjanta runt med sitt inventarieutrymme i den mån som ibland behövs. Innan man har fått nya dräkter är utrymmet att förvara saker på ganska snålt tilltaget och då jag avskyr att behöva sortera bort och växla saker i inventariet blir detta till ett irritationsmoment. Dead Space 2 är ett lysande skräckspel som verkligen engagerar spelaren, att det kombineras med ljuvlig teknik och härlig spelbarhet gör det hela ännu bättre. Skräck blir nästan inte bättre än såhär.
Planet Xbox 360 (Jan 26, 2011)
Dead Space 2 delivers on every level possible. It’s freakin’ intense (the first 30 seconds of the game totally set the mood), fun to play and wonderfully designed, even going as far to top Visceral’s previous work on Dante’s Inferno. Kudos to EA for making a sequel that steps up its game and really makes you work for survival, rather than taking the usual route that some franchises like to stay on. Now let’s see what it can really do with Dead Space 3, shall we?
Worth Playing (Feb 07, 2011)
Dead Space 2 hits every base that matters with the precision of a well-aimed plasma cutter. It's also a sharp testament to Visceral Games' hard work in proving again how a single-player experience can still be beautifully relevant in a hobby where online multiplayer can sometimes come off as an entitlement. From the harrowing homecoming to the sheer insanity of its endgame, Dead Space 2 was a trip back into a visceral vacuum of flying body parts, human desperation and personal triumph.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Feb 01, 2011)
If Dead Space 2 were a sci-fi character, it would be the cigarette smoking man from The X-Files: dark, mysterious, sinister, and intense. If you're a survival horror fan then look no further - Dead Space 2 provides the genre master-class on current-gen systems. The one major detraction is a disappointingly shallow multiplayer experience.
Hooked Gamers (Jan 27, 2011)
Dead Space 2 had quite a lot to live up to, and it certainly meets if not exceeded those demands. The story is great and well told, the combat is just as interesting as it was in 2008, and the inclusion of a multiplayer mode that though flawed, still adds a good amount of replay value to the game. Visceral’s latest title is not only an excellent addition to their franchise, but also to the survival horror genre as a whole. Regardless of your experience with the franchise or the genre, you will find a lot of value in Dead Space 2. It may only be January, but we may already have a contender for the title of Game of the Year.
Digital Chumps (Feb 02, 2011)
Dead Space 2 works on two levels. Strong gunplay and near-perfect control form a great shooter, but indulging in the fiction and emerging frail and traumatized provides an experience of much greater value. Its best asset, and honestly most surprising, is the means through which this reaction is achieved. The story is by-the-book, but the countless instances of menacing audio and sinister visual imagery give way to a near permanent sense of dread and apprehension. Not unlike humor, effective horror is extremely hard to do in the realm of interactive entertainment, but Dead Space 2 pulls it off with remarkable success. It doesn't hurt that it's a great game, too.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 27, 2011)
Dead Space 2 is enjoyable. It's a great action title but it's the deeper, complicated facets of the game that firmly puts it in the running for Game of Year, even this early in 2011.
GameZ (Jan 28, 2011)
Dead Space 2 biedt gamers met voorliefde voor actie en horror een super spannend en verrassend avontuur. Visceral Games is er perfect in geslaagd om de kleine minpuntjes uit het originele Dead Space te verwijderen. Dead Space 2 biedt een intrigerend verhaal, ontzettend veel sfeer, schrikmomenten en de nodige plotwendingen. Het zit er allemaal in. De spelwereld is meer divers, ziet er mooi uit en biedt een goede mix van harde actie, puzzels en verkennen. Het is een game die je lastig weg kunt leggen. Je wilt altijd nog net even verder. Wie alleen voor de singleplayer gaat, krijgt een avontuur van rond de twaalf uur dat je niet zo snel zal vergeten. Voor de fans is er dan nog de herspeeloptie new game+ en de wat onoriginele multiplayer. Alleen de singleplayer is echter al een prachtige score van 90 waard.
90 (UK) (Jan 25, 2011)
Considered in isolation, Dead Space 2's ambience, brute frights and player toolset are good rather great. But in combination, these three elements prove as irresistible as the pull on Isaac exerted by a malfunctioning airlock. For once, you'll want to let go.
90 (Jan 25, 2011)
Als Dead Space het prototype was, dan is dit vervolg het eindproduct. Natuurlijk zijn er bepaalde ontwerpkeuzes verloren gegaan, maar het geheel steekt een stuk beter in elkaar. De verandering van koers die vooraf nog zo overbodig leek, kunnen we na het spelen alleen maar heel logisch vinden. Maar waar het vooral om draait is dat Dead Space 2 een eigen aantrekkingskracht heeft.
GameTrailers (Jan 25, 2011)
The first couple hours with Dead Space 2 are very familiar, but it's one of those rare games that just keeps getting better. It's still a very dreary game that can make long play sessions a challenge, yet there are scores of moments that stick with you for quite some time. The multiplayer is a disappointment, but it's a much more accessible game that won't leave fans in a lurch. Pick it up, turn down the lights, turn up the sound and check your nerves at the door.
GamesRadar (Jan 25, 2011)
Keeping almost everything that made the original great while taking suitable steps to amp up the fun, Dead Space 2 will please both the series’ fans and those just starting with this haunting adventure.
IGN (Jan 21, 2011)
Dead Space 2 is more than just an action game and it's more than a survival horror game -- it's a game that tells a really personal story about a guy who has been seriously scarred by the events around him. That premise alone makes it interesting, but Visceral Games melds it with rewarding combat, shocking enemies, and huge set pieces before tossing it into a world that's truly creepy and scary. I didn't find multiplayer that interesting and would've liked to have seen Isaac stop being an errand boy, but none of that spoils what you're getting here. The shocking moments, the gruesome deaths, and the fun of playing through this experience again and again are what I took away from this one. Dead Space 2 is an excellent game, and it's well worth your time and money.
88 (Jan 28, 2011)
Düster, verstörend, brillant: Vor allem in den ersten Stunden zieht Visceral Games alle Register und serviert mit gezielten Schockeffekten, blutiger Action und einer beklemmenden Atmosphäre einen packenden SciFi-Horror erster Klasse. Alleine die grandiose Soundkulisse kann anfällige Spieler bei der nächtlichen Erkundung der Sprawl mit ihrer markerschütternden Dynamik schon in den Wahnsinn treiben - die kraftvolle 5.1-Abmischung ist im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes beängstigend! Doch auch das geniale Spiel mit Licht und Schatten, subtile Elemente wie kleine Bewegungen im Hintergrund sowie Isaacs Psycho-Attacken sorgen in den abwechslungsreichen Kulissen für dieses gewisse Kribbeln im Bauch - das unwohle Gefühl zu wissen, dass jeden Moment etwas Furchtbares passiert. Leider nutzen sich die Spannungs- und Schockmomente mit der Zeit und dem stärkeren Waffenarsenal ab, wiederholen sich und werden vorhersehbar.
Dead Space 2 so much like the first game that anything you like about that one you will enjoy in number two.
Games Finder (Jul 30, 2013)
If that isn’t enough Dead Space 2 now also offers a multiplayer mode where two teams of four players (one playing the humans and the other the Necromorphs) battle it out.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan 28, 2011)
Dead Space 2 neemt wat afstand van zijn horror roots, maar levert een consistent sterke ervaring af, met een multiplayer luik er bovenop. Ongetwijfeld een van de sterkere titels van het voorjaar.
GameSpot (Jan 25, 2011)
Dead Space 2 doesn't bring with it the same sense of experiencing something utterly new and innovative that its predecessor did. But it's nonetheless a terrific game, with a campaign that simultaneously leaves you satisfied and eager for more, and intense multiplayer that gives you a great reason to keep coming back to this terrifying universe. Unless you're just plain chicken, this is a sci-fi horror adventure you definitely want to suit up for.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 07, 2011)
The game provides a number of action-packed set-pieces which are often almost cinematic in their delivery but there’s also a lack of proper boss battles which is slightly disappointing as the first game fully embraced this classic gaming element. There are many moments when you’re taken by surprise and forced to act quickly, but they don’t seem as memorable as some of those experienced in Dead Space and often require only frantic button-mashing to escape. The game’s progression is streamlined but seems to flash by in its approximate eight-hour length. It certainly offers a wide scope for further run-throughs with its tough advanced difficulty settings and multiplayer options. Dead Space 2 provides an innovative and haunting gaming experience; it competently continues on the foundations laid by its innovative predecessor and serves to massively expand what is already a popular cross-media franchise.
GameZone (Jan 26, 2011)
Dead Space 2 is a fantastic experience, filled with stunning action sequences and environments that inspire fear, as opposed to relying on cheap scare tactics. Creatures still jump out once in a while, but not before a few seconds of spinning around, desperately searching for the source of that gurgling sound. I’m disappointed that the story never pays off, and seems more like a bridge to a third installment (getting close to Earth). It may not be deep, but it is an exciting journey, and possibly the most frightening game since the original Dead Space.
D+PAD Magazine (Feb 05, 2011)
As a sequel to one of the most honed and focussed experiences you can play on the current crop of consoles, Dead Space 2 is a success; it looks and sounds incredible and those hankering for more of the same are serviced well enough. Visceral Games have also done much to push the series in new directions, thereby expanding the series’ repertoire and the inclusion of a (somewhat uninspiring) multiplayer mode also broadens the package. Unfortunately, the new-found focus on perfectly efficient – yet vaguely run of the mill – action has come at the expense of atmosphere and how interesting the overall experience actually is. Dead Space 2 is a great action adventure/survival horror game then – it just isn’t necessarily the greatest game in the Dead Space series.
80 (Jan 25, 2011)
Dead Space 2 is sometimes a confused and disappointing production, but more often than not it's tense and fascinating. Just make sure that, whatever you do, you don't fzzfzgghzhghghghcrkrkkkckkkzzzzzzz...
Video Games Daily (Jan 25, 2011)
Last week, producer Shereif Fattouh told VG247 that Dead Space had “its own market”, that it had “carved out its own identity”. Scrolling down the list of references and parallels – which includes, of course, 2K’s similarly lore-rich and politically-aware Bioshock – it’s tempting to scoff. But after 20 hours with the game, I find myself nodding in agreement: “carving out” is exactly the right way of putting it. Patently unterrifying, Dead Space 2 is nonetheless a feat of paradigm-splicing worthy of Frankenstein himself. Its pick-and-mix creation has left it somewhat scarred, repurposed muscles and organs bulging through the skin, but somehow everything works in harmony. All told, Isaac Clarke can do without his day job.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jan 25, 2011)
Even without multiplayer, is Dead Space 2 worth the price of admission? Absolutely. With variable difficulty options and the ability to replay the game from the beginning with all upgrades, the 10-12 hour story is worth at least a couple of playthroughs—even though the final chapter will have you tearing your hair out both times. Only Alan Wake stands a chance of rivaling Dead Space 2 for best survival horror game since Resident Evil 4. It absolutely deserves a place in any true gore gamer’s collection, and it’s a nightmare you won’t want to wake up from.
Micro Hebdo (Mar 03, 2011)
Dans ce deuxième opus, qui ne recèle presque aucune nouveauté, l'histoire n'est encore une fois qu'un prétexte à des scènes d'action parfois très violentes. Pour autant, la réalisation est magnifique : modélisation, lumières, musiques, effets sonores spatialités, ergonomie... Résultat, l'ambiance est oppressante comme jamais, et tout est fait pour que vous sursautiez et que votre palpitant s'emballe : ce titre n'est donc pas destiné à tous les publics. On lui pardonnera son manque d'originalité, tellement la recette est efficace.

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