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Impulse Gamer (Dec, 2010)
For some reason, I get déjà vu while I'm playing this game because surely the developers, especially Hudson would have learnt by now that games like this are not acceptable on the Nintendo Wii, especially on the XBox 360. Oh well, just like the Move for the PlayStation 3, Microsoft can finally enjoy shovelware like all the other consoles.
GameSpot (Nov 23, 2010)
The unpleasantness that is Deca Sports Freedom is spread across a variety of game modes that include one-off matches and a small handful of tournament formats, but the core issues that plague the game remain in full effect no matter how the events and teams are organized. Local two-person multiplayer lets you share in the pain with a friend, while the game's online component allows for four players to awkwardly flail together. However, the online community is so sparse that we weren't able to find a match over several days' worth of repeated attempts. The lack of players online is probably for the best, though, because this terrible sports compilation is a plain and simple mess. The most freeing part of Deca Sports Freedom is not playing it at all.
22 (Nov 26, 2010)
Okay: Kinect Sports war nicht der Überflieger, aber hat einen in Ansätzen interessanten Ausblick auf das gegeben, was mit Microsofts Bewegungs-Steuerung möglich ist. Das ähnlich gelagerte Sports Island Freedom ist hingegen nicht mehr als ein misslungener Versuch, die gutgläubigen Kinect-Käufer der ersten Stunde zu verführen. Daher eine Warnung: Finger weg! Die zehn Sportarten sind zwar grundsätzlich reizvoll und in ihrer Zusammenstellung gleichermaßen gewagt wie einzigartig: Wo bitte kann man sonst Tennis neben Eiskunstlauf und Paintball finden? Doch die Umsetzung lässt stark zu wünschen übrig. Die Animationen der Avatar-Charaktere sind schwach und werden nur noch von der im besten Fall mittelmäßigen Bewegungserkennung übertroffen. Vor allem Tennis und Volleyball sind trotz intensiver Versuche größtenteils zufallsabhängig, damit beinahe unspielbar und bergen enormes Frustpotenzial. Und obendrauf kassiert Sports Island auch noch den Sonderpreis für die unhandlichste Kinect-Menüführung.
20 (UK) (Dec 08, 2010)
Perhaps Sports Island Freedom is best summed up by the person I forced to help me test out the multiplayer mode. His verdict, following several long minutes of tedious menu navigation and 48 seconds of gameplay: "What is the point of this? It is appalling."
GamesRadar (Dec 03, 2010)
We could spend another 500 words detailing Deca Sports Freedom's numerous and significant problems, but let's just say this: many of the included sports are essentially unplayable in any meaningful fashion, and the rest simply aren't fun. If Microsoft had put this out as the shining example of the Kinect's capabilities, we'd had already laughed it off as the biggest flop in gaming. Luckily, it's not: Deca Sports Freedom just happens to be creatively and conceptually bankrupt.