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Cheat Code Central (Oct 19, 2012)
This is very obviously a teaser for Doom 4. This collection is a little something for fans to whet their appetites with in preparation for id's long-awaited reveal of the long-in-development fourth installment. With that said, this is one of the best HD re-releases I've played so far. You won't confuse this with any recently released games, but outside of some obvious trademarks of the previous generation of games (such as an overall lack of detail on the characters and world), this is a stunning game.
GamesCollection (Jan 31, 2013)
Come introdotto in precedenza Doom è una pietra miliare del panorama videoludico. Nonostante i suoi difetti ormai datati, sarebbe forse un po’ troppo scontato e soprattutto irriverente criticarlo in termini di gameplay e resa grafica accostandolo alle nuove produzioni. Non dimentichiamo inoltre che un titolo fps o terza persona survival horror avrebbe il compito di tener in tensione il giocatore se non di spaventarlo e angosciarlo come potrebbe accadere, con la lettura di un ottimo libro o di un film visto a luci spente. Purtroppo le nuove produzioni investendo su resa grafica, IA e gamplay, perdono spesso di vista questo obiettivo, che viene trascurato a scapito di una maggior componente “action “ .
ZTGameDomain (Oct 22, 2012)
Doom 3 BFG Edition is an outstanding package for the price tag. If you have never played the original Doom 3, it is a must for fans of the genre. I have been anticipating the announcement of Doom 4 for a long time, as I grew up playing the original series on my PC and simply love it. If you have played the game, this is by far the best version outside of modding it on PC with those crazy texture packs. Anyway you slice it, I really think this is a solid collection for the price, and anyone who loves the series should definitely check it out. Doom is solidified in my brain as one of the greats in gaming history, and this package shows you why.
G4 TV: X-Play (Oct 23, 2012)
Doom 3: BFG Edition is, without a doubt, the definitive collection for fans of this series. The package brings together virtually every Doom offering that has ever existed, with additions like the "duct tape" mod and The Lost Missions amounting to delicious gravy. We've seen many iterations of the various games in re-releases over the years, but BFG Edition is the best. Hopefully it's also the last that we see before the long-rumored reveal (and release) of Doom 4.
Game Over Online (Nov 05, 2012)
DOOM 3 BFG Edition is basically an appetizer for the main course that is DOOM 4. Still, it’s a fantastic bundle for any horror enthusiast or DOOM fan, or even anyone looking to relive one of the better games of the last generation. It’s flawed, sure, but there’s almost a bit of charm in that.
Rely on Horror (Oct 31, 2012)
In the end, Doom 3 BFG Edition is definitely worth it. It’s a game that continues to stand as one of the best survival horror games, and hell, it’s scarier than most of the mainstream horror games we’ve gotten in this console generation. Some parts may be a bit dull, but that doesn’t stop the entire experience from being truly memorable and highly replayable. Thanks to this release I was finally able to experience each main game in the series all in one place.
IGN (Oct 25, 2012)
Doom 3 is a very good game, probably better than you remember. For PS3 owners who've never gotten any of this content, it's a particularly great deal. BFG Edition is a tough sell for the PC crowd, but console jockeys who missed it when it was the next big thing should dive on in. While several nagging issues can make it feel more like a rushed port rather than the definitive director's cut it should be, there's no denying that Doom 3 has improved with age.
75 (Oct 22, 2012)
Doom 3: BFG Edition raccoglie parte della storia del celebre brand in un comodo pacchetto, aggiungendo un paio d'ore di gameplay inedito con i sette livelli che compongono The Lost Mission. Purtroppo mancano Final Doom e i Master Levels di Doom 2, oltre al multiplayer per i primi due capitoli, e 40 euro, ovvero dieci in più rispetto alla versione PC, non sono pochi. Ma l'esperienza offerta dal titolo idSoftware resta di alto livello, nonostante le modifiche tese ad aumentare la frenesia che tradiscono, in parte, l'impostazione del titolo. Per fortuna restano intatti svariati momenti di tensione che esaltano il perfetto gioco di luci ed ombre ulteriormente potenziato dal nuovo sistema di illuminazione. Purtroppo, nonostante le migliorie, il comparto tecnico, almeno per quanto riguarda la versione Xbox 360 del titolo, subisce il passare degli anni e le mancanze in termini di map design emergono ormai con prepotenza.
Doom 3 BFG Edition is, on the one hand, a grand celebration of Doom, bringing together the first two games with an updated version of the third, along with its expansion and a new side adventure, and on the other, a bit of a mess. The minor slowdown, the weird restriction of having to play the original two through My Games and not the in-game menu if the third is installed, and the lack of an option to revert to the old style of play are unfortunate, given the age of the titles and the opportunity to bring Doom to a new generation. Even though its cyclic encounter design wears thin towards the end, I was surprised by how much I still enjoyed Doom 3 and how atmospheric it remains. It may have lost some of the ‘oomph’ of the first two by going the horror route, but it remains a solid shooter—and one that happens to be available alongside two of the best.
73 (Nov 24, 2012)
One thing Doom 3: BFG Edition is not short on is value for your dollar. With so much content, the price tag is indeed justified. Even more so when you consider that Doom 3 is a great game that offers plenty of scares to even the most seasoned gamers. While some aspects of the game have not held up well over the past eight years, Doom 3 is still a very formidably game, and one that is worth the time of anyone who calls themselves an FPS fan.
NZGamer (Oct 30, 2012)
So, aside from the two hours of new levels for Doom 3, everything on the BFG Edition has been out there free, or cheap, for years. But if you want all three games for your console, the Doom 3: BFG Edition is for you. You get a straight port of Doom and Doom II, a nicely polished up HD version of Doom 3, and a chance to send a whole lot of monsters to hell. It’s Doom. Marine, grab the biggest freakin’ gun you can find and follow me.
MondoXbox (Oct 28, 2012)
Se vi state chiedendo se Doom 3 sia un titolo da giocare (o ri-giocare) anche al giorno d’oggi, sarei più propenso a rispondere di no: l’atmosfera è ancora in grado di suscitare emozioni, ma il nuovo funzionamento della torcia e l’imperante sensazione di avere tra le mani qualcosa di vecchio contribuiscono a far pendere la bilancia dal lato sbagliato. In più l’unico contenuto inedito è, in realtà, un riciclo di elementi già visti in precedenza: se siete appassionati della saga, vale più la pena di acquistare Doom 3 BFG Edition per avere nella propria collezione i primi due storici capitoli piuttosto che per rigiocare la versione rivista (non troppo bene) di Doom 3.
3D Juegos (Oct 22, 2012)
Los más veteranos seguro que reciben con los brazos abiertos este remake de Doom 3, título que sigue conservando el encanto del original pero sobre el que el paso del tiempo ha hecho mella en su vertiente jugable y tecnológica. Las adiciones de Doom y Doom 2 son un lujo, y especialmente para los usuarios de consolas, Doom 3 BFG: Edition es una forma fantástica de disfrutar de un shooter "puro". En el caso de compatibles la elección es más dudosa, ya que no soporta mods y entre los trabajos de la comunidad hay verdaderas maravillas.
Inside Gaming (Oct 19, 2012)
Doom 3 has aged fantastically well. Provided you haven’t already played the games in this collection, BFG Edition is also a solid value. However, if you already own the XBLA Doom games or have played Doom 3 on PC, recommending BFG Edition becomes less easy to do. As a fan of Doom 3, I feel like BFG Edition misses a good deal of its potential, especially if you compare it to last year’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Doom 3 newbies should jump right in but veterans should weigh their options first.
InsideGamer (Nov 07, 2012)
Doom 3 BFG Edition is een testament voor de overbekende en baanbrekende shooterserie dat alle aspecten van het spel uitlicht. De uitstekende belichting, sfeer en het geweldige gebruik van geluid zijn als vanouds, maar van vrijwel alle andere onderdelen van de game zijn we ondertussen veel beter gewend. Doom 3 is een verouderde game, maar ook nog steeds een ontzettend vette game.
Chip Power Play (Nov, 2012)
Wer mit Doom 3: BFG Edition Spaß haben will, muss seine verwöhnten Augen erst einmal kräftig zudrücken: Diverse grobe Texturen und vor allem die kantigen Charaktere machen altes andere als einen zeitgemäßen Eindruck. Trotz grafischer Überarbeitung sieht diese Neuauflage altbacken aus. Auch an die Finessen-arme Spielmechanik und das durchsichtige, oft tumbe Gegnerverhalten muss man sich erst (wieder) gewöhnen. Und doch zog mich Doom 3 nach kurzer Anwärmphase in seinen Bann, schließlich ist die dauerdüstere Gänsehaut-Atmosphäre zeitlos und das Design in seiner altmodischen Schlichtheit erfrischend: Sammeln, ausweichen und abschießen, Raum für Raum, Gang für Gang, Level für Level - wunderbar geradlinige Shooter-Action. Mehr Liebe zum Detail beziehungsweise weniger Schlamperei wäre aber doch ganz nett gewesen: Auf Konsolen hat man bei der (ordentlich synchronisierten) deutschen Version die englische Tonspur weggelassen, dagegen fehlt auf dem PC bei Doom 1 und 2 die Multiplayer-Komponente.
XboxAchievements (Oct 25, 2012)
Doom 3: BFG Edition is still an enjoyable romp through armies of hellspawn, and if you've yet to play the Doom series, there's a lot to like here. Just be prepared for plenty of repetitive strafing and hours of fragging ugly demon ass. This is quite clearly the devil's work.
65 (Oct 19, 2012)
Verdict pas simple à rendre, d'autant plus qu'il dépend fortement du support que l'on possède. Sur consoles, un joueur n'ayant jamais touché Doom III trouvera une bonne occasion de le découvrir. Bien sûr, il faudra savoir pardonner, beaucoup de ses mécaniques ont pris de l'âge, son aspect technique est tout juste correct et la distribution des monstres au compte-goutte dans la campagne principale n'aide pas à installer le rythme, même si les séquences d'actions les plus remuantes, surtout dans les deux add-on, parviennent compenser ces errances. Pas toujours facile d'être un jeune papy actif.
60 (Oct 22, 2012)
In conclusione, rispetto ad altri remake in HD visti negli ultimi tempi, soprattutto a quello di Halo, Doom 3 BFG Edition risulta molto meno convincente. Il sospetto che il gioco sia stato riesumato per non far perdere di vista il franchise in attesa di Doom 4 c'è, ma il risultato finale è purtroppo al di sotto delle aspettative.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Oct 19, 2012)
Altså ender det her som en pakke, der kun er rigtigt interessant for de dedikerede fans. Har du ikke stiftet bekendtskab med Doom 3, eller var du lidt lunken omkring det i første omgang, kan du roligt springe denne pakke over.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Oct 19, 2012)
Doom 3 BFG Edition är inget dåligt spel. Doom var stilbildande på sin tid, svinroligt och brutalt. Doom II var en fantastiskt uppföljare som jag spenderade hundratals timmar tillsammans med. Doom 3 var atmosfäriskt, becksvart och svinläbbigt för åtta år sedan och står sig som ett av de där tekniska underverken som drev grafikutvecklingen framåt. Det som gör mig avigt inställd till BFG Edition är att det i princip bara är samma gamla spel, en gång till, med sparsmakade nyheter. Att kunna spela de gamla klassikerna i widescreen samt möjligheten att kunna lira Doom 3 i 3D är enligt mig inte värt 300 kronor.
All in all, the BFG Edition is a polished overhaul of an elderly but entertaining corridor blaster, bolstered by two major expansions and remastered editions of DOOM and DOOM 2 (also available separately on Xbox Live Arcade, and pretty much every other platform in existence). id Software's take on hell might be a little two-dimensional, but if you don't have the patience for the likes of Dead Space, this should scratch your diabolical itch.
Digital Spy (Oct 24, 2012)
Ultimately, this Doom 3 redux reveals a game that conjures the same tricks as its predecessors, but without the humour or flair. The game also seems dated when compared to the more recent shooters. But Doom is still Doom - a franchise that helped pioneer the genre - with its place in history guaranteed. For anyone wanting to reminisce or experience the shooter for the first time, the BFG Edition really is the ultimate way to blast those demons back to hell.
Official XBox Magazine (Oct 25, 2012)
Doom 3 was a cutting-edge first-person shooter in 2004, but the intervening years have dulled its blade somewhat. The monsters and their movements now feel more hokey than horrifying, especially if you’ve faced the twisted nightmares that infest the Dead Space series. You’ll jump out of your skin a few times if you turn out the lights, but you’ll also wonder how anyone ever thought collecting locker and security-clearance codes provided sufficient excitement for the bulk of a 10-hour campaign.
Xboxygen (Oct 24, 2012)
Il faut voir Doom 3 BFG Edition comme un petit cadeau aux fans. Une petite gourmandise qui nous permet d’avoir sur une même galette Doom 1 et Doom 2, pour faire plaisir aux plus vieux, des jeux intemporels toujours aussi agréables à jouer seul ou à plusieurs, et Doom 3 relifté accompagné de deux extensions pour prolonger le plaisir. Si on sait sur quoi on va tomber, on ne peut être déçu mis à part peut-être par la modification obligatoire de l’utilisation de la lampe torche -rendant l’expérience moins viscérale- et le manque de contenu bonus. Si l’on souhaite découvrir ces jeux pour la première fois sur nos belles consoles et télé d’aujourd’hui, le constat est un peu plus nuancé. Il faudra savoir tolérer des graphismes dépassés, des environnements exigus (pour Doom 3) et un gameplay dynamique mais loin des canons actuels. En gros, il vous faudra aimer les vieilleries. Mais Doom est dans ce domaine là toujours une bonne cuvée doublée d’une ambiance unique !
58 (Oct 19, 2012)
Der primitive Ballerspaß ist immer noch vorhanden - aber als Gesamtpaket ist die BFG-Edition enttäuschend.
JeuxActu (Oct 24, 2012)
Un poil trop cher que ce Doom 3 BFG Edition. Alors certes, la galette contient tout de même Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil, The Lost Mission, Doom et Doom II mais l’aspect remasterisation n’est pas franchement convaincante. Le titre original et ses extensions ont tout même un peu vieilli tant dans la réalisation que dans les mécaniques de gameplay. Et ce n’est ni le nouveau système de sauvegarde, ni l’option 3D qui nous convaincront du contraire. A réserver à ceux qui ne connaissent pas bien la série et qui veulent frissonner devant leur écran, mais aussi aux possesseurs de consoles qu’aux joueurs PC. Pour les autres, attendez une occasion du feu de Doom pour l’acquérir !
50 (UK) (Oct 19, 2012)
Doom 3 never stretches to extremes, even when slavishly following its predecessors. It's a game that can startle you, for sure, but one that more often bores, the gunplay a low thrumming drone rather than a high-pitched screech of rage. Doom 3 is part of the most iconic FPS lineage gaming has, so your mind tries to make it fit that. But in the end, it doesn't. The truth about Doom 3, and it breaks my heart to say it, is that it just isn't very good.
Game Revolution (Oct 25, 2012)
There is some new content in the package: a new campaign for Doom II and an expansion for Doom 3. The new eight levels of DII are a lot of fun and harken back to what made the series so much fun in the first place—a flood of enemies all spread around a stage, all firing at once, and all unrelenting in their thirst for your blood. The strategy that came into play in those instances—firing through see-through barriers, bottlenecking the crowds when possible—is brought to a head with some fun, open level design. Sadly, that aspect is still lacking in this disc's namesake. It's just basic puzzle-solving and shooting when an enemy presents itself. The whole package, especially the visuals, reminds me of Duke Nukem Forever, and though I know the engine running Doom is the same in DNF, I don't mean that in a positive way.
Console Monster (Nov 21, 2012)
Doom 3 is not a terrible port but it has some fundamental issues. The controls are not well realised, the story is forgettable and the new features are not awe-inspiring. When it was first released it was forgiven some of its shortcomings because of the ground it broke visually, however, much of that content has been cheapened by clearer visuals or has simply aged too much. This coupled with ‘extra content’ that leaves you feeling a little disappointed makes for an overall weak package. With Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 just released, there are much better investment opportunities in the world of the FPS for your disposable income, making this re-release Doomed to the bargain bin.
40 (Oct 23, 2012)
It wasn’t a very good game eight years ago and slightly improved graphics certainly don’t improve its standing now, but if nothing else this proves the world needs a Doom 4.
40 (Oct 20, 2012)
Découvrir Doom 3 en 2012 sur PS3 et Xbox 360 ne se fera pas sans une grosse appréhension. D'un côté, on sait que l'on touche à un titre qui a frappé très fort en 2004. De l'autre, on ne peut que constater une remasterisation quasi-absente pour un titre peu avenant et aux mécaniques grinçantes d'arthrite. Malgré un changement majeur (plus besoin d'alterner entre torche et armes), un contenu dense et l'ajout des deux premiers opus, difficile de justifier un craquage enthousiaste à 30 euros. Sauf pour parfaire sa culture, bien sûr.