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Game Shark (Jul 24, 2009)
For players with the dedication to succeed and the incomprehensible desire for perfection, Droplitz is one of the most refined puzzle games available. It’s relentless, demanding, mesmerizing, and soothing, as though the mind is soldiering forward and admitting defeat at the same time. What began as an innocuous, weekend plaything has turned into an obsession that permeates every spare moment.
Retro Gamer (Aug 08, 2009)
Droplitz may well borrow its ideas from other games, but it's all been put together with so much skill and polish that it's impossible to not be impressed. Meticulously crafted and with some truly soothing tunes, Droplitz is the best puzzler Xbox Live Arcade has ever seen. Brilliant.
Game Vortex (Jul, 2009)
Droplitz is, simply, something that any puzzle gamer should at least try. It is in interesting blend that can easily suck you in and get you hooked. If you aren't sure, then download the demo, and at 800 MS Points ($10.00), it isn't bad on the wallet either.
Worth Playing (Jul 21, 2009)
Droplitz is one of those under-the-radar games that, in spite of how good it is, has gotten lost in the commotion and hoopla of the summer games season. While your friends may be blasting each other in Battlefield 1943 or taking it to the gridiron in Madden NFL 10, you, oh informed gamer, shall be enjoying one of the best puzzle games to break onto the scene since Puzzle Quest. Even though this game skews toward the hardcore, it's still a ton of fun regardless of who you are. Just make sure you set an alarm before you start playing because if you're not careful, you'll fire up this game and before you know it, it's September.
NZGamer (Jul 16, 2009)
Droplitz doesn't have any multiplayer modes, which is a slight shame. Luckily, then, the single player is fantastic. I know I will be coming back to this when I'm in a gaming slump. The seemingly simple game play zones you out, making this a great time killer or way to shut down for an evening. Just be warned: after extended games, you will see pipes everywhere - you may even have a Pipe Dream.
Gamer Limit (Jul 13, 2009)
Despite it’s steep difficulty curve, Droplitz is worth a look. The combination of deceptively simplistic gameplay and zen inducing audio tracks make for an excellent puzzle experience whether you’re a fan of the genre or not.
GameDaily (Jul 21, 2009)
In any case, the immensely satisfying micro-level gameplay far outweighs the minor difficulty problems in the game -- if you're looking for a new time-waster on the PC, 360 or PS3, definitely give Droplitz a spin.
Console Monster (Jul 10, 2009)
On the whole, Droplitz is a fantastic Xbox LIVE Arcade title, which is worth the 800 Microsoft Points price tag. Despite its flaws, the addictive gameplay and enjoyable game modes make this a must for puzzle fans.
79 (Jul 11, 2009)
Droplitz is yet another quality addition to Xbox Live Arcades growing list of puzzle games, it’s different enough to stand out from the crowd and it certainly has enough about it to stand the test of time.
Gamervision (Jul 06, 2009)
Droplitz may not be perfect, but the promise of an addictive puzzle game experience has definitely been fulfilled. Even as I write this review, I’m thinking about it, and I found myself saying “Just one more game!” plenty of times while playing Droplitz. It’s immensely satisfying to open up path after path, listening to the music get more intense. The game is priced at $9.99, which I feel is a bit high, but at the same time, the challenge assures plenty of replay. In the end, I’m going to recommend that you at least download the demo; that should tell you everything you know about whether or not it’s worth the investment.
GamingTrend (Jul, 2009)
All in all, Droplitz is an incredibly addicting puzzle game, that will require a time and effort investment that most casual gamers are not typically willing to give. Those that stick with it will be rewarded with a very enjoyable experience, but be prepared to suffer through controller-smashing levels of frustration along the way. I’m leaning towards “love it” as my final verdict, but that could change the next time I hit an uber-frustrating roadblock. So take this as a guarded recommendation – you might love it, or you might end up feeling like you threw away your money.
ZTGameDomain (Jul, 2009)
Droplitz is a simple and addictive puzzle game that will keep even the most avid puzzle gamer occupied for some time. The online leaderboards are a welcome addition, but a lack of head-to-head challenges really hurts some of the replay value. As with most of their RPG releases Atlus has chose one of the quirkiest puzzle games to bring to the table in quite some time. If you are even remotely a fan of the genre then Droplitz deserves a spot in your collection. The simplicity and addictiveness alone is worth the price of admission.
TeamXbox (Jun 23, 2009)
Yes, Droplitz is an easy game that’s not all that easy. I look forward to reading advice from other players on the keys to high scores. (I suspect I need to use the X-Dial pieces better and try to generate Chain Reactions for increased multipliers, though I’m not sure if the best approach to making paths is to work from the top down or from the bottom up.) Most of all, it has me interested in what Atlus does with the game next, with hopes it’ll balance out the timer pressure (or that I’ll be proven wrong in criticizing that) and add some sort of multiplayer component. In the meantime, I’m going to go back and try to beat it…oh, yes, I will beat you, Droplitz.
Digital Chumps (Jul 12, 2009)
Droplitz has almost all of the elements of a well made puzzle game. Its initial simplicity gives way to a myriad of complexity, its look and feel is inviting, and it boasts an engaging scoring system. While elegant in design, it's lacking long established standards like real time multiplayer or ultra snazzy effects, and the hurdles to unlock a majority of the game may be too high, but it's new approach to an established puzzler subgenre makes up for most of its inherent shortcomings. Puzzle fans should pick up, but most everyone would do well to download the demo and at least give it a shot.
Gaming Nexus (Jul 21, 2009)
With Droplitz always on the verge of running out, the steady-drip pacing escalates to full-on waterboarding in short order. It’s smooth, polished, and well-conceived puzzler, but is often more threatening than rewarding.
MS Xbox World (Jul, 2009)
For 800 Microsoft Points ($10 / £6.80) this is a must have for puzzle game fanatics, and a worthwhile purchase for those looking for a fun, relaxing, and addictive way to spend their leisure time.
IGN (Jun 22, 2009)
Droplitz is a nice puzzle game to zone out with. Its system of unlocking new levels and game modes by reaching certain scores is very rewarding. Some might regret the lack of multiplayer, but there's plenty of solid single-player puzzling to be done here. The art style and music don't show a lot of personality, but the gameplay is simple and addicting. It'll claim several hours of your life before you even notice they're gone.
GameNorth (Jun 24, 2009)
Little dull grey Droplitz managed to draw me into their oddly addictive world. Recommended for all puzzle game fans.
Cheat Code Central (Jul, 2009)
Though the difficulty can be hard to swallow at times, the puzzle gameplay quickly grows on you. It presents the kind of obstacles that really push players to go back repeatedly to strive for the best possible score. However, the disappointment can be substantial when you’ve done your best in game-after-game only to fail to reach the goal by a thousand points or less. If it weren’t for the extremely tough-to-achieve high scores needed to unlock much of the game’s content, Droplitz would ultimately be a much smoother and far more enjoyable ride. Regardless, it still offers a moderate amount of puzzle fun.
GameZone (Jul 14, 2009)
Overall, Droplitz might not be the most memorable game on XBLA and PSN, but it does offer a lot of high-speed, pipe-turning excitement that can get very addictive. Those looking for a downloadable puzzler that doesn’t involve matching jewel types or stacking blocks should give this one a shot, but don’t expect to be overwhelmed by variety or have a lot of options to play around with.
Gamers Daily News (Jul, 2009)
Droplitz is 800 Points/$10, but whether it’s worth that to you depends on a few things. Are you a fan of relatively simple puzzle games, would you enjoy something that offers a fair challenge in some modes while being very difficult in the others? Are you willing to accept that you might not see those other modes? If you’re buying it just as a basic puzzle game to play in short bursts, Droplitz is definitely fun. On the other hand, if you’re a completionist... this will either be right up your alley, or drive you nuts. Puzzle games aren’t quite my strong suit, but I found Droplitz to be reasonably entertaining.
As I said at the start of this review, I play puzzle games more to wind down or to fill smaller chunks of time. If you're like me, the game is probably best avoided despite its quality concept and reasonable price tag. There was a lot of potential here but Joe and his insistence on difficulty wound up ruining it for us slackers. I'd give the fabricated fellow a virtual beatdown in retaliation but I'm too lazy. Instead, I think I'll just eat his donuts.
XBox Evolved (Aug 25, 2009)
Even if you did want to spend $10 on a game that is not nearly worth $10, you would then need to justify that purchase even further based on the game's visuals and audio. Although there are a number of boards to play on, they are only differentiated by colors and few graphics (a stark difference compared to Lumines Live and the different boards in that game). It feels that regardless of the variety of boards, you barely even notice the change while you are playing. The music is just as underwhelming. While seemingly intending to create a mellow, ambient musical experience, the soundtrack of the game comes off as boring and annoying. It is not upbeat enough to make the player feel energetic as they spin and spin and spin tiles for eternity, but it also isn't relaxing enough to combat the frustration of knowing that you will be losing drops no matter what.