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We Got This Covered (Jun 17, 2011)
If you’re itching for a good fantasy dungeon crawler then Dungeon Siege 3 should be on your list. It’s not a spectacular game that will wow you from start to finish with its new and exciting mechanics and features, but it’s tried, true and quite polished. Not to mention an entertaining and engaging experience that will keep you busy for a while – even longer if you decide to try all four characters and/or go online. The game has its odd issues such as a frustrating camera and a frame rate that likes to go for the occasional dip, but there aren’t any major issues that should keep you away. This siege expedition has been safely planned and reviewed, to reflect that it’s safe for your time and investment.
AusGamers (Jun 22, 2011)
Dungeon Siege III, although taking place in the same world, shares very little in common with both its predecessors and even its namesake. With most of the action taking place in castles, forests, caves, factories, mountains, swamps and numerous other locations, there are very few dungeons to be found at all within the game. Which overall speaks volumes for potential expectations one may have with the game, and in failing to meet them could be an unfair catalyst in dismissing what is a fun, polished, and streamlined action RPG experience that deserves your attention.
75 (Jul 19, 2011)
The game is decent. There is definitely something here to be found, however, it isn’t the solid game it could be if they would have just tweaked a few issues. Would it have been so hard to allow people to bring their own character into other games? Would it have been hard to make the camera independent? Give it a rental and see what you think.
75 (Jun 17, 2011)
Dungeon Siege III est le premier épisode à sortir sur consoles. La série négocie à cette occasion un virage risqué en se coupant de ses racines de hack'n slash traditionnel pour se muer en un action-RPG faisant la part belle à l'histoire et à une action moins frénétique mais plus technique. Au terme d'une prise en main douloureuse, le résultat est plutôt concluant : on a plaisir à progresser et à profiter d'une aventure certes courte mais relativement variée. L'intégration du jeu en coopération, remarquablement bien pensée, nous pousse même à conseiller ce titre sympathique à tous ceux qui recherchent une expérience du genre, proche de ce que pouvait offrir un Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance.
72 (Jul 17, 2011)
In the end Dungeon Siege III is a decent action RPG that will bring quite some fun with its strengths and despite its weaknesses. It's beautifully created, has a story that won't be remembered but does offer a lot of variation, and a basic gameplay that's very tight, and it will appeal to people who like building a character. Too bad the co-op doesn't deliver in that regards and due to the lack of anything to make the game special special and the rather short lifespan for an RPG we have to see this title as a decent snack rather than a main course.
71 (Jun 17, 2011)
Ich schaue ungläubig auf den Speicherstand. Aber Zahlen lügen nicht: Das Abenteuer war nach zehn Stunden und 52 Minuten vorbei. Und das ist schon verdammt wenig für ein Hack & Slay. Andererseits hat mich Dungeon Siege 3 mit seinem eingängigen Kampfsystem und seinem häufig an den Klassiker Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance erinnernden "Retro"-Design so in seinen Bann geschlagen, dass ich mich an einigen Punkten zu Pausen zwingen musste. Und die dynamischen Auseinandersetzungen sind nicht die einzigen positiven Elemente. Auch die übersichtliche Charakter-Entwicklung, die schlecht inszenierten, aber gut gesprochenen Dialoge mit ihren Entscheidungen und vor allem auch die zahllosen Gegenstände haben es mir angetan. Doch um in höhere Regionen vordringen zu können, fehlt es an einigen Kleinigkeiten und insbesondere an einem zeitgemäßen Mehrspieler-Modus.
XboxAchievements (Jul 05, 2011)
A fun game in places, but after one run through of the game you will not really have the urge to go back for more. This will certainly help you pass a few hours but beyond that it is hard to see it as little more than filler for bigger and better things.
IGN (Jun 20, 2011)
Obsidian Entertainment's take on the Dungeon Siege franchise has some merit. The core combat system is well-designed, offering a small but useful set of abilities for each character class. The varied enemy encounters encourage the frequent use of abilities and the dodge mechanic, which makes the basic gameplay – whittling down the health bars of enemies – satisfying. But the rest of the game mostly falters, unfortunately, to a degree that overshadows its achievements. Dungeon Siege III is a dungeon crawler with a boring loot table, poorly implemented multiplayer, and little lasting incentive to continue running around the world once the tedious story ends.