Earth Defense Force 2017 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Earth Defense Force 2017 title screen
You can select single play or Cooperative play at this screen.
E.D.F. headquarters is the hub of your operations.
You need to think about what weapons to take into battle with you (and there are lots!).
Levels can be replayed at any skill level once you have completed them.
Some loading screens give you tips and info.
One of the more basic loading screens
Items picked up ingame are shown here and added to your tally.
The aliens have arrived!
Giant black ants have a nasty bite!
Attack ships are weak on their own but deadly in large groups.
Giant spiders shoot out thread that can slow your movement down to a crawl.
Dropships will spew out endless nasty's unless you bring them down!
Higher level auto guns can take down multiple aliens with ease.
The top of the range flamethrower burns up black ants in no time
Most assault rifles are good for medium range combat.
All shotguns in E.D.F. are devastating at close range.
The majority of sniper rifles can kill in one shot!
Tanks have no trouble blowing enemies sky high.
The battle robot can take out walking arms with no trouble.
Helicopters are useful for airborne assaults.
Explosions can be massive and fill the screen.
Earth Defense Force 2017 has some strange camera angles.