Written by  :  Todd Bello (32)
Written on  :  Nov 10, 2006
Platform  :  Xbox 360
Rating  :  4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars

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Great game for the xbox 360... just don't "over" play it ( 6-10 hours are fine ... just don't go overboard)

The Good

The graphics were insane (but there is a downside to it... possibly)

the music score to this game is insane it fits perfectly with the game.

The beginning of the game had an actual... for a lack of a better word... introduction to the controls. unlike Morrowind that basically said "well pick up the knife... press R to attack... well you broke the law... good luck with that" while oblivion gives an explanation and a through walkthrough of everything you will do before you are released into the world.

The quests are very fun to do and when you finally finish them you (sometimes) feel like you actually did something very good.

Combat is good but will get better as you progress in the game.

Horses are cool to ride on and the fast travel system is very good (WAY better than paying some guy and a bug to take you to a city that is still just as far away from where your supposed to be... damn morrowind... why do i keep playing that?)

a whole lot of factions make the game very fun and will keep you busy for... at least 48 hours straight ... don't get any funny ideas your 360 will just freeze like mine does but that might be from different reasons.

very good lay out of controls. but if you make the jump of morrowind to oblivion... just as a heads up the controls are different.

The Bad

graphics are way too good... it sometimes made my xbox 360 freeze (this may be because i played around six hours straight, or the fact that i just got the game and the system at the same time)

also the story line seemed extremely short... i won't spoil anything for you but in the end it just seems like you went a long way to almost nothing.

Sometimes quests are just real b.s. and are there to piss you off... or require a patch (don't drop the ring of burden... WHAT EVER YOU DO DON"T DROP IT UNTIL THEY TELL YOU... IT DOESN"T COME BACK!).

no horse combat

no creatures like in Morrowind (i just like comparing the two games even though they are on two different sides of the world the fact is this make the game more in depth and shows how different the worlds of each uhh province are).

Oblivion gates... i really hate them ... just as a little tip you don't need to close any that you pass in the world you could just complete the story line and they will all just close.

The Bottom Line

very good ... don't play it too long or else ... well lets just say "good-bye" to your social life ... and everything else!