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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.6
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.2
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.5

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Darkstation (Jul 09, 2012)
1600 Microsoft Points is a lot to ask for a single faction storyline, even if you can replay it from both sides of the conflict. What makes this more apparent is comparing this to the size of Bethesda’s previous expansions, of around the same size, which have been 800 Microsoft Points. Giving you a reason to come back to the wonderful world of Skyrim is what ultimately matters and at the end of the day, if you can stomach the cost, it will give you hours of fun and may spark your interest to carry on playing a simply fantastic base game.
Official XBox Magazine (Jun 29, 2012)
In the end, the only thing that truly holds Dawnguard back is the same bugaboo that's always plagued the Elder Scrolls series to one degree or another: glitches. Over the course of the dozen or so hours it took us to complete the main tale, we got stuck in stealth mode, saw bears get trapped in a cave's ceiling, and had a favorite shield turn permanently invisible. It would be a terrible shame if this sort of nonsense prevented you from experiencing one of the best add-on adventures in recent RPG memory, but take our warning to heart: save early, save often, and expect the unexpected.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Jun 27, 2012)
Nyt Dragonbone-udstyr, nye shouts og våben som eksempelvis crossbows fuldender en tæt på perfekt pakke. Jeg har en gang tidligere erklæret min kærlighed til Skyrim, og Dawnguard ændrer ikke på den. Prisen på 1600 MSP er måske høj, men målt på timer og kvaliteten af disse er det svært at have det store problem med den smule point.
88 (Jul 06, 2012)
This DLC is expansive and chock full of surprises. Fans and newcomers can feel good paying for this expansion because you can tell Bethesda cares about its gamers. With the story and graphics it’s obvious Bethesda is concerned about making quality, creative, exciting games in which I can lose myself. I feel like Bethesda cares about me and my expectations for their game. What I’m saying is Dawnguard delivers. If you’re hesitant about spending $20 on a DLC, just know that this content gives you a lot more than $20 worth of adventure. I highly recommend Dawnguard and am proud to be racking up its Xbox360 achievements. Thanks and awesome job, Bethesda.
GamesCollection (Aug 01, 2012)
A conti fatti, nonostante la terribile debacle iniziale che rendeva questa espansione un’accozzaglia di difetti grafici, si può dire che il prezzo (1600MSP) è congruo per il numero dei contenuti offerti, per le bellissime nuove ambientazioni, i nuovi poteri vampirici (con relativa skill tree) e le nuove avvincenti avventure di Dawnguard. Se siete amanti di Skyrim non potete farvi sfuggire questa espansione che vi regalerà parecchie ore di divertimento e renderà il vostro universo fantastico ancora più completo!
ZTGameDomain (Jul 23, 2012)
If you’re like me, you already invested a considerable amount of time in Skyrim. If that’s you, Dawnguard is well worth the $20 investment. Not only will you get some great loot, a top notch story, and some new running mates (possibly including a troll wearing armor-go ahead, read that again-I’ll wait) but you’ll also be drawn back into the game to the point where you’ll forget why you stopped playing it in the first place (unless you’re playing on the broken nearly beyond hope PS3 version, in which case I’m so sorry). If you have even a passing interest in vampires that don’t live in Washington or go to 6th period Social Studies, then Dawnguard deserves a spot in your library.
Worth Playing (Aug 06, 2012)
Ultimately, the decision to purchase Dawnguard or not comes down to whether it's worth the cost. If you enjoyed your time in Skyrim, the answer is an unequivocal yes. This is a true expansion pack that is loaded with content, not a lightweight DLC mission. Dawnguard adds more of what made Skyrim great, without feeling like it was tacked on at the last minute.
Gameplanet (Jul 06, 2012)
The first downloadable expansion to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim sees the Dragonborn swept up in a secret war between vampires and the order that opposes them, the Dawnguard. A wealth of quality new content added seamlessly to the main game makes this one not to be missed.
Gamers' Temple, The (Jun 29, 2012)
Dawnguard, in the simplest of terms, extends the play time of an already gargantuan game. As far as DLC goes, it doesn't quite reach the perfection of Arkham City: Harley Quinn's Revenge, but its the first such 2012 add-on to even come close. Forget Twilight, forget Buffy, forget True Blood; Dawnguard sets a new bar for vampiric storytelling with style. And perhaps best of all is its ability to not just drag me into even more Skyrim, while simultaneously breaking my bad game streak. Thanks, guys!
Gaming Nexus (Jul 18, 2012)
In the end, Dawnguard doesn’t add vast new stretches of wilderness to explore or new game mechanics; it merely builds on what made Skyrim so great to begin with. The main quest will captivate those who have exhausted the majority of storylines in the base game, but players will inevitably be drawn into exploration once again. Dawnguard is almost guaranteed to elicit more than twenty hours from your schedule, so stay away if you have any real priorities at the moment.
gamrReview (Jul 20, 2012)
While some aspects of Dawnguard don't quite live up to the legacy of Oblivion's Shivering Isles expansion, which added massive new locations, it's hard not to recommend Dawnguard to fans of Skyrim. Not only is the quest line offered easily the longest in the game, it's also one of the most engaging, and there's plenty of side content as well. Once you factor in that you can replay Dawnguard on the other side of the conflict from the one you chose the first time around, as well as the radiant quests, you're looking at a solid 30 hours of content for your $20. If you like Skyrim and are looking for an excuse to return, this is as good a time as any.
Digital Chumps (Jul 02, 2012)
While Dawnguard probably could have contained a bit more for its $20 price tag, most gamers who have dedicated months of their lives to playing this game will not be disappointed with their purchase. For the time being, I’m hooked again, and that means I’m probably going to have to go pay off my ridiculously high bounty in Whiterun.
AusGamers (Jul 16, 2012)
The vampiric tone is enough of a departure to reinvigorate interest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and tempt gamers back for another round but the same frame-rate issues and glitches abound taking a little bit of the shine off it. It’s well worth a look, just know what you’re in for.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 31, 2012)
Dawnguard is niet van het niveau van Shivering Isles of Bloodmoon, maar is toch een erg onderhoudende eerste uitbreiding waar je maar al te graag je hoektanden inzet.
In short, at the very least, Dawnguard is a reasonably fun diversion that turns the Elder Scrolls vampires into something more than stock adversaries while sending you to a few beautiful and eerie locations, making it worth playing for any fan of Skyrim. That's basically what I got from it, but if I had a more varied style of playing Skyrim, I'd look at Serana as being more tolerable than the world's average sidekick, I'd be glad to have a perk tree to improve my werewolf transformation and I'd be bubbling over with glee to have a new vampire lord form with which to terrorize folks. When I bought Skyrim, I expected it to be bigger and better than Oblivion and I wasn't disappointed. The same holds true when I compare this expansion to Knights of the Nine. And that, folks, is what we call natural progression!
NowGamer (Jun 28, 2012)
The fact that the vampires don’t sparkle should warrant a 10/10 score, but in all seriousness, Dawnguard offers superb value, even if it falls down in the design and excitement stakes.
XboxAchievements (Jul 03, 2012)
It would have been nice to venture into new worlds and see vastly different environments with incredibly different set-pieces, but that's not really the case. Even Soul Cairn is a pretty lifeless husk of a world. Stunning, yes, but hardly appealing. So while Dawnguard is a typically enjoyable Skyrim romp, it's hardly an inspiring adventure. Still, any chance to jump back into Skyrim and enjoy another 15 hours or so of brand new gameplay, well, that’s just fine by us.
Vandal Online (Jul 18, 2012)
Como veis un DLC muy rico en contenidos y rentable, pese a los 1600 Microsoft Points que cuesta. Está perfectamente integrado en Skyrim, ofrece cantidad de misiones secundarias, y la historia principal cuenta con algunos grandes momentos, ojo a la épica batalla que se desata en un lago helado, y otras peleas multitudinarias entre vampiros y guardianes del alba. Os durará más de diez horas de juego seguro, y además aportará nuevos contenidos que se quedarán para siempre en vuestra epopeya por Skyrim. Ya con los problemas solucionados en su versión europea, y si todavía demandáis nuevos y fresco contenidos para este gran título que va sobrado de ellos, os recomendamos mucho su compra.
Giant Bomb (Jul 10, 2012)
Dawnguard offers far more than a self-contained episode in the Fallout vein--which it should, at double the price--but it falls just short of the scope of a traditional, pre-Internet boxed expansion pack. Still, it's a fine way to expand the already immense content offering of Skyrim, especially if you're still actively traipsing around those snowy hills in search of more adventure. If Bethesda can figure out a way to combine this style of across-the-board enhancement with a more substantial new landmass in the next inevitable Skyrim add-on, it'll really have created something special. This is already a good start.
Game Informer Magazine (Jul 02, 2012)
Dawnguard is limited in scope, and its 10-plus hours of playtime (for one path) is significant, but only a drop in the bucket when compared to its base game’s hundreds of hours of quests. Lore enthusiasts will appreciate several significant developments, and no matter your choice, both new organizations have memorable characters and conversations. I had a blast returning to Skyrim after a few months away. Even so, Bethesda did such a fine job of entertaining me the first time out that Dawnguard feels more like an added bonus than an essential ingredient of the whole.
IGN (Jun 28, 2012)
Dawnguard is neither as meaty nor as cohesive as Shivering Isles, its Oblivion expansion pack counterpart, but then again it’s not as expensive either. The other issue, as with any Elder Scrolls add-on content, is usefulness. When you get 100-plus hours of gameplay out of the box, do you really want to spend another $20 for 20-or-so more? That’s up to you, but Dawnguard is certainly worth the investment.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Jul 04, 2012)
Dawnguard on "lisää sitä samaa", ja mukana on jokunen vinkeä lisäys pelin eri osa-alueisiin. Ja juuri sellainen lisäosan tietysti pitääkin olla. Ostos on ehdottoman kannattava niille, jotka eivät ole vielä(kään) saaneet The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimistä tarpeekseen.
InsideGamer (Jul 04, 2012)
Dawnguard is een zeer degelijke uitbreiding op Skyrim, maar wel één met een behoorlijk prijskaartje. Twintig euro voor een uitbreiding waar de gemiddelde gamer zo’n acht tot tien uur mee bezig is, is in vergelijking met wat je voor de hoofdgame betaalt, wat aan de hoge kant. Maar wie uiteindelijk overstag gaat, komt alles behalve bedrogen uit. De voorgeschotelde content boeit, zonder de gebruiker achterover te doen slaan.
Meristation (Jul 10, 2012)
No es una ampliación imprescindible pero será irresistible para los que no quieran abandonar aún las tierras nórdicas de Tamriel o los que vayan a volcarse en el nuevo universo creado para la pugna vampiros-protectores de la luz. El contenido que compone es considerable, con nuevas localizaciones bastante grandes, una trama bien manejada una vez más y cientos de objetos de todo tipo, hechizos, gritos y libros para que evolucionemos de forma aún más personalizada a nuestro Dovahkin. Los árboles de habilidades nuevos y los dragones especiales añadidos -pocos- le otorgan ese punto trascendente que a toda expansión de un RPG siempre hay que exigirle. Por otra parte, el refuerzo de los licántropos y la posibilidad por fin de luchar desde una montura son aspectos mejorados que se pedían a gritos.
75 (Jul 12, 2012)
Per quanto questo DLC sia senza ombra di dubbio un acquisto obbligato per tutti i possessori di The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, il consiglio migliore potrebbe essere quello di aspettare per spendere questi 1600 Microsoft Points, anche perché è recente la notizia che Bethesda sta già lavorando alacremente per risolvere le problematiche. La valutazione, pur tenendo in considerazione l’elevata mole di problemi, non può quindi che essere positiva (seppur solo moderatamente): Dawnguard offre un numero eccezionale di ore di gioco aggiuntive, nuove aree e quest estremamente interessanti, nonché nuovi elementi d’equipment ed avversari sui quali sperimentarli. Un pacchetto di estremo valore dunque, la cui momentanea poca cura (almeno per la versione italiana) non può che lasciarci basiti.
Game Vortex (Jul 02, 2012)
Dawnguard is a worthwhile investment if you’re a massive fan of Skyrim and desperately searching for something else to do. If, on the other hand, you were waiting for Dawnguard before deciding if you wanted to jump back into the game, it might not provide the experience you’re looking for.
73 (Jul 04, 2012)
If you’re a Skyrim fan, don’t worry, you’ll still have fun with the content. It gives players a new reason to get back into the game and does offer some new things to find. However, players expecting something big like the Fallout content or Shivering Isles will be disappointed.
3D Juegos (Jul 10, 2012)
Si somos capaces de pasar por alto los bugs de Dawnguard o si Bethesda Softworks los corrige con la mayor celeridad posible, tendremos entre manos un interesante añadido para Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls V se expande con nuevas misiones, armas inéditas, la facción de los vampiros... y bugs, muchos bugs.
On the other hand, the questline as such is very interesting, and it adds something to the overall Skyrim experience. We are introduced to more knowledge on Elder Scrolls and dragons as well as the intriguing concept of Soul Cairn. And given that I presume most players will want to explore both sides of the questline, there is definite value here even if 1600 points comes across as a little steep.
70 (Jul 11, 2012)
Era auspicabile una migliore pulizia del codice di gioco, poiché troppo spesso s'incorre in qualche piccolo rallentamento o qualche bug, che vanno a rovinare l'esperienza. Questi aspetti, uniti alla sbagliata impostazione della trasformazione in vampiro, troppo scomoda e lenta da usare soprattutto negli spazi chiusi, rovinano il godimento di questa nuova affascinante storyline e la fruizione dei nuovi poteri. Dawnguard rimane comunque un acquisto più che obbligato per tutti i fan del gioco Bethesda, ma abbiamo la sensazione che, con qualche semplice accorgimento, questa espansione avrebbe potuto essere migliore.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jun 28, 2012)
Att härja land och rike runt i jakt på färska människor att kalasa på i jakten på större makt är ett välgjort inslag. Dawnguard definieras av några temposänkande och oinspirerade uppdrag insprängda i ett bra, men inte fantastiskt äventyr å ena sidan. Och av en återkomst och fortsättning till det förföriska, ljuvliga Skyrim å andra sidan. Fast det är klart, en återkomst till Skyrim lär alltid vara en formidabel upplevelse.
Gamereactor (Norway) (Jun 28, 2012)
Som utvidelse føler jeg i etterkant at den ikke gir meg så mye når jeg har fullført den. Jeg setter absolutt størst pris på at jeg kan være en mektig vampyr. Et par nye shouts som egentlig ikke var særlig spennende følger også med. Er du hardkjerna Skyrim-spiller som trenger noe mer å gjøre i spillet, burde du bruke rundt 140 kroner og laste ned denne. Er du dermimot lei hele Skyrim og venter deg en utvidelse som kan gi tilbake spillelysten er nok ikke dette utvidelsen du ser etter. Da burde du heller vente til Bethesda forhåpentligvis kommer med noe av samme rang som Shivering Isles.
XGN (Jul 03, 2012)
Dawnguard biedt meer van hetzelfde. Je gaat aan de slag met hetzelfde soort missies, baant je een weg door hetzelfde soort grotten en raakt verzeild in hetzelfde soort gevechten. Echte vernieuwing ontbreekt en dat kan spelers tegen de borst stoten. Na honderd uur in een game te hebben doorgebracht, is het verlangen naar innovatie immers niet meer dan logisch. Spelers die slechts hunkeren naar meer missies en meer wapens kunnen Dawnguard echter met een gerust hart kopen. Het biedt namelijk twintig vermakelijke uren extra content.
Spazio Games (Jul 20, 2012)
Dawnguard è un buon DLC, che aggiunge contenuti di qualità al gioco. La trasformazione in lord vampiro ha sicuramente un certo fascino, e sia la longevità che i premi sono più che degni nonostante il costo forse un po' eccessivo del pacchetto. Se siete disposti a perdonare Bethesda per la demenziale cavolata delle mutande e fremete per ributtarvi nelle lande di Skyrim, questa espansione non vi deluderà.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jul 05, 2012)
All of this amounts to a content-packed but ultimately rather disappointing first crack at Skyrim DLC for Bethesda. I can't help but think back to Shivering Isles. Forget the fact that it added a whole new continent to the game; there was also just a basic level of polish and completeness to it that feels absent here. Dawnguard still offers 10+ hours of Skyrim-y joy to the hardcore fan, but the mechanical faults coupled with the absent sense of discovery make it less of an accomplishment than it could have been.
GameSpot (Jul 02, 2012)
It's too bad Dawnguard arrives with its own set of bugs, though it's not necessarily a surprising turn of events given the glitchy game it expands. The issues don't fully pull your focus from the add-on's main strengths, however. The new areas and quests make for an attractive and varied journey, and there are fun battles that punctuate an enjoyable and worthwhile addition to a wonderful game. Whether you prefer to avoid the darkness or embrace it, Dawnguard is a fine reason to return to Skyrim's wintry paradise.
Game Over Online (Jul 03, 2012)
Even by Bethesda standards, Dawnguard is just riddled with bugs, many of them game-breaking. I came across audio issues, missing textures, missing NPCs, broken dungeons, and much more. This is a fun expansion, even if its content is a little disappointing, but I highly suggest waiting for a patch (or three) before you jump in.
D+PAD Magazine (Jul 03, 2012)
Dawnguard is a mixture of old and a little something new, but it’s also a case of success and failure. In trying to present an epic pilgrimage, the game becomes exasperating and a chore, but in attempting to do new things it occasionally sets itself apart from the side-quests discovered in the main game. There’s nothing earth-shattering or fresh from an artistic standpoint, but Dawnguard has its high points, a very welcome companion as well as new powers for you to play around with. Whether or not you consider this worth the 1600 MS points will depend on just how desperate you are to return to the world of Tamriel.
The Escapist (Jul 02, 2012)
The vampire powers are a nice game changer and the overall story is engaging. The game still suffers from the typical Elder Scrolls quirkiness, but that's not necessarily a bad thing depending on your point of view.
When you consider the $20.00 dollar price, Dawnguard is pretty good bang for the buck as you could easily add 20-hours or so to your Skyrim experience. If you are a Skyrim fan who has already invested countless number of hours into the main game, then Dawnguard is for you, but if you have moved on to other games, I am not so certain Dawnguard is reason alone to come back as frankly it is more of the same.
Cheat Code Central (Jun 29, 2012)
While the amount of content included in this DLC is substantial—definitely worth the twenty bucks—it's also riddled with bugs, and a few of those make it damn near unplayable. It's frustrating, at the very least. I'll say that buying the Dawnguard content is a no-brainer for Skyrim fans (and I assume most Xbox 360 Skryim owners have already purchased it), but it comes with the caveat that you shouldn't expect a flawless experience—at least not until Bethesda throws us a patch to fix some of this stuff. But, I mean, more Skyrim isn't a bad thing, right?
70 (Jul 10, 2012)
Dawnguard ist entweder zu teuer oder zu mutlos oder vielleicht auch beides, um wirklich glänzen zu können. In seinen besten, meist kurzen Momenten übertrifft es Skyrim zwar in einzelnen Disziplinen, aber es holt einfach nicht alles aus seinen guten Möglichkeiten, wie eben den neuen, faszinierenden Arealen und Fraktionen heraus, um zu einer eine essenziellen Erweiterung des Vorhandenen zu werden. Solltet ihr wirklich schon alles gesehen haben, dann bekommt ihr hier noch mal anderthalb Dutzend Stunden weitgehend ähnlich gearteten Nachschubs, durchzogen von der Brillanz, die hätte sein können. Dawnguard ist eine wirklich gute Episode aus der gewaltigen Welt, die Skyrim ist. Aber keine, nach der man sagen kann, dass ein Held Skyrim erst dann kennt, wenn er Dawnguard überlebt hat.
70 (Sep 05, 2012)
Dawnguard je opravdu povedený přídavek. Nejen, že přidává dvě nové frakce, ale hru, alespoň částečně, rozšiřuje snad ve všech ohledech. Takže na novinky narazíte, i když zrovna nepleníte nově přidané dungeony. Přesto se jedná spíše o novinky, které pouze rozšiřují existující herní prvky. Ale novinek, jako je třeba boj na koních, tu příliš nepotkáte. Takže čekejte starý dobrý Skyrim s delší herní dobou. Nečekejte výrazně obohacenou hratelnost. Ta zůstává stejná, jen si ji užijete v nových lokacích a questech.
65 (Jul 11, 2012)
Voor wie nog midden in de 'standaardversie' van Skyrim zit, is Dawnguard een druppel op de gloeiende plaat. Bethesda’s mega-RPG heeft al zo veel te bieden dat een verhaallijn erbij niet voelt als een echte uitbreiding. Voor wie Skyrim al helemaal heeft doorgereisd, is Dawnguard leuk met een paar mooie nieuwe gebieden. Toch voelt het niet als een volwaardige uitbreiding zoals Shivering Isles bij Oblivion, en is het daarom aan de dure kant.
65 (Jul 25, 2012)
Chacun appréciera Dawnguard selon sa propre avancée dans Skyrim. Facile et sans espoir de gros loot pour les joueurs ayant déjà boosté leurs compétences et l'exploration, il reste un moyen, sans surprise, de prolonger le jeu sans pour autant l'enrichir réellement. On aurait aimé que Bethesda se fende d'un DLC qui tranche un peu plus. Au final, Dawnguard est une chouette quête qui s'intègre sans accroche au contenu initial déjà monstrueusement conséquent. Si le Seigneur Vampire n'est pas sans intérêt, sa prise en main est d'une lourdeur qui peut vite devenir rédhibitoire. A chacun de voir si la chose vaudra l'investissement de 20 euros.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Jul 30, 2012)
Vendu à un prix plus raisonnable, on ne tarirait pas d’éloges sur Dawnguard, un DLC intéressant qui rajoute plusieurs heures de durée de vie à un jeu déjà renversant de ce côté-là. Oui mais voilà, 20 euros, c’est cher. Trop cher pour ce que cet add-on apporte concrètement à Skyrim.
60 (Jun 28, 2012)
Its headline feature is easily its worst but there are enough other new extras to make this a costly but still diverting return to the land of Skyrim.
Xboxygen (Aug 11, 2012)
Dawnguard est un DLC correct remplissant sagement son office malgré ses errances et son manque cruel d’audace et d’originalité. L’aventure principale est agréable à suivre, bien écrite et longue, la seule quête secondaire est riche, dotée d’environnements travaillés, mais un peu seule et pas franchement inoubliable. Alors peut on conseiller son achat ? A 800 Mpts comme les DLC de Fallout j’aurais conclu ce test avec un grand oui ! A 1200 Mpts j’aurais réussi à placer un petit oui du bout des lèvres. A 1600 Mpts, soit 20 euros, le contenu de Dawnguard semble trop rachitique en termes de contenu et d’expérience de jeu pour justifier une telle dépense et laissera un désagréable arrière-goût au fond de la gorge à tous ceux qui se seront laissés séduire par la menace des Vampires sur Tamriel.
XboxFrance (Aug 29, 2012)
Au final, déception semble le mot qui qualifie le mieux cette première extension de l'excellent Skyrim. Véritable attraction de ce Dawnguard, le seigneur vampire se révèle finalement peu pratique à jouer, la faute à une transformation lente et des choix de gameplay assez discutables. Visuellement peu surprenant et faisant le minimum syndical en terme de graphismes, Dawnguard offre une aventure sympathique d'une dizaine d'heures de jeu loin de nous faire oublier son illustre prédécesseur.
Edge (Jul 06, 2012)
More Skyrim, then. And if you’ve doggedly exhausted every last opportunity in your character’s journal, crisscrossing the Nords’ frozen homeland until there’s nothing left to see or do, it’s come not a moment too soon. If you’re still knee-deep in your adventure, however, Dawnguard could all too easily slip unnoticed into that sprawling list of tasks. It’s not bad at all, but it’s not different. It might add to Skyrim, but it doesn’t enrich it in doing so.
Digital Spy (Jul 03, 2012)
Judged purely on its merits as a piece of downloadable content, 'Dawnguard' doesn't quite live up to its rather steep 1600 Microsoft Points (£15 / $20) price tag. The plot, missions and marquee features aren't as strong as they could be, failing to leave much of an impression past the relatively brief questline. However, it's the little things that help Dawnguard capture that Skyrim magic, leaving players thirsty for more.
Polygon (Jul 04, 2012)
Skyrim's basic gameplay, known for turning midnight into 4AM, remains solid, even after you pony up the $20 for "Dawnguard." On the off-chance you've exhausted Skyrim and you're fiending for more, "Dawnguard" can offer more. But "more" doesn't equal "satisfying" or "memorable." "Dawnguard" isn't the journey to a strange realm that made "Shivering Isles" and "Point Lookout." It's not a break from the norm, it's a staycation. You're still in your apartment, doing the same things you always did, and once it's over, you'll feel like it was all pretty much a waste of time.