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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.1
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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GamingBolt (Sep 17, 2009)
Operation Anchorage is a unique experience for Fallout 3 fans. It has it’s problems, but it’s a fun 3-4 hours of action-packed fun that anyone with the game should experience.
XboxAchievements (Jan 28, 2009)
The only complaint that could be leveled against this quest pack is its length. Clocking it at 3-4 hours, Operation Anchorage isn't extremely long, and some gamers may wish for more for their 800 points. However, most of that time is spent in combat, and the quest line feels intentionally designed to provide the best experience, with absolutely no fluff or filler to artificially pad the expansion's length. All the achievements come from quest completions, and thus can't be missed, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Once again, Bethesda has delivered a high-quality experience, setting our expectations high for what the next quest pack will bring.
GamePro (US) (Feb 02, 2009)
Despite its shortcomings, Operation: Anchorage is a must own for Fallout 3 owners. It may be short and sweet, but anything that can add life to a title this good deserves needs to be played.
Worth Playing (Jan 30, 2009)
Even without the nuclear weapon-chucking bag of bolts, Operation: Anchorage is an impressive piece of content and is highly recommended for those looking for a good excuse to get the Fallout 3 disc spinning in the tray once more. The way the missions unfold within the VR exercise really gives you a sense that you're playing a game that isn't Fallout, yet it's using the exact same engine. I mean this as a high compliment, though, as it shows that Bethesda really has what it takes when it comes to adding even more content to an already massive game. You should really buy this before Bethesda catches on that $10 is too cheap for something offering this much content, enjoyment and fun.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Feb 06, 2009)
Die Erweiterung ist auf jeden Fall gelungen, auch wenn der Fokus ein wenig anders gelegt ist als im Hauptspiel. In den ca. fünf Stunden wird munter drauf losgeballert und es ist dadurch sehr gut möglich, seinen Charakter aufzubauen und Erfahrung zu sammeln. Jedoch würde man sich ein wenig mehr Rollenspielelemente wünschen. Aber alles in allem bekommt man für seine 800 MS Punkte ein ordentliches Spiel, welches sehr gut in Fallout 3 integriert ist.
Planet Xbox 360 (Jan 28, 2009)
Fans of the Fallout 3 series should purchase this with no second-thoughts, it will do a good job at pumping them up for the next two DLC episodes; others may just want to wait.
That Gaming Site (Jan 28, 2009)
For those looking for more Fallout 3 or even a break from the regular gameplay, Operation: Anchorage is a great addition, the added mint condition weapons are a bonus.
Gamervision (Feb 23, 2009)
There’s a great deal of enjoyment to be had here, and the content you get at the conclusion makes it even more worth the price of admission. Operation: Anchorage plays like a giant action movie taking place in the Fallout 3 universe, and those of you who enjoyed the main game but haven’t tried this out yet are really missing out. I’m even more excited for the next two installments now, and can’t wait to jump back into this world again. Especially now that I have that sweet-ass Crimson Dragon armor.
Game Captain (Feb 02, 2009)
Einerseits macht es Spaß, ein Stück Geschichte aus dem Fallout 3-Universum nachzuspielen und neue einzigartige Ausrüstungsgegenstände als Belohnung zu erhalten. Andererseits fehlen Operation Anchorage zu viele der Komponenten, die aus Fallout 3 ein einzigartiges Spiel gemacht haben. Die Dauerballerei, die 800 MS-Points kostet, ist daher sicherlich kein Must-Have.
Extreme Gamer (Feb 05, 2009)
The Operation: Anchorage downloadable content should please fans of the game; really who else is the content made for?! Being a fan myself, I found the value to be about right for the amount of enjoyment that comes out of blasting your way through the snowy Alaskan mountains. The main complaint about Operation: Anchorage would be the limited story telling elements in the missions, the story line is light and takes a backseat to the combat, which is a little too dominant. That aside, VATS always makes it enjoyable to blow through your enemies. Aside from the fun of running through the missions you the downloadable content will reward you with some cool loot that makes a difference in your game. Depending on how much you like Fallout 3, I think you should look into Operation Anchorage. For me it was worth the 800MS Points.
Destructoid (Jan 27, 2009)
I'm pleased overall with what has been released. The changes in gameplay are refreshing and the challenge level which results from them make it a satisfying experience. It is not painfully difficult, just pleasantly so, and its running time of roughly three hours is long enough to be enjoyable without becoming monotonous. And some of the gear you acquire for having completed it is pretty damn cool too. If you enjoyed Fallout 3, this is a worthwhile investment.
GameZone (Feb 06, 2009)
Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage is a nice diversion for gamers who loved the original game and are champing at the bit for more content. However, at 800 Microsoft Points ($10), it doesn’t quite offer up a lot of content for more budget-concerned players.
Atomic Gamer (Jan 29, 2009)
If anything, Operation Anchorage is a good hint of what's to come from Bethesda in future downloadable packs. With the third pack, coming in March, removing the game's ending and allowing players to continue the quest, we look forward to seeing this level of production values added to the game and integrated better with everything our wasteland adventurers have already done. Sure, taking the sweet loot in this add-on - and yes, there's something good for any character by the time you finish Anchorage - and using it in the rest of the game is nice, but we really like the Capital Wasteland, Bethesda. Give us more to do over there.
AusGamers (Feb 03, 2009)
So is it worth the $15 odd dollars? If you're the sort of person who's still roaming the game-world, and will continue to do so for a while, yes. Without a doubt. If you've already finished the game and haven't bothered with it since, I doubt this is going to give you more than the four or less hours of game time it adds. It really is in place more as a reward for people still grabbing as much as they can out of post-apocalyptic Washington DC, and for Xbox 360 Fallout 3 players, it adds ever-important Achievements in the way of four for 100g. But ultimately, the real reward in Operation Anchorage comes with how you'll utilise your newfound goodies in the Wastes – let us know what you've done.
Game Over Online (Feb 19, 2009)
Bethesda says Operation Anchorage takes 3-4 hours to complete. I’d put that number at more like 2-3, but for only $10 it represents moderate gaming bang for your buck. I’m hoping future DLC will be much better.
Game Critics (Feb 13, 2009)
Although players expecting a new cast of characters to interact with and another vast stretch of territory to explore may be disappointed, I found this focused revamp to be a welcome change of pace and a very interesting addition to a game already brimming with quality content. Add in the fact that there's some pretty decent equipment (Gauss Rifle, anyone?) and four more Achievements to be earned by the end of the mission, and I think it's safe to say that any Fallout 3 fan will find the 800-point investment ($10) to be worth it.
75 (Jan 29, 2009)
This add-on is enjoyable but because of the focus on fighting it is more of a Fallout 3: Lite on these four new missions. The price point of 800 points may scare people off, what you get in the end is 2-4 hours gameplay depending on your skill, 4 new achievements to unlock and a few new weapons and armour to use back on the main game. If you are a big fan though then it’s probably worth it.
Gaming Age (Jan 30, 2009)
Heavy on action and light on role-playing, Operation Anchorage takes what is the weakest part of Fallout 3 and makes it into a workable three-hour tour of the Alaskan frontline. Along the way are explosions, executions, electric swords, invisible Chinese ninjas, snipers, nuclear powered laser tanks, and a short bit where the Lone Wanderer commands a small strike force. Given that the DLC opens up a new chapter in the Fallout storyline with a peek at the technology and ideals pre-war, it serves as a satisfying continuation to the retail game if you can look past the technical flaws.
Cheat Code Central (Jan, 2009)
Operation Anchorage clocks in at about three hours. Players who've held off from brushing up against the level 20 cap or are only a short-way into the main campaign will find the goodies earned in this first expansion particularly bountiful. Succeeding in your virtual mission and cracking open the sealed stash translates directly into a big payoff of extra firepower, cool armor, and helpful gizmos to use in the rest of the game. Electrified ninja swords, stealth armor, and a new gauss rifle are only a few of the goodies awaiting players. The vignette is an entertaining diversion, but the rewards for completing it are what make it truly worthwhile.
GameGrin (May 26, 2009)
At 800 Microsoft points this downloadable content won't be to everyone's taste because of the linearity of the levels, relatively short length and combat heavy gameplay. Yet, if you are a Fallout fan this pack will certainly help you get more from the game with some great new equipment, an enjoyable extra quest line and an insight into an important event in the game universe. Operation: Anchorage is definitely worth a look and if Bethesda can build on the strengths of this download for future releases then Fallout 3 is going to expand in some great new directions.
Boomtown (Feb 03, 2009)
The same can be said if you prefer to stay away from battles and fights, as you’ll have no choice but to pull out the guns in Operation Anchorage. But if you do love the game then yes, this is something you need to buy. It will extend the length of an already long game, and the 100 points are easy to get. I do however think it is slightly over priced. But heck, aren’t most games and additions?
GameSpy (Jan 27, 2009)
Ultimately, it's the die-hard Fallout 3 fans that should enjoy this new chapter in the series' history, and those same fans who may end up slightly annoyed after the fact. Operation Anchorage doesn't answer many questions regarding the lead-up to the big war, but it's an interesting piece of the puzzle that fits into the overall game without feeling out of place. It feels like a lot of money for just a couple hours of entertainment, but considering that Fallout 3 is already a great value, it's hard to balk at the price.
Meristation (Jan 28, 2009)
Al igual que Fallout 3, este contenido está totalmente doblado y traducido a nuestro idioma, aunque hemos podido constatar algunas frases dobladas en inglés. Si todavía hoy seguís disfrutando de Fallout 3 y os consideráis auténticos aficionados al juego de Bethesda y a su sistema de juego profundo y completo, quizá esta expansión os resulte demasiado simple y alejada de la esencia del original. En cualquier caso, resulta un interesante comienzo en la andadura del contenido descargable del juego, que se ampliará posteriormente en The Pitt y Broken Steel, especialmente en esta última, que hará crecer el límite de nivel y la trama del juego. De momento, Alaska os espera para reconquistarla de manos del ejército comunista.
UltraNinjas (Jan 28, 2009)
As said at the start, there’s nothing particularly wrong with Operation Anchorage in some ways; it’s new content set in a new kind of environment, you get new equipment and it’s still fun enough for the three or so hours it’ll occupy, but you can’t help but feel for the price it’s still a little on the expensive side and that it’s rather too linear and easy for its own good. It sure as heck beats paying a couple of hundred points for a Horse Armour Pack and for those who have exhausted the main game then it’s a welcome injection, but the overriding feeling is that Operation Anchorage misses the point a little in the way it is set out. Here’s hoping the next couple of packs bring us a little closer to that particular kind of Fallout gameplay we all grew to love last year.
Gamer Limit (Feb 03, 2009)
All in all, Operation: Anchorage provides an entertaining experience, but does not nearly live up to the “4-6 hours” of gameplay that was promised. I explored the simulation very thoroughly and completed all quests, both mandatory and optional. Including my expedition to the Outcast base, the DLC couldn’t have take me longer than two and a half hours, yet, the quest rewards you receive for completing the simulation are pretty damn good, but not worth the $10 price tag. Hopefully the Pitt will introduce some new elements, if not, then we’ll just have to wait for the “official” expansion that will be Broken Steel.
AceGamez (Jan, 2009)
This is what I recommend you do, as well - Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage is a solid quest add-on, but little more. It concentrates on the game's weaker combat and leaves you feeling disappointingly steered, in a way that the main game always managed to avoid. Hold out for the rest of the DLC and use this to help you move towards level thirty, because without the RPG elements it feels like a short and bland first person shooter. Feel free to add a point to the overall score if you're still working your way through the game, but for everyone who has finished it, coming back in for this mini-adventure is likely to be a little on the disappointing side.
60 (Jan 28, 2009)
This all sounds a bit doomy and dour, but the truth is that Operation Anchorage is neither brilliant nor terrible: it's simply a sidestep that doesn't quite work. It's linear, simplistic and extremely un-Fallouty, but it does have couple of decent items and it offers a fresh change of scenery. If you think that's a fair swap for 800 Points, then go ahead and try it. Personally, we're not entirely convinced. Let's hope that the next two DLC packs, The Pitt and Broken Steel, fare better.
Gaming Nexus (Feb 02, 2009)
Fallout 3 is not an action game ans Operation Anchorage tries to do that with average results. The new weapons aren't bad though and the Stealth Suit will work well for those that like to play that way. Overall, it's a short DLC that doesn't have much in terms of role playing.
50 (Apr 26, 2009)
Wenn Ihr einfach mal ein wenig den Shooter-Spieler raushängen lassen wollt, habt Ihr mit Operation: Anchorage wahrscheinlich kurzfristig Euren Spaß. Ich persönlich schätze an Fallout 3 aber eher die eingangs beschriebenen Aspekte, weswegen ich das Paket den Spielern, die ebenso denken, nur bedingt ans Herz legen kann. Die beiden kommenden Erweiterungen klingen da zumindest auf dem Papier schon wesentlich viel versprechender. Es kann also nur besser werden.
Factornews (Feb 12, 2009)
Opération Anchorage n’est pas un mauvais DLC. C’est juste dommage qu’il sorte en premier. Il s’écarte complètement de la « logique Fallout 3 », que ce soit en termes de gameplay ou de mission. Etant donné que la plupart (pour ne pas dire « tous les joueurs qui se sont senti très en boule quand ils ont vu la fin minable du jeu de base ») des joueurs attendait plutôt du Fallout 3, on se demande ce qui a pris à Bethesda de sortir un ersatz de Project IGI.
50 (Jan 29, 2009)
J’ai adoré Fallout 3. C’est pour moi de loin le meilleur jeu de 2008, et il ne risque pas d’être détrôné de sitôt du piédestal sur lequel je l’ai placé. Mais quand vous en retirez la substantifique moelle, à savoir le roleplay, la course aux balles ou aux cellules énergétiques, l’exploration et que vous remplacez tout cela par des tonnes de caisses de munitions et de soins… et bien on se sent franchement floué. C’est vraiment dommage. Espérons que Bethesda en tirera une leçon pour ses deux prochains DLC…
50 (UK) (Jan 27, 2009)
I love Fallout 3. I love it to an almost indecent extent. It was far and away my game of 2008, and doesn't look like being knocked out of my personal top spot for a good while yet. But when you sift out its role-play, the ammo-box inspection and the exploration and draft in a fleet of health and ammo regeneration points to compensate... well, affairs just feel shallow and somewhat naked. Hopefully a lesson has been learnt at Bethesda towers. Business as usual next time please.
50 (Feb 03, 2009)
Overall, this episode was a little disappointing for me personally, and possibly not worth 800 points, either. The upcoming episodes appear to be more plot-based, so let's hope that they can improve on this one.
RPGWatch (Mar 10, 2009)
Whether or not I think you might find Operation Anchorage worth $10 depends on your opinion of Fallout 3. If you absolutely loved Fallout 3, would give it a 5/5 and consider it great ... then my recommendation is 'only buy it if you are deciding between buying this or seeing Inkheart or flushing a $10 down the toilet, and even then re-read Inkheart first. If you are either conflicted over Fallout 3 or really didn't like it - run away, run far, far away. Should you buy it? No, NO, absolutely-positively NO! Let me put it this way - if you are like me and generally like the Star Wars prequels, but found the overexposure of Jar Jar, Pod racing and the boring political intrigue of Episode I to be the stuff you skip to get to the cool battles on the DVD, this add-on is like sitting down to watch 'Jar Jar's personal journey through pod racing and inter-galactic politics'.
40 (Jan 29, 2009)
Avec Opération Anchorage, Besthesda réussit ce qu'il avait soigneusement évité de faire avec Fallout 3 : vider la licence de toute sa substance. Réduire le jeu à un simple FPS, c'était prendre le risque de dévoiler ses limites en la matière, et ça n'a pas loupé : missions linéaires et convenues, IA à la ramasse, gestion d'escouade peu convaincante, aspect infiltration imparfait... Cette parodie de GRAW n'a vraiment rien pour elle et nous incite à la prudence face aux futures extensions annoncées.
Gamekult (Jan 30, 2009)
La partie FPS et le sens du spectaculaire n'étant pas vraiment les points forts du jeu original, loin s'en faut, on se retrouve avec trois heures affreusement pénibles, avec scripts moisis, I.A. en carton et dialogues médiocres à la clé. Affreusement bourrin, répétitif, mal doublé et vidé de toute substance, RPG, Operation Anchorage est donc une aberration totale qui fait craindre le pire quant au futur du jeu sous forme téléchargeable.