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Prepare For The Future MasterMegid (902) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars
Brilliant But Not Black Isle. Scott Monster (1009) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars
Fallout 3 is a great post-nuclear sandbox experience. Droog (522) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
If you like oblivion and sci-fi, you'll like this. havoc of smeg (22212) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.6
Overall User Score (48 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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100 (Nov 03, 2008)
Wer sich auf das Szenario einlässt und mit der ungewöhnlichen Mischung aus Rollenspiel und Ego-Shooter zurechtkommt, die sich übrigens mittels Schwierigkeitsgrad und V.A.T.S.-System Eurer Genre-Vorliebe anpasst, wird die nächsten Wochen also alles andere stehen und liegen lassen. Und da es Fallout 3 nicht nur gelingt, das fantastische Niveau der ersten Stunden zu halten, sondern zum Ende hin noch deutlich zu erhöhen, hat der Titel wie kaum ein anderer die Höchstnote verdient. Er mag trotz seiner Qualitäten nicht perfekt sein, doch er ist verdammt nah dran. Meine Weihnachtsferien sind auf jeden Fall ausgebucht: Fallout 3, Fallout3 und noch mehr Fallout 3.
Xboxygen (Nov 12, 2008)
En introduction je soulignais la difficulté de sortir la suite d’une franchise légendaire. Et il n’y a pas de déception. Fallout 3 est tout simplement le digne successeur des premiers jeux, et offre un niveau d’immersion rare dans un univers totalement cohérent et étudié. Certains regretteront que le ton des premiers jeux ait été en partie abandonné, mais il faut savoir ce qu’on veut : une redite de ce qui a déjà été fait ou un titre ayant sa propre personnalité ? Fallout 3 s’écarte légèrement de ses prédécesseurs, mais en en gardant la substantifique moelle et de nombreux éléments immédiatement reconnaissables par les connaisseurs. Le jeu vous offrira tout un panel d’émotions, allant de la peur au rire, et vous ne verrez pas le temps passer. Tout simplement un des plus grands jeux de cette année 2008.
100 (Mar 29, 2011)
Overall, Fallout 3 is an impressive game, and is really worth your time. There are a fair amount of bugs and glitches, though by now, most of them have been patched away, though you’ll still occasionally find yourself stuck on a rock or something similar. The gameplay is solid, as are the graphics, and the audio work isn’t bad either. If you’ve never played it up until now, you owe it to yourself to spend some time in the Capital Wasteland and see the sights. However, I will say that if you’ve already played New Vegas without playing Fallout 3, I can’t say that you’ll be quite as impressed, because it seems that New Vegas improved on pretty much every aspect of the game. Regardless, Fallout 3 is a solid game, and is worth checking out if you haven’t already.
UOL Jogos (Nov 07, 2008)
Para os antigos fãs da franquia, "Fallout 3" pode não parecer uma verdadeira continuação, mas tampouco se trata de um "Oblivion" no futuro - pense em um sincero tributo por parte da equipe da Bethesda, ainda que sóbrio demais. Já aqueles que não são familiarizados com a série, irão descobrir um RPG riquíssimo em opções, com um sistema de combate viciante e um mundo aberto repleto de segredos e mistérios. É uma das experiências mais profundas e gratificantes encontradas este ano em um videogame, na forma de um trabalho primoroso de revitalização de uma marca tão importante da história do entretenimento eletrônico até então relegada ao limbo.
The A.V. Club (Nov 05, 2008)
The result is a clever blend of role-playing and first-person action. Sadly missing is much of Fallout's pervasive humor; better omissions are Oblivion's silly adaptive difficulty (your enemies were always as powerful as you were) and too-generous character progression.
Game Couch (Dec 03, 2008)
There’s a lot controversy surrounding Bethesda’s take on Fallout and a lot of discussion on what “Fallout” is. For me, Fallout has always been more than the setting and the system. If you look beyond perspective and mechanics, Fallout has always been a collection of memorable moments: humorous, grim, exhilarating, and poignant. Fallout is a world that exists around me, but one where my actions matter. Fallout isn’t about saving the universe; it’s about touching virtual lives. It’s doing what you can to make the post-apocalypse a little better (or a lot worse). And that’s what you can expect from Fallout 3.
JustPressPlay (Nov 21, 2008)
The game itself is amazing. This is a game that can get you into the Bethesda genre and play Oblivion as well. Fallout 3 gives you the reins to fix or further destroy the Capitol Wasteland. You can be a good guy, bad guy or just neutral. You can create your own weapons like the roadway rail gun which uses rail spikes as ammo, and which has large amounts of ammo throughout the map.The guns range from a .38 special to a combat shotty to the Fat Man (A mini-nuke launcher). You have full freedom and lots of missions to complete. Great game and my personal Game Of The Year.
Taken as a whole, Fallout 3 is a masterpiece. Whereas Oblivion raised the bar and showed people what a game really could be, Fallout 3 does the same thing only a few years later. Oblivion sat so high above everything else that it was hard to even compare it to anything. Now Fallout 3 sits just as high above Oblivion. It’s that good. And with a seemingly unlimited wasteland to explore, there should be many irradiated gamers playing this one for years to come. It earns a very rare perfect GiN Gem score of 5 out of 5, because really, nothing else on the market even comes close. Do yourself a huge favor and grab a copy today.
G4 TV: X-Play (Oct, 2008)
Despite how much I enjoyed Oblivion, as a Fallout fan and a Wasteland fan before that, I approached Fallout 3 with a healthy amount of skepticism. I really wasn’t sure if a developer new to the Fallout franchise could pull off a sequel worthy of having the number “3” after the “Fallout” title. It seems the team at Bethesda must be fans as well, because not only does Fallout 3 earn its numeral, it does the Fallout name honor as well.
Game Revolution (Oct 28, 2008)
That’s the beauty of survival, and this world of fallout: It feeds on adventure and breathes in freedom, yet it dreams of order and the safety of the Vault. I can describe it, explain it, tell it in finely chosen words, but I can never make you fully understand for as long as you sit and listen. But even if I die, I do not worry. There will come a time when you will seize that lever and open that metal door, and it is then I will return. And the Wasteland will greet you, the birth of a legend. For with you goes that kid from Vault 101 once more.
GamePro (US) (Oct 30, 2008)
The first two Fallout titles are classics in their own right but Fallout 3 might just be the best one yet. Heck, it might just be the best console RPG of all time. It's deep, complex and tremendously addictive. From the amazing character development system to the engaging and satisfying combat, Fallout 3 has everything you could want in an RPG experience. Play this game. Seriously. Do it.
GameSpy (Oct 27, 2008)
We've mentioned Oblivion quite a few times in the span of this review, since it's impossible to write about Fallout 3 without comparing it to its technical predecessor. Yes, Fallout 3 is a lot like Oblivion (with guns!), but it's a superior game in nearly every way, as it features a more engaging storyline, impeccable presentation, and hundreds of hours of addictive gameplay. While the jury is still out on whether or not hardcore Fallout enthusiasts will accept the game as part of the storied franchise, Fallout 3 is a must-have title for most RPG fans, as well as one of the finest games of this generation.
100 (UK) (Oct 30, 2008)
Bethesda has once again delivered a game of life-affirming brilliance that will be heralded as a classic, and talked about for years to come.
Official XBox Magazine (Oct 28, 2008)
Our 40-ish hours of game time over four days at Bethesda’s Maryland HQ went by on fast-forward. We often forgot to eat, and we begrudged bathroom breaks. Games this captivating don’t come along often. Between its engrossing story, ginormous world, well-crafted RPG side, and white-knuckle FPS combat, Fallout 3 completely, utterly gives you your $60 worth.
1UP (Oct 29, 2008)
If you seek to break the world, you'll occasionally find a way -- which is understandable, given the limits of time and tech -- but it does pull you out of the otherwise broad and engrossing experience. Faults be damned, though; this is the kind of hugely ambitious game that doesn't come around very often, and when it does, you'd be a fool not to play it and enjoy the hell out of it and look forward to the day (next-next-gen?) when the fidelity of open-world RPGs takes another big step closer to the uncanny valley's far side.
Game Vortex (Nov, 2008)
It is rare that a game gets me genuinely excited and even rarer for one to tempt me into calling in a sick day just so I can keep playing. Fallout 3 was able to do both, and is a game that deserves every accolade and award that may come its way. If Fallout 3 isn't already in your collection, it should be.
GameFocus (Oct 29, 2008)
If you like role playing games, buy it. If you like first person shooters, buy it. The game is just amazing in everyway and we could not have expected a better Fallout title. Bethesda has another huge galactic hit on its hands and now we need to see some downloadable content please.
Planet Xbox 360 (Oct 27, 2008)
The presentation of the game, as a whole, is what really takes Fallout 3 and boosts it into a level high above most of the other games being released this year on the Xbox 360. The fact that, even after all the side-missions are completed, there is still some exclusive downloadable content (details unknown) coming at some point even excites us more. From the moment we booted up the title to the minute we started writing this review our life was engrossed by Fallout 3. Bethesda had us hooked and obsessed for the entirety of this gaming experience. We can only hope that the mass number of action titles coming out this Fall don’t allow this masterpiece to fall through the cracks. Fallout 3 is everything we could have ever imagined and there is no reason that if you own an Xbox 360 you should not be playing this game; go buy it.
Fallout 3 is a fantastic game and Bethesda has succeeded in creating a world so barren and horrific, yet full of life and story driven content that it is surely one of the best games released this year. The only issues are technical and mainly tied to the Playstation 3 platform. We have rich pickings lately with an array of top notch games released, just make sure you don't miss out on Fallout 3, it is one of the most absorbing game experiences I can remember.
96 (Nov 07, 2008)
In that sense, Bethesda's apocalyptical Fallout 3 belies its own jaw-dropping desolation by delivering a near-faultless action RPG that manages to not only execute compelling first-person gameplay but also provides an influential and in-depth character evolution system that's supported by an intriguing storyline and a mind-boggling game world that screams "Game of the Year" at every turn.
XboxAchievements (Nov 03, 2008)
Fallout 3 masterfully creates a parallel universe for players to explore and lose dozens of hours in. No other game of this console generation comes close to offering the amount of content, freedom of choice, and level of immersion that can be found here.
Game Freaks 365 (Nov, 2008)
This generation of games has delivered absolutely fabulous cinematic-quality titles. Bioshock, Gears of War and the Call of Duty series just to name a few. Fallout 3 easily deserves to be remembered amongst them. Not only that, but Fallout 3 deserves to mentioned in the same breath as all other RPG's we've heard too much about: Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and Bethesda's own Elder's Scroll series. Fallout 3 is an absolute masterpiece, truly the pinnacle of Western RPGs, and deserves to be remembered as such.
IGN (Oct 27, 2008)
It's rare that a game can hit the mark in so many different and often conflicting areas. Fallout 3 offers freedom without sacrificing a focused story. It delivers fantastic combat without forgoing a deep role-playing system. The characters you meet are engaging and oftentimes hilarious without feeling out of place in this harsh world. The game has a few flaws -- most of them technical -- but it's a case where the whole is greater than the sum. It's a fantastic game with incredible atmosphere that offers fun in so many different ways that you're almost sure to get hooked. This is one of the best games you'll play this year.
Atomic Gamer (Oct 29, 2008)
Sure, this game isn't perfect, but its strengths far overpower its weaknesses. From its sweeping, epic score to its ridiculously gory and amusing death scenes and on to the many thought-provoking moments of what life could be like after a nuclear detonation on US soil, this game holds sacred all that is great about RPGs while delivering that action-based punch that keeps you coming back. I just can't find a good reason not to recommend Fallout 3 to any serious gamer out there.
games xtreme (Nov 07, 2008)
Fallout 3 is huge, whilst the main story is fairly short, it's a fun ride and the meat of the game is in the exploration and plethora of side-quests. There are unlockable rewards and hidden treasures to find as you explore the Capital Wastelands.
AusGamers (Nov 10, 2008)
Like Oblivion it's very likely Bethesda will release patches to fix many of the game's shortcomings, but its redeeming features are so vast and varied you're going to lose yourself, regardless. It's not the perfect game, but it does so much better than most, and despite a few early hiccups, the forethought and vision of the team at Bethesda has crafted an ever-lasting game that could potentially keep you playing this and only this the entire holidays (and let's not forget the potential for expansions down the track, just as they offered for Oblivion with Shivering Isles). If you love discovering, leveling, mutants, nuclear power, nuclear bombs, exploding heads, complete freedom, 50s nostalgia, stealing, helping, repairing, sneaking, cows with two udders, zombies, hacking computers and bottle-caps - you're going to love this.
Lens of Truth (Jul 11, 2009)
Collecting items to make weapons, finding all locations or listening to radio broadcasts and era music are all things that give this game plenty of replay value and longevity. Not to mention all the amazing DLC that Bethesda keeps feeding us. I think Fallout 3 is a must try for anyone that hasn’t experienced it yet and it was a must buy for my collection.
Good Game (Nov 03, 2008)
I never really got oblivion Jung, no matter how many people tried to get me to love it, I couldn't see the appeal and kept putting it back down but fallout 3 got me hardcore, maybe it was the pew pew lasers or maybe it was just a nice break from all the Fable 2 hours we've been putting in – either way, there's going to be a possibility of some pants not being washed in my house for a few weeks. 9.5 from me.
Game Positive (Dec 08, 2008)
There's no doubt that many people already know that they will love Fallout 3: it offers the epic world that many yearn for. For those still deciding whether to take a chance on the title, know that Fallout 3 is designed with great artistry and care. The story and the characters alone will reward even those with a short attention span, while the ability to craft a character and impact the world around you will set a new gold standard for anyone ready to savor the experience. If you're looking for exciting and engrossing role-playing gameplay, Fallout 3 is a must-play title for 2008.
95 (Nov 03, 2008)
Fallout 3 is an incredibly well done 3D adaptation of Interplay's cherished series. It is not a flawless title by any means, but it is a remarkable one. Bethesda's marriage of the RPG and FPS genres is a triumphant success, and it makes Fallout 3 a unique experience despite its similarities to Bethesda's past releases. Further, this open-ended adventure through a post-apocalyptic wasteland is simply captivating. You'll easily get sucked into the Capital Wasteland, and you'll want to explore every last bit of it before you put the controller down. This is one of the best games of this generation, and a must-have for anyone with the slightest bit of interest in the post-apocalyptic genre.
Trekking through the wasteland is one of my top experiences of the year, and it just happens this game also produces some of my top moments, like the communism-hating robot, the pint-sized slasher, Gary, and the enabling of the Cannibalism perk. This game is massive, and as your character’s stature in the Wasteland grows, so does the excitement. It’s not a true sequel to the Fallout series, but as a fan of the games of old, I found it to be every bit as good.
GamingExcellence (Oct 28, 2008)
Fallout 3 is an experience in itself, and while it may not offer as much replay value as Oblivion, it’s so much more then an “Oblivion with guns”. The game features the same humorous overtones as the other games in the series, and while the main story arc is short, Fallout 3 is a faithful extension to its predecessors. Taking on a cult franchise is a mammoth task, and in this case the expectations were incredibly high after following the masterpiece that is Oblivion. Fortunately, Fallout 3 eclipses almost every one of these incredible expectations. For any RPG fan, especially with roots in the franchise, Fallout 3 is a must buy. Just do yourself a favor and play this one in the dark.
Worth Playing (Oct 28, 2008)
In the end, Fallout 3 feels like a Fallout game, and that is absolutely the highest compliment. Despite the changes, much of the charm and fun of the franchise remains intact, and despite the similarities to Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, I never felt that I was playing anything but a Fallout game. The majority of my complaints are problems that also existed in the prior titles, and nothing in particular detracted from the experience. Fallout 3 is a game with a ridiculous amount of value for your money and easily worth the full $60. This isn't Oblivion: With Guns, but an honest-to-goodness Fallout 3, and a fine addition to the franchise.
Game Arena (Oct 30, 2008)
Hardcore Fallout fans will either hate Fallout 3 because it's not Screenshot Fallout or Fallout 2, or they'll love it because it's still a great game set in one of the best freaking universes ever. If you never played the original games and you like shooter/rpg combinations Fallout 3 is a must buy. Only time will tell if it is as timeless as Fallout or Fallout 2, but there's no question that it's a great game all on its own. You might want to make sure you're ready to give up a large portion of your time though, because once Fallout 3 has you it won't let go for a while.
GamingTrend (Oct, 2008)
As I said, it would be impossible to summarize a game this big in a review of almost any length. The varied gameplay and genuinely challenging new puzzle types are simply the mechanics of how the game unfolds. I’ve purposely left out discussing the rich storyline in the game to avoid spoilers, but let me assure you that it is compelling and often surprising. There is more gameplay in this game than any four other holiday titles combined, and every minute of it is compelling. The V.A.T.S. combat engine works better than I anticipated without providing a silver-bullet that would make the gameplay too easy. I’ll be shocked if Fallout 3 isn’t game of the year.
Gameplayer (Australia) (Oct 28, 2008)
Beyond those utterly fixable/avoidable bits of weirdness, Fallout 3 is still a shining example of an epic RPG done right. It looks amazing, its immersion factor is second to none, and the whole experience is like a good book; addictive and impossible to put down. Packed to the gills with the incredibly deep Fallout mythos, you can play through the twenty odd hours of main quest but come back to experience the 50+ hours of side quests dotted throughout this freaky, radiated reality. Whichever way you look at it, there’s something in here for every type of gamer and Fallout 3 is well worthy of your hard earned bottle caps.
IGN Australia (Oct 27, 2008)
Fallout 3 is one of the best games of recent years -- in a year that's certainly been blessed with some excellent releases. It's a game that stands on its own without prior knowledge of the series -- though Bethesda has crafted an adventure that still aims firmly at fans before all others. It's not without some faults however, and the recipe isn't to everyone's tastes or pace. The third-person perspective remains as useless as it was in Oblivion, for example -- but if you can put in the time and commit to exploring this detailed and carefully designed wasteland, then Fallout 3 can't help but satisfy and engage you in ways that very few games ever have.
TeamXbox (Oct 28, 2008)
All told, Fallout 3 is a great game. Granted, I still have a lot left to explore, but the pace and scope of Wasteland is fabulous. It’s not a platformer, so if you’re expecting nonstop thrills, this might not be for you. You’ll have sections where you’re zigzagging across the landscape and minutes between combat, but there’s a depth to this trek. You feel as if you’re a post-apocalyptic survivor searching for a close relative who may or may not be in danger…and who has to grow up through near-death encounters with the worst creatures or others seeking to survive the same horrors you are. When people talk about deep, immersive video games, Fallout 3 can stand as a reference.
GameZone (Oct 28, 2008)
While Fallout 3 may not be for everyone (especially those who are looking for something a little more light-hearted), that doesn’t stop it from being a marvelous game. The replay value alone should hold gamers over until the dawn of the New Year. Fallout 3 is a must-have for gamers who are looking for the next bona-fide RPG on any console.
GameTrailers (Oct, 2008)
Any preconceived notions of this post-Apocalypto should be shelved. Fallout 3 is not another Gears of War or Halo. Overcome and embrace, for there’s a constant flow of surprises and excellence packed into this RPG. Everything is set at such a high caliber that the negligible flaws and inconsistencies come across as much larger blemishes than in most games, but they can’t tarnish the overall experience. Don’t wait for the wasteland, just hit the road.
Pelit (Nov, 2008)
Globaali ydinsota on uhkakuvana jotain niin arkitodellisuudellemme vierasta, että sen mahdollisuus tuntuu suurin piirtein yhtä kaukaiselta kuin asteroidin osuma. On petollisen helppoa unohtaa, että Neuvostoliiton romahtamiseen asti maailma eli kirjaimellisesti veitsen terällä. Suurvaltojen kilpavarustelun, itänaapurin rauhanohjusten ja Tsernobylin ydinvoimalaonnettomuuden varjossa kasvaneelle 80-luvun kakaralle ydintuhon pelko oli jotain todellista. Minun lapsuuteni oli aikaa, jolloin Helsingissä louhittiin kalliosuojia ja kouluihin ja taloyhtiöihin hankittiin joditabletteja.
93 (Nov 23, 2008)
You can type out entire encyclopedias on this game, but in the end it's all about a couple of important elements. The atmosphere and storyline are completely finished and can for a large part be influenced by your own choices. The personalisation of your avatar goes very far and is worked out very immersively. The quests, small and large, are interesting and the combat system will bring the necessary excitement and satisfaction to your quest up to the very ending. Fallout 3 is a world that deserves to be explored and researched by gamers that love quality, depth and immersion. A top game!
In almost all respects, Fallout 3 is a staggering, genre-defining achievement - marrying an utterly immersive world, memorable characters, incredible production values, some of the most inspired RPG mechanics ever devised and so much heart. It might not steamroll the epic Oblivion in the manner we all hoped, but maybe that was simply asking too much. Instead, Fallout 3 stands as the perfect companion piece - a near unparalleled RPG that stands so far ahead of the majority of the games on 360 that it would be a crime against gaming not to laud this title as anything other than a masterpiece. But perhaps the biggest single complement we can pay Fallout 3 is that it sits proudly alongside its cult PC brethren as an (almost) equal. For that reason alone, it joins the pantheon of 360 Must Buys.
Xbox World 360 (Oct 28, 2008)
Instead, Fallout 3 stands as the perfect companion piece - a near unparalleled RPG that stands so far ahead of the majority of the games on 360 that it would be a crime against gaming not to laud this title as anything other than a masterpiece. But perhaps the biggest single complement we can pay Fallout 3 is that it sits proudly alongside its cult PC brethren as an (almost) equal. For that reason alone, it joins the pantheon of 360 Must Buys.
GameLemon (Feb 01, 2009)
*Catches breath*. So this is a whole lot of awesome game. Fallout 3 is an overall well-thought-out vision of what the world would be like after The Big One drops. It's one part First Person Shooter, and one part Role Playing Game. This is the really violent potty-mouth game that Mom and Dad don't know about yet because it hasn't been on the news. This game'll give you nightmares, kid. The combat system is really cool, and you'll probably show it to a friend at some point. If you liked Dune, check out Fallout 3. It's a really good game, and if you don't like it when video games tell you what to do, you'll play this one for a long time.
XBox Front (Nov 10, 2008)
Das Jahr 2008 hat vielen Videospielen das Leben geschenkt und nur wenige haben einen derart großen Eindruck hinterlassen wie Fallout 3. Der unglaubliche Umfang des Spiels, die wunderschöne Optik, der perfekt abgestimmte Sound und die unglaublich packende Atmosphäre machen das Spiel zu einem wahren Freudenfest für jeden Genrefan und Videospieler. Einzig und allein die PlayStation 3-Fassung weiß in Punkto Grafik nicht ganz zu überzeugen und mindert den sonst so unglaublich guten Eindruck. Alles in Allem ist Fallout 3 hin fast jeder Hinsicht ein Kandidat für den Titel „Game of the Year“ und bietet nicht nur Rollenspielern eine packende Story und wunderschöne Grafiken. Fallout 3 erhält von uns ganz klar eine Kaufempfehlung.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 30, 2008)
Fallout 3 is an epic RPG with choices that affect a lot of how your game will play out. V.A.T.S. combat is over the top but normal FPS like combat isn't that well done. The music and graphics combine for a true recreation of the Fallout style of yesteryear. There's a tremendous amount of replay value here as well so you'll really want to play it over and over again. Fallout 3 is worth the wait and it's not surprising that Bethesda has done it again.
GamingBolt (Sep 18, 2009)
So this is a game that shouldn’t be missed. If you loved Oblivion, then you would love this game no doubt. But if you didn’t like Oblivion, then you may like this one which is futuristic and has guns that can take off heads. Yes again that is the coolest thing of the game. And yes the storyline is pretty good.
Destructoid (Oct 31, 2008)
Regardless, the overall experience of Fallout 3 is unmatched, and the amount of game Bethesda has packed into this $60 title can’t be ignored. Flaws aside, taken as a whole, Fallout 3 is an astounding effort and easily one this year’s best gaming experiences. With easily more than 40 hours simply based around a main quest and countless additional hours of exploration and discovery, stepping foot out of your vault onto the ravaged Capital Wasteland is a huge undertaking. But those who take the time to explore it will be rewarded -- the bit of radiation sickness is well worth the trip.
90 (Oct 29, 2008)
Quando se avança e progride de nível mais o jogo oferece em variedade e possibilidades reformuladas de interacção, sem olvidar os momentos de reviravolta e total surpresa. A exploração livre estende-se pelo tempo que aceitamos disponibilizar para descobrir cada cêntimo da história. E aqui não há como causar magreza, pelo contrário. Um contexto apocalíptico credível de um imaginário futurista, nunca mereceu um desenvolvimento tão vasto e denso como até aqui. Falta à Bethesda reclamar a autoria e os detalhes caracterizadores do universo Fallout. Muitos dos princípios basilares de Fallout 3 são quinhão da Black Isle Studios. Apesar disso é indiscutível que a Bethesda soube ter nas mãos e cuidar com o devido respeito o nome Fallout. Mais que saber reinventar um jogo e assegurar uma evolução desejável, é sobretudo na base e composição de um mundo voltado ao avesso pela rudeza da guerra e onde os sobreviventes lutam pela vida no centro da destruição, que se logrou o maior passo.
RPG Site (Sep 12, 2008)
Bethesda have created a game that is truly immersive despite recreating the world from the original two Fallout titles - a world that couldn’t be less welcoming if it tried. It’s story mode may only hold your attention for six hours, but the hundreds of side quests and many locations to explore will then carry you over, sucking away your time for weeks – possibly even months. Fallout 3 is a game about choice – even combat is fairly optional in this game. On this note, we urge you to make the right choice. Play this game.
GamesCollection (Mar 05, 2009)
Per concludere possiamo affermare che Fallout 3 è un ottimo titolo, che cattura l’attenzione grazie alla sua sceneggiatura e che pone da subito il giocatore di fronte a scelte morali non indifferenti (voi che fine farete fare a Megaton?). Forse un difetto del gioco è allo stesso tempo uno dei suoi pregi: come già accaduto per Oblivion, il mondo è talmente vasto e le missioni secondarie sono così numerose, che alcuni giocatori potrebbero rischiare di allontanarsi troppo dalla quest principale (che dura circa una ventina di ore) esaurendo così l’interesse nel completare l’avventura. Ma questa è solo una delle tante decisioni difficili a cui verremo sottoposti. E poi diciamolo: girare per la Zona Contaminata ascoltando alla radio uno che canta “ I don’t want to set the world on fire” non ha prezzo.
Xbox Gazette (Nov 21, 2008)
Fallout 3 est un RPG très réussi, fidèle à l'esprit des premiers Fallout et qui propose un monde vaste, riche et cohérent. Malgré une réalisation en demi-teinte, due en bonne partie à un moteur vieillissant et à des animations très moyennes des personnages, on se sent vite immergé dans l'aventure, grâce à des quêtes intéressantes, qui peuvent être résolues de diverses manières, à des musiques de qualité, et à de nombreux lieux à explorer, offrant ainsi une durée de vie très conséquente. On regrette les similitudes parfois trop nombreuses avec Oblivion au niveau du système de jeu, un côté trop sage par moments déplacé, ainsi qu'une maniabilité perfectible dans les phases de tir. Ces dernières restent cependant très agréables, grâce au système SVAV bien pensé et à la grande variété des armes rencontrées.
Gamestyle (Jan 21, 2009)
So there you have it. Fallout 3 is an incredibly well-accomplished game that lets players explore a rich, diverse and interesting landscape however they see fit. Along the way you will meet interesting characters, help them out with original and varied quests, fight intimidating monsters and find plenty of the Fallout humour that graced the other games in the series. Or, if you prefer, just set off an unexploded nuclear warhead and wipe everything off the face of the earth. Whatever you want to do, quite simply, the choice is yours.
Blend Games (Nov 08, 2008)
If you're an RPG fan, Fallout 3 should be in your game library. The first two Fallout games have taken on this mythical aura amongst fans over the past decade and I have no reason to doubt that in time this game will be viewed with the same rose-colored glasses. Like its predecessors, Fallout 3 isn't perfect in its mechanics but the game effortlessly provides a fascinating 40+ hour jaunt through post-apocalyptia. Other games just feel tiny by comparison.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 12, 2009)
Though Fallout 3 is a good game and it lived up to all my expectations, it is certainly not for anyone wanting a quick game. Even though the main story line is relatively short in comparison to other role-playing games, you’ll still spend a lot of time doing nothing but walking across the desolate brown landscape – the option to quick travel will become your friend – and getting into conversations, it doesn’t fit well with a gamer that wants a quick fix. Besides that hesitation, I recommend Fallout 3.
Game Over Online (Jan 05, 2009)
In Fallout 3 Bethesda has made a very good thing, though it is somewhat hampered by the lack of variable scenery and a VATS that plays less than perfectly. From the opening strains of I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire, the chilling atmosphere is pervasive. Between the main quest line and the heaps of side quests you can pick up, I’m not even sure how long this game is. I’m closing in on 30 hours, and judging from the volume of the map space that I’ve explored I’m not even close to done. It’s a game that I’m certain to be playing for a long, long time.
DarkZero (Jan 03, 2009)
Fallout 3 is an admirable achievement for Bethesda. It’s a game that provides action, adventure, exploration, interaction and excitement in a beautifully realised Armageddon that provides so many unexpected moments, but somehow manages to remain consistent and believable. Regardless of the sometimes-weak combat, this is role-playing at its finest. It’s almost enough to make you wish that those damn Communists would hurry up and drop the bomb!
Totally Gaming Network (Nov 13, 2008)
Fallout 3 is a triumph in almost every sense. Despite some of its flaws it is a fantastic journey that everyone must experience. Bethesda nailed the look and you will be stunned by how incredibly detailed everything is. The cast of characters you will meet throughout your journey are definitely an interesting bunch and helps to keep you on your toes. How you shape the world and your relationship with it is entirely up to you.
PlayDevil (Dec 05, 2008)
"Fallout 3" is Oblivion, with guns and more moral choices. The graphics are a little better, and there are more than about two people supplying the supplemental voices, but ultimately, it's a very similar game, for both good and bad. All of the game elements that made Oblivion awesome return here for a second outing, whilst many of the issues that slightly brought Oblivion down still return over two years later. It's a real shame because 'Fallout 3' is still an excellent game, but it's harder to forgive the same faults again after all this time.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 27, 2008)
As a game, Fallout 3 is a success. Bethesda has improved on the Oblivion formula and has, for the most part, reworked the engine in a way that suits the Fallout name. However, there are a few things that will annoy diehards. The combat tends to throw character traits out the window or play the game for you, and the atmosphere has definitely taken a turn for the heavier, rather than the sarcastic and self-referential humor of the other games. Still, a happy medium seems to have been struck. Fallout 3 is a big game that is worth sinking your teeth into, even if you have to close your eyes and hum every time you're reminded it's called Fallout.
MS Xbox World (Nov 21, 2008)
Fallout 3 is a bold, dynamic, vast epic adventure, representing the perfect blend between action and role-playing, set within one of the biggest, most atmospheric, and well-realized gaming worlds ever created. Absolutely justified in any self-respecting gamers collection, it's a truly essential title, for an essential console. Buy this game now, and lose yourself in it. Just be sure to keep your radiation exposure down to a bare minimum after completing it though, or you might find a third arm growing from your stomach. Not bad if you’re going for those expert achievements on Guitar Hero, but otherwise, stay safe.
RewiredMind (Nov, 2008)
Unfortunately I didn’t play either of the previous titles in the series, so I can’t compare Fallout 3 to its predecessors. All I can say is that it’s a wonderful action-RPG that certainly takes you by the hand and pulls you in slowly. It will frustrate you, confuse you and please you, but all of those emotions could occur at any one time for any reason. Without a set way of going about finishing the game, you’re really free to go where you want and do what you please, however you can think of doing it, and that will really give each player a slightly different experience. If you like a bit of blood, some gunplay and an RPG, why not give it a go?
Extreme Gamer (Nov 07, 2008)
This holocaust holiday into the wasteland of Fallout 3 is a brutal take on a post-apocalyptic action. Fallout is back and dare I say, better than ever. Fallout 3 has the ability to draw in both audiences who enjoy role-playing games, and the others who like a good shooter. Bethesda provides all the tools leaving it up to you to shape and enjoy your incredible journey in Fallout 3. Fallout 3 is one of the best games to be released this year and I’m glad Bethesda took their time making Fallout 3 the best it could be. The Fallout legacy continues....
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Oct 29, 2008)
There's no denying Fallout 3 is little more than Oblivion in a post-apocalyptic setting. However that's more a compliment than complaint. Few games offer the same level of scale, freedom, and depth as to what Bethesda regularly achieves, and whilst the odd simplification and issue will infuriate fanatical Fallout fans, Fallout 3 remains one of the most absorbing and deep RPGs we've enjoyed in quite a long time.
GameSpot (Oct 28, 2008)
No matter what platform you own, you should play Fallout 3, which overcomes its issues by offering a deep and involving journey through a world that's hard to forget. It has more in common with Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series than with previous Fallout games, but that is by no means a bad thing. In fact, Fallout 3 is leaner and meaner than Bethesda's previous efforts, less expansive but more intense, while still offering immense replay value and quite a few thrills along the way. Whether you're a newcomer to the universe or a Fallout devotee, untold hours of mutated secrets are lurking in the darkest corners of Washington.
Video Games Daily (Oct 28, 2008)
For its minor flaws, Fallout 3 is not only a worthy successor to the original games - and Oblivion - but an outstanding title in its own right.
90 (Oct 28, 2008)
As I said up at the top, this is a massive game: in a month that's seen the release of five or six of the year's best titles, I reckon this is the absolute peach. It's packed with interesting places, with choices to make, with that nebulous sense of adventure you only find in the best RPGs. And after a long wait, it's finally here.
It all means that Fallout 3 doesn't quite rank as a true classic, despite its obvious potential: you'll have to settle for it being merely excellent. That's a compromise we're happy enough to make.
The poor aiming mechanics, which operate more like shooting arrows in Oblivion than shooting bullets in an action game, are a lost opportunity to bring in the FPS crowd. The game has a classic RPG pace, so you’re better off using the awesome V.A.T.S. targeting system. Fallout 3 also loses steam under the weight of glitches (frequent pop-up, floating characters, and clipping) and lacks emotional impact during major plot moments, mostly due to poor presentation. Regardless, the time I spent hunting suburbanites, wiping out a clone clan with a power glove, and fighting alongside a giant freedom spreading, laser-eyed robot made the technical flaws feel like minor hindrances to an otherwise fantastic experience.
89 (Dec 10, 2008)
While Fallout 3 entered the market as one of the games that will compete for game of the year, it does fall just short of those expectations. A confusing game pace combined with aggravating lock picking and computer hacking drags down what is otherwise a perfect game. The future of this franchise is bright, and while you can do somewhat better on games this year, you can do much worse. Overall, don’t rush out and buy this game, rather wait until you can pick it up used somewhere.
3D Juegos (Oct 29, 2008)
Fallout 3 devuelve una saga de leyenda a la primera línea de los videojuegos, y lo hace con notables aciertos. Gráficamente es un título muy potente, logra una ambientación realmente cuidada, y su tamaño, dosis de libertad y prisma son de una calidad digna de encomio. Es un juego tan cautivador en primer término, como fácil de abandonar para muchos usuarios a medio plazo; no obstante es un título que, como mínimo, hay que probar.
Game Chronicles (Nov 09, 2008)
In the first hours of the game Fallout 3 is a unique title that has many thrills and spills in it. Later on though it struggles at times to break through the mold of being a child of Bethesda’s previous works. Overall it’s a good game but one that lacks something special to push it into the realm of greatness. The license of Fallout is well used and isn’t ever abused, but it isn’t used to its fullest potential either. The game is a good one, without a doubt, and it isn’t a bad way to spend your money this year. In the end though, literally, it lacks a dynamic overall feel that keeps it from standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest RPGs of this generation.
88 (Nov 07, 2008)
Humorististen special encountereiden lähes täydellinen poissaolo kismittää myös, ja ilmeisesti pelimoottorin rajoituksista johtuen on toisinaan jouduttu tekemään varsin ikäviä kompromisseja. Jos peliä kuitenkin vertaa lajityypin nykytilanteeseen, on se humoristinen, hauska ja riittävästi tekemistä ja tutkittavaa tarjoava peli, joka jaksaa pitää otteessaan. Kaiken lisäksi se tuntuu Falloutilta, ja se jos mikä on tärkeää.
IGN UK (Oct 27, 2008)
Clearly, it’s one of the must-buy games of the year, and it’ll prove impossible not to lose yourself to it for dozens of hours. If only Bethesda could escape their own bad habits and sloppiness though -- then it would have been one of the must-buy games of the decade.
87 (Oct 30, 2008)
Wenn man erstmal den grandiosen Einstieg der gespielten Charaktererschaffung genossen und sich an die spröde Schönheit des postapokalyptischen Washington gewöhnt hat, dann kommt man so schnell nicht mehr davon los. Man versinkt zwischen Aufträgen und Abhängigkeiten, zwischen Vorurteilen und Überraschungen, zwischen unbesuchten Orten und nicht gehackten Computern - es gibt so viel zu entdecken, während sich die Atmosphäreschlinge gnadenlos zuzieht. Das Kampfsystem ist allerdings ein zweischneidiges Schwert: So sehr man sich über das taktisch kluge Anvisieren sowie die spektakulären Zeitlupen freut, so sehr fallen die Aussetzer im KI-Bereich auf, die so mancher Situation die Glaubwürdigkeit rauben. Fallout 3 hat auch Komfortlücken im Inventar sowie Schwächen im grafischen Detail, die aber durch die architektonische Monumentalität und die Endzeitstimmung wieder ausgeglichen werden.
ActionTrip (Oct 28, 2008)
There are many things to like about Bethesda's latest endeavor, but there are also some downsides to it, so, ultimately, you decide if they should stop you from shelling out 60 bucks (50 if you're playing it on the PC). If nothing else, we recommend you give it a whirl. Chances are you won't be sorry.
Gameplanet (Nov 12, 2008)
There is so much more I could talk about in Fallout 3, but that defeats the purpose. This game is all about exploring, and so it's best if I say as little as possible and allow you to go and enjoy it for yourself. Fallout 3 is definitely not a shooter, although many might make that mistake by looking at it. It is, however, a very impressive open world RPG. Bethesda have taken everything that was good about Oblivion and improved on it in many ways. It's always promising to see a developer improve with each game (especially when the quality of each game is so high to begin with) and I cannot wait to see what they manage to pull off next. I just hope they figure out a way to remove some of the artificial from the intelligence in their world.
Good Game (Nov 03, 2008)
Like we said before, we’re only scratching the surface here, thankfully it’s been a tasty treat so far, and it’s very easy to get lost in this world. I love a game where enemies fight each other, that lets you save at your exact position at any time and that has such a play length, I’m giving it 8.5/10 Rubber Chickens.
85 (Oct 28, 2008)
Fallout est mort, vive Fallout ! Tel pourrait être l'épilogue d'une polémique qui n'est cependant pas prête de s'éteindre. En préférant élargir son public plutôt que de répondre aux attentes des joueurs de la première heure, Fallout 3 se mettra naturellement à dos une partie des fans de la série. Mais ce que certains considéreront comme un mauvais Fallout reste un très bon Elder Scrolls post-apocalyptique, qui parvient à faire valoir des qualités bien réelles quoique différentes. L'essentiel est que le plaisir de revêtir son armure de cuir et de partir à l'assaut d'un camp de super mutants soit resté intact. Bref, Fallout 3 c'est du Nuka-Cola light, mais c'est vachement bon quand même.
Level 7 (Dec 02, 2008)
Hade det inte varit för allt långdistansspringande både i ödemark och tunnelbanesystem hade det blivit en nia. Den efterapokalyptiska stämningen sitter klockrent och gör tillsammans med storyn, sidouppdragen samt humorn Fallout 3 till ett av årets bästa spel. Spelets största styrka är dock även dess svaghet – nämligen att allt detta magnifika kaos man lever i kan bli lite enformigt i längden. Lite mer variation på miljöer hade inte skadat. Men skavankerna är annars få och det finns inget man inte kan ha överseende med när Bethesda åter igen levererar sådan här högklassig rollspelsunderhållning.
Wired (Oct 28, 2008)
Despite the clunky menu system and nearly useless real-time combat options, the biggest complaint I can level at Fallout 3 is that it isn't by the original developer, Interplay. But since we'll never see that game, Bethesda's take on the series is a very acceptable substitute.
80 (Oct 30, 2008)
Situation délicate que celle de Bethesda. Il était commercialement suicidaire de réaliser un titre techniquement dans la veine des précédents Fallout, mais il fallait tout de même s'éloigner suffisamment d'Oblivion pour que le titre ait une identité propre. Un défi que les développeurs sont parvenu à relever avec toutefois un bémol : Fallout 3 est vraiment très agréable, mais il est difficile d'y voir le fils spirituel des précédents opus. Il a également d'autres choses à revoir (l'interface notamment) et nous espérons vivement que la communauté PC puisse réaliser les mêmes prouesses que sur Oblivion, mais même en l'état, Fallout 3 est un grand jeu. L'ambiance y est excellente, l'univers très réussi et le scénario plus que correct. En définitive, on regrettera tout de même que Bethesda n'ait pas davantage rendu hommage aux deux premiers opus (cynisme en retrait), mais que vous soyez joueur PC ou Xbox 360 (nous attendons encore pour la PS3) vous devriez largement y trouver votre compte.
RPGamer (Dec 21, 2008)
Despite its lackluster combat, Fallout 3's incredibly detailed and intriguing world make it a joy to play, and even those who weren't fond of Bethesda's last offering may find something to like here. The total time it will take someone to finish Fallout 3 depends entirely on how much of the Wasteland they explore. Completing the main quest could easily be done in as little as ten hours, but there is easily enough content to fill out sixty or more. Most players will probably settle somewhere between twenty and forty. The game also offers multiple difficulty levels, should players be seeking an additional challenge, or a lesser one. Fallout 3 surprised me, as I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. Bethesda's last game left a foul taste in my mouth, but now I am eagerly awaiting Fallout 4.
80 (GAF) (Nov 28, 2008)
Overall, though, Fallout 3 is a very enjoyable game that does live up to the name Fallout, no matter how vehemently the more vocal detractors decry it. The story, immensity of areas to explore and things to do, setting and feeling of desolation really do bring me back to the older Fallout games; even if some of the game play doesn’t.
GameDaily (Oct 27, 2008)
Fallout 3 delivers a megaton blast in terms of storyline with a tale that will evaporate hours from any gamer's life -- and with a main story that covers about 25 hours, you'll experience many a sleepless night. But there's at least 20 more hours of map yet to be explored (and there's a download option here for future updates). While it lacks a diverse spectrum of enemies and the V.A.T.S. system isn't perfect, Fallout 3 remains a well-balanced game of story versus combat, something that every gamer needs to experience just to understand why engaging stories often make the greatest games.
Cheat Code Central (Oct, 2008)
Fallout 3 is an interesting title that will satisfy the throng of Oblivion fans who have patiently awaited some kind of sequel. This title employs a lot of that game's conventions but significantly freshens up the formula with the distinct setting. For lovers of the genre, it's tough to go wrong with Fallout 3. However, if you're strictly a shooter fan or enjoy free-flowing combat, the plodding pace, vast amount of content, and RPG hallmarks (such as heavy inventory management, non-essential quests, and character leveling) may bore you. It's a good game, but certainly not without its faults. A new game engine and better controls would have served this title well.
Giant Bomb (Oct 27, 2008)
It's unfortunate that Fallout 3 is saddled with so many little- and medium-sized issues, because they get in the way of what's an otherwise fantastic experience. The world is well-realized and full of options. It'll be a struggle in spots, but I'm willing to guess that most people will be able to overlook a lot of the game's problems and still have a very good time exploring the irradiated wasteland formerly known as Washington DC.
75 (Oct 29, 2008)
Malgré quelques errements regrettables et une trop grande parenté avec Oblivion, Fallout 3 est un excellent jeu à ne pas manquer. Que l’on soit fan de la première heure ou néophyte de la vie post guerre nucléaire, il ne faut surtout pas manquer ce RPG qui nous sort quelque peu de l’éternel univers médiéval fantastique resservi jusqu’à la nausée. N’oublions tout de même pas de mettre un carton jaune à Bethesda qui, il faut bien le dire, n’a pas déployé tout son talent et à préférer se reposer sur ses acquis.
JeuxActu (Nov 07, 2008)
Vous l'aurez compris, Fallout 3 ne doit pas être abordé comme un chef d'œuvre absolu. A l'inverse, il serait totalement malvenu de le vouer aux gémonies car il possède ce petit goût de reviens-y qui fait la force des bons titres. La qualité de l'ambiance et la force de l'univers décrits nous interdisent formellement de jeter l'éponge à la moindre frustration. Il faut juste savoir éviter les trop longues sessions de jeu, qui ont tendance à en surexposer les défauts. Tel un alcool fort, ce Fallout-là doit être dégusté par petites doses. On y revient alors toujours avec grand plaisir.
Console Obsession (May 30, 2010)
But as it stands, Fallout 3 is a broken game, with some frustrating issues. Away from this, the combat, the world and exploration are all real strengths of the game and if not the games complete saviour, they can certainly be considered as a saving grace. Potential buyers are recommended to wait for the incoming patch, which could very well transform the game into the fantastic game that, given its high quality in most areas, it has every right to be.
Immoral Gamers (Jan 11, 2009)
This is the Fallout 3 experience: brilliance gives way to gentle awe, becoming excitement, gradually tempered to unspectacular enjoyment, ultimately fading to a jaded, cynical and absolute understanding of the game’s mechanics.