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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 2.2
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 2.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 2.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 1.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 1.5
Overall User Score (5 votes) 2.1

Critic Reviews

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100 (Sep 24, 2009)
FIFA 10 racchiude tutto ciò che un appassionato di calcio potrebbe desiderare o sognare, averlo è praticamente un dovere. Il voto è il giusto riconoscimento per un prodotto quasi perfetto, che va premiato per la rincorsa portata a termine negli anni, rispetto al suo concorrente diretto, e che ha portato un arcade appena discreto solo qualche tempo fa, ad essere la cosa più vicina al calcio attualmente disponibile. Smetterete di giocare con FIFA 10, solo quando FIFA 11 sarà sugli scaffali. Complimenti EA, complimenti Moore, complimenti Rutter. Non perdetelo.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Sep 28, 2009)
Overall FIFA 10 plays a much more varied, fluid, and believable game of football, which easily sets a new standard in the genre. We spent a fair amount of time between matches wondering what it takes for a football game to get a 10 and we're inclined to believe Rutter and his team have actually achieved it this year. It's a marked improvement over last year's 9 rating and undoubtedly provides the finest videogame take on football so far.
Gaming Age (Oct 21, 2009)
It may be true that love for the sport may not be the strongest in this region, but my love for where this series has evolved to may just make a fan out of this gamer both in the game and in real life. The intensity, excitement, and frantic pacing that FIFA brings to the table mimics the real thing so perfectly, it's hard not to become a fan after just a few scrimmages. I definitely urge you to pay this series some attention, even if you've never had a passion for the sport, as it is about as perfect of a simulation to the actual game as you can receive in the virtual world. If all this is coming from someone who isn't a huge fan, I can't imagine just how excited gamers who follow the sport are for this game! In the end, without a shadow of a doubt, FIFA Soccer 10 is simply the best soccer game ever created.
Game Shark (Nov 02, 2009)
There are other changes, but mentioning every little tweak would take pages and pages. Suffice it to say, thanks to both the aforementioned larger tweaks, and the unmentioned minor ones, FIFA Soccer 10 is the pinnacle of videogame soccer.
98 (Oct 06, 2009)
If you are a football fan then you must own FIFA 10, it is that simple really, never has there been such a realistic version of the beautiful game in videogame form. Konami certainly have their work cut out for them if they are going to better this and so indeed do EA because I have no idea what they will do with FIFA 11 that can possibly improve on this game.
At the end of the sporting day, EA Sports have truly put their FIFA soccer series on the next tier and the new 360 control system is definitely the best change of this franchise in years. Giving tighter controls and more flexibility, playing FIFA 2010 was a joy, especially with the official players, clubs and like. Pro Evo Soccer will definitely have a hard time beating this title.
Game Chronicles (Oct 20, 2009)
EA has really outdone themselves. Konami's Pro Evo/Winning Eleven does provide some good competition, but only in the actual gameplay category. EA continues to improve and amaze with the overwhelming number of licensed teams and significant improvement to gameplay and features. The Be-A-Pro mode is a godsend and 10v10 online play is what every sports game should aspire to achieve. FIFA 10 will be in my Xbox for a long time to come.
We had such high exceptions for this one, but somehow the game still managed to impress us. FIFA 09 was not just one of the best sports games last year, but one of the best games overall. FIFA 10 comes with some improvements in nearly every department you can think of, making the overall package that much better. Aside from the little off player models and some GKs with an IQ of an Adebayor, the game still managed to improve yet again this year. The series still has some room to improve, and that alone should be a scary piece of info for all the haters and the competition overall. Perfection might be impossible, but FIFA 10 is as close as it gets.
Console Monster (Oct 04, 2009)
Overall FIFA 10 improves steadily on FIFA 09 in almost every way. If you are a footie fan then FIFA 10 is an absolute must have even if you are a fan of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. I'll even let you quote me on this; FIFA 10 is the world's best football simulation to date. If you’re not a football fan then I suppose you're missing out, big time!
Gamer Limit (Oct 07, 2009)
EA Vancouver has achieved something that many believed the FIFA franchise never could. This title is a credit to the gaming community, a standout in the development world, and should be experienced by anyone who appreciates brilliance.
Vandal Online (Sep 25, 2009)
Todavía no es perfecto, y quizás le falte esa capacidad de adicción, de generar piques entre amigos tras un par de partidos, que en su día tenían las mejores versiones de Pro Evolution Soccer para PS2. También le falta algo más de atención al detalle en las estrellas, de caracterización y de personalización de sus tiros o forma de jugar. Como simulador sigue siendo magistral, pero como juego ha progresado mucho, introduciendo todo tipo de sutilezas, más formas de jugar, y cierto carácter impredecible en algunas jugadas, lo que lo hace mucho más completo. Si te gustó FIFA 09 y te sigue gustando el fútbol, no deberías dudar en comprarlo.
All in all, FIFA 10 is a fantastic game. It improves upon last year's version in several ways, making this the best soccer simulator to ever hit store shelves. Whether you bought the game or not last year, it's definitely time to upgrade. FIFA Soccer 10 will serve as the perfect league accompaniment, and it will help keep you tied over till the big dance down in South Africa next summer.
AusGamers (Oct 13, 2009)
The second I finish this review I will be back playing my Spadbob number 25, captain of the Crystal Palace reserve squad, attempting to get two goals and win the game by three. Premier League here I come!
IGN UK (Sep 24, 2009)
FIFA 10 perfects the formula laid down when the series made its debut on the current generation and the end result is a game that’s one of the most refined, polished and compelling takes on the beautiful game – and arguably of any given sport. While this year’s improvements might seem slight on paper, each one is perfectly pitched and works together to create an experience that’s an improvement on last year’s game in every conceivable way; the on-pitch action is superlative, its matches playing out with an authenticity that’s unprecedented, while the numerous modes present near-countless ways to engage with the action. The only question is where EA can take the series next? Improving on this is going to be one hell of a task.
Digital Chumps (Oct 31, 2009)
I can't say enough about how much fun FIFA Soccer 10 can be once you get into it. I never thought that I would be a soccer fan, but after playing this title I honestly believe there is room (sorry 'curling' you're out of the top ten). Try it out and enjoy it.
TeamXbox (Oct 29, 2009)
Whether you call it football or soccer, if you’re a fan of the sport, then FIFA Soccer 10 is simply the best virtual experience you can get right now. Updated controls and gameplay give this year's entry to series some real sense of change, instead of just getting that feeling of déjà vu all over again. FIFA Soccer 10 may not be the perfect virtual soccer simulation, but it's as close enough to the real thing to almost smell the grass beneath your feet.
91 (Oct 09, 2009)
Mit FIFA 10 ist EA Sports mal wieder ein großer Wurf gelungen. Besonderes Lob gilt den gelungenen Gameplayverbesserungen und dem stabilen, nahezu keine Wünsche offen lassenden Onlinemodus. Hier spielt FIFA 10 alle Stärken aus, da die frei erstellbaren Spielzüge, die spannenderen Zweikämpfe und die zahlreichen Spieloptionen online zu einem großen Ganzen verschmelzen und alle Fußballherzen höher schlagen lassen. Besitzer des Vorgängers bekommen ausreichend neues geboten, alle anderen kommen ohnehin nicht an FIFA 10 vorbei!
GameFocus (Oct 30, 2009)
Soccer fans should finally be happy with what EA Sports has given them. The FIFA series is now back to its glory PS2/Xbox days and there is so much to do here. Virtual Pro options alone will occupy you for long periods of time and the on the field action sees the series soaring to new heights. This is without a doubt the best soccer game in a long time and one that every fan should own.
GameTrailers (Oct 21, 2009)
Deep, challenging, rewarding, and yet somehow approachable and fun, FIFA 10 truly shines as an example of how to please fans of a particular sport. Chances are you'll fall prey to the insanely competitive online mode, where there's always someone lurking with a bit more time than you to draw up plays and increase the attributes of their virtual pro. All the tweaks add up quite nicely to deliver a sum greater that its parts, resulting in a realistic, long-lasting, and memorable effort. FIFA 10 is the best entry yet in the storied franchise and one of the best sports games this year.
Planet Xbox 360 (Oct 22, 2009)
With over 500 teams – and not to mention 41 national teams – it should be easy for a gamer to find a team worthy of his or her skill level. Teams are always looking for excellent pick-ups to join their squads, so it is essential gamers learn the tricks of the trade offline before they join up with a team online. FIFA Soccer 10 is elite soccer title of 2009. The graphics are crisp and clean. The music isn’t a nuisance and presents an assortment of artists – including Wyclef Jean and Peter Bjorn and John – that are pleasant on the ears. The only issue that should be taken is that the Manager mode doesn’t have the best stat-tracking, but that’s easily overlooked with the outstanding job EA Canada has done with the rest of the title. If gamers know what’s best for them, they’d pick up FIFA Soccer 10 the first chance they get; it's easily the best soccer game on the Xbox 360.
Gamernode (Oct 23, 2009)
FIFA 10 is an all-around winner. Not only does it greatly expand upon previous franchise iterations, but the improvements to its core gameplay prove that EA Canada is devoted to what matters most to fans, and makes this game one of the greatest virtual translations of association football to ever grace videogame consoles.
FIFA Soccer 10 is a great closer for the 2010 EA Sports line. I know we still have NCAA Basketball on the horizon, but this is truly one of the most impressive years for the monstrous sports studio. If you love the game of football (yes I mean soccer for the US crowd) then you truly have no reason not to snatch up EA's latest title. The enhanced 360 dribbling, improved player animations and physics and addition of Virtual Pro are more than enough reasons to slap down the retail price. Let's hope EA continues this trend next year and makes sure that 2011 sports games deliver this much quality.
MS Xbox World (Nov 02, 2009)
FIFA 10 is untouchable for its gameplay, presentation, audio and feature set and although there is still room for improvement, there is no doubt in my mind that EA Sports have again created a spectacular addition to the long running series. It certainly isn’t as momentous a moment as when its predecessor smashed onto the scene, but its confident enough to stride into the stadium and crush those who still dare to ignore the virtues and pleasures that only FIFA realistically presents.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 02, 2009)
FIFA 10 is a great all around game for any soccer fan. Of course, if you aren’t a soccer fan you won’t find much of any interest here. Anyone with an interest in team sports games is likely to find the realism and action they are looking for with FIFA 10. As far as I can see, there is no real downfall to the game. The AI is good, the game play is good and the action is amazing. The best thing about the FIFA series is the playability. You can never get enough replays out of this kind of game. You could easily play this every day until the next FIFA comes out and never have the same match twice!
Yes, there are flaws here, but depending on your level of involvement with soccer games, I'm not sure if they'll really bother you. Sure, the menus are annoying. Yes, Game Face can be fiddly. But I found them to be rather minor. And of course, if you want a true to life manager sim you're going to find issues, but why are you not playing Championship Manager? However, if you want to play soccer, want to cross, pass tackle, slide and score against the computer or against a real life person, then you're not going to get better than FIFA 10.
Cynamite (Sep 30, 2009)
FIFA 10 macht so ziemlich alles richtig. Das 360-Grad-Dribbling und die ungemein intensiven Zweikämpfe erhöhen die TV-Atmosphäre weiter. Die Präsentation, das riesige Linzenzpaket und die Massen an Spielmodi sind ohnehin unübertroffen. Ganz klar das beste FIFA ever!
Then there's the excellent presentation, the rarely-annoying commentary and the genius Live Season option, which lets you play your favourite team's real fixtures. We've only scratched the surface, but take it from us: football fan or casual observer, you must play this game.
Gameplanet (Oct 01, 2009)
It seems that the grand changes we have seen in the past in soccer games are slowing down as developers master their craft. We may see some real shifts again with the next generation of consoles (and motion controls?), however for now EA is doing an excellent job in pushing the FIFA series to its maximum.
Boomtown (Oct 01, 2009)
Just think, a few short years ago the FIFA brand had become something of a joke. Now EA Sports has not only turned it round but become the market leader. It's about time David Rutter and his team were talked about in the same reverential tones reserved for some Japanese developers.
90 (UK) (Sep 24, 2009)
There's more for EA Canada to do, in other words. There can always be a greater variety of outcomes to any given situation, control can always be tighter and more agile, with greater degrees of flexibility, and the holy grail of a believable football season using real clubs and players, with just the right level of unpredictability, is still a ways off. But, having convincingly overtaken its main rival last year, FIFA 10 nevertheless consolidates its lead with great authority. Last year, I said FIFA feels like football, rewards football, and punishes football for football reasons. The difference between FIFA 09 and FIFA 10 is that the latter knows exactly where the former fell short of that, and makes up the distance in almost every case.
90 (Sep 25, 2009)
Since FIFA 10 arrived into the office, it's been in almost constant use. We all love it. It's a simulation in the truest sense, and is sure to solidify FIFA's leading position in the two-horse race with Konami's PES (well, until PES 2010 comes out, anyway). It's no revelation - I suspect most PES fans who are going to turn to the dark side already have done - but the 360 degree dribbling in particular proves the ideas are still flowing at EA Canada. It'll get even harder to improve next year, of course, but for now, what we can say unequivocally is that FIFA 10 is the best FIFA ever created. And, maybe, the best football game ever created.
90 (Sep 25, 2009)
FIFA 10 es un juego lleno de matices que, aunque a primera vista puede parecer demasiado cercano a FIFA 09, no lo es en absoluto. Los pequeños ajustes y cambios hechos son motivo más que suficiente como para justificar su compra porque modifican sutil y ampliamente la experiencia de juego. El regate de 360 grados y la lucha cuerpo a cuerpo —que elimina por primera vez la necesidad de pulsar el botón A/X para robar la pelota— son brutales, y el amor por el fútbol se puede notar desde que suena el silbato. Quizás se echa de menos, eso sí, un poco más de trabajo en la física de la pelota y en los chutes. En todo caso, FIFA 10 es cada día más un homenaje al fútbol y se acerca a un realismo que muchos buscamos desde hace tiempo. Si a eso le sumamos los excelentes modos de juego y una vida jugable de cientos de horas… estamos ante una de las compras del año.
GamesRadar (Sep 26, 2009)
FIFA 10 adding new dynamic dribbling to its already refined passing game is like adding Ronaldo to Chelsea. It makes a winning formula that much better. A brilliant, championship-conquering football game.
90 (Sep 25, 2009)
FIFA 10 is een fantastisch voetbalspel. Op vrijwel elk front weet het haar voorganger te overklassen, dat fundamenteel al uitstekend in elkaar stak. Het 360 graden-loopsysteem, de nadruk op het fysieke element en de verbeterde passmogelijkheden zorgen er bovendien voor dat de sport nu nog natuurgetrouwer op het beeldscherm wordt getoverd. Dat daarbij enkele interessante spelmodi zijn toegevoegd en het gros van de minpuntjes uit het vorige deel zijn weggewerkt, maken van FIFA 10 de fijnste voetbaltitel tot dusver.
GameSpot UK (Oct 06, 2009)
FIFA 10 is a high-caliber football game--it plays a fantastic game, offers a wealth of modes, and addresses every major fault from FIFA 09. The new 360-degree control in particular is a revelation, and while problems currently impacting the creation of Virtual Pro players are unfortunate, there's still a lot of fun to be had playing with them. FIFA 10 will be a tough act to follow for every football game released from this day forward, but rather than worry about that you should just be happy basking in the light of this sublime football experience.
Game Watcher (Oct 08, 2009)
For now though, we’ll confidently stick our neck out and say that FIFA is well worth a punt. Not only is FIFA 10 the best EA has ever produced, it’s also one of the best football games we’ve played, period. It’s not without its niggles, but setting these aside, FIFA 10 does just about everything else exactly right.
InsideGamer (Sep 25, 2009)
FIFA 10 is een voetbalgame in bloedvorm die zijn voorganger moeiteloos voorbij sprint. Het poetst schoonheidsfoutjes van FIFA 09 weg en verfijnt bovendien een aantal belangrijke spelelementen, die vooral liefhebbers van realistisch voetbal zullen aanspreken. Klein smetje is dat niet alle vernieuwingen even goed in balans zijn en FIFA 10 visueel gezien weinig nieuws brengt. EA heeft er in ieder geval alles aan gedaan om ook dit jaar de titel van beste footie van het jaar in de wacht te slepen en het resultaat is dat de lat voor de concurrentie dit jaar opnieuw erg hoog gelegd is.
IGN (Oct 14, 2009)
FIFA 10 is the definitive soccer experience if there ever was one. It packages a list of modes that perform in wonderful harmony with one another thanks to Virtual Pro and the fact that the gameplay lives up to this praise should only sweeten the deal. Taking the game online is as awesome as it was last year and with Live Season 2.0 kicking off once the US version ships on October 20, soccer diehards are going to have even more to sink their teeth into. If you were a past soccer fan and are looking to get back into the swing of things or if you’ve been eagerly awaiting FIFA 10’s release, you absolutely, positively will not be disappointed.
Gamervision (Oct 14, 2009)
Last year’s effort was the first soccer game I’d played in a few years that had me continually coming back to play again and again. With FIFA 10, EA has another surefire hit on their hands (as the millions upon millions of copies sold in the UK can attest), and has established this franchise as the preeminent football game. As long as EA Canada remains in charge of this title, I don’t think there’s a chance any other game can knock FIFA from the top spot.
GameZone (Oct 15, 2009)
FIFA Soccer 10 is the sports title of 2009 that needs to be played by every gamer. Offline and online, EA has made sure they covered every area to assure an entertaining time for gamers.
Blend Games (Oct 27, 2009)
FIFA 10 is the best virtual soccer experience that any console owner can buy. The impressive selection of modes are all made more interesting by the fact that they are intelligently linked by the Virtual Pro mode, and the play on the pitch raises the bar for soccer games, taking one step closer towards the ultimate goal of being a perfect emulation of the actual sport. Whether you're a dedicated fan of the series or merely an intrigued passerby, I can assure you that diving deep into what FIFA 10 has to offer will be an entertaining and rewarding experience that is worth the price tag.
90 (Sep 30, 2009)
FIFA 10 ne déçoit pas et s'impose comme une version nettement améliorée de FIFA 09. Dans la continuité de sa progression, la série a gagné en crédibilité et les retours des joueurs ont manifestement porté leurs fruits. Sans être parfaite, la simulation d'EA Sports est d'une rare qualité, parfaitement à jour en termes de sensations et surtout ultra réaliste au niveau de la construction, des contacts et des possibilités tactiques. Mais plus que jamais, l'expérience FIFA passe par le jeu en ligne, fourmillant de bonnes idées dont la principale est sans aucun doute le mode Pro Virtuel.
Game Arena (Oct 29, 2009)
The things FIFA 10 doesn't do well are massively outweighed by the things it makes you feel when you play the game, and that to us is the true determinant of a game's worth. Rather than merely adhering to a score like a Metacritic slave, I will say this: FIFA 10 plays a better, more realistic game of football than any football game that has come before it. To do this it has had to take some subtle liberties, but the overall outcome - as we stated up front - is the best footy game of its time. Until next year, or - our sadly frequent disclaimer - if Konami pulls Pro Evolution out of its funk.
Hellbored (Oct 20, 2009)
There is little doubt that FIFA 10 has no peers in the genre. The expected trickle of tweaks implemented has turned into a torrent, and all across the board there are improvements that have been made. As a football game, this is the best of the bunch, and a great experience.
87 (Sep 30, 2009)
Dieser Nachfolger wirkt weicher, runder und freier, was auch an der neuen 360-Grad-Steuerung liegt. Der ganze Spielaufbau hat bis auf die nervigen Schiri-Kollisionen profitiert, ist im direkten Vergleich zum Vorjahr etwas offensiver und geschmeidiger. Hinzu kommt nicht nur die Virtual Pro-Erstellung mit dem motivierenden Stickeralbum, sondern auch selbst erstellbare Ecken und Freistöße. Man spürt hier eine qualitative Weiterentwicklung gegenüber dem Vorgänger und auch der Online-Netzcode läuft nach Startschwierigkeiten seit dem Nachmittag sehr sauber. Zwei Dinge fehlen mir für Platin: Zum einen lässt die Ballphysik bei Vollspannschüssen und vor allem Kopfbällen immer noch diese krachende Wucht vermissen. Zum anderen müsste die Karriere endlich persönlicher und dramatischer gestaltet werden. Egal: FIFA 10 macht auch dieses Jahr fast alles richtig und unheimlich Spaß!
XboxAchievements (Oct 12, 2009)
This is still a great game of football and has a few neat improvements over last year's offering. However, the 360 degree control hardly seems groundbreaking and the rest of the package seems amazingly familiar. For all those that picked up the game last year, it will seem like very little has emerged to justify another full price release.
Game Over Online (Nov 23, 2009)
Despite the few glitches, and the complete neglect of international play, FIFA has the best game play of any soccer game to date. You can try and set up your favorite international matches (depending on whether or not the team is actually represented in the game) and play that way, but there is no tourney mode like World Cup. We’ll have to wait for the World Cup edition next year for that. Overall, FIFA Soccer 10 is a great game to play and the graphics and controls alone are an incredible step in the right direction.
Game Informer Magazine (Oct 20, 2009)
Despite my excitement for what FIFA has going for it on the field, I was disappointed that Be a Pro mode is largely the same, and that improvements to the manager mode are only under the hood (such as more realistic transfers and simulated results). However, the game handles dribbling and other ball control mechanics well, and there is a definite energy on the pitch. Chemistry is an important aspect of any championship team – even more so if you’re going to win The Double – and FIFA 10 brings its pieces together nicely.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 07, 2009)
Despite its problems outside of the core game, these largely (and one would expect in the future) fixable issues do very little to diminish the fact that from a strictly footballing point of view, FIFA 10 has once again cemented the series’ position as the football game of choice by succeeding in taking the genre forward as EA Canada – seemingly by themselves these days – comes ever closer to capturing what is so alluring about The Beautiful Game.
75 (Nov 29, 2009)
I've been playing FIFA games for quite a while, and some time around 2006 or so is when I felt that EA Sports had finally pulled ahead of Konami for having the best soccer game. Since that point I've had some favorite years (FIFA 07, for example) and some years that disappointed me (FIFA 08 most notably); and I feel like FIFA 10 could have been my favorite if it weren't for the awful change to the BAP mode and the worst glitch I've ever dealt with in a sports game. I love the new dribbling system and many of the other improvements that FIFA 10 brought to the table this year, but in the end it's unforgivable for a developer to harm an online mode so blatantly and for a glitch to literally bring down the house on what is arguably the game's most important mode. Maybe FIFA 11 will address these issues and I'll have a new favorite in the series, but this time around EA Sports has struck the crossbar.
1UP (Oct 20, 2009)
In a way, the main reason I'm somewhat disappointed is that developer EA Canada has the tough part down: the gameplay and controls. But soccer is about so much more than that -- it's about patriotism, atmosphere, and passion. For the inevitable World Cup follow-up, I'd really like to see those elements shine through -- and it wouldn't hurt to not ship with so many bugs, either. The decline of Pro Evolution Soccer should serve as a warning to EA -- just like on the pitch, it's easy for a developer to lose form quickly if they're not careful.
Gamestyle (Oct 12, 2009)
All in all the game is an improvement over last year where it matters. However there are various niggles and omissions that do grate. It is though a very solid base on which to develop and if the bi-annual Euro / World Cup title can add the amount of improvements that Euro 2008 offered over Fifa 08 before moving onto Fifa 09, then we have lots too be excited about. Just make sure you do listen to the fans EA and don't rest on your laurels like your competitor did the warning signs are there, however EA still have time to turn it around. An overall improvement on the pitch but a game ruined by faults off of it.