Fight Night Round 3 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Create a boxer mode.
Wide range of facial and structural options.
Picking your boxer and opponent in Fight Now mode.
Intro to a fight at Madison Square Garden.
Hold down the left trigger to duck and weave.
The default camera stays close to the action.
One of the optional overhead views.
Hard hits toss out sweat. Later in the fight, blood.
Optional HUD toggled on.
Ali vs Frazier.
Knocked down mechanic. Line up the thumbsticks to get up.
"ESPN Classic" rivalry fights use vintage-looking filters.
Another classic fight replicating an 80s tv broadcast.
Main menu for career mode.
Punching bag training minigame.
Weights training minigame.
Some of the titles you can win. Haven't you always wanted the Burger King boxing trophy?
Clothing gives stat bonuses. Promo partner clothing? Yep, better stats.