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Brash Games (Nov 18, 2010)
Fighters Uncaged looks and sounds impressive, it’s well-presented and has great intentions; it just doesn’t deliver that high calibre experience that I was expecting. For pure laughs and giggles, it’s a definite hit, and I’ve never felt more compelled to throw punches into nothing but air, adrenaline pumping and heart pounding, the whole thing screams workout in disguise, and that’s a good thing for today’s generation of couch potatoes.
IGN (Nov 08, 2010)
Fighters Uncaged is the worst game to come out of Kinect's launch, hands down. It looks and plays like it was rushed. The motion controls are unresponsive, the game is static and unflattering, and the progression system is not only tedious, but misses the point of a fighting game. Just walk away from this fight, it isn't worth it.
22 (Nov 11, 2010)
»Du bist der Controller.« Stimmt! Ein Controller, auf dem zwei Tasten und ein Digikreuz irgendwelche Bewegungen auslösen. Zugegeben: Einfache Schläge und Tritte überträgt Fighters Uncaged genau so ins Spiel. Bei aufwändigen Techniken funktioniert die Erkennung allerdings weniger präzise und trickreiche Angriffe gelingen nur, indem man einen davon unabhängigen Auslöser ausführt. Nicht einmal die typische Kampfsport-Grundstellung wird hier erkannt. Schlimmer noch: Das Spiel interpretiert zahlreiche Bewegungen einfach falsch - das darf nicht passieren! Es ist ja nicht nur die Technik; es ist auch ein Spiel, das auf starre Bewegungsfolgen setzt, anstatt den freien Kampf zu fördern. Immerhin: Stilistische Langeweile und die praktisch nicht vorhandene Karriere tun dem längst übergelaufenen Fass da auch nichts mehr.
20 (UK) (Nov 04, 2010)
In conclusion, oh I don't know. Some sort of metaphor about this game being a feral animal which should never have been let out of its cage, and should be hunted down, shot, skinned and turned into chess sets and umbrella stands. Or to put it another way: no.
GamesRadar (Nov 24, 2010)
There is nothing inside Fighters Uncaged that makes it worthy of your money or your time. The only other plus to playing this title is the extreme exercise you receive due to over-compensating for the game’s inaccuracy.
BioGamer Girl (Nov 04, 2010)
One would think that a fighting game would have an inspired design, but, again, Fighters Uncaged failed us. The visuals are completely lifeless, resembling something we’d see out of a first-generation game on the PlayStation 2. The characters are poorly designed, the animations are incredibly stiff, and the venues don’t offer much diversity at all. The sound is equally sleepy, with twangy background music and the kind of taunts you’d expect to hear from would-be bikers in Utah or something along those lines. These guys don’t sound like real toughs at all. Honestly, Fighters Uncaged simply isn’t worth breaking a sweat over. You’d be better off facing a real challenge, like trying to play Super Street Fighter IV one-handed or trying to play the boxing game in Kinect Sports blind-folded. No one should subject himself or herself to the pain of Fighters Uncaged. Avoid it.
XboxAchievements (Nov 11, 2010)
Fighters Uncaged is easily the worst Kinect title to date and I assume it’ll be propping up the rest of the titles for quite some time. And yes, I’ve played Joy Ride too! It’s unresponsive, has inaccurate controls and I’d much rather chew on glass than ever put it back in the console ever again. Even the achievements can’t lure me in... and that’s saying something!
GameSpot UK (Nov 12, 2010)
Fighters Uncaged is a prime example of how not to make a fighting game for the Kinect. The presentation is poor, the scoring system doesn't reward your hard work, and worst of all, the motion controls are simply broken. There's not even a multiplayer mode to, at the very least, let you eke some enjoyment out of fighting a friend. The only thing you'll get out of this game is a sweat, as you manically punch at the air in frustration. No matter how eager you might be for a Kinect-powered brawl, Fighters Uncaged is one game that's worth leaving locked up.
Fighters Uncaged is a poor excuse of a video game. If this trash was released as a general game it would get laughed off the shelves so fast the developers of the game would quit their jobs and work at the local butcher shop. Since it is a Kinect game people are going to buy this crap and it is a real shame. I hope people listen to what I have to say and stay away from this game. It sucks.