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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 2.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 2.8
Overall User Score (5 votes) 2.9

Critic Reviews

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60 (Apr 13, 2011)
As far as downloadable games go, and considering the relatively low price, Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime is a perfectly functional old fashioned twin stick shooter that can be quite frustrating at times. Having said that, the online multiplayer (present in the 360 and PS3 version) can go some way towards alleviating this level of frustration… so long as you have a trusted team. If you find that modern games are too easy, or too complicated, and you long for a time when games were more challenging, then perhaps Ghosbusters: Sanctum of Slime is the game for you.
GamingBolt (Mar 24, 2011)
This is far from a good Ghostbusters game but it can be fun at times, especially playing co-op, but the bottom line is that the game is a disappointment compared to where the developers could have taken the game. The game will run you 800 Microsoft Points or around $10 bucks, which just is not worth it. That $10 could be spent elsewhere and you would get a lot more out it. The game consists of 12 levels and if it was not so hard it could be beaten in an hour or two. If you are looking for an authentic Ghosbusters game, look elsewhere, but if you are looking for a bit of mediocre fun with your friends then test out the trial of the game. The might even be worth it for half the asking price, but if it were up to me I would keep this game out of the Ghostbuster franchise.
games xtreme (Mar 31, 2011)
I am a Ghostbusters fan, a pretty big Ghostbusters fan. So by rights I should eat up anything spoon-fed that the IP throws at me. However, I don't think that Sanctum of Slime is worth 800msp or however much it costs on PSN and so on. It's a terribly generic game and combines a Smash-TV style mentality that doesn't quite capture the feel of that game.
Original Gamer (Mar 28, 2011)
I wanted to enjoy Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, I really did. I loved the movies as a kid, and I still feel a pang of nostalgia when they come on TV on a dreary weekend afternoon, so when I booted up this game and heard the music I got genuinely excited. However, having played a couple of levels, this excitement quickly turned to apathy, and then boredom. A good game can sometimes do the same thing over and over again, and be forgiven, either because the enjoyment of carrying out that particular task is extremely high, or the task itself is innovative. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is neither of these; it is not innovative, and not highly enjoyable. Instead, it is just average. A solid game, with no real technical issues to speak of, but just very, very average. The biggest word in our entire medium is game, and when there’s not much fun to be had, it stops being a game, and instead becomes a slog. Sadly, Ghostbusters feels like a slog through slime of the stickiest kind.
IGN (Mar 23, 2011)
I'm an admitted Ghostbusters fanboy, but I just can't recommend Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. For the most part, the game is just boring with lackluster gameplay and reused environments, and then it gets frustrating. Toss in issues I didn't even mention such as unresponsive weapons and repetitive music, and I know I wouldn't want to suit up for this one.
God is a Geek (Mar 29, 2011)
The many flaws of the title sadly outweigh the positive features of what was a promising idea from Atari. Sanctum Of Slime seems rushed in almost every single way imaginable. It lacks any real spark to set it aside from other games of the genre, and it seems to be simply relying on the power of the franchise to support it. Even if the game did involve the original Ghostbuster team and more recognisable villains, it is unlikely it would massively improve the overall experience. When played in co-op for a quick blast, it can be an enjoyable distraction, but it seems likely a lot of players wouldn’t find enough here to motivate them to play the game through to completion. The title is very evocative of the arcade greats we remember from the past, shooters that you just couldn’t put down. But with levels that are too repetitive and boss encounters which are unimaginatively implemented, this isn’t of the same calibre.
40 (UK) (Mar 25, 2011)
With the mood alternating between boredom and exasperation, Sanctum Of Slime is a spirit-crushing exercise that only a committed masochist could appreciate.
DarkZero (Mar 28, 2011)
A single playthrough is all you really need to see everything on offer and even unlock all the achievements in the process, and then, there is no reason to play it any more, save for some worthless high score chasing. This sort of game can be fun with a few friends – and it is – but 800MSP for literally a couple of evening’s play is very steep. It is hard to recommend, even to the most hardcore Ghostbusters fan. It isn’t an awful game, by any measure – just a terminally dull one. Bustin’ makes me feel bored.
Video Game Talk (Mar 24, 2011)
I would rather be turned into a growling, stone gargoyle as a pet for Gozer than be forced to play through Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime again. I have no idea how the development team at Behaviour Santiago possibly managed to suck out all the fun from the Ghostbusters franchise, but they achieved it. Even more mind-boggling, why would Atari release this pile of drivel when they had such a good thing going with Ghostbusters: The Video Game? It's a crass, extremely rude money grab that's designed to suck $10 out your pocket while simultaneously giving the middle finger to our aging Ghostbusters. I cannot recommend Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime to anyone, even the most dedicated fan.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Mar 30, 2011)
Ett licensspel handlar om att ge och ta, och Sanctum of Slime ger ingenting tillbaka till Ghostbusters som varumärke. Tvärtom. Det är nästan som att jag känner mig taskig mot utvecklarna när jag säger så, men mina kommenterar når ändå aldrig ner till den nivå av förolämpning man visat Ghostbusters-licensen med detta spel.
Sanctum of Slime is a bad top-down shooter with problematic co-op elements that makes terrible use of a beloved license. The game design is banal, the online co-op has issues and the single-player is an exercise is pained frustration. You could conceivably enjoy an evening with Sanctum of Slime if you were very, very bored, but there are much better examples of the genre available.
29 (Apr 06, 2011)
Die Geisterjäger scheinen selbst besessen zu sein: Das 2009er Spiel war ordentlich, aber mehr auch nicht - im Vergleich zu Sanctum of Slime aber reinstes Gamepadgold! Denn hier kann man lediglich die auch nach 27 Jahren immer noch angenehm groovende Titelmusik von Ray Parker Jr. sowie den im Großen und Ganzen soliden Koop-Modus ins Rennen schicken. Der Rest ist so abgrundtief unterdurchschnittlich, dass ich freiwillig die Strahlen kreuzen würde, nur um meine Ruhe davor zu haben: Jämmerliche Präsentation, stupides Spielprinzip, eklatante Abwechslungsarmut, erschreckend viele bescheuerte Ideen. Was umso trauriger ist, wenn man bedenkt, dass der Entwickler Behaviour Interactive unter dem früheren Namen Wanako Games mit den beiden Assault Heroes-Teilen bewiesen hat, dass er richtig gute Zweistickshooter machen kann. Vor Geistern habe ich keine Angst. Vor mehr Spielen dieser Art schon.
1UP (Mar 28, 2011)
The difficulty ramps up so much by the game's finale that I'm not convinced it's even possible for a solo player to finish this thing. And even if you could, I'm not sure why you'd want to; Sanctum of Slime has little to offer the die-hard Ghostbusters fan, and even less for the twin-stick shooter crowd.