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Play Magazine (Aug 03, 2009)
It’s not without its flaws, but Joe manages to pack in plenty of third-person, fast-paced arcade-flavored fun. Addictive co-op, power-ups galore, and thumb-numbing action make it much more a modern-day Contra than another lame licensed effort.
ZTGameDomain (Aug, 2009)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is a fun game. For better or worse the game takes an unusual spin on the whole movie-to-game tie-in and creates an experience that gamers from the 80s would likely relate to. I really enjoyed my time in the game, and while I wouldn't necessarily say it is for everyone, I think fans of action/arcade shooters and G.I. Joe would be wise to give it a look. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I could have with a game if I stopped worrying about everything it didn't do, and just enjoyed what it did. Even with its problems Rise of Cobra is an entertaining, and fun experience for fans of the subject matter.
Digital Chumps (Aug 04, 2009)
Less appealing were the voiceovers. While a voice crew of about fifteen people were brought in, I wasn't impressed with most of the dialogue or how it sounded. Stalker and Hawk sounded too generic, while Firefly and Destro sounded way out of character -- although in reality the upcoming film and their portrayal of these characters is likely to blame. Oh, and Cobra Commander's "Cooobraa!" shrieks at the end of the game were horrible. Still, while the voiceovers weren't really great, I was glad to have them instead of text, which would have slowed the pacing down a little too much.
USA Today (Aug 06, 2009)
Shortcomings notwithstanding, G.I. JOE: The Rise of COBRA will likely appeal to young teenagers who want an enjoyable co-op action experience alongside a friend, especially for fans of G.I. JOE who will likely appreciate the recognizable characters and fictional universe.
Extreme Gamer (Aug 04, 2009)
With all the gameplay problems in The Rise of Cobra and its oddly missing online co-op play, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra falls into the rental category rather than a full out purchase. Until the price drops, I’d hold up for a movie ticket, or a few good hours of watching old Joe cartoons. Although keep in mind that younger gamers who are not as sentimental as us old sticklers might be more accepting of this straightforward action game. After all, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is easy to get into and a lot of simplistic shooting fun. No matter how you look at it, curiosity will surely win any Joe fan over, so just make sure you hit up Blockbuster before Gamespot. Oh no Joe, better luck next time.
XboxAchievements (Aug 16, 2009)
GI Joe is a fun shoot ‘em up for a short while, but then you will realize that you can get pretty much the same kind of action from any number of arcade titles. The action soon gets repetitive and you will have no urge to play the game again, at least having a buddy along for the ride makes things a bit more bearable.
Da Gameboyz (Aug, 2009)
Overall GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra is your typical movie based game. It lacks depth, feels rushed, and is not worth the price of admission. The cooperative gameplay is enjoyable and being able to play as all your favorite G.I. Joes is a treat. But at the end of the day, The Rise of Cobra should really be left as a bargain bin purchase somewhere down the road.
GameDaily (Aug 05, 2009)
We strongly suggest, however, that you make it a weekend rental. Despite the furious shooting, The Rise of Cobra doesn't have enough depth to justify its exorbitant $49.99 price tag. On top of that, you cannot adjust the camera, shoddy controls make using vehicles unnecessarily frustrating and pick-ups sometimes hang in mid-air (JOEs can't jump). And while it's fun annihilating stuff, the brainless combat gets old quick. So while G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra provides momentary thrills, it's little more than an overpriced and shallow romp through drab looking levels full of idiotic bad guys.
Cheat Code Central (Aug, 2009)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra isn't exactly fan service, as it changes a lot of the conventions established through the cartoons and action figures. Still, it will likely appeal to youngsters craving to blast around the world of G.I. Joe. Too bad the Teen rating will frustrate the target audience's chances of getting their hands on the title. The co-op functionality and the vast array of collectibles are nice additions on the surface, but being unable to play with friends online and not unlocking anything substantial keeps the experience lackluster.
IGN (Aug 04, 2009)
As a fan of G.I. Joe, I expect a videogame version to make me feel like a Real American Hero. This didn't come close. The gameplay is unexciting and the visuals uninspired. There are moments when I found myself enjoying G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but those moments didn't last long. I wish I could give this a "Yo Joe!" but all I can manage is a "Yay, I'm done with this."
Gaming Age (Aug 04, 2009)
I personally would have preferred a classic “Joe” title, since nostalgia seems to be in these days, but for what’s it’s worth, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra video game is exactly what you would expect from a film to game translation, nothing more, nothing less. I do, however wish they would have released the title as more budget priced than it is, because this game purchased at 30 or 40 dollars is easier to swallow than paying 50 big ones for it. Especially with co-op being local only, and with no online play, I can honestly only recommend a rental, finding it on sale, or waiting for the price to drop. Now you know…and knowing is half the battle. (come on now…you knew it was coming sooner or later)
Gamervision (Aug 07, 2009)
Even for a movie tie-in, GI Joe feels like a rush job. It’s not a terrible game by any means; the game mechanics mostly work, there’s plenty of variety to the characters, scores of things to unlock, and even playable Cobra characters like Storm Shadow and Firefly. It’s just that everything it does has been done much better by many different games. From day one, GI Joe feels inconsequential, instantly forgettable, and dated, like an early pre-cursor to the X-Men Legends series. If GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra were a downloadable title, priced at around $15-20, I’d have no trouble recommending it to fans of the property, but for $50 it feels like a rip-off.
55 (Aug 10, 2009)
GI Joe is a typical movie cash in, which in other words means that it is very disappointing. This is a shame as EA have been on fire as of late with some great titles released under their name, however just like the cartoon this game should come with a health warning at the end.
TeamXbox (Aug 05, 2009)
In the end, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is like vanilla ice cream. It is fine for what it offers, but is plain and blah compared to what you could be having. Even for someone who didn’t get into the G.I. Joe fad, I didn’t expect to find a plain vanilla G.I. Joe.
51 (Sep 26, 2009)
You know those immature teen boys who fantasize about being a gynaecologist? The ones that tend to forget that not every patient is a supermodel? Well, reviewing games is a lot like that. For every awesome game, there are two or three stinkers. GI Joe falls squarely into the latter category. Frustrating “features”, complete lack of control, bland environments, repetitive gameplay, lousy graphics, substandard voice acting…the gang’s all here. I really wanted to like this game; after all, the last GI Joe game I played (on NES) was kind of fun. Come to think of it, some of the graphics were better in that. GI Joe tries to be Contra for the new era, but ends up falling short in almost every way.
GamersGlobal (Aug 11, 2009)
Eigentlich gesellt sich G.I. Joe zu den Myriaden anderer Lizenzgurken. Es ist kein spannendes Spiel, da die Story an allen Nicht-Film-Kenner vorbeigeht, und auch ansonsten die G.I.-Joe-Kenntnis in Deutschland kaum mit der in USA vergleichbar ist. Trotzdem ist es für die kleine Actioneinlage zwischendurch durchaus OK, besonders wenn man zu zweit vor der Konsole sitzt.
GamePro (US) (Aug 04, 2009)
While I wasn't expecting too much from G.I. Joe as a whole, I walked away with the impression that, while it wasn't absolutely horrible, it really didn't leave much of a lasting impression either. I love mindless shoot-em-up gameplay as much as the next guy, but in this age of innovation (and certainly in this economy) you can't help but expect more bang for your buck.
40 (Aug 14, 2009)
On commence à avoir l'habitude de voir des adaptations bâclées mais il faut quand même reconnaître que ce G.I. Joe : Le Réveil du Cobra tape encore plus haut que ses petits collègues. Entre une maniabilité exécrable, des dialogues inénarrables et un design discutable, il n'y aura que les amateurs de 47ème degré pour trouver leur bonheur avec ce titre.
Simplistic point-and-shoot mechanics are mangled beyond recognition due to an awful camera, and the barely operable targeting system ensures the gameplay never crosses into the realm of entertainment. Your absurd Accelerator Suit is more of a punchline than a power-up, which summarizes the entire experience perfectly; I laughed out loud several times playing G.I. Joe, but never because I was having a good time.
GameSpot (Aug 04, 2009)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is full of things that make you go "hmm." Why do midlevel checkpoints update your score but not save your game, forcing you to restart from the beginning if both characters die? If you're going to steal from Gears of War, why steal the slow-walking, earpiece-cradling mission updates? The game isn't all bad; there are a few moments of fun to be had with the simple combat system. But G.I. Joe doesn't do much beyond the fundamentals, and sadly, it gets very few of them right.
40 (Aug 07, 2009)
On reflection, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra has much in common with a hamburger bought at 2am. If you’re in the right mood for it (or if you’re leathered on cheap cider) then there’s a good chance that you may enjoy the first bite or two. It’s sloppy and junky, but perhaps you feel that’s what you want. And then you begin to sober up. You realise that your mouth is filled with undercooked offal, and your stomach begins to churn. It’s messy, it’s stale, and traces of it will linger with you for days. And the worst part of it all? You paid for this garbage.
Those patient enough to suffer through the initial gameplay inadequacies are rewarded with horrible, low-quality cutscenes, a “special” Accelerator Suit ability that often drains during said cutscenes, unreachable power-ups that hover just out of grasp, the worst vehicle controls I’ve used in years, and voice overacting that makes the guy who says “killing spree” in Unreal Tournament sound understated. With these working conditions, it’s enough to make a Joe go AWOL.
GameTrailers (Aug, 2009)
This game is an abomination that has absolutely no business being sold at a price point approaching full retail. Like so many other movie adaptations before it, The Rise of Cobra feels like it was meant to capitalize on gullible fans. Lucky for you, we’re here to warn you to steer clear. So now you know... and knowing is half the battle.
1UP (Aug 06, 2009)
When I first jumped into the game I found myself drawn in by the promise of unlocking new characters and simply playing as my favorite Joes, but after being pelted with frustrating difficulty settings and repetitive gameplay, just finishing the game turned into a task. Looking back at my game's progress tells the tale: I completed the first few sections on the hardest difficulty but gradually turned the difficulty down for the final chunk of missions. As I played this game I couldn't help but think that (with fixes to the bizarre checkpoint system) this would have been a great downloadable title, but as a full-priced release The Rise of Cobra just doesn't cut it.
GameSpy (Aug 04, 2009)
Is it all bad? Well, if you really love the movie/characters/franchise, you can experience the actors phoning in their voice roles in all their "gimme-my-monaaaayyy!" glory. Oh, and when you unleash your powered exo-skeleton super-move thingy the G.I. Joe theme plays briefly, and that's cool. Otherwise, not much to recommend this one, except that it is a pointed lesson to other designers that including co-op, especially local co-op, is a great value-add to even an otherwise totally worthless game. Take heed, o ye makers of Splinter Cell and Call of Juarez!
30 (UK) (Aug 07, 2009)
A spot of light entertainment is proffered by the 'Acceleration Suit', whose power charges gradually with kills, releasing a burst of speed and increased firepower for a few seconds. You don't really need it, though. In fact, you don't really need anything on offer here at all. If your progeny are really screaming for a slice of the playground kudos, then get them a copy of Viva Pinata and Sellotape a generic action figure to the front of it. They'll thank you for it later.
25 (Sep 09, 2009)
So there we have it, a film licence that (bar the DS version) ends up as little more than an expensive coaster. Not a huge surprise of course but the real shame is that licenses like GI Joe have the potential to inspire enjoyable games, perhaps even more so than enjoyable films. It just needs the people on development duty to care (or, to be fair, be given the time and budget to show they care). No doubt people will still buy this and it'll end up making publishers EA a whole bundle of money before being chalked up as a success on a balance sheet somewhere. Unfortunately that healthy looking balance sheet will then be read by people who'll gasp and wonder at how easy it was to make a killing before promptly reducing the development time and budget on their next big movie tie-in to see if they can squeeze a little more profit out next time round. And so the cycle continues...
23 (Aug 13, 2009)
Das Beste an G.I. Joe sind die Ladebildschirme, die mit faszinierenden Fakten von den bemerkenswert langen Wartezeiten ablenken: Wusstet ihr, dass die G.I. Joe-Figur mit »Kung Fu-Grip« 1974 auf den Markt kam? Ich auch nicht! Hammer, oder? Mit spannenden Anekdoten wie dieser ist man der garantierte Knüller auf der nächsten Party, denn über das Spiel selbst sollte man besser nicht zu viele Worte verlieren. Trauriges Lizenzgeschiss der billigsten Sorte; der Sorte, von der man spätestens nach Qualitätssoftware wie Kung Fu Panda eigentlich dachte, dass sie ausgestorben sei: Furchtbare Präsentation, inakzeptable Technik, grausame Kameraführung - wäre da nicht der solide, gut umgesetzte Koop-Modus, wäre G.I. Joe ein Kandidat für den selten genutzten einstelligen Wertungsbereich. Spart euch das Geld für diesen Müll und kauft euch davon lieber eine Saturn-Konsole - auf der gab's weitaus besser aussehende Spiele.
games xtreme (Sep 03, 2009)
Go Joe, go away, and don't come back ever. This is one that deserves to be left on the shelf. I can't even recommend it as a fun experience for you and a friend. You are seriously better off buying one of the recent XBLA games or saving up for a real game and not just poorly made cash in.
Teletext (Aug, 2009)
A shamefully poor tie-in, even by normal standards, that totally ignores the potential of the license.
Giant Bomb (Aug 10, 2009)
But the occasional bug isn't what makes G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra a bad game. There's no one thing that you can point at here. Every little thing about it, from the bland presentation to the dead-simple gameplay, conspires to make the final product incredibly lame. It has the depth of a bad downloadable game with the price tag of a full-on retail release. It's the worst of both worlds. And now you know.
The A.V. Club (Aug 10, 2009)
But the bigger issue is how small the whole enterprise feels. This might be the biggest little action game ever made. Even as the credits roll, it’s tough to shake the nagging feeling that this experience should have been a $10 downloadable game, or should be the game you unlock as a bonus after finishing the real game.