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User Reviews

Cars, Culture and Crime. So Hai (371) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars
Another leap forward. Fluxxed (10) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars
mixed kent c. koopa (36) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
For every step back Rockstar takes, they make giant leaps forward. Kaddy B. (796) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars
One of the biggest disappointments ever Zokolov (66) 2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars
It's good and you should buy it. No question. Brandon Tabbert (19) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars
The best game so far J.D. Majors (17) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars
Everything wrong with video games can be found in GTA IV Chris Wright (105) 2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars
A game of movie like proportions. havoc of smeg (22206) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (102 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Retroage (Feb 16, 2013)
Świetnie bawiłem się w tej piaskownicy i jeszcze trochę tu zabawię, za sprawką dodatków, które na początku jako DLC ukazały się tylko na konsoli Xbox 360 do pobrania w formie elektronicznej. The Ballad of Gay Tony, jak i The Lost and Damned – to jednak zawartość do opisania na osobny materiał. Jako ciekawostkę mogę tylko wspomnieć, że podobno Microsoft za wyłączność czasową za oba rozszerzenia wybulił pięćdziesiąt milionów martwych amerykańskich prezydentów. Dopiero po kilku latach od premiery GTA IV, oba dodatki ukazały się także na realnych nośnikach, na półkach sklepowych - jako kompletne wydanie gry – także na PlayStation 3.
Edge (May 13, 2008)
Ultimately, these things matter little, not simply because the amount of content is so staggeringly diverse that occasional failures can be immediately forgiven, but because its cast of brilliantly drawn characters lure you into a greater engagement than ever before. The fundamental template is the same as before, and some of the nuts and bolts feel a little loose, but it’s not only what you do in this world, it’s also how it makes you feel. There are few other games so constantly engaging or entertaining, and it may be a painfully long time before anything else matches up to its breadth of vision.
Xboxygen (May 23, 2008)
On peut donc conclure que Grand Theft Auto IV est bel et bien la bombe annoncée enterrant de mille lieues ses prédécesseurs et concurrents de part sa richesse dans le gameplay, l’environnement et tout le reste. Les gars de Rockstar n’ont pas juste fait les choses, ils ont fait les choses justes. Cependant, on peut éprouver un sentiment d’inachevé de par certains aspects et défauts. Mais le soft reste extrêmement jouissif et propose une expérience de jeu jamais vue et profonde qu’auparavant. Le Must Have de cette génération.
Power Unlimited (Apr 27, 2008)
Wat? Een 100? Is die jongen wel goed bij zijn hoofd? Is dat niet wat overdreven? Is GTA niet gewoon meer van hetzelfde? Luister jongens en meisjes, GTA is een ervaring. Natuurlijk niet perfect maar dat is geen enkele game. Wat GTA wel is, is een game die iedereen gespeeld moet hebben. De wereld leeft meer dan ooit te voren en zit vol details die die Liberty City dat leven geeft. Van de glimlach op de statue of happiness, tot de vele gele taxi’s op Star Junction. Dit is een ervaring die je gehad moet hebben.
Good Game (May 05, 2008)
I don’t want to sound like and old phogey Jung, but the only thing I don’t like about GTAIV and all other GTA’s in fact, is the excessive swearing and occasional offensive dialogue... some sort of filter might could make it more accessible... but you cant deny the fun.. freedom, and how it’s full of surprises.. I’m giving it a 10/10 gangster chickens.
UOL Jogos (May 09, 2008)
"Grand Theft Auto IV" é um jogo de videogame revolucionário, que consegue manter forte sua tradição e elementos que tornaram a franquia famosa e, ao mesmo tempo, adiciona uma série novidades que enriquecem a experiência. Dificilmente personagens foram retratados com tanta humanidade quanto neste jogo, o que o coloca à frente de seu tempo, assim como a ambientação, que é mais avançada do que a grande maioria dos produtos no mercado. É um clássico inquestionável e um excelente motivo para comprar um videogame da nova geração, se você ainda não possui.
Avid Gamer (Apr 28, 2008)
There’s so much to mention, like how the police are more intelligent, yet easier to evade thanks to a new search area system. A welcome lack of HUD. A more realistic economy. If we’ve forgotten anything, you’ll find it out soon enough. We haven’t touched the multi-player yet, and our impressions will be along shortly. Even without that, the prospect of downloadable content in the Autumn, or just the idea of what the future holds, we just can’t help giving this a 10. It’s GTA, yet evolved. It has reached unholy heights of brilliance. This time things are different and we completely love it. It adds to the genre, the industry and everything about video games. Go out, buy it, play it and rejoice. It’s here and it’s one hell of a ride.
UltraNinjas (May 09, 2008)
It’s also very hard not to award GTA IV a straight 10, given how much scope and detail the whole thing has. There are many more neat moments and touches that I could blabber on about for hours, but with most of you having found them for yourselves and not wanting to spoil all the fun for the rest of you lot I will cease here. Expect a multiplayer review sometime next week, but for now rest assured that in the eyes of at least this critic, GTA IV is worth every bit of the hype, warts and all. If you’ve not purchased it yet, make sure you resolve the errors of your ways sooner rather than later.
Gameplayer (Australia) (Aug 18, 2008)
Between the six of us in the office we’ve clocked in well over 100hrs of GTA IV in the few days it has been on sale. Each day we arrive in the office and sit down and blabber excitedly about some crazy misadventure that occurred the night before. Something unique to that one user, but hilarious to all who have entered the world and know how it works. Maybe it is a line of dialogue we hadn’t heard before or an unscripted slice of on-the-fly action that beats most game’s scripted events for sheer thrills. Maybe it is Euphoria being Euphoriaish. But GTA IV will never get old, or start repeating itself. It will always offer anyone who turns it on an experience to savour. And that’s fucking awesome.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 27, 2008)
Even so, this game is a technical marvel that's consistently intriguing and often amazing. It's hard not to be entertained (or at least offended) by Grand Theft Auto IV.
Game Shark (May 13, 2008)
Whichever way you choose to play, whatever you decide to focus on, there’s room for it all in this game. With three massive areas and your hundreds of square miles of your own personal urban jungle, this Liberty City, more than any other version, is yours to do with as you please. The possibility for creative anarchy is limited only by the expanse of your imagination.
Gameplanet (Apr 29, 2008)
There are reviews popping up all over the internet as the sun rises here at GPHQ; glancing through a few I can see none that do the game justice. This isn't due to a lack of attention, it's simply that in order to describe every little thing that you see in this game would require volumes. There is a staggering level of detail and for every detail we've mentioned so far, there are at least a dozen we've missed. Still, that's the beauty of Grand Theft Auto IV: the details will always be there for you to discover yourself. Which you absolutely should. This is a phenomenal achievement from Rockstar, every single one of the 200 people who worked on this game should be congratulated.
Darkstation (May 01, 2008)
I would never have thought that GTA IV was going to be as good as what is given in this package. Grand Theft Auto IV is by far the most complete package I have seen in the last five to ten years. If you’re a Grand Theft Auto don’t walk, but run out and get this game now you will not be disappointed.
PGNx Media (Apr 30, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV is undoubtedly one of the strongest games of this generation. The amount of content is simply mind-blowing. It refines the genre to the point of perfection by making sure all of the pieces fit together very well. The amazing looking and interactive Liberty City, tight gameplay, and Oscar-worthy story truly do make Grand Theft Auto IV worthy of being called a masterpiece.
Gamervision (May, 2008)
Kim takes a sharp turn exposing his side to my gun’s barrel, and I unload enough rounds into his vehicle that it explodes. He jumps out of his car, enveloped in flames, and tries to roll on the ground. He never even sees the barrel of my shotgun as I stand over him and fire into the back of his flaming head. I pull out my cell phone and call John Gravelli, letting him know the job is done, and he wires several thousand dollars into my bank account. This is Grand Theft Auto IV. This is the American dream.
Within a week, both the 360 and PS3 releases of Grand Theft Auto IV have beaten the almighty Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the overall GameRankings scale and for good reason. It exceeded any expectations I had with the series in the past and blew them out of the water. And the scary part is, this is only the beginning. Xbox 360 owners will also be looking forward to episodic content coming out this fall, and combined with the online multiplayer, I can rest assured that GTA IV will be in my 360 for a long time.
Gaming Nexus (May 12, 2008)
It's easy to talk about how amazing Liberty City is in Rockstar Games' newest action game, Grand Theft Auto IV. But this time around the city isn't the real star; instead that part goes to Niko Bellic, one of the greatest video game characters of all time. This is an event game, the kind of thing you simply need to own ... even if you don't consider yourself a Grand Theft Auto fan.
AceGamez (Apr, 2008)
But when your only real complaint is that a game has been lavished with so much attention that it's a bit on the long side, then it's fair to say that you must have a masterpiece in your hands, and that is most definitely the case with Grand Theft Auto IV. It's prettier, more detailed and more fun than ever before; it may have stuck to the same formula, but it's as effortlessly brilliant as ever. With a massive single player campaign (it tells you something that there's an achievement for completing the main missions in under thirty hours), the promise of exclusive Xbox downloadable missions and a hilarious and popular multiplayer offering to supplement your car-carnage itch, the game thoroughly deserves all the sales records it has broken. Buy it now, assuming you're over eighteen. And if you're not, get to work on building some kind of speed-ageing device so that you can enjoy this top-drawer gem as soon as possible.
ZTGameDomain (Apr, 2008)
I could go on for another couple thousand words about the amazing experience that is GTA IV, but what's most important for you to know is that this game is an absolute masterpiece. Is it perfect? No. No game is, and no game ever will be. What this game does overall however, it does better than any other game in its genre. It also provides more entertainment and value for your $60 than any other game so far this year, and everyone (17 years old + of course) should experience it for themselves. GTA IV sets a benchmark that games in all genres will be held up to in the coming years. It has taken the best features of modern game design and combined them all to create a world that is both believable and awe inspiring, and a game experience that is unforgettable.
Giant Bomb (May 05, 2008)
It was difficult to anticipate how Grand Theft Auto IV would turn out, given the way that the whole "open-world game" thing is being done to death across as many different games and settings as possible. Rather than try to out-do the Crackdowns and the Saints Rows of the world with bigger land masses and more missions, Rockstar went the other way, and managed to craft an amazingly impactful story and weave it into an open-world game in an incredibly meaningful way--all without losing the heart and soul of what makes Grand Theft Auto so popular in the first place. The end result is absolutely masterful and absolutely worth your time and money.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Apr 27, 2008)
Multiplayer archetypes such as the Deathmatch and Team variation are all on offer, however Rockstar North has gone that little bit further with a touch of creativity that captures the GTA spirit across the 14 different modes. Whether it's performing tasks quickly in Mafiya Work or acting out the classic Cops 'n Crooks, GTA4 offers plenty for everybody in the multiplayer stakes - we honestly didn't expect it to be this good.
There you have it. Grand Theft Auto 4 is the very best that the medium has to offer right now, as close to perfect as any game has yet come. The flaws are there for those who really want to find them, but the overall experience far eclipses any momentary frustrations. Really, any criticisms we can think of to level at the game are minor and nitpicky. If you own an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and are old enough to handle the game's mature themes, Grand Theft Auto 4 is an absolute must-own title. Just like III before it, the game is a true system-seller.
Game Collision (May 02, 2008)
Overall, Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best gaming experiences you'll ever have. No game is perfect, but this is as close as it's ever come. If you're a gamer, you have absolutely no reason not to pick this game up right now. Believe me, you'll be happy you did.
Jolt (UK) (May 02, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV is not a perfect game, but it is fantastic through and through, from start to finish and beyond. It is so massive, vast and impressive that it is almost mind-boggling to imagine how much work must have gone into the game to come up with so much detail. We love GTA IV so much that we’re going to give it a 10. We can’t think of another game that offers so much quality and so much gameplay time whilst not spreading itself too thinly. It’s like five games in one going by recent standards. Truly wonderful stuff – you simply must play it.
Finalboss (May 02, 2008)
Por oferecer tantas qualidades e tão poucos defeitos é que achamos que o título realmente merecia a nota máxima. Até o momento é o jogo de 2008, sem exageros, seja no Xbox 360, seja no PlayStation 3. Se ainda não comprou um desses dois consoles, GTAIV é motivo de sobra para você finalmente entrar na era dos gráficos Next-Gen.
Xbox Exclusive (May 12, 2008)
Was GTA 4 worth the long wait and all the hype?…You damn right! There have been many copycats, but Rockstar once again proves that they are the only guys in town that can make this style of game right. It’s not flawless, with various minor technical issues on both console versions, but you’ll have so much fun playing that you won’t even care. This is a game that no matter how much is written about it, you must play for yourself to truly experience it, because you couldn’t write about everything the game has to offer in a single review. No wonder Hollywood is worried about games cutting into their business, because titles like GTA 4 are better than most movies. It’s going to be hard for Rockstar to top themselves after this, but as history has shown, they always seem to have a new trick up their sleeves. If you’re not playing this game right now, then you’re probably one of those suckers who is only stuck with a Wii. As Mr. T would say, “I pity the fool.”
GamersMark (May 16, 2008)
If you will play one game this year, my endorsement goes to GTA IV. The story mode clocks in at 30-50 hours for a play-through depending on your gaming experience. The multiplayer is varied, the side missions plentiful, and the possibility of time wasting is infinite. Undoubtedly worth the 59.99 and then some.
I’m sorry if I didn’t mention everything about Grand Theft Auto IV. There is literally enough here to keep you occupied for a very long time. The amount of time and detail Rockstar put into this game is mind blowing. Everything from online play to the story, GTA IV should be in any gamer’s collection. This game will make you forget about every other game you own, the worst part about this game is trying to put the controller down.
Green Pixels (Oct 01, 2008)
No game is perfect, of course, and Grand Theft Auto IV certainly has room for improvement. The over-the-top driving mechanics can take some getting used-to, for example, as can the sometimes-confusing combat controls, especially in areas tightly packed with bits of cover for Niko to (sometimes accidentally) hide behind. But the game offers such a diverse array of different styles of play, and such a huge amount of game to play through, that these small complaints are easy to overlook. Look at GTA IV as a whole and it's a no-brainer: You need to play this game.
EL33TONLINE (Jul 01, 2008)
So, is it the best game ever? GTA4 is so big with so mush to discover, so many things to do and so many ways of doing them that no game, in the same genre, can touch it. There’s love poured into every second of it, which results in a game that is easily worth the hype.
Totally Gaming Network (May 01, 2008)
The new benchmark gold standard for sandbox (and indeed this-generation) games has arrived. All other "Grand Theft Alsos" might as well pack up and go home.
Is Grand Theft Auto IV perfect? No, there are certainly issues with the AI and some minor issues with repetitiveness and cover. It is, however, an amazingly well crafted game, technically and artistically. The single-player is a memorable romp through the boots of an unfortunate soul, and the multiplayer is one of the most robust console experiences to date. I can also safely say that GTA IV is a generation defining game for myself. Just like I remember playing Streets of Rage 2 on my friend’s Genesis and booting up 3D gaming for the first time with Super Mario 64, I’ll remember experiencing Grand Theft Auto IV for its monumental storytelling and sickening attention to detail. If you didn’t like the previous games in the series, this one won’t change your mind. It’s prettier, has a more captivating story and controls better, but at its core, it’s still Grand Theft Auto.
Defunct Games (May 19, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV is an event. It's like that major blockbuster movie that you absolutely must read or that TV show that everybody keeps talking about. I don't think it's too much to say that this is the game that Rockstar Games will be remembered for years from now. It's a massive game full of great locations, a fantastic story, a ton of online modes and one of the greatest video game characters of all time. Even if you're not the kind of person that normally likes these Grand Theft Auto games, I have a hunch that once you meet Niko Bellic you're going to fall in love. After putting dozens of hours into this game, I have no problem calling this game an absolute masterpiece, easily one of the greatest action games of all time.
TalkXbox (May 22, 2008)
There’s obviously a lot more content in the game than what I mentioned here in this long-winded review. But that just shows how massive this game is. Liberty City is amazing and full of detail, the missions are entertaining, the voice acting is fantastic, the story is flawless, and the gameplay is fun the entire time. There’s a constant debate on whether or not video games will enter the realm of movies and literature as narrative pieces. When a game like Grand Theft Auto IV comes out, it’s hard to argue otherwise. This game is getting a perfect score, not because every aspect is perfect (I’m looking at you Mr.I’mInChargeOfTheSoundtrack) but because the storytelling immerses you in the game to such a high degree, every flaw in the game is forgivable. Grand Theft Auto IV is a must buy if you like video games.
There is no question: Grand Theft Auto IV is so far, the best game we've played this year. In our opinion, it's the best game we've played in a long, long time. There's just so much to enjoy and appreciate that the downsides never really take away from gameplay. This artistic expression of life, through the eyes of Niko Bellic, is a tremendous story that cannot be ignored, that beckons everyone to take a trip and enjoy Liberty city.
Factornews (May 05, 2008)
Pour synthétiser, on se retrouve avec un GTA épuré de ses défauts de maniabilité et de finition qui faisaient la joie de ses détracteurs, offrant une aire de jeu jamais vue auparavant, que ça soit par ses dimensions, son architecture ou l'impression de vie qui s'en dégage, des gunfights surpuissants et des phases de conduites largement plus riches que par le passé. À ces bases de gameplay s'ajoutent une nouvelle fois des à-côtés plus nombreux que jamais, pour un jeu d'une richesse sans pareil. Le meilleur des GTA ? Aucun doute là-dessus. Le meilleur jeu de l'année ? On ne voit pas trop qui pourrait le détrôner. Une des plus incroyables expériences vidéoludiques jamais vécues ? Ca sera bien évidemment une affaire de goût, mais pour ma part, c'est oui, tout simplement.
100 (May 09, 2008)
Rockstar memang telah menghasilkan sebuah game yang bener-bener gila. GTA IV ini adalah game yang harus dimainkan oleh setiap gamers. Gameplaynya bikin kita jadi ketagihan pengen main terus. Grafisnya juga sadis banged, Liberty City menjadi sangat hidup oleh Rockstar penuh dengan kehidupan yang dinamis. Kualitas pengisi suaranya juga pas dengan karakter yang mereka mainkan, dipadu dengan cutscene berkualitas Hollywood. GTA IV memang sebuah karya hebat yang mengagumkan. Must play game of the year..!!!
Thunderbolt Games (May 10, 2008)
It's in these defining moments that the game truly comes together. GTA IV may not have the best graphics, gunplay, A.I. or driving, but few other games have ever combined so many elements so successfully. It excels in creating a genuinely cinematic atmosphere, with writing on par with anything Hollywood can produce and action sequences that would sit comfortably in any movie. Liberty City has the depth and character to keep you playing for months, and the measures to reduce the frustration that previously dogged the series will make sure that you do just that. GTA IV is a rare gem and one that you'll remember playing for years to come. It might be one of the most controversial games ever created, but it's also one of the best.
GameCell UK (May, 2008)
So anyway, to the crux of the matter. Yes it’s violent, slightly sexy - even nasty at times and gratuitously so, but let’s all just remember it’s a just a GAME, and a game that you miss to your detriment as a rounded gamer and normal member of society. GTA IV is quite simply another masterful piece of escapism and entertainment from Rockstar. I expect that many, many drinks will go cold, and meals and appointments will be missed thanks to it. The stonking multiplayer game could keep you and your mates occupied for months alone – but so could the story mode if you don’t plough straight through it, and hunt down all of the hidden items and achievements (and of course there’s episodic DLC (downloadable content) to come as well), prolonging GTA’s often imitated but unique ability to provide a life consuming, day-disappearing sandbox. It’s that good a game. No, I’ll qualify that statement: it’s THE game. The game of the year, no doubt.
DarkZero (May 07, 2008)
So, as you can see GTA IV is not perfect, but it is unlikely there will ever be a game we could fairly label with that heavy moniker. It is however an absolutely essential landmark title for the games industry. In terms of the sheer scope, emotion, ambition, and the stupidly high fun factor it offers, there is no better available in the genre today. In fact, no one else comes anywhere near. In truth, it’s seeing where Rockstar go next that should be getting people the most excited, but for now we should all just stand back and revel in this true moment of gaming glory as we know they don’t come around all that often.
Ich hätte es nicht für möglich gehalten. Stets habe ich behauptet, eine 10.0 würde es von mir niemals geben. Totale Zufriedenheit sieht anders aus. 9.5, das war die höchste Note, die ich jemals vergeben habe. Und das ist fast ein ganzes Jahrzehnt her! Nun ist es also so weit, der erste Zehner. Fühlt sich etwas komisch an, ständig frage ich mich: Hast du etwas übersehen? Stören dich die Animationen nicht doch zu sehr? Solltest du dies nicht doch ein wenig kritischer betrachten oder hier genauer auf die technischen Details achten? Vielleicht gehst du das Spiel noch mal ganz neu an und zwingst dich dazu, ganz anders zu spielen als beim ersten Durchgang? Irgendetwas muss dich doch stören, was den Abzug von 0.5 Punkten rechtfertigen würde.
Gaming Age (May 09, 2008)
So another generation has come and along with it a Grand Theft Auto title is born. It's not going to please everyone, but certainly it will make fans of the series happy for the space between another installment. Some like myself may despise the social aspect in the single-player mode, feeling like it's too needy, while others may feel it adds an extra layer of substance. On the same hand, there will be a few who just don't care for the masterful story within this GTA title, and that's just confusing to everyone else. Whatever your likes and dislikes may be, if the game can bring enough out of you that you care for aspects of it than a single feeling for the product as a whole then it's done its job of being a deep enough game to keep its reign on sandbox worlds. Hopefully this review was big enough to share a place next to its title.
IC-Games (May 04, 2008)
So overall, if you are of the proper age and have no problem with grasping that this is fiction and shouldn't be re-enacted on the streets of your town, then you should buy this game. It's the best example of the sandbox style of gameplay that GTA first started and the best thing that Rockstar have done, I can only hope that the next GTA is as large a jump as San Andreas to GTA IV was. As for the hype, some things do live up to everything said about them and Grand Theft Auto IV is one of them. The depth of game, the level of characters and the interaction between the populated world of Liberty City is just breathtaking. The other sites that have reviewed this game have given it perfect scores, and it's not unwarranted, GTA IV really is that good and if you never take another piece of advice, buy this game, now...
GameZone (May 06, 2008)
GTA IV seamlessly integrates open-world exploration and character-driven storytelling, unlike any other game to date. Liberty City is now a living, breathing work of art that is ready for you to explore.
GamingExcellence (May 02, 2008)
GTA IV is the kind of title every gamer must have in their collection to justify their title as said gamer. It's near perfection in all areas, and in all honesty, I won't be reaching for my copy of GTA III anymore whenever I need my fix. Not that the others in between weren't great too, but this is the sequel we've all been waiting for. This is also the first 10.0 we've ever handed out to a game. It's one of those games that demonstrate milestone achievement in the video game industry. Perfection shows, and it should be awarded accordingly. Long live Grand Theft Auto.
Video Games Daily (May 01, 2008)
Yes, it's worth all the hype and more. I absolutely love this game, and I can't WAIT for the episodic updates. Just make sure you get both of those endings! And don't even think about using cheats until you've done it properly.
GTA IV werd met luide trom en absurde hype aangekondigd en het gebeurt maar zelden dat een game in zo'n geval de verwachtingen inlost. Dit is zo'n zeldzame uitzondering en meteen een nieuwe standaard voor het openwereldgenre.
100 (Apr 29, 2008)
In my opinion, Grand Theft Auto IV is the best game of this generation, thus far, and one of the best games ever made. All the previous Grand Theft Auto titles, for all their gameplay design revolutions, bold stylistic choices and intelligent social commentary, have merely been hints of Rockstar's talent and the franchise's potential. Grand Theft Auto IV represents a huge step forward for video games as an artistic medium and a challenge to the rest of the development community to catch up. No, it's not a flawless game, but it's still worthy of our highest score. Like the ultimate standard-bearer, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time was at the time of its release, Grand Theft Auto IV is so far ahead of the pack in so many key areas, that its influence is sure to be felt for years to come.
Level (Sweden) (Apr, 2008)
Rockstar har gjort sitt största, bästa och viktigaste spel hittils.
100 (Apr 21, 2008)
A wealth of new music, cars that handle like real-life vehicles and new multiplayer duels also help make GTA IV the most engaging release so far this year. And while it might have been interesting to see the developers experimenting with a new approach to the carnage, as an evolution of the world’s best-loved gangster game, GTA IV is damn-near perfect.
GamesRadar (Apr 27, 2008)
There will be detractors, for sure, but we're convinced that 97% of the gamers who purchase this whether they're existing fans or not will find themselves hooked on it at least until the release of new downloadable content (currently 360 exclusive) later this year. As for the future of the series? This bodes well. And we've been assured the next instalment will raise the bar even further...
Meristation (Apr 27, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV es una obra maestra. Sin paliativos. Lo cual no significa que sea perfecto, aunque no lo es por muy poco. Apenas por unos detalles opcionales, como una historia completamente cooperativa, y algunas imperfecciones en la detección de colisiones. Por lo demás, estamos ante uno de los grandes videojuegos de toda la historia. Y Niko Bellic, un nuevo icono.
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 29, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV is not just a great GTA game, but a legitimately great game. Rockstar North has taken the series that defined the previous gaming generation and not only updated it to meet next-gen standards, but raised the bar for all subsequent open-world games.
GameDaily (Apr 27, 2008)
Finally, the wait for a true GTA multiplayer experience was well worth it, and the online game modes (mostly variations on deathmatches, car races, car races and self-contained co-op missions) add a lot of value to an already jam-packed game. Multiplayer is not as integral part of the game as it was to, say, Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, but playing over the entire city map is brilliant. Online matches are accessed right from the game via the call phone, and we'll have a more in-depth take on the game's multiplayer offerings once the game is released and the servers are fully populated.
GamePro (US) (Apr 28, 2008)
Lesser companies would have crumbled under the weight of the controversy and the intense media scrutiny that the company has had to endure. But not Rockstar: if anything, the adversity seems to have made the company stronger and, most importantly, smarter.
Game Arena (Apr 29, 2008)
Ignore the score. This bears about as much comparison to the typical “10/10” game as black and white TV did to colour. What you want to be able to do is tell your kids fond stories of how you played GTA IV when it first came out.
TeamXbox (Apr 27, 2008)
Having laid out all these amazing things that Rockstar has achieved in moving its game miles ahead of anything anyone has ever attempted to do in a video game, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what gamers will experience playing through. I haven’t even covered going on dates, watching TV, your friend Brucie, getting on the Internet, the great GPS system or the four-player cooperative missions. There are so many little things, so many great details, so many unexpected random events, that I could write a book and it would just be an incredibly long list of observations. Instead, go play the game for yourself. When you see how Rockstar brought everything together in a perfect storm of video-game design, you’ll think about the score we gave it and you’ll have a hard time disagreeing. I promise.
GameSpy (Apr 27, 2008)
To be totally honest, it would be very easy to write another 2000-odd words on this game, as we haven't even delved into the hours of television you can watch, the amazingly detailed virtual Internet, the strip clubs that you can visit, the ultra-realistic vehicle physics, and so on. Suffice it to say that Grand Theft Auto IV is a game that could keep anyone busy for a long, long time. Although its got plenty of excellent features, it's ultimately the storytelling that makes it an instant classic, a game unlike any we've played before. As is the case with many great books and movies, you'll want to know what happens to the characters after the game ends, and one can't help hoping that all of their American Dreams comes true.
1UP (Apr 27, 2008)
But if I could add only one thing to this otherwise outstanding, breakthough sequel, I'd want the zanier toys from San Andreas. Maybe Rockstar thinks the series has gotten too serious for base-jumping parachutists and autoboosting nitrous oxide. But who's to say what's serious in a game where you can pick up your date in a stolen helicopter and she doesn't bat an eye? Fortunately, Rockstar seems open to adding features beyond the promised online episodes (360 version only). Something tells me this version of Liberty City, as exciting and beautiful as it is, is still under construction. Maybe Niko will get a few new shows for his American TV addiction, too.
100 (Apr 28, 2008)
Slight problems aside, no-one old enough to play GTA 4 should pass it up. It's certainly a mature experience - in tone, violence and language - but that actually makes it even more unique. For all the controversy that Rockstar generates, GTA 4 has moved video games on to a point that most developers just won't be able to compete with. We all knew GTA 4 would be a great game and sell millions of copies, but I didn't expect it to shame pretty much every other game I've played this generation.
Grand Theft Auto IV doesn’t just raise the bar for the storied franchise; it completely changes the landscape of gaming. Once you play it, you won’t look at video games the same way again.
100 (UK) (Apr 27, 2007)
Almost everything you do in Liberty City would be good enough to drive its own game, and the best parts would be good enough to outrun the competition, but the reason it works so well is that Rockstar has made a game that requires no patience to play. This, as much as its usual coherency and the best script in the series, is what makes GTA IV the best openworld game yet, and why it will take something miraculous to rob it of game of the year status.
IGN UK (Apr 25, 2008)
Expectations were so high for Grand Theft Auto IV that one of the biggest surprises is that it’s managed to meet them. That it’s also gone on to confound these is truly a marvel, and the game’s Liberty City is nothing less than one of the greatest videogame worlds yet conceived. With this game, Rockstar has set out to free itself from the excesses of the series past to emphasise the character of its world, and in doing so has created a high watermark in the relationship between narrative and play. It’s no less than the definitive open world game, and by that measure the definitive interactive experience of this generation to date.
IGN (Apr 25, 2008)
A "10" is not a score we give out very often. In fact, the last time we gave a 10 to a console game was Soul Calibur in 1999. A 10 doesn't mean a game is perfect -- it means a game is pushing boundaries, expanding a genre, and doing many things to a level so far above and beyond its competitors that they overshadows any flaws. Certainly, GTA IV has some issues, the most noticeable being the occasional flaw in the cover system, but there are many more pieces of GTA IV that are better than anything I've seen from a game in the past decade. We don't give 10s often -- just to games that merit the score.
GameSpot (Apr 28, 2008)
In case you haven't guessed already, Grand Theft Auto IV is a game that you simply have to play. The single-player game, which you can still play long after you complete the story, is the series' best by far, and the multiplayer features are good enough that you'll likely have no problem finding people to play with for many months to come. The minor flaws that you'll experience are no more difficult to overlook than those in previous GTA games, and they're greatly outnumbered by the features that will impress and surprise you anytime you think you've already seen everything that the game has to offer. There's lots to see in Liberty City, so you'd best get started.
NZGamer (Apr 30, 2008)
It’s not perfect, but given the equipment available today, it’s as close as anyone is likely to get. Grand Theft Auto IV is Rockstar North’s magnum opus and it is absolutely essential. That’s all one needs to know.
99 (May 03, 2008)
Overall the online experience is amazing, there are a few niggles, like when the action gets really heated there are points that the game will freeze up and jump, I think this is more to do the with servers and the other players ping rather than the game though as I have had a few local games and it ran perfectly. The other problem is the players themselves, even though this is a new game, there are loads of know-it-alls that get upset if you take a wrong turn or make a mistake, making themselves heard all of the time, hopefully after a while these players will go back to Halo or whatever and leave this top game for the rest of us to enjoy.
GameStar (Italy) (Apr 29, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV si eleva a nuovi livelli d'eccellenza del genere e del settore videoludico, e se GameStar non ritenesse che la perfezione non esiste (e anche GTA IV non è privo di difetti), meriterebbe il punteggio pieno. Non vediamo l’ora di scoprire cos’ha Rockstar in serbo con le future espansioni da scaricare via Xbox Live… Ma ora scusateci, torniamo a giocare.
Grand Theft Auto 4 is not just a great game, it is a sublime, intricate masterpiece of epic proportions. It has taken a huge leap forward from the days of San Andreas and is utterly worth the wait. It has not only fulfilled the hype, but it has pushed the envelope of 3d gaming to a new level. The city is realistic beyond all expectations and the physics detail is beyond compare. With all these positive aspects it would be safe to assume that there is a chink somewhere in the armour, and I am confident to say that there isn't. The game is as close to perfection as I have experienced and will last many many months with tons of scope for repeated replay.
XboxAchievements (May 18, 2008)
It truly smashed the hype and shocked the critics. GTA IV is a game that MUST be experienced even if you haven't liked the game in the past... And what's better is that there is more to come. The DLC will be here around August and we can't wait!!!
98 (May 03, 2008)
Nykypelejä on kritisoitu etenkin kahdesta asiasta: ne maksavat liikaa, eikä kehitysbudjettien räjähtäminen näy lopputuloksissa riittävästi. GTA IV:n kohdalla nämä väitteet eivät juuri voisi pitää vähemmän paikkansa. Jopa 75 euroa on täysin kohtuullinen rahamäärä pelistä, josta riittää riemua vuosiksi eteenpäin (kuriositeettina: aloitin itse GTA III:n kolmatta kertaa alusta juuri ennen nelosen ilmestymistä). Samoin on aivan ilmeistä, minne mammuttimainen 100 miljoonan dollarin kehityspanos on valunut. Tässä pelissä ei ole mitään puoliväliin jätettyä: sen jokainen kilotavu on viimeisteltyä, äärimmäisen laadukasta videopeliä. Aikuisille.
Extreme Gamer (May 09, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV is simply the must have game for all mature gamers with a gaming console. Either on the Xbox 360 or PS3 you will be blown away with the vast impressive world Rockstar games has concocted in the unique-cool style that only Rockstar games can provide. The return to Liberty City has been well worth the wait and exploring the interworking of the streets as the hard-hitting Niko is everything that we have come to expect out of the Grand Theft Auto series. The next-generation seems to fit Rockstar’s creative needs quite well, and hopefully they can squeeze another Grand Theft Auto adventure out before we move on the next “big thing” Believe the hype, Grand Theft Auto IV is that damn good. If you enjoy narrative driven action games, this is the big dog in the yard and a clear candidate for Game of The Year.
Console Monster (May 04, 2008)
If you have read the bulk of this review, or even had chance to play GTA IV yourself, you should have no doubt in your mind that it offers depth of experience unlike any other. GTA IV should not be missed and whilst the game does have its flaws and room for improvement, they are heavily outweighed by the sheer number of positives. From GTA3, Rockstar created the critically acclaimed Vice City. We can only wonder and anticipate where they will go next with the series. Rest assured that whichever direction is taken, the result is sure to be spectacular.
Cheat Code Central (Apr, 2008)
Simply put, GTA IV improves upon the GTA formula in just about every way imaginable. Almost anything that I can think of that frustrated me about the previous titles in the series has been fixed or completely reworked, leaving only an amazing experience in its stead. With one of the most compelling stories ever told by a video game, an extremely likeable main character, an insane amount of online modes, and virtually no flaws to be detected, GTA IV is even more than it was expected to be by fans. This is honestly a must own title for anyone who is of age and owns a PS3 or Xbox 360. The original kings of sandbox gameplay have clearly made this a game that will not likely be dethroned easily, if at all. But as with GTA 3, it is likely to spawn several sub-par imitations from other companies that try to recapture the same magic for years to come.
Gry OnLine (Apr 30, 2008)
Analiza wszystkich atrakcji GTAIV to materiał na książkę. To produkcja absolutna, nie posiadająca wad, których wytykanie nie byłoby czepialstwem. Na pewno znajdą się sceptycy i prześmiewcy, którzy od owczego pędu wyzwą wysokie oceny tej gry na świecie, ale to właśnie oni będą w błędzie. GTAIV to przeżycie, to inwestycja. To gra, dla której warto kupić konsolę, omyłkowo upuścić ją w Wiśle, po czym wzruszając ramionami kupić następną. O dwa punkciki od ideału, w nadziei, że kiedyś powstanie coś jeszcze lepszego. Choć i tak jestem zdania, że różnice ocen od poziomu 95% wzwyż to czysta kosmetyka.
La nueva obra de Rockstar ha vuelto a redefinir el género que un día ellos mismos revolucionaron. Han conseguido ofrecer una autentica obra maestra con una gran jugabilidad, un apartado técnico que sobrepasa lo esperado y una duración casi infinita, más teniendo en cuenta la gran diversidad de los modos multijugador y el futuro contenido descargable exclusivo en principio de esta versión, la de Xbox 360. GTA IV es todo lo que un seguidor de la saga hubiera esperado. GTA IV es pura libertad. GTA IV es la vida, la vida de Niko Bellic.
3D Juegos (Apr 29, 2008)
Para los que sueñan con vivir vidas diferentes, con hacer lo que la sociedad prohíbe o considera inmoral, y con adentrarse en las entrañas más oscuras de los peores seres humanos, GTA IV es su juego. Como un inconmensurable viaje a los más bajos fondos y las pasiones más sombrías del hombre, lo nuevo de Rockstar es una obra de un calibre gigantesco, con un prisma nunca antes visto en un videojuego. Nada más que decir de sus impresionantes gráficos, su desatada y adictiva jugabilidad o su poderosa historia, sólo añadir que, como señalamos al principio del análisis, estamos ante un título imprescindible sea cual sea nuestro género favorito. Una obra que quedará en el recuerdo.
IGN Australia (Apr 27, 2008)
Thanks to the most believable characters, the best visuals, the most realistic physics and above all, the most fun to be had of any game yet, Grand Theft Auto IV deserves a place in the collections of anyone even vaguely interested in videogames. At a minimum of 30 hours to just finish the story missions, and anywhere up into the hundreds of hours potentially offered by the multiplayer and tracking down every last secret in the game, GTAIV does represent a huge investment of time in today’s hyper-paced society, but trust us, it’s more than worth your investment. Entertainment, of any kind, doesn’t get much better than this.
XboxZone (Australia) (May 12, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto 4 is one hell of a videogame. Liberty City is a sandbox like few created before it. The city itself is remarkable, its inhabitants and their behaviour quite stunning, and the plot and voice acting is top notch stuff. If you choose to just play through the main story, completing the nigh on a hundred or so missions contained within it, you'll have a ripper of an experience. But GTA's true beauty lies in the thousands of details which make up its complexity, and which ensure it will remain a memorable experience for years to come. You will feel real emotion about the decisions you make whilst playing Rockstar's opus, and it is so deep, so rich, that I can't help but define it the most immersive video game I've ever played. It's not perfect, and is therefore not worthy of a perfect score. A few camera and control issues and the buggy nature of the multiplayer set up do hurt it ultimately, but I have no hesitation in proclaiming it a true work of art.
Atomic Gamer (Apr 29, 2008)
If you are one of the few people out there that for some reason doesn't like Grand Theft Auto, there's a decent chance that your complaints have been addressed in GTAIV. From the thankfully-revamped shooter interface to driving sequences that aren't out to simply punish you, from Hollywood-level cutscenes with great characters to a difficulty level that mostly goes up smoothly rather than in massive jumps, this is simply a better game than before. That being said, there are many signature things about the series that are alive here, and some its faults are still around as well. Either way, for the vast majority of gamers this is going to be their game of the year, and the developers at Rockstar deserve every bit of praise they'll get.
Gamer 2.0 (May 05, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV is better in every way possible. The more lifelike direction that the team went in takes a little getting used to, especially when it comes to getting behind the wheel, but once you get over the learning curve, you’re handed an amazing experience and hands down the best work Rockstar North has ever put out. In previous games it felt like you were playing with action figures in this open world—it was fun, but it didn’t feel real. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the relationships you build, the activities you partake in, the dates you go on, and the city in which you live all feel genuine. You truly feel like you’re living in the seedy underbelly of society.
Gameswelt (May 01, 2008)
Man kann es drehen und wenden, wie man will: 'GTA 4' ist ein Meisterwerk und eines der genialsten Spiele, die jemals auf den Markt gekommen sind – wenn nicht sogar das genialste. Jedenfalls setzt es die Messlatte für die nächste Zeit verdammt weit nach oben. Nie zuvor gab es eine derart authentische und glaubwürdige Spielwelt, bewohnt von brillant ausgearbeiteten Charakteren. Die Detailverliebtheit, mit der Rockstar dieses Actionspektakel in Szene gesetzt hat, ist unübertroffen. Immer wieder entdeckt man Neues, immer wieder gibt es Überraschungen. Die vielen kleinen Neuerungen und Überarbeitungen, vom Kampf- und Deckungssystem bis hin zum automatischen Speichern, setzen der Angelegenheit das i-Tüpfelchen auf. Und ja, es gibt hier und da kleine Macken, aber darüber zu meckern, grenzt im Grunde ans Lächerliche, wenn man das Gesamtpaket betrachtet. Liberty City 2008 saugt einen förmlich in sich auf und lässt einen nicht mehr los.
ActionTrip (Apr 28, 2008)
Overall, Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games ever made, with a single-player campaign that can take you around 25 hours to complete (depending on how you play it, of course). Improvements, particularly those made to combat and vehicle physics, make the game more accessible, more enjoyable and far more realistic than before. There's enough here to lure even the most demanding gamer. The standard choice of weapons is present during the single-player game, along with a huge number of vehicle models, and, of course, a chopper. You cannot fly a plane though. But with the amount of stuff you can actually do in this game, mentioning something like that would be like complaining about the frame color on a Picasso painting.
GamingTrend (May, 2008)
It is almost impossible to review a title as large or as detailed as Grand Theft Auto IV. Even at over 3,700+ words, this review only scratches the surface of Grand Theft Auto IV. If there are shortcomings, they are easily overmatched by the things that the game does well. There is literally something for everyone in this title – racing, a great storyline, well written and genuinely funny dialog, crazy car chases, a dash of mayhem, and even a dating simulator make for a complete package that doesn’t raise the bar – it tosses out that bar and makes a new one for the entire genre. While the game is by no means perfect, it is still head and shoulders above anything else we’ve ever seen in terms of a sandbox title. The pointless debate rages on whether to buy this game for the PS3 or Xbox 360, but the root of that argument is correct – you need to buy this game.
Game Positive (May 18, 2008)
We grow to truly care about Niko and his family, about the world that they inhabit, and for the first time in a GTA game, about the tiny interactions that make these people who they are. Every loose end is pulled together, and the few issues are worth sitting through for the constant stream of pay off. The combination of an excellent single player experience, vast multiplayer modes, phenomenal story, and unparalleled open-world gameplay make GTA IV an unforgettable experience that every adult gamer should absolutely not miss out on.
HardGamers (May 18, 2008)
Au final, Grand Theft Auto 4 est exactement le jeu auquel on s’attendait; un véritable passage à la nouvelle génération de consoles. Il n’est pas parfait et je doute que ça soit le meilleur jeu de tous les temps, mais il mérite à tout coup votre attention si vous avez aimé les précédents opus de la série. Même s’il n’obtient pas l’impossible 100%, il n’en demeure pas moins qu’à mon humble avis, il sera difficile de trouver un meilleur jeu en 2008.
Vgames (May 07, 2008)

בסופו של דבר, ג'י.טי.איי. 4 מרגיש יותר כמו שדרוג (משמעותי) של ג'י.טי.איי. 3 והמשכיו מאשר כמו קפיצת מדרגה. הוא אמנם משתמש במנוע גרפי חדש ויש בו הרבה יותר אפשרויות פעולה ורמת פירוט הרבה יותר גבוהה – אבל את רוב מה שאנחנו עושים במשחק כבר עשינו במשחקים הקודמים.

ועדיין, המשחק חי, נושם, מפורט, מעניין, והוא כיף צרוף - בעיקר במולטיפלייר המושקע והמפתיע. הוא לא מושלם, ממש לא, אבל הוא כל כך טוב עד שאסור לשום גיימר לפספס אותו. את המאה העגול נשאיר לאלוהים.

Worth Playing (May 03, 2008)
Without seeing sales numbers or charts, I can safely say that Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be the biggest game of the year. If you're even vaguely interested in GTA, then you're going to enjoy GTA IV, and if you're not, then GTA IV probably isn't going to change your mind. It's not a perfect game, as there are a number of minor graphical and gameplay glitches, missing features from San Andreas, more restrictive exploration, and some rather lackluster mission design. However, those minor flaws are overshadowed by the improved gunplay, amazing multiplayer and shockingly addictive social interactions that really turn GTA IV into something special. With a large, detailed city to explore and a nearly infinite amount of replay value, Grand Theft Auto IV is most certainly a game worth buying, and it should keep even the most hardcore of gamers busy for weeks, if not months.
95 (May 14, 2008)
There are few better ways to spend an afternoon than touring Liberty City.
Softpedia (May 09, 2008)
Get this game. It might not be all that the hype made it out to be. It has some minor issues, mainly due to the driving mechanics and the way some missions work, especially the absence of more numerous checkpoints. It starts out a little slow in the plot department but it really does pickup after a certain point. Niko is more humane and interesting than any GTA hero before him and he really pulls the game together. Liberty City, or GTA New York as it should have been called, is nicely laid out and beautifully rendered. It's the best open world I've played yet, even if at the start of the game you have to work a little to unlock all the areas.
GamesCollection (May 04, 2008)
Se giocato con intelligenza e in buone dosi presto vi lascerete prendere la mano e vi affezionerete a Nico e il suo strampalato cugino, immersi nelle loro problematiche legate ANCHE al loro passato. E sarà facilissimo immedesimarvi in lui tanto da proiettarvi un altra vita. Non dandogli 10 non ho voluto declassare il gioco, sebbene la concorrenza come al solito ha sparato voti più in alto della stratosfera: è un gioco che merita indubbiamente il suo 9.5, ma diciamocelo chiaramente, un gioco da 10 E' il gioco perfetto. E GTA4, nonostante sia sapientemente e disumanamente ben realizzato non riesce ad aggiungere quel "pizzico" necessario per il top-vote. Da avere, assolutamente, questo si. Forza, compratelo, NOW!
95 (May 02, 2008)
Alles in allem ist GTA IV daher ein echter Spielemeilenstein, an dem die Konkurrenz in den nächsten Jahren vermutlich zu knabbern hat. Besitzer einer PS3 oder Xbox360 kommen um das erste NextGen-GTA jedenfalls nicht herum und wer bislang auf den Kauf einer teuren Konsole verzichtet hat: billiger als zur Zeit, werdet ihr so schnell nicht wieder an eine Konsole herankommen und GTA IV rechtfertigt den Kauf ohne Frage. Komme was wolle, schon jetzt steht für mich fest: GTA IV ist das Spiel des Jahres 2008!
Good Game (May 05, 2008)
newcomers to the series may find the huge amount of running around slow paced especially in the first few hours of gameplay, but you get to play this game the way you want to... you can read every line of every joke, or race forward with the story as fast as you can.. but there’s more here than meets the eye, I’m giving it 9.5/10.
TTGamer (May 19, 2008)
It can be a little rough around the edges at times, but GTA IV lives up to the hype in almost every way, with few disappointments of note. This is an epic gaming experience and a perfect example of what this generation of gaming can achieve - great visuals, brilliant gameplay, and ground breaking design. GTA IV is a game that really lets your imagination run wild with its detail and free sandbox design, and while this freedom can occasionally produce odd results and glitches, ultimately the end result is GTA IV is a 'must have' game, whether you're a fan of the series, or just a fan of great gaming. And that's before you even check out multiplayer, which can be an absolute blast and almost a game seller on its own. Yes, a member of the GTA series is once again the best game ever made, but that was basically the expectation all along. Despite this immense pressure, Rockstar have come through for the gaming world once more. Obviously, GTA IV is a must own game.
Game Over Online (Aug 18, 2008)
One could go on and on about what’s great about GTA4, but really what’s the point? Sure the graphics are better and there are some new activities you can do, but really this is just another hard charging GTA title. If you’ve liked GTA before, you’ll love GTA4. If you didn’t care for it, is the fact that you can now play darts with your virtual buds going to change your mind? Probably not. But if so know that you are in the minority, because Rockstar has delivered everything they needed to here—bigger, better, and most importantly more, more, more GTA. Simply put, it rocks.
Game Freaks 365 (Jun, 2008)
Rockstar has been working on Grand Theft Auto IV for a long time. They've spent a lot of money and put a ton of effort into making this the best GTA game possible. They accomplished that quite easily. Whether it is the high-rise towers spanning Liberty City's center or the ocean-bound boats floating underneath the Brooklyn Bridge look-alike, Grand Theft Auto IV recreates New York City in a way that one could not have imagined. The story is compelling, Niko is a likable character and the missions are fun to play. It's no wonder this early-in-the-year Game of the Year contender sold over 6 million copies worldwide in its opening week.
Game Captain (May 09, 2008)
GTA IV ist ein nahezu perfektes Actionspiel, ein Phänomen, das seinesgleichen sucht. Das Gameplay ist dem klassischen GTA III zwar grundsätzlich ähnlich, allerdings auf einem ganz neuen qualitativen Niveau. Dank der exzellenten Physik-Engine ist für ein ganz neues Spielgefühl gesorgt, beim Autofahren fühlt man sich quasi wie neugeboren, und auch die Personensteuerung hat nun dank erneuertem Ziel- und Deckungssystem die Qualität der besten 3rd-Person-Shooter unserer Zeit erreicht. Auch die Story ist einfach nur stark gemacht, mit dem Herrn Bellic kann man sich hervorragend identifizieren. Noch dazu ist die Grafik für ein Sandkastenspiel ungewöhnlich detailliert und der krönende Multiplayermodus genau das, was in GTA: San Andreas noch gefehlt hatte.
MS Xbox World (Apr 28, 2008)
It's easy to get caught up in the hype for games, as rarely do massively hyped games live up to the high expectations gamers have. In the case of GTA 4, I think there's a little bit of over hype and expectations being overly high, but when the finished product is as good as what's on offer here, then it's satisfying that GTA 4 certainly delivers a full and rounded package that will please the vast majority. The game might be a little flawed in some aspects and devoid of some gameplay features from previous GTA games that could have been refined and included, but is still grand enough to warrant high accolades it so rightly deserves. If you were forced to play just one game over and over, then GTA 4 would make a great contender to have in that situation based on the current library of games on Xbox 360.
But coming back to our original conundrum, GTA IV has its flaws as a game, like the sometimes problematic auto-aim shooting or the massive difficulty jump when you get to the final ten missions. But as an all-round experience it's truly, hype aside, a standout experience of gaming in 2008.
94 (Apr 28, 2008)
Die Detailverliebtheit, die bizarren Figuren, die irrsinnigen Massen an Nebentätigkeiten, die brillanten Dialoge, die perfekt inszenierten Zwischensequenzen - es dürfte gegenwärtig und auch auf lange Zeit hinaus kein Spiel geben, das derart vor Genialität und Wahnsinn strotzt. Es hat seine Macken, genau genommen die gleichen Macken, die bislang noch jeden Teil plagten. Und man mag auch gerne negativ anmerken, dass sich die Reihe spielerisch seit dem dritten Teil eigentlich kaum weiterentwickelt hat. Stimmt. Aber das ist mir so egal wie nur selten zuvor - ich brauche ohnehin schon seit langem neue Knieschoner. GTA 4 bietet euch eine perfekt designte, durchgestylte, beeindruckende Welt; einen grimmigen und beispiellosen Atmosphäre-Overkill.
Lawrence (May 14, 2008)
Despite falling short of complete perfection, GTA IV is still an absolute must-have for anyone with a PS3 or Xbox 360, and is without a doubt the best game in the series.
Gamezoom (May 20, 2008)
Ein Fazit zu GTA IV zu schreiben ist fast unmöglich, da es sich sicher um eines der außergewöhnlichsten Spiele für die Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 handelt. Allein der Umfang, der dieses Spiel aufweist kann, ist referenzverdächtig. Abgesehen von der Story, bietet das Spiel wieder die gewohnte Grand Theft Auto-Atmosphäre, welche wir schon aus der Vergangenheit gewohnt waren. Die Atmosphäre zeichnet sich durch realistische Videoanimationen und einen gelungen Sound aus. Lobenswert ist auch die überarbeitete K.I. eurer Gegner und der Polizei, die nun aggressiver und nicht mehr so passiv agieren. Noch mehr Abwechslung bringt das Spiel dann noch durch die zig Minispiele mit sich. Gelungen ist auch das Leveldesign von Liberty City, welches optisch durch zig Details glänzt. Weniger begeistert war ich von der neuen Bedienung und den Grafikfehlern im Spiel. Auch Online kann GTA IV überzeugen, da der Mehrspielermodus mit zig unterschiedliche Modi glänzt.
There is little doubt that by now you have read a number of reviews of GTA4, and that you have encountered some ridiculous hyperbole about the game. Here at Xbox World Australia though, we tell it straight: the truth is, playing GTA4 is like a week-long threesome with Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson, culminating in you winning both Australian Idol and Survivor, then being elected president of the world. It is as if every great game you ever loved came together in a tantric orgy to birth the second coming of the Lord, it's just that good. Okay well maybe it's not that good, it does have a few problems, some minor, some pretty annoying, but none are game-breaking, and none should prevent you from picking up a copy of GTA4. But let's face it: you already have!
FiringSquad (May 07, 2008)
Overall, I'm still sort of on the fence over GTA IV, at least regarding where it stands with its immediate predecessors. Yes, this is undoubtedly a fantastic game, an absolute must-play…when considered on its own without any reference to the history of the series. There are aspects of the new design that just never really won me over. I found the mini-games and friendship features more window dressing than anything else, and many of the gameplay concepts and mission goals seemed recycled from previous games. It felt like I was playing a fairly standard sequel, if an amazingly ambitious one, not the evolutionary leap that everyone else seems to be talking about.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (May 02, 2008)
Grand theft Auto IV sorgt auch im Mehrspieler für unglaublichen Spielspaß über Wochen und Monate. Die extrem vielen Spielmodi, die allesamt sehr abwechslungsreich gestaltet wurden und der hohe Detailgrad hat uns wirklich fasziniert. Sicher kommt es öfter mal zu Frameeinbrüchen und manchmal zwingt das Spielgeschehen die Grafik ganz schön in die Knie, aber bei so einem Detailgrad uns so vielen fast unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten verzeihen wir dies dem Spiel locker und zum Glück kommt das alles auch nicht so häufig vor. Jeder Spielmodus hat seine ganz speziellen Reize und ist ebenfalls auf seine Art erst einmal etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig. Nach mehreren Online-Spielstunden wird euch das Prinzip immer klarer und ihr feiert eure ersten Erfolge!
XBox Front (Apr 30, 2008)
Ohne Frage ist Rockstar mit GTA 4 wieder ein Meisterwerk gelungen, das sich jeder Action-Fan sofort besorgen sollte. Die perfekte Mischung aus spielerischer Freiheit und spannenden Missionen ist wieder unschlagbar und man kann sich deshalb nur schwer von diesem Spiel losreißen. Der Star von GTA 4 ist dabei ohne Frage die lebendige Stadt Liberty City. Man kann Stunden in der riesigen Metropole verbringen und selbst entscheiden, ob man lieber für ein bisschen Chaos sorgt, einen Auftrag annimmt oder lieber eine Runde bowlen geht. Auch die Story rund um Nico und seinen abgedrehten Auftragsgebern ist erstklassig erzählt und motiviert über die gesamte Spielzeit.
AusGamers (May 07, 2008)
History will judge whether or not GTA IV is as groundbreaking as your Marios or Zeldas. Right now, I’m not so convinced. In the end though, it’s really very easy to get lost in this game. There is so much to love here, regardless of my views or the views of others; you could spend days or even years in Liberty City there’s just so much to do. It’s true we’re a ways off from having a definitively dynamic game-world; one where each and every action you make will affect, for good or bad, your overall experience (which is what I’m holding out for most), but for now, the term “sandbox” has found its benchmark in Grand Theft Auto IV.
GamesFire (May 09, 2008)
Passt nicht zu mir, aber okay ich spiele einen Verbrecher. Die wenigsten Autos die ich fahre haben ABS, aber das stört mich jetzt nicht mehr, denn die Vehikel - inklusive Helikopter - habe ich jetzt alle im Griff und wer sich dieses Spiel entgehen lässt ist entweder unter 18 Jahren oder selber schuld! Obwohl es ein paar Dinge zu bemängeln gibt hat Rockstar mit Grand Theft Auto 4 den besten Teil der Serie veröffentlicht.
93 (Apr 28, 2008)
Als GTA-Spieler der allerersten Stunde fiebere ich dem Launch des nunmehr achten Ablegers der Serie seit seiner Ankündigung entgegen und ging deswegen mit unglaublich hohen Erwartungen in unsere Testphase - und enttäuscht wurde ich dabei nicht! Sowohl der erneut wahnwitzige Umfang (der eher zu meiner Freude allerdings nicht mehr so überwältigend groß ist wie in San Andreas), als auch diese gewisse politische Inkorrektheit und der grandiose Humor, die ja immer schon Markenzeichen der Serie waren und Saint’s Row leider total gefehlt haben, sind ebenso erhalten geblieben, wie die atemberaubend atmosphärische Stadt, die einfach viel zu viele Möglichkeiten bietet, um sie in so "wenigen" Sätzen unterbringen zu können. Die gewohnten Stärken sind also wieder alle mit von der Partie, doch leider haben es auch einige alte Schwächen auf die "NextGen" geschafft.
Planet Xbox 360 (May 01, 2008)
As a single player experience it doesn’t get much better than this and now with a relatively strong multiplayer, GTA IV is sure to attract a vast amount of new fans to the genre. Despite a few graphical and control issues, it doesn’t take much away from the fantastic title that GTA IV is. Once you start getting into the game, it’s easy to forget these minor problems after experiencing the work of art that Rockstar has put together. The exciting and challenging missions along with the superb soundtrack, graphics and free roaming multiplayer prove that GTA IV is a heavyweight contender for game of the year, based on popularity alone.
92 (May 04, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV can be seen as a true upgrade for the series; more grown up so to speak. Although we see some specific elements of previous versions disappear, Rockstar managed to bring a strong storyline, filled with a ton of humour and caricatures and a handful of new and improved possibilities that makes us even forget what we're missing. Bravo!
Game Revolution (May 06, 2008)
Very few games can be considered “disappointments” for failing to innovate the medium, so that says something very positive about its credentials. GTA IV has more content for your buck than pretty much anything else out there, and it has more variety, more freedom, and more soul than any other game this generation. But that makes its missteps all the more heartbreaking. It takes a very powerful and imposing emperor to convince everyone that he’s wearing the most glorious clothes ever, even when his junk is dangling out for all the world to see.
Games TM (Jun 12, 2008)
[Online review] As is de rigeur in a post-Halo world, a team-matching system is in place. (...) We found this system to be excellent when it worked, but frustrating when it didn't. Our experience revealed a tendency to drop a player or players as they moved into the main lobby. Since this mode is for groups of friends - who will therefore be unlikely to leave their comrade behind - resets were frustratingly common. This was an irritation exacerbated by the game's insistence on sending players back to the single-player game before allowing them to join in again. To an extent, these are minor gripes when measured back-to-back with the simply colossal amount of entertainment in Grand Theft Auto IV's online arsenal. After all, it has been nearly 70 hours since we first took this game online, and it's fair to say that we are still not bored. A diamond in the rough... but a mildly flawed one, nonetheless.
Xbox Gazette (May 19, 2008)
On peut regretter la relativement faible personnalisation que l'on peut faire du héros, le système d'amitié qui apporte plusieurs avantages mais aussi un aspect contraignant et de la répétitivité si l'on désire conserver de bonnes relations avec ses contacts, quelques petits problèmes techniques dont une fluidité jamais vraiment au top et un système de visée automatique perfectible. En dehors de ça, le dernier-né de Rockstar Games s'avère vraiment excellent, grâce notamment à des missions intéressantes, un système de jeu fun et prenant, des personnages attachants et bien développés, un second degré qui manque à certains jeux du genre (Saints Row par exemple), une ville gigantesque et très bien conçue, des voix et des musiques très bonnes, une bonne durée de vie, et des modes multijoueurs qui font bien plus que de la simple figuration.
I’m so in awe of all the things GTA IV does to propel the series in a new direction that it makes it all the more frustrating that they still haven’t ironed out a lot of the little issues that have been evident since GTA III. In fact… Aha! I remember a mission I didn’t like! The street race. I always hated those marker-based street races in all of the other GTA games, and they snuck one in here, too! The truth is that this series has never been perfect, and – despite what some alarmingly high reviews from other sources might tell you – GTA IV ain’t perfect, either. But it’s a step in the right direction, and at this point, perfection isn’t too far away.
Daily Game (Jun 02, 2008)
Rockstar has outdone itself yet again, with the multiplayer portions lifting the overall game, but there's still room to improve the single-player elements, which feel recycled and drag on at times.
90 (GAF) (Nov 02, 2008)
There's no question about it: Grand Theft Auto IV is the best offering the series has. The complaints are few and far between, and the best parts of GTA IV far outweigh the cons. The game's protagonist is easily the series most likable, and the story is just begging to be made into an epic Hollywood blockbuster. Simply put, this is a game any current generation console owner should play.
USA Today (Apr 29, 2008)
Aside from a slightly choppy frame rate at times, when the action stutters a bit, and hard-to-read green GPS directions on your map, there is little to complain about with Grand Theft Auto IV. Adult gamers will find a single-player story that can easily last a month, not to mention the ability to hop online and play with friends anywhere, anytime. Expect a lot of bang for your buck in this highly polished sequel.
Boomtown (Apr 30, 2008)
GTA IV is the best game in the series. It's a triumph – especially in terms of design and character performance. A PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 owner's library is incomplete without it. But in four months time we'll remember it as a superb game, rather than a new epoch in videogaming.
Hooked Gamers (May 02, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV is by far one of the most impressive titles to have arrived since the first sandbox games appeared. While this iteration of the series may not exactly be a revolution as much as a refinement and a good sign of things to come, it is certainly worthy of the hype. I have only scratched the surface of what GTA IV can bring to the player and it would certainly take many more pages to even set foot beneath the surface of this very deep game. Perhaps not the Mecca of gaming, but certainly something very close.
Video Game Talk (May 10, 2008)
Final Thoughts: "Grand Theft Auto IV" is a remarkable title, boasting not only exceptional online play, but a terrific main story that contains much finer dialogue and character development than previous games in the series. The game also takes things to another level in terms of core gameplay and presentation.
Armchair Empire, The (Jun 11, 2008)
Liberty City is the perfect setting for GTA IV, because literally right around the corner from the lap of a luxurious landscape is the unsightly underbelly of every big city. Just like Liberty City , GTA IV hides its blemishes – by masking it underneath a wonderful but rare gaming experience that will run the gamer’s gamut of emotional attachment from anger and homicidal rage to the hurtful despair of love lost forever. GTA IV is a rollercoaster of emotional gaming hidden under the typical killing and murderous maiming so perfectly provided by the GTA franchise.
Gamigo (May 28, 2008)
Eigentlich war es von Anfang an klar: Grand Theft Auto IV ist einfach der Kracher für alle Freunde von Actionspielen. Die große und freie Spielwelt, die Vielfältigkeit sich zu beschäftigen und die gute Action inklusive der Charaktere machen einfach Spaß. Dazu noch der gut gelungene Multiplayer, und fertig ist ein Spiel bei dem jeder der Action mag ohne hinzuschauen zugreifen kann und sollte.
JustPressPlay (May 27, 2008)
GTA IV is a step in the right direction. I’m personally baffled by the perfect scores that the game has received, but I definitely enjoyed the game. The execution of the city and the excellently penned script and entertaining characters are high points. I miss the outlandish weapons like the samurai sword and chainsaw and dispensing random death isn’t as fun anymore, but I will admit sometimes a pedestrian just deserves it. They also took away the ability to own property so there’s almost nothing to really spend money on outside of weapons and dates and games of pool. The frustration that the driving causes is a detriment considering that it’s your primary use of transportation. I hope they do the next GTA in Vice City using this new engine.
PlayDevil (May 22, 2008)
For me, GTA IV is not the best game ever released (can anything ever beat my beloved Zelda: OOT?- I reckon I've put 300+ hours into various iterations of that game) but, it is both the definitive GTA experience so far, and my likely game of the year to boot. Perfection this is not, but gaming nirvana it remains anyway. Bravo, Rockstar!
90 (Apr 30, 2008)
Avec une réalisation somme toute impressionnante, GTA IV procure une expérience et un plaisir de jeu inégalés. L’aventure solo est passionnante avec ses phases de shoot instinctives et dynamiques et nul doute qu’avec l’apparition d’un mode multi, GTA IV tournera encore sur vos Xbox 360 dans les mois à venir. Avec sa charge politique sous-jacente, ses ambiguïtés constantes, le titre se pose sans problème comme un modèle de divertissement intelligent. Un grand jeu.
Gamekult (Apr 29, 2008)
Impossible de ne pas s'incliner devant GTA IV, un jeu tellement riche, fun et monumental qu'il en ferait presque oublier tous les blockbusters sortis récemment. Vertigineuse, Liberty City nous revient transfigurée, à l'image du gameplay, enfin digne de la série et de sa réputation. Que cela concerne les passages en véhicule et les phases à pied, le jeu a éliminé la plupart des bugs, pour offrir un moteur physique cohérent et une visée performante. Autant dire que les missions gagnent clairement en intensité, repoussant les limites de ce que la série nous a proposé jusqu'à présent. La case multijoueur bien cochée, la réalisation à peine ternie par quelques chutes de frame rate : à part quelques réflexions de fan sur le manque de variété, en référence à San Andreas, on voit mal ce qui peut gâcher pareille fête.
90 (Apr 27, 2008)
GTA traîne encore de vieux démons et des mécanismes de jeu poussiéreux. Ses nombreuses imperfections techniques auraient pu être fatales à un titre plus classique. Mais GTA IV n'a rien d'une production banale. L'univers de jeu ne tourne pas autour de Niko Bellic, c'est Niko Bellic qui se fond dans une masse d'une densité sans égale. La mégalomanie des développeurs de Rockstar permet au joueur de vivre une aventure en constant gain de rythme, inspirée de nombreuses références cinématographiques. Passées les déceptions de joueurs sans cesse insatisfaits, l'attente n'aura pas été vaine. Le doute n'est plus permis, GTA IV est bien le meilleur opus de la série.
Realm of Gaming (Jul 24, 2008)
Overall, I would give Grand Theft Auto IV an 8.8 out of 10. It is a lot of fun and the ability to play online makes it a must buy. Although there are more things taken out than added, the promise of downloadable content gives a little bit of hope that more things will be added later. If you have not already, run and buy this now; you will not regret it.
Gamernode (May 11, 2008)
The nature of the open-ended gameplay still makes for memorable random and not-so-random occurrences you'll repetitiously be reciting to friends, but for the most part it's nothing we haven't seen before.
GameLemon (Jun 29, 2008)
So go ahead and pick this game up, as you'll likely have a lot of fun. The improved story in the single-player, coupled with even more freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it(just don't get sucked into watching TV and surfing the Internet instead of going on missions, just like real life!), make this the ultimate experiment in do-it-yourself gaming. Furthermore, the inclusion of multiplayer lets you go online and wreak havoc with friends, which I think we could all use a little more of. Just remember this admonishment, GTA IV does nothing new, and it is not, I repeat, IS NOT, a great innovative leap forward in gaming. It's still a helluva lot of fun though...
Game Partisan (May 03, 2008)
I think as I continue to play through the single player I may very well find that I rank this as high or higher than my previous favorite in the series, Vice City. It has its shortcomings but it is a fresh new version of the series and it will draw in new converts (just don’t become a jaded fanboy like me). I am sure that diehard fans of the original 2D versions of the game complained about every change when GTA 3 came out, probably as vociferously as I have about the things that were changed in this new version. I didn’t listen to them and played GTA 3 and loved it, so you may want to look at my complaints about the game the same way. Give the game a chance, it has some flaws and glitches but it is a good game.
Game Critics (May 06, 2008)
GTA4 is certainly a step in the right direction, and I'm really looking forward to whatever the series has in store for us next. That being said, I hope that now they've produced a new engine that they can milk for the forseeable future the developers at Rockstar North take the time to iron out some of the larger problems next time around. Oh, and while I'm hoping for things, as a longtime fan of the series and knowing how much Rockstar North enjoys going back to the well, I'd like to formally request that the next game be set either in the near-future dystopian city of GTA2, or the 'swinging London' of GTA: London 1969.
Gaming since 198x (Jun 10, 2008)
Ok je me sens comme un journaliste de Gamekult, j'ai dit du mal tout le long de l'article mais au final je mets une des toutes meilleures notes, mais que voulez-vous, GTA IV est comme ça, il est moins détestable qu'Assassin's Creed même si il est en-dessous visuellement, on a moins l'impression qu'on se fout de notre gueule, et la pute-de-la-pub-qu'on-peut-pas-baiser est juste une image, pas une directrice de projet.
Immoral Gamers (Dec 08, 2008)
Few games have suffered more of a hindsight shit-kicking than Grand Theft Auto IV, a game universally adored by critics upon its release, now declaimed by anyone you stop on the street to canvass opinions from. Not just declaimed by bitter, reactionary geeks, either, but by normal people. GTA IV is not a bad game: it’s a very good game, with fun pouring from its pores and an impressive scope. Partly. It’s also a preachy, hand-holding, head-shaking, disapproving old bugger of a game.
Console Obsession (Apr, 2008)
Grand Theft Auto IV is the best game in the series yet and Rockstar have really put some effort into improving some of the poorer mechanics of past instalments in the criminal franchise. It's just a shame that they have taken a step backwards in another few areas. With that said, It may be pushing it to be giving it a perfect 10/10 or even a 9, but flaws aside, it’s one of the most engaging games of 2008. Perhaps some overly mature and wrinkly people would say that was a criminal statement, but the real criminal thing would be to listen to their attention seeking moaning. So don’t.
Netjak (Aug 26, 2008)
While Grand Theft Auto IV does a lot to push the series forward, it also takes a few steps back in doing so. Liberty City is unlike anything previously seen in a videogame, for better or worse, and makes enormous strides in immersing the player in a complete, well thought-out and consistent world. The on-foot controls are an improvement but still have a long way to go before I would consider them even remotely good, and I can’t help but miss the huge world of San Andreas. That all being said, GTA IV offers up probably the most cohesive and mature story in the series to date, and there is enough to see and do to easily take up 40+ hours of your time. When put into perspective, it’s ridiculous that some developers have the balls to charge you $60 for something that only offers a small fraction of what GTA IV has to offer at the same price.
80 (Jun 09, 2008)
GTA IV takes place in a grittier, more realistic Liberty City. Rampage tokens are gone. The flame thrower is missing in action. There's no katana in the shopping mall, and everything is just a little less fun because of it. GTA used to be cartoony and over-the-top. Now it feels just like all the other over-the-shoulder shooters out there. Where is my parachute? Where are the rampage tokens? And where is the National Guard waiting to give up their tanks? More realistic doesn't necessarily mean more fun. GTA IV lacks some of the whimsy of previous titles, and it feels a little hollow because of it.
Gamestyle (Jul 03, 2008)
So, some perspective then. Perhaps this review sounds overly negative. Liberty City is amazingly well designed. The game is stuffed to the gills with the series’ usual charm and irreverent sense of humour. The graphics, animation and sound are all first class. The voice-acting is great and despite its shortcomings, GTA IV is still a thoroughly enjoyable game. But when the flaws that have plagued the series since it made the move to three dimensions still have not been properly addressed and the core gameplay remains the same after seven years, it’s difficult to declare GTA IV as one of the greatest video games of all time.
The Next Level (USA) (Aug 06, 2008)
There are more changes made in the GTA formula that feel like enforced realism rather than good gameplay design, such as the way finding the hidden collectibles no longer opens up an arsenal at the safe house, but despite this GTAIV is still a lot of fun. Nico's life isn't a happy one, but it's certainly lively. Liberty City is a huge, diverse, and gorgeous playground to commit wanton mayhem in, filled with a rich cast of characters that keep the story from drowning in negativity. It's packed to the brim with more content than any three other games and there's always something new to do, whether pursuing the storyline, looking for side missions, screwing around for the hell of it, or hopping online for the multiplayer modes. Grand Theft Auto IV reaches for the stars but doesn't quite make it, and will have to settle for being excellent rather than flawless.
Destructoid (May 29, 2008)
As a game, it is flawed in many aspects, but as an immersing experience, GTA IV is simply unparalleled. Its problems cannot and should not be overlooked, but none of them break the game, and there is just so much charm packed into the thing that you can't stay mad for long. Sure, just clipping a police car and having it turn into a chase that takes you far away from your intended target is an abominable frustration, but soon, like a puppy that's just shit in your shoes, the game will do something completely adorable to make you put down your beating stick and take it out for a walk.

It's not a perfect game, but it's still one of the best damn rides you'll get from your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 this year.
78 (Jul, 2008)
All of this, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg, complaints included, but I think that the major points are conveyed and that GTA IV is a solid game that is a step forward in the series and should be played by anyone who considers themselves a gamer. I'm not saying that it's God's gift to man (Halo, duh) but I think that, if you let yourself, you'll enjoy.
Co-Optimus (May 26, 2008)
It's really a shame that Rockstar didn't include a proper co-op mode. While the three available options are nice, they offer limited re-playability. The free roam mode offers infinite re-playability - but there's a lack of any guidance. It would have been great to have a scenario editor available to create custom cooperative matches. Perhaps in the upcoming exclusive Xbox 360 downloadable content we'll see a co-op mission pack. We can only hope.
Blend Games (Jun 26, 2008)
At the end of the day Grand Theft Auto IV is a wonderfully produced and slickly presented video game. Unfortunately big budget effects can never mask the downfalls of any game. Interesting and involving cut scenes give way to frustrating gun fights. And as fun as this is for a few hours, by hour number 15 the game begins to grate on the nerves. GTA IV is worthy of a good bit of the praise bestowed upon it. If you’re new to the series you may find yourself upset and confused as to why Rockstar’s opus is so highly regarded, but for the old faithful GTA IV is the bar that other games are asked to measure up to.
For those wary of the series as a whole, remember to treat it, essentially, as an R-rated film, albeit one that lasts for tens of hours and has a high level of interactivity, because through its excess and debauchery, GTA4 is no worse than a film by Martin Scorcese or Quentin Tarantino. While it has not even begun to touch upon the level of artistry seen from its influences, the game wears them proudly on its sleeve nonetheless.
Sorry, GTA IV. I much prefer hanging out with my real friends (who never call up and insist that they’ll stop liking me if I don’t drop what I’m doing and go play darts with them) than with the strangers you offer. And doing chores is enough of a drag in real life; I don’t expect to have to pay for the privilege. Breaking the chores up with the odd bit of ineptly designed gunplay just isn’t enough to make this one a keeper.

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