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Game Chronicles (Dec 16, 2006)
For the curious out there, like I was, go rent it and give it a try for yourself, but save those dollars until the price tag drops and the bargain bins catch it. Civil War isn’t a bad game, but isn’t really worth more than about 6 Lincolns.
When I got The History Channel Civil War to play, I was happy to play something not set in World War II. While the game does have issues, it’s a lot more fun than I expected it to be. The game is also a little cheaper than most “new” games on the Xbox 360, but the short length and lack of options would have made this title great for a budget title. The History Channel Civil War is a nice alternative to other World War II shooters, but you might want to rent it on a rainy weekend. It's a shame because The History Channel footage is really well integrated into the game.
Just RPG (2006)
At the very least, The History Channel: Civil War offers a unique gaming experience. How many other Civil War-themed first-person shooters can you name? Probably none. It’s a must play for any Civil War-loving gamers out there, and a decent rental for anyone curious to experience a war game from a war other than World War II for a change.
While Civil War isn’t going to win over most FPS fans the game does show a huge amount of potential. Perhaps with a sequel they can iron out the small nuances that keep this game from being a classic. With a lack of any kind of multi-player mode the game simply delivers an average experience that most other shooters have already surpasses a million times before it. If you are a history buff though you will no doubt enjoy the authenticity of the game as well as being able to recreate some of the battles of this long forgotten war. This isn’t the best shooter you are going to play this year, but I guarantee it will be the most surprising for those that decide to give it a chance.
TeamXbox (Nov 21, 2006)
After playing through the game, we couldn't help but wonder why Civil War: A Nation Divided wasn't released at a lower price point. The game features subpar graphics, no multiplayer mode, poor AI, and a fairly short single-player campaign. Our guess is that since every single Xbox 360-owning Civil War buff in the world will purchase a copy, everyone involved figured that they would pay full price. Although it's a nice departure from the stale WWII shooter genre, Civil War just isn't enough to keep your attention for long. Now the only question is when we're going to see a Revolutionary War shooter. I say bring it on, redcoats!
GameZone (Dec 15, 2006)
It’s sad to see such great potential go to waste in an Xbox 360 game that could have been a unique shooter set during a war other than World War II. While the historical battles can feel appropriately fierce at times, A Nation Divided is too short and flawed and with no multiplayer mode there’s not much here shooter fans will enjoy.
GameSpot (Dec 11, 2006)
In the end, it's very difficult to recommend History Channel: Civil War to anyone. Civil War buffs would probably enjoy watching a show about the war more than they would spending time playing this game. The narration and cutscenes that take place before each level seem historically accurate, but anyone with any interest in the Civil War would scoff at the History Channel lending its name to a Civil War game that has you actually jump over explosive barrels that are being rolled down a ramp a la Donkey Kong. Anyone else simply looking for a solid-first person shooter will likely wind up disappointed by the derivative gameplay, lack of multiplayer options, and the numerous quirks and flaws found throughout the game.
War has rarely been this uninspiring and run-of-the-mill. The nice graphics are marred by cookie-cutter gameplay and an utter lack of story. Forget The History Channel: Civil War A Nation Divided, and either turn on the actual History Channel, or rent the Ken Burns miniseries… it’ll last longer and be more entertaining.
GamesRadar (Nov 27, 2006)
At best, Civil War is a weekend rental for shooter fans, history buffs, or Achievement miners who aren't knee deep in this fall's blockbuster military games. Be prepared to learn a little and reload a lot - while the buckshot flies all around you.
IGN (Nov 28, 2006)
The History Channel and Civil War brand and theme are wrapped around a bland game that misses the mark in gameplay. There is little here to make it stand apart from the myriad other first-person shooters aside from the time period and little was done to incorporate that uniqueness into the game. Sure, you've got some historic weapons and rally cries you won't likely hear in another game. Yet, the shooting isn't fun and the gameplay doesn't do anything to bring the feel of the Civil War to life.
Planet Xbox 360 (Dec 14, 2006)
So, with all of that being said, can I recommend this game to anyone? To fans of FPS’s in general? Die-hard Civil War buffs? Yes, I can recommend this game to one type of person. Neither of the two mentioned will enjoy this game, but will instead be offended. No, the only person I can recommend this to is a sado-masochist. They will enjoy the torture and unbearing pain that is this game. Please, avoid at all costs.
Video Game Talk (Dec 11, 2006)
Replay value is woefully absent within History Channel Civil War: A Nation Divided. Both North and South campaigns can be completed in a short, six hours on Normal and perhaps a couple more for the Hard difficulty. After locating the hidden item in each level for the achievement, there isn’t any reason to continue the game without a multiplayer mode to revisit from time to time. Out of the twelve shooters I’ve played on the Xbox 360, this easily ranks the worst. Leave this Civil War game to collect dust on the retail shelves this holiday season.
Game Shark (Jan 03, 2007)
With a lack of multiplayer and a very short game – it’s doubtful you’ll be playing this long. The only replay value is the attempt to try to beat your friends score online and that’s not much of an incentive. In the end, Civil War: A Nation Divided is a game with a great idea that really isn’t a whole lot of fun to play.