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Xboxdynasty (XD) (Jul 23, 2007)
"Hour of Victory" ist nach den eigentlich recht hohen Erwartungen leider nur ein weiterer WWII Ego-Shooter geworden. Technisch sowie inhaltlich kann der Titel einfach nicht vollends überzeugen und so wird man zwar für ein paar Stunden ganz nett unterhalten, wenn man sich ohne nachdenken zu müssen durch die gegnerischen Horden ballert, danach jedoch wird das Spiel wohl in eurem Regal verstauben.
XboxAchievements (Nov 17, 2007)
Hour of Victory provides little unique features to the first person shooter genre and presents these with poor graphics by today’s next generation standards. The three different characters and online play help to add playability to the game, but not for long enough. I would only recommend fans of the World War 2 genre to purchase this game; even the keen first person shooter fans may be put off due to the poor graphics and poor AI seen throughout the campaign levels.
IGN UK (Jun 29, 2007)
Hour of Victory would have been a great Xbox game if released a few years back. But we’re on the next generation of consoles now. That means we expect AI that is at least competent and textures that aren’t just brown smudges. Hour of Victory is nothing more than a poor knock-off of Call of Duty. It’s hardly worth your time. Though, if you don’t mind the weak AI and boring level design, you can probably get a few moments of joy from Hour of Victory. Like when you return it to EB for store credit. That sure put a smile on my face.
4Players.de (Jul 22, 2007)
Offenbar hat wieder einmal ein eingehaltener Veröffentlichungstermin die Qualitätskontrolle ersetzt. Hour of Victory wirkt wie eine noch nicht fertig gestellte Beta-Version. Panzer bleiben im Boden hängen, ganze Gegnergruppen laufen bereitwillig in euer Gewehrfeuer oder schweben in der Luft. Auch spielerisch bietet der Titel nur Magerkost. Für einen Moment ist es zwar recht unterhaltsam, sich durch hirnlose Horden von Gegnern zu ballern, aber nach ein paar Stunden hatte ich Probleme, die Augen offen zu halten. Auch der Online-Modus hat kaum etwas zu bieten: Lediglich ein Team-Deathmatch, ein Capture-the-Flag-Modus und eine Spielvariante für Bombenleger warten auf euch. Immerhin darf man sich an unfreiwillig komischen Sprüchen prominenter deutscher Sprecher wie Sascha Draeger (Tim von TKKG) erfreuen. Also: Trash-Fans warten, bis das Spiel auf den Grabbeltisch wandert. Alle anderen greifen zu einem der zahlreichen besseren Shooter auf der Xbox 360.
GamersHell.com (Sep 17, 2007)
After all is said and done, this game is a step in the wrong direction and is a disappointment. For the sixty dollar price tag most 360 games retail for, I think there are much better ways to spend your money. You could probably find a used Xbox and copy of Call of Duty and have a much more satisfying experience blowing up Nazis. What's more fun than that?
Games TM (Jul, 2007)
It's a solid FPS, but its failure to provide either a truly original take on an ever-tiring genre or something even vaguely resembling half-decent AI means that it could never be considered anything better than plain average. As a result, only diehard WWII shooter fans will want to conscribe.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jul 03, 2007)
Hour Of Victory cherchait à offrir quelques chose de nouveau, une nouvelle façon d'aborder les FPS basés sur la Seconde Guerre mondiale, mais il ne se contente finalement que de recycler des mécanismes de jeu anciens et depuis longtemps dépassés par une concurrence de plus en plus farouche. Le jeu est plombé par de trop nombreux défauts, autant en terme de structure et de jouabilité que de réalisation. Peut-être serait-il plus avisé de vous en tenir à votre exemplaire de Call Of Duty...
Hour of Victory follows in the mud-caked jump boots of its forerunners, taking cover in familiar areas and hoping the buyer hasn’t already noticed the plentitude of like-minded titles already on the market. You’ve seen this before, and you’ve certainly done this before — and no amount of convincing should urge you to enlist in this war.
FiringSquad (Jul 06, 2007)
Again, Midway has released far better games than Hour of Victory which makes the fact that this game was even allowed to be released far more puzzling. We know Midway has actually canceled games that didn't come up to their standards. This one should have qualified for such treatment. We hope that if they are faced with a similar situation in the future they will bite the bullet and just keep games as poorly created as this one off store shelves.
Fragland.net (Sep 17, 2007)
Now what can we conclude after this? Avoid this game at all cost or buy it and give it to people you hate or just want to have some free gamerpoints. All other gamers should wait for another World War 2 shooter.
Gamestyle (Jul 31, 2007)
Overall, this is a hugely disappointing release from Midway who had seemed to be on an upward trend over the past few years. Hopefully Hour of Victory is the exception, as this should have been binned long before arriving exclusively on the Xbox 360. Can we suggest if you are in need of a new 360 game, then you consider Overlord instead?
If the single player campaign isn't painful enough, Hour of Victory offers a multiplayer component so poorly constructed that just trying to shoot another person makes you feel as stupid and incompetent as the game's AI. At the very most, Hour of Victory is deserving of Worst Game of the Year honors.
Game Revolution (Sep 14, 2007)
Hour of Victory is seven hours of virtual failure. The end result is empty, hollow, and more like a free demo download than a solid retail seller. Appearing as a no-cost or even a five-dollar download would’ve saved Midway much money and much scathing from game editors. Dismissed!
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Jul 03, 2007)
Every aspect - from concept to execution - is so sorely flawed as to make even GoldenEye: Rogue Agent blush and to find a game so virtually meritless in this day and age is a rare thing indeed. Had this been a budget title designed to beat Call Of Duty 2 onto the shelves, Hour Of Victory could possibly have scraped some semblance of purpose. But surrounded by stronger, more recognisable and most importantly finished rivals as it is, there's just no logical explanation for the existence of this upsetting mess. 'Several Hours Of Abject Misery' would have been a far more fitting title.
GameSpy (Jul 30, 2007)
This game is the perfect example of a proven licensed engine (Unreal) in the hands of an unproven console developer nFusion. Hour of Victory does stage a mini-assualt on the typical genre formula by offering three different characters. That coup, unfortunately, is put down by the sheer force of mistakes found in every other aspect of the game. Dulled-down graphics, poor framerate issues, and undesirable online play nuke this one.
Thunderbolt Games (Jan 12, 2008)
There’s really no reason why you would ever want to play Hour of Victory. The gameplay is broken in countless ways and the A.I. is comical at best. It’s an ugly, unoriginal, inadequately tested and terribly implemented mess that has no place in anyone’s game collection.
GameSpot (Jun 29, 2007)
If you toss in an array of sound bugs and extremely ugly graphics, you've got an absolutely terrible game on your hands. It's sort of disgusting that Hour of Victory managed to make it through both Midway's QA department and Microsoft's approval process because garbage like this belongs in the gutter--not on shelves.
Het grappige is dat tijdens de Hour of Victory-perstrip in Oostenrijk een maand of twee geleden de makers ook al volkomen uitgeblust en ongeïnspireerd overkwamen. Het was duidelijk dat de game hun geen reet meer kon schelen en er werden niet eens excuses verzonnen om de vele bugs tijdens de presentatie goed te praten. En ja, wat moet je er dan als gamejournalist nog mee? Gewoon het raam open, kijken of de buurvrouw niet in de tuin beneden zit en hoppa…weg met die rotzooi. Hier wens ik geen woorden meer aan vuil te maken.
Don’t rent or buy this game. You may get some easy achievement points but going through the so called story mode doesn’t make it worth while. This game has so many problems, did they even test it? The only way to die is if you run out in the middle of ten enemies and then you may be lucky enough to live. Oh wait I forgot you do die in this game, out of no where you will fail your mission. There is nothing good with this game, I hate it, don’t buy it and I pray to God the next Xbox 360 game I play is better. Fuck, I wish I had the Orange Box right about now, that is the only way I’ll forget about this piece of shit. The only reason I am not giving this a fucking zero is I know there is a game worse than this. You're lucky nFusion but next time you release a game like this I WILL GIVE IT A ZERO!!!