Hunted: The Demon's Forge Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title Screen
Selection Screen
Crucible (Editor) Screen
Crucible Elements
It's raining
Ingame Menu
Current Objectives
Character Abilities
Character Talents
Caddoc information
E'lara information
Sometimes, you have to progress together
This altar is used to switch characters ingame
Surprising two enemies
One type of collectibles: Dead bodies
Talking to the Dead
Sniping again
Let's push it!
Together opening a door
I am no cylone!
My axe is way bigger
This blue light shows the way
Epic loot inside
Second type of collectibles: crystals
Riddle me this
Magic screen
Come to daddy!
Third type of collectibles: prisoners!
Resurrection vial
Final (!) collectible type: dragon tears
Finally some fresh air
And blood red flowers
Temple in the distance ... we will get there
If you see this ...
... you usually get lots of this
Another outdoor area
with cows .... I mean minotaurs
Game supports local split-screen