Hydro Thunder: Hurricane Credits

Development Team: Vector Unit Inc

Technical DirectorRalf Knoesel
Lead ProgrammerRalf Knoesel
Creative DirectorMatt Small
Lead ArtistMatt Small
Senior ProgrammerLee Adams
Environment ArtistsBill Boyer, Brian Vanderhulst, Fred Aquino, Joe Wehland
Additional ArtistsJames Larsen, John Moore, Matt Hunter, Rie Mukai
SoundRobb Mills
MusicRobb Mills
VoicesRobb Mills, Herve Gomez, Jeppe Øland, Matt Small, Prima Bohall, Ralf Knoesel, Rana Cho, Rie Mukai
UI DesignJean-François Hains

Art Outsourcing: Concept Art House LLC

Concept Art House LLCJames Zhang, Cheryl Johnson, Team

Special Thanks

Special ThanksRana Cho (for infinite patience and support), Rie Mukai (for infinite patience and support), Alan Haus (for expert legal council), Ben Wanat (for PFX pro tips), HK and the Flying Wisdom team for sage advice, Jed Melnik (for ''The Jed Effect''), Empty Clip Studios for more sage advice, Sarah W. Stocker (for even more advice - yes - the sage kind), Carolyn Carnes (for PR wisdom), Ryan Clark (for crazy deals on Crazy Bump), The crew at Blue Skies Cafe for sweet cups o' Joe, Vikings Subs for making us ponder how anyone can be that happy all the time

Third Party Software

Third Party SoftwareFMOD Sound System, Bullet Physics Library

Production Team: Xbox LIVE Arcade Team

Lead ProducerPeter Choi
Test LeadChad Dylan Long
Release ManagerJosh Mulanax
Software Test ManagerMatt Golz
Product Planning and Business TeamCherie Lutz
MarketingJennifer Yi, Daniel McConnell
VMC MAT Test LeadJustin Davis
VMC Test ManagerScott R. Griffiths
VMC Senior Test LeadCala E. Posey
VMC Test LeadKelly Shipman
VMC TestersRobert C. Minnick, Tyler Bearce, Jason Yeager, Anna Dahm, David Jones, Bradley Shockey
LocalizationPadraig Keaney, Julien Chergui, Conor O'Neill, Lizzy Untermann, Magali Lucchini, Shinya Muto, Tomoko Yamada, Go Komatsu, Fujiko Kawamura, Takashi Sasaki, Young Hoon Shim, Hiroshi Hosoda, Ryosuke Kimura
Consumer ResearchMarc Todd (User Research International)
Special ThanksTed Woolsey, Timothy Dean, Oliver Miyashita, Scott Fintel, Kevin Salcedo, Andrew Williams

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (511095)