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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 2.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 2.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 2.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 2.4
Overall User Score (5 votes) 2.5

Critic Reviews

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The Guardian (Mar 06, 2012)
It takes a hard, unblinking look at how humans behave when social order is destroyed and then builds horror upon horror, allowing only the briefest glimpses of human decency to shine through. It's a work of art that speaks to the human condition. It shows us what we could become if we allowed our basest impulses to take over and what we could be if we cling to our humanity at all costs. It reminds us that there's more to being alive than simply surviving.
Computer Bild Spiele (Mar 06, 2012)
Ein neuer Kandidat für die höchste Liga der Download-Spiele. Diese Atmosphäre-Bombe sollte kein Spieler verpassen. Zerstörte Umgebung, gefährliche Gangster, Hilferufe aus dem Nebel – all das schafft sieben Stunden lang eine äußerst bedrohliche und deprimierende Stimmung; toller Look und eine sehr gute Steuerung inklusive. Das müssen erwachsene Spieler haben.
Game Watcher (Mar 06, 2012)
To put it simply, I Am Alive is one of the most important releases this generation. Ubisoft should be commended for producing a title that challenges many adult themes. The effort is an amazingly brave and thought-provoking one, resulting in a product that is memorable and undeniably unique. People will be talking about this for years to come, and with good reason. This title was a huge risk for the mega-publisher, but results in substantial reward for those willing to give it a chance. Adam's quest is tense and persistently nerve-racking, but when the dust settles, the result is one of gaming's richest examples of contemplative storytelling.
XGN (Mar 06, 2012)
Bij het doorlezen van bovenstaande tekst valt ons op dat er eigenlijk nauwelijks een minpunt instaat. Het cliché verhaal, maar we moeten toch bekennen dat dit helemaal niet stoort. Je wilt namelijk vanaf minuut één al weten waar je geliefde en je kleine zijn en daarom doet het o zo cliché verhaal van een apocalyps en uit elkaar getrokken gezinnen het toch heel erg goed. Misschien had I Am Alive wat meer zijverhalen moeten kennen, om zo meer te weten te komen over de wereld, over jezelf, over de apocalyps. Nu gebeurt het slechts bij vlagen dat je eens iets te horen krijgt. Iemand die je uit de brand hebt geholpen met een pak medicijnen, of iets dergelijks. Voor de rest, tsja... goede sfeer, check, de gameplay lijkt veel op die van Assassin's Creed en het is jammer dat deze dus soms een irritatiefactor is. Een kleine smet op een prachtige game.
Game Over Online (Mar 06, 2012)
This is a surprisingly risky game, which deals with a lot of uncomfortable subject matter. It reminds me of a lot of the games that came out in the middle of the Dreamcast's lifespan, where you could go ahead and release whatever you liked and Sega would probably approve it, because why the hell not. It's exactly the kind of thing I like to see in the online marketplace, and I'm glad I finally got the chance to play it. It's dark, frightening, intense, and often very satisfying.
Console Monster (Mar 07, 2012)
One of the finest details in the game is its graphics and the use of sound in the game. The graphics are very hazy and you can hardly see anything in front of you, which can really put you on the edge and stop you from just dashing from point to point. Not only this but you will find yourself getting lost often and having to use your map to try to find your bearings. When night time appears the city gets even harder to navigate, but this sense of fear only intensifies the gameplay. The use of sound has been used very well in I Am Alive, as you will hear rustling coming from all over the desolate streets, which will have you jumping all the time. The most terrifying part is the build up of creepy music as your stamina bar depletes. When you are climbing a tall building and the music starts getting louder as your stamina bar depletes and you know at any minute you could fall if you don’t react fast enough, you will know just what it means to say, ‘I Am Alive’.
Game Critics (Apr 01, 2012)
Although I would never call I Am Alive a perfect game, very often the most memorable and exciting experiences are the furthest from what a polished, attractive title might look like. That proves to be exactly the case here, and I would strongly urge anyone interested in broadening their video game horizons to see what Ubisoft Shanghai has created. With its darkly mature subject material and radical re-interpretations of standard play formulas, I Am Alive is both emotionally difficult and conceptually challenging—and those are wonderful things in my book.
MondoXbox (Mar 06, 2012)
I Am Alive ha il pregio di introdurre meccanismi innovativi e capaci di evolvere in nuove direzioni il genere survival, e lo fa offrendoci una storia interessante e calata in ambientazioni estremamente convincenti. Un titolo quindi consigliatissimo soprattutto a chi ama vivere nuove esperienze videoludiche: personalmente spero che abbia il successo che Ubisoft si aspetta, così da creare le condizioni per la produzione di un seguito dal budget ben più ampio.
XboxAddict (Mar 16, 2012)
Originally conceived in 2008, I AM ALIVE has undergone major redevelopments over the years and a lot of gamers were wondering if this game would ever see the light of day. Well as the saying goes: "Good things come to those who wait" and I AM LIVE is a shining example of this. If you like a challenging post-apocalyptic platforming adventure game, then line up your 1200 MS points because this game is worth every penny. Will you overcome the trials and obstacles in your path or will you succumb to the death and despair of the aftermath of "The Event", the choice is yours, but remember that amidst the ashes and rubble that I AM ALIVE.
games xtreme (Apr 16, 2012)
I Am Alive has a few issues, the combat system could have been tweaked a little better and response time often feels somewhat sluggish in the bigger encounters. There are no noticeable frame-rate issues or screen-tearing though, so it's a pretty good. The game has 21 Chapters with around 7-10 hours of play depending on your chosen skill level (Survivor or Normal) and how much you explore the world around you. All in all, it is worth the money and definitely needs to be experienced at least once. Try the demo, if you like it, grab the game and experience the desolate struggle for survival.
Destructoid (Mar 06, 2012)
As a downloadable title, I Am Alive is a remarkable accomplishment. Not only does it create an atmospheric world that feels real enough to identify with, but it succeeds at delivering a unique experience geared towards an adult audience while simultaneously being a fun game to play. It's a roller coaster of emotions, sometimes not exactly the ones the game intended you to feel, but a hell of a ride nonetheless.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 06, 2012)
Good survival games have been hard to come by this console generation, but I Am Alive proves there is still new ground to break. The gray, oppressive atmosphere, constant struggle to find supplies, and combating wanton scavengers transports players to a world only experienced in harrowing novels like Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. I Am Alive’s desperate scenarios and inventive gameplay should not be missed by masochistic gamers interested in entering a world of unrelenting dread.
3D Juegos (Mar 07, 2012)
Ubisoft nos ha sorprendido muy gratamente con esta notable aventura de supervivencia extrema que brilla con luz propia tanto en su faceta plataformer como en sus originales y tensos combates, a los que le ha faltado algo más de variedad y libertad para ser perfectos. Está claro que el juego tiene sus fallos y algunas de sus ideas no se han aprovechado del todo, pero aun así es una experiencia de juego de supervivencia única que os recomendamos encarecidamente.
Videogameszone (Mar 08, 2012)
Allerdings greift auch hier das packende Überlebenskampf-Prinzip: Sobald ihr in die Vertikale geht, beginnt eure Konditionsanzeige zu sinken. Anstrengende Aktionen wie etwa Sprünge leeren jeweils gleich ein knappes Fünftel der Leiste. Ist der Protagonist schließlich mit seinen Kräften am Ende, droht der Absturz in die Tiefe - wenn ihr dann nicht sofort wie wild auf die Schultertaste des Gamepads hämmern. Der Nachteil dieser Rettungsaktion: Sie senkt sukzessive den Maximallevel eurer Konditionsanzeige! Es ist wirklich erstaunlich, wie gut Ubisoft Shanghai durch diese simple Mechanik das Gefühl der Verzweiflung in den Kopf des Spielers transportiert. Man ertappt sich schon bald dabei, wie man jede Häuserwand nach einer möglichst schonenden Kletterroute absucht und dann beim Aufstieg in Panik verfällt, wenn irgendwas schief geht. Dass I am Alive dennoch hinter seinen Möglichkeiten zurück bleibt, liegt an der enttäuschenden Story:
My friends have been asking me how this game is, and I tell them all the same thing: “It’s not fantastic, but you’ve got to experience it.” Not fantastic because, technically speaking, I Am Alive has some clumsy controls (where you can’t always get your character to do exactly what you want him to do), with some long, repetitive bits. But in a time when most games want to baby us with giant “go here!” waypoints, regenerating health, and an overabundance of save and checkpoints, I Am Alive kicks us in the ass with heart-pounding, intense, and unforgiving gameplay. It takes a lot of chances, and as a result, it’s one that will stick in my memory for a long time to come.
GameFocus (2012)
I was a little surprised with how much I enjoyed I Am Alive. Given its turbulent development, I expected it to come in dead on arrival. Instead, I found it to be a solid survival game that, above anything else, kept my palms sweaty and my muscles tense. It won’t bring the “scares”, at least not in the typical sense (like Dead Space, Silent Hill, et all). The mechanics aren’t incredibly robust, but tweaked enough to give the game an interesting spin. Leaning on stamina instead of health provided a foundation that kept me on pins and needles. And while it isn’t lacking in frustrating design choices, the tactical combat and general tension overshadowed it. I Am Alive is worth the cost of admission, and stands as an example that even with a troubled development, a good game can come from the ashes with the proper support behind it.
81 (Mar 06, 2012)
Seppure ridimensionato nelle ambizioni e nella produzione, I Am Alive è una stimolante amalgama di idee vecchie e nuove, che farà la felicità degli amanti delle avventure adulte. Tutto è abilmente orchestrato per suscitare una tensione continua nel giocatore, con pochissime occasioni per tirare il fiato, esattamente come capita allo sventurato protagonista del gioco. Il level design mischia dinamiche platform con quelle del survival horror, aggiungendo sezioni di combattimento essenziali ma ricche di fascino e un'atmosfera eccellente. Non tutto funziona come dovrebbe, la seconda parte è meno ispirata, si avverte una certa mancanza di dinamismo e la realizzazione tecnica non è proprio rimarchevole, ma le 8 ore passate nelle polverose strade di Haventon giustificano ampiamente i 15 Euro necessari all'acquisto. A patto di avere i nervi ben saldi.
TrueAchievements (Mar 07, 2012)
Here's what it all boils down to: Is I AM Alive worth your $15? Absolutely. The game takes about 5-7 hours to complete and is, at turns a somber, frightning, and uplifting experience all while remaining engaging. The difficulty inherent in a game that doesn't spoonfeed you hundreds of bullets and other resources may cause you to put the controller down for a moment, but you will want to return to it to see if the main character finds his missing family.
Hasta los Juegos (Mar 13, 2012)
En todo caso, 'I Am Alive' es un juego que vale la pena probar para tener una experiencia totalmente nueva. Difícil, frustrante, a veces aburrida, pero sin lugar a dudas única.
80 (UK) (Mar 06, 2012)
Perhaps I sound a bit detached about I Am Alive. I think that's probably because it can be very bleak, and like the best survival fiction, that's also why you really should experience it. Everything isn't going to be OK. The last bits of humanity are pretty much going to hell all around you and you're just a guy with a couple of bottles of water and an empty gun. Maybe you will escape with your dignity and integrity, but you probably won't. You and the game know it.
80 (Mar 06, 2012)
Viktigare än berättelser eller strider är ändå upptäcktsfärden. Tack vare det välgjorda klättersystemet blir det ett nöje och en utmaning att nå nya platser, även om belöningen bara är en flaska läsk eller inlagd frukt. När jag spelat igenom I Am Alive klockar jag in på ganska precis fem timmar, men då har jag åtskilliga hustak att klättra upp på och människor att hjälpa så det kommer definitivt att bli ett besök till i Haventon för min del. Jag är glad att Ubisoft lät det här äventyret överleva men blir samtidigt lite sur över att de inte gav berättelsen ett fullängdsspel. Det jag har framför mig känns mer som ett första kapitel än en hel bok.
80 (Mar 06, 2012)
Per portare a termine l'avventura, infatti, è necessario sopravvivere ai pericoli di Haventon per circa 8/10 ore, durata che cresce nel momento in cui si decide di aiutare tutti i superstiti e di trovare ogni singolo oggetto presente nel gioco. Peccato appunto per il comparto tecnico non all'altezza, che ci ha costretti a ridimensionare il voto finale.
GameSpot (Mar 06, 2012)
I Am Alive effectively draws you into a city gone to ruin by relying on instinctual human reactions to establish a strong emotional connection. From a technical standpoint, there's nothing special here. The controls are stiff, the graphics are murky, and the voice acting hits odd notes. But I Am Alive rises above these basic concerns to offer an engrossing experience that's difficult to forget. If you let this deliberately paced adventure get under your skin, it draws you into a world that shows how humans react when the rules are stripped away. Some just want to survive while others want to impose their will, and you're left to decide your own path. I Am Alive is a smart and well-crafted adventure that keeps you tense throughout, and it makes you desperate to know the fate of the family you so anxiously want to find.
Digital Spy (Mar 06, 2012)
If I Am Alive were to be described in a single word, that word would be bleak. It is unapologetic in its presentation and unafraid to cross lines that most games never dare to approach. Those crossed lines are certainly through its subject matter, but also in its gameplay through the possibility of causing permanent damage to your stamina bar. It all comes together to make I Am Alive an uncompromising game of survival, quite unlike anything else on the Xbox 360.
Spazio Games (Apr 04, 2012)
Il verdetto è sostanzialmente positivo: nonostante un comparto grafico sottotono e una trama fin troppo lineare, I Am Alive riesce a sorprendere grazie alla profondità del suo gameplay e a un'essenza prettamente survival, di quelle che non si vedono spesso in giro. Il giocatore si ritroverà immerso in un polveroso scenario apocalittico, costretto a sopravvivere utilizzando solo la sua attrezzatura da rampicata, una pistola quasi sempre priva di munizioni e, ultimo ma non ultimo, un fedele machete. Ad un prezzo abbastanza contenuto, il gioco riesce ad offrire circa sette ore di puro intrattenimento e, a meno che non siate detrattori del genere, vi consigliamo di dare una chance a quest'ennesima piccola perla del digital delivery.
80 (Mar 08, 2012)
Ein Mann sucht seine Familie. Um ihn herum Trümmer, Tod und eine Trostlosigkeit, die an „Die Straße“ von Cormac McCarthy erinnert. Das kann man von der schwachen Story zwar nicht sagen, aber dieses kleine Survival-Abenteuer entfaltet ebenfalls eine trostlose Endzeitstimmung. Und es fasziniert spielerisch, weil es Begegnungen mit Fremden und potenziellen Feinden erfrischend offen gestaltet: Wo gewöhnliche 08/15-Action nur den Angriff kennt, gibt es hier mehrere Stufen der Interaktion. Diese Psychoduelle sorgen für situative Spannung und kreative Impulse, weil sie Angst, Aggression und Gruppendynamik vor dem Konflikt berücksichtigen. Irgendwann erkennt man zwar die Muster und es ist unheimlich ärgerlich, dass Ubisoft nicht mehr Mut hatte, dieses ehemals groß angekündigte Abenteuer auch wirklich groß zu machen, indem man die Frage der Moral und des Gewissens konsequenter integriert, indem man auf interessante Dialoge statt auf faule Arcade-Kompromisse setzt.
ZTGameDomain (Mar 08, 2012)
I Am Alive is still a great game despite these inadequacies. The sheer sense of survival and dread at the world are unparalleled. It is definitely an emotional game, dragging out the depressing reality of a destroyed world. The actual mechanics are well done, and the encounters with survivors are intense and rewarding. If you enjoy games that force you to rely on your wits to survive, I recommend giving this game a shot. The 6-8 hour adventure is more than worth the price tag if you enjoy a solid adventure/survival game.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Mar 08, 2012)
Hela staden är täckt med ett tjockt lager damm som virvlar upp och påverkar spelets färgskala. Våldet är inte lika distanserat som i andra spel i genren. Huvudpersonens tröstlösa sökande efter sin fru och deras barn både engagerar och frustrerar. Spelets höga svårighetsgrad får mig att hålla hårt i handkontrollen. Såhär sparsam med förnödenheterna har jag inte varit sedan det var nittiotal och "survival horror" var grejen.
80 (Mar 09, 2012)
Ubisoft Shangai est parvenu a réussir son pari, proposer un vrai jeu de survie en téléchargement à petit prix. S'il n'est pas parfait, il remplit parfaitement son office en vous plongeant dans ses situations difficiles dans lesquels les choix (en jeu, ou moraux) vous obligent à réfléchir, souvent vite, car il s'agit toujours d'une prise de risque. Une véritable réussite donc, surtout dans un secteur où les titres du genre sont plutôt rares.
80 (Mar 06, 2012)
Nelle otto ore necessarie al completamento dell’avventura I Am Alive si dimostra molto più valido di tanti Survival Game molto più blasonati. Il costante mantenimento della tensione e le situazioni estremamente realistiche da affrontare continuamente rendono la produzione Ubisoft Shangai estremamente coinvolgente. Per 1200 MS Points questo sarebbe veramente potuto essere il Live Arcade del 2012, un capolavoro assoluto, non fosse che il comparto narrativo -già scontato in partenza- si piega in maniera esagerata alle esigenze ludiche, svilendo e dimenticando il charachter design del protagonista. Peccato anche per la leggera ripetitività di qualche soluzione, che non ci impedisce comunque di consigliare a tutti, indiscriminatamente, l’acquisto di I Am Alive. Se non siete troppo legati alle magnficenze grafiche di tanti titoli tripla A e volete sperimentare un vero Survival, questo è senza dubbio il gioco da avere!
80 (Mar 14, 2012)
I Am Live é uma experiência concebida para ser superada individualmente, sem mais. Há um sistema de pontuação que visa promover uma segunda passagem, embora não leve muito tempo até à conclusão. Não é revolucionário no género, muito menos nos revela novidade no ambiente e até nos elementos da jogabiliadde. O que o torna especial e único, no meio de tanta oferta onde os seus heróis são mais do que tudo super heróis, é a fragilidade do protagonista e da sua luta constante pela sobrevivência num espaço onde os recursos são escassos, anotados e os perigos emanam de qualquer esquina e de qualquer forma. Esta é uma luta muito séria pela sobrevivência e mais uma vez será posta à prova a capacidade do ser humano
80 (Mar 20, 2012)

המגרעות הטכניות הן אלו שהביאו ככל הנראה את יוביסופט להתפשר על הפצה דיגיטלית עבור איי אם אלייב, אך אם תצליחו להתעלם ולהתגבר על המנוע הלא מרשים ממתינה לכם הרפתקה מיוחדת מאוד, מלאת אווירה ואתגרים יוצאי דופן. אתם תרצו לחזור עליה לפחות עוד פעם אחת, להגיב באופן שונה להתרחשויות ולראות כיצד זה משפיע על סיכויי הישרדותכם. אקשן חסר מעצורים לא תמצאו כאן, אך במקומו מגיע מתח אמיתי ומשכר שכמותו נדיר במקומותינו. כשמחשיבים גם את המחיר המוזל, מתגלה אחת הקניות המוצדקות של החודשים האחרונים.

Splitkick (Apr 24, 2012)
Had I Am Alive allowed itself to skew closer to the side of realism, even to the detriment of gameplay and “fun”, it could have been something truly magical. If it pressed on in the entirely different direction, toward tight combat and ever-increasing abilities, it could have been a thrilling if ultimately forgettable ride. Instead of either extreme, we’re left with something somewhere in the middle; a game that impresses both with tone and detail, but ultimately plays it too safe to be outstanding.
80 (Mar 07, 2012)
Si I Am Alive était sorti, en l'état, en boîte, on l'aurait sans doute accueilli avec moins de bienveillance, mais en téléchargement pour une quinzaine d'euros, il remplit très bien son office et se fait pardonner ses quelques lacunes. Avec une chouette ambiance et un gameplay bien ficelé, il devrait séduire les amateurs de survival tout autant que les curieux.
ActionTrip (Apr 06, 2012)
It's a shame 'I Am Alive' didn't end up being a triple-A game, because there are some pretty cool and unique concepts here that actually work and are quite entertaining. Granted, the controls may need some tweaking and the AI isn't as smart as it could've been. These are clearly symptoms of a halted game project that was suddenly revived and fast forwarded at some point to make the new deadline. Nonetheless, I cannot deny that I've enjoyed this game. The story and characters are solid and you might just relate to this one guy doing his best to find his family in a grim and cruel environment. Considering what this game offers for such a low price tag ($15), we recommend you spend some time exploring its traits. It can be rewarding if you give it half a chance.
Official XBox Magazine (Mar 06, 2012)
Our other big gripe is the ending, which leaves much of the story unresolved — a huge bummer in such a plot-focused game. For apocalypse buffs, much of I Am Alive is riveting stuff; we’d love to see a follow-up that improves on its framework.
AusGamers (Mar 09, 2012)
It’s these types of decisions that made I Am Alive a compelling experience from start to finish, despite control fails, some shoddy platforming sections and occasional pathfinding woes. When I Am Alive broke immersion with any number of the aforementioned flaws, which it did far too regularly, it was easy to chastise it. But when it was taking risks and throwing me into tense situations or decision moments, I couldn’t drag myself away. The somewhat ambiguous ending leaves it open for a sequel, and I hope Ubisoft Shanghai is given the opportunity to push their formula further, albeit with a whole lot more spit and polish.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 31, 2012)
I Am Alive weet te overtuigen dankzij zijn sfeer, realistische missies en zenuwslopende gameplay, maar het gebrek aan variatie en de frustrerende combat moet je er wel bijnemen.
It's a harrowing tale, but a frustrating one too. Odd arcade touches and cost-cutting measures poke through the skin like broken bones. Bluffing your way out of a fight sounds promising, but it's a clunky, repetitive business and bodycounts are high. The stamina mechanic is irritating thanks to a melodramatic audio loop, and despite some great set pieces, the game's chewed-up world feels artificial: at times, you're actually told you're going the wrong way. There are moments, particularly during a skyscraper ascent, when I Am Alive is remarkable. But too often, the game slips back under its own blanket of fog.
70 (Mar 06, 2012)
It's not hard to knock I Am Alive, but despite the flaws it's also an easy game to like. But while we should be glad this project wasn't killed off in development hell, the sad truth is that I Am Alive never gets a chance to live.
Edge (Mar 06, 2012)
The game occasionally drags, arguably due to representing the bleakness of its environment and the challenges of existing within it a little too keenly. Autosave points are few and far between, which means that on anything above normal difficulty your frequent restarts will result in much repetition. Likewise, I Am Alive’s platforming is occasionally cumbersome and inexact. But nevertheless this game offers a journey worth charting, one of physics, social decline and welcome terror in a market overrun by zombies.
D+PAD Magazine (Mar 06, 2012)
It’s hard to gauge how well I Am Alive would have turned out had it been pushed into the blockbuster mainstream that Ubisoft presumably anticipated all those years ago, given that many of its notable successes have been dictated by the creative freedom afforded to smaller downloadable titles (Naughty Dog’s forthcoming The Last Of Us may well be the answer to this hypothetical issue of what could have been, but that’s another story). It’s distinctly lo-fi in terms of visuals and environmental detail, and far from being either groundbreaking or epic, but the bold manner with which the aesthetic and set of mechanics support an overall theme of survival and hopelessness ensures I Am Alive is an experience worth undertaking. Though there isn’t enough distance from our time with the game to say for sure, I suspect that its atmosphere will linger long after many other, more instantly gratifying games, have faded from memory.
70 (Mar 07, 2012)
One of the most successfully depressing survival games ever made, and a fascinating portrayal of an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances.
Vandal Online (Mar 07, 2012)
Con I Am Alive nos encontramos ante un caso extremo de juego que no se corresponde con lo que se puede esperar de él, en este caso por los cambios de rumbo experimentados con el proyecto. En relación a esas primeras ideas, el juego no da la talla; si eso lo dejamos de lado, nos encontramos ante un buen juego con acción y plataformeo en un contexto posapocalíptico con una historia un tanto genérica pero bien hilada que nos dará unas buenas horas de entretenimiento.
GameTrailers (Mar 07, 2012)
Like its scant narrative backbone and starkly drawn world, I Am Alive is just evocative enough to keep you playing for the five or so hours it lasts. You'll come away with the feeling that what good ideas it has are mere specters of a more ambitious past. That said, few games are willing to go to so dark a place as Haventon. If you're interested in getting a rudimentary hint as to how games might tackle the baser end of the human condition, I Am Alive is worth a look.
70 (Mar 08, 2012)
Natürlich könnte es etwas besser sein, fertiger und vielleicht seine exzellenten Ideen etwas weiter ausformulieren. Aber im Grunde stimmt auch: Wer in diesem im besten Sinne fürchterlichen Erlebnis die Fassung aufbringt, mit Zettel und Stift Unzulänglichkeiten und Versäumnisse zu notieren, der hat es nicht verdient. Besser dran ist, wer die Erdbeben-Risse in der Spiel-Fassade toleriert und ganz durch sie ins Spiel hinein kriecht. Dann verfehlt es seine beachtliche Wirkung nicht. Wir brauchen mehr dieser kaputten, trostlosen, bitteren Spiele. Und in dieser Konsolengeneration ist I Am Alive, der Titel, den man schon längst unter den Trümmern seiner eigenen Entwicklung verloren wähnte, das trostloseste und bitterste von allen. Mutig
Game Revolution (Mar 23, 2012)
Many people first caught glimpse of I Am Alive four years ago and I can’t say four years was worth the wait. It’s not that this is a bad game—that's hardly the case, as it’s worth buying simply if you like the post-apocalyptic genre. The survival and intimidation/combat tactics are both the best and worst elements of the game, a love/hate relationship that can sway either way depending on the type of player you are. Running gameplay is short, but as a downloadable content only, this game at 15 bucks doesn't hurt.
70 (Mar 17, 2012)
I Am Alive is redelijk snel uit te spelen. Over het algemeen is het niet lastig om uit te vinden waar je heen moet, je krijgt concreet doelen en het spel zorgt ervoor dat je dit vrij gemakkelijk weet te bereiken. Zo herinnert Adam door tegen ‘zichzelf’ te zeggen dat hij ‘denkt’ dat hij de verkeerde kant op gaat, subtiel dat je er inderdaad grof naast zit. Verder zijn er genoeg retries en is het herstarten van een complete episode ook geen ramp. Slechts een iets lastigere survivalmodus weet het spel, dat binnen vijf uur uit te spelen is, iets meer uitdaging te bieden.
Factornews (Mar 07, 2012)
I Am Alive est un jeu pétri de bonnes idées, avec une ambition non dissimulée malgré une sortie uniquement en téléchargement. Son ambiance digne des meilleurs univers post-apo, ses effets spéciaux et son côté survival nous ont beaucoup plu. Dommage que le tableau soit terni par des soucis de maniabilité, une très grande linéarité et son côté trial and error. Après un développement aussi tumultueux, on pouvait largement s'attendre à pire. Une bonne surprise.
With so many great games on XBLA let alone on disc, it's hard to recommend I Am Alive. It feels like it never reached its full potential. Maybe with more time or a bigger team Ubisoft would have a classic like Assassin's Creed on their hands, but unfortunately it falls flat on too many levels.
As far as post-apocalyptic games are concerned, I Am Alive falls on the lower end. This is not to say that it is bad game, but rather it is one that will test your patience, frustrate you and just does not provide enough in the way of thrills to keep pace with some other post-apocalyptic games already on the Xbox 360. This being said, I Am Alive brings many elements to the table we have not seen in games in this genre, and for the most part these new elements work. Also, when you consider the games 15-dollar price tag you are getting some very good value, but I can’t help but think that it will not be everyone’s cup of tea.
Inside Gaming (Mar 07, 2012)
Game design is not just about developing to the strengths of the medium but also about realizing its limits. Harsh consequences can undercut strong narrative elements. And what might make sense for invoking an emotion in the player might not be very fun to play. The apocalypse gets glorified pretty frequently in our media and I appreciate I Am Alive’s shrewd and sobering approach to it. But in doing so they’ve sacrificed delivering an entertaining experience.
GamesRadar (Mar 06, 2012)
Yes, you may tire of I Am Alive before you reach the credits, but the overall experience is still an intense and worthwhile one - the game not only forces you to take risks, it takes some great risks itself. If you’ve already tired of every other shooter’s and climber’s formulas, this hybrid will surprise you, test you, and remind you why experimentation in games is always a good thing, even when it doesn’t fully work out.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Mar 06, 2012)
Så selv om I Am Alive har sine styrker, og bestemt er underholdende, når man kravler alene rundt på siden af en væltet skyskraber, så er helhedsoplevelsen ikke stor nok til at vi kan snige os højere op end en middelkarakter.
60 (Mar 13, 2012)
Potenciál, který nabízí ruiny postapokalyptického města, zůstal z větší části nevyužitý. Hra sice nadhazuje řadu zajímavých nápadů, ale v mnoha ohledech zůstali tvůrci s jejich realizací na půli cesty. Ze hry je cítit, že původní plány byly mnohem ambicióznější a zážitku to nijak zvlášť neprospívá, stejně jako nevyvážená obtížnost.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 07, 2012)
Normally I wouldn’t spend so much time harping on the game for what it isn’t, but in this case, it feels like the game is being hamstrung from offstage by its original vision. There are tons of great ideas here, and when your breathlessly pulling yourself up the side of a skyscraper or picking off a would-be rapist with an arrow to the skull you see those great ideas peeking through, but they never come together in any cohesive way. In the end, the game feels more like a proof of concept experience than an actual game.
Joystiq (Mar 07, 2012)
I Am Alive's drive is to help solve the mystery of where Adam's family has disappeared to in his yearlong absence. His videos are directed at them specifically, promising that he will find his way back home. But I Am Alive forgets about this quest within the first hour, when Adam meets a small child who needs his help, and his focus shifts to helping her and her family. This wouldn't be such an issue if Adam wasn't constantly talking about finding his family, teasing what could possibly come next. The narrative ultimately disappoints, playing out more like a side quest to a much greater adventure than its own, cohesive story.
Game Arena (Mar 08, 2012)
I can’t even begin to describe how much I tried to like this game. Countless times I sat there and knew exactly what the developers were trying to achieve. Whether it was a faint cry for help leading me to frantically try to discover its source or those fleeting moments when I identified with a desperate man forced to take desperate measures to survive in a very different world, I could clearly see Ubisoft Shanghai’s intentions. Unfortunately the execution was so unresponsive and flawed it destroyed any immersion or emotion the experience could have potentially delivered and that is a crying shame.
50 (Mar 13, 2012)
No sé si el complicado desarrollo le ha pasado factura: lo empezó Darkworks en 2008 y lo ha acabado Ubisoft Shangai tras unos cuantos rumores de cancelaciones. Tiene muy buenas ideas, y aunque algunas saben encontrar su lugar dentro del juego la mayoría se marchitan a las pocas horas. I Am Alive es más un juego para contarlo que para jugarlo; sobre el papel es una idea fantástica, pero es un claro ejemplo de una producción que ha descarrilado. Si le hubiesen dado más recursos o lo hubiesen cerrado algo mejor se hubiese convertido, posiblemente, en una franquicia con muchísimo atractivo.
IGN (Jun 03, 2012)
I Am Alive has great ideas and poor execution. It ends up being a flat, frustrating game that isn’t worth your time or money.
I Am Alive is a strong game premise that really fails to launch. Its great mood and solid combat system are overcome with poor design choices and story that just goes nowhere. I can’t recommend it to anyone but the most ardent of supporters or diehard fans of The Road or other destroyed world apocalyptic fiction.
Gaming Age (Mar 21, 2012)
All in all, I Am Alive does most things well on paper – it’s tight and succinct, priced as such, and it’s a type of game we’ve yet to really explore (a gritty and realistic look at post-apocalyptic survival). Unfortunately, in spite of how cool it could have been, it ends up missing the mark by quite a big margin Conceptually it’s like a non-boring version of The Road, mixed with Book of Eli-style action and Uncharted urban climbing, that then gets crushed by marred controls and lack of proper design… Too bad, too, as they had all the right pieces to an excellent puzzle, they just didn’t bother to actually put the puzzle together.
Gry OnLine (Mar 06, 2012)
I Am Alive jest grą nieudaną. Po jej uruchomieniu bardzo szybko przychodzi zrozumienie, dlaczego szefostwo Ubisoftu tak długo nie włączało dla niej zielonego światła. Zamiast survivalu w wielkim mieście mamy kilkugodzinne liniowe siłowanie się z materią pod postacią powolnej platformówki, zupełnie nieudanego „celowniczka” i zestawu paru quick time eventów. Rozgrywki nie ratują też dodatkowe gadżety, którymi posługuje się bohater, jak na przykład hak z liną umożliwiający przeskok nad większymi przepaściami. Monochromatyczna oprawa graficzna nie pomaga w utrzymaniu klimatu zniszczonego miasta. Wręcz przeciwnie. Z powodu niemożności podziwiania ruin, rozmyte, czarno-białe tła pozwalają jedynie na przyglądanie się najbliższej okolicy. Nie ma na czym zawiesić oka. Delikatne próby nawiązania do Drogi Cormacka McCarthy'ego czy kilku innych dzieł post-apo to za mało, aby móc temu tytułowi wystawić pozytywną ocenę. Miało być pięknie (w pierwszych zapowiedziach), a ostatecznie wyszło słabo.
Giant Bomb (Mar 14, 2012)
I Am Alive is extra disappointing because it has so much potential right up front, and then wastes no time squandering all of it. Its premise is exciting but its promise goes wholly unfulfilled, and at some point you've got to stop lauding a game's good ideas and think about how much you actually enjoyed playing it.