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Infinite Undiscovery Reviews (Xbox 360)

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The Review Busters (Sep, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery might not be the next Final Fantasy but it should tie us over until the next big Square Enix product. Tri-Ace has done a nice job with this game. It plays a lot like other RPGs that we have played before. My only real gripes with this game are the poor connect feature and the mouth movements from the characters, they never matched. These problems really don’t ruin the game too much; I highly recommend this game to any real RPG fan.
Totally Gaming Network (Sep 23, 2008)
Overall Infinite Undiscovery is a very enjoyable experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is either a Square Enix, Tri-Ace or just an role playing game fan in general. The combat is fun and for those who enjoy it, it will allow you to really micro manage your party members so you always know what they are up to. The storyline while having some cliché moments is also unique and refreshing at the same time. Now that I think about it that is a great description for this title. It does have some of the cliché elements that role playing games are known for, however, it also has moments of brilliance where you come across something fresh and compelling. Infinite Undiscovery is a great addition to the Xbox360’s ever growing library of role playing games.
GameFocus (Sep 20, 2008)
This is a great action role playing game which will appeal to fans of Japanese RPG gamers and Western RPG Gamers and for a title like this from a traditional Japanese RPG company that is a rare thing. So buy this game if you like action RPG’s, RPG’s or action games.
Deeko (Sep 13, 2008)
Producing a next-gen RPG that doesn't forget the appeal of story and characters over flash, and in the process adds a fantastic title to the 360's burgeoning JRPG library. While it isn't in the same league as something like Final Fantasy, Infinite Undiscovery offers an enchanting adventure that will keep JRPG's fans more than happy till Final Fantasy XIII or Star-Ocean 4 arrive next year.
80 (Nov 03, 2008)
This is a very nice effort from Tri-Ace on the XBOX 360. I hope that the upcoming Star Ocean game and their future games can hold up to this standard of storytelling and good gameplay. I hope that as they progress the graphics can get better, but truly, if you appreciate games that should be ancillary. To be honest though, because of the length of the quest I don’t know if I can recommend a purchase from anyone but the hardcore RPG fan that has to have everything RPG related that comes out on their console (like me, especially if it has Square-Enix on the box). For those casually into RPG’s or are interested after reading some reviews. If you find some help online you can probably finish this game within a week or two, so for most I would say rent this before you spend 60 bucks on it, but it has enough here to involve you for the whole process of the game. Like I said the story is very good and the battle system is a nice compliment to it too.
80 (Sep 05, 2008)
Auf der einen Seite ist Infinite Undiscovery ein rasant und prächtig inszeniertes Action-Rollenspiel in bester Tales- bzw. Star Ocean-Manier. Auf der anderen Seite wirkt es aber auch oft chaotisch, unausgereift und künstlich in die Länge gezogen. Dabei ist die Spielzeit mit gut zwanzig Stunden für ein Rollenspiel eher knapp bemessen. Man kann zwar auch abseits der Haupthandlung einiges entdecken, aber aufwändige Sidequests oder weitläufige Bonusareale sucht man vergeblich. So verbringt ihr die meiste freie Zeit mit dem Anhäufen von Geld und Items, die ihr für Party-Ausstattung und Crafting-Ambitionen benötigt. Trotzdem halte ich Infinite Undiscovery für ein gutes Spiel. Vor allem die aufwändig präsentierte Story mit all ihren persönlichen Spannungen, tragischen Rückschlägen und überraschenden Wendungen ist es wert, bis zum Ende verfolgt zu werden.
games xtreme (Sep 22, 2008)
I started out fairly indifferent to IU and then gradually as time went on, I became a little fonder of it until I’d developed a grudging respect for tri-Ace and their crazy vision for the game. It takes guts to try and change an established formula in this day and age of cookie-cutter FPSs, moulded RTSs and dialogue heavy turn-based RPGs. So in that respect for me, IU succeeded in providing a fun and entertaining romp through a fantasy world where I was able to adapt my combat tactics on the fly. I’m not quite sure about the name…and it’s not going to win any Game of the Year awards for story or originality, yet I am interested enough to see the game through to the conclusion and that’s the important thing.
Official XBox Magazine (Sep 03, 2008)
This whole setup would fall apart completely if the red-headed Capell weren’t so freakin’ likeable. It helps that despite the fumbling voice-acting, each character’s lines — as well as the story itself — are well-written. Every new discovery pulls you deeper into the mysteries and personalities that keep Infinite Undiscovery so involving. It’s Capell’s rocky development and unfailing charm, plus the inventiveness of the game’s story-telling mechanics — characters constantly earn quirky new titles; occasional multiple-choice conversations; plenty of surprising twists, turns, and side-quests — that ultimately rewards serious JRPG-aholics willing to tough out Infinite’s rough patches for the sake of an incredibly well-told tale and tri-Ace’s brave step in a challenging new take on the genre. Only the very, very serious in need of a good challenge should apply — but the payoff is tremendous.
Despite the formulaic plot, some of the characters are endearing (a giant bear!), and several dungeons make excellent use of a multi-party mechanic that lets you put all of your ­accumulated warriors to good use. Along with its thoroughly entertaining combat mechanics, these elements help Infinite Undiscovery recover from its lack of surprises. It may not be the best game on Tri-Ace’s resume, but it’s still one of the best RPGs available for the 360.
G4 TV: X-Play (Sep 12, 2008)
For all the flaws in Infinite Undiscovery, once the game gets going it grows on you and keeps you playing. The story gets much better after the first several hours, and the quickly-paced action is a fun change of pace from standard JRPGs. The RPG elements, especially item creation and character development, are as deep as fans of the genre have come to expect and the team-play elements are excellent. Despite the numerous short-comings and ridiculous name, Infinite Undiscovery ends up being well worth playing.
RPGFan (Sep 12, 2008)
If you've liked tri-Ace's previous titles and own an X360, this is an easy recommendation. If you haven't happened to like their previous works, Infinite Undiscovery isn't likely to change your mind. If you've never played a tri-Ace game before and like action RPGs though, give it a try. Infinite Undiscovery isn't the epic JRPG for the X360 we have been waiting for, but it's a great stop gap for the expected ones (Final Fantasy XIII and Star Ocean: The Last Hope) and certainly the most fun I have had in a JRPG on the X360 yet.
GameTrailers (Sep, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery is a capable console action-RPG with an interesting story and some unique ideas, but other than its excellent battle system, the game just isn’t on the same level as the best games in the genre. Total playtime is also shorter than you might expect, but at 20-30 hours, it’s suitably epic without feeling too padded or requiring you to grind. Ultimately, Infinite Undiscovery is much better than its name.
TeamXbox (Sep 02, 2008)
In retrospect, it’s probably not completely fair to compare Infinite Undiscovery to the FF franchise. Infinite Undiscovery is more of a gateway RPG than an all-out epic; real-time combat, less story-driven side activities/exploring and a shorter overall play time allow easy access for the JRPG n00bs. There are a few technical hiccups to get over, but Infinite Undiscovery is still a worthwhile romp for those looking for a JRPG-lite in 2008. Of course, if you want the full-meal deal, steer clear of Infinite Undiscovery and look forward to the 360 versions of Star Ocean or Final Fantasy XIII.
Even by trying to differentiate itself with a few gameplay extras, Infinite Undiscovery still falls into the average RPG category, but some gamers will still find a great adventure in this one if you're hungry enough for an action RPG.
76 (Sep 22, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery is not a bad RPG at all, it won't convert people to the genre but it provides a great stop gap for RPG fans while they wait for Fable 2, Last Remnant, Final Fantasy XIII, et al. If a few niggles had been corrected such as the slightly dull fighting and vague directions, or the off/on voice acting that makes you wonder if the sound has suddenly cut out (it hasn't, for some reason, only bits of conversations have voice acting), this game really could have been something a bit special. However, as it stands, it's still much like my All-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet; good but not quite right. But that doesn't stop a fan gorging on it, it'll still hit the spot if you like the style. Just don't let the initial first couple of hours put you off... it is a struggle but it ends up being just about worth it.
Good Game (Sep 15, 2008)
At it’s best, you’ll be romping through the wilderness with a sizeable force, taking on anything and everything, all to a great soundtrack. 7.5/10 from me.
ripten (Sep 22, 2008)
In the end, I’d have to recommend Infinite Undiscovery as a rental first. There is a strong possibility that you, too, will be enticed by the excellent graphics (despite, yes, the bit of unfortunate slowdown during hectic battles) and the story of lunar disenchainment, but there is a sadly equal possibility that the combat system will just not jive with your gameplay tastes.
Game Vortex (Sep, 2008)
In the end, Infinite Undiscovery is a good game that could have been great. If you enjoy action-RPGs, I strongly recommend a rental before dropping three Jacksons on this one. The game is not bad or even mediocre by any means. The problem with Infinite Undiscovery is the fact that it is a decent RPG in a year of great RPGs (Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia, to name a couple). You could certainly do worse than Infinite Undiscovery, but you could also do better.
75 (Sep 03, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery est loin d'être exempt de défauts mais il propose finalement une aventure plus riche qu'il n'y paraît au premier abord. Pour peu que les longs couloirs et les combats en temps réel ne vous effraient pas, vous trouverez là un RPG qui mérite d'être exploré en long et en large
1UP (Aug 29, 2008)
Undiscovery's ending also screams sequel possibilities, and I sincerely hope tri-Ace gets a second chance to explore this concept's potential. By the end, I'd grown quite attached to the world and characters, and I wouldn't hesitate to go on another adventure with (most of) them. With any luck, this could be the next Suikoden or Dark Cloud -- a fresh, intriguing take on role-playing whose potential is only fully realized the second time around.
Gameplanet (Sep 22, 2008)
Having said that, thanks to its seamless, real time action and user friendly interface it is an excellent choice for newbies to the genre, and to younger gamers with a penchant for button mashing and a good yarn.
MS Xbox World (Sep 10, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery isn’t the greatest RPG out there, but with charming characters and an interesting story (despite being dipped in rather an abundance of cliché) it certainly is well worth looking into if you like RPGs. I would say that the game isn’t very accessible for enticing new gamers into the fold due to the rather lacking opening and the clumsy and somewhat intimidating interface. Yet if you can persevere and learn as you wade through the opening, you’ll be greatly rewarded with a more enjoyable experience overall. I think this is going to be a love/hate type of game, because like I mentioned, I had my fair share of heated moments due to poor game design. However I am most certainly glad I stuck to it because in the end the game provided me the entertainment I was looking for.
Armchair Empire, The (Oct 27, 2008)
Overall, these things don’t take away from a good game. It’s a good game – not a great one, but it will definitely keep you entertained for a good amount of time. Don’t give up on it in the first couple of hours because it does get much better as I was lucky enough to discover.
Gaming Age (Sep 23, 2008)
All together, I ended up enjoying Infinite Undiscovery quite a bit. It's not the best that Tri-Ace has created, but it's a pretty solid outing for these guys. If they're going to outsource some of the visual stuff though, I'd like to see them be a bit more demanding with the results than what we got here, but at least the soundtrack is really solid, and core gameplay is a lot of fun. This stands right up there with Lost Odyssey for me when it comes to 360 RPG's (I'm still playing Vesperia), and I definitely suggest checking it out, even if the story and visuals aren't too grand.
74 (Sep 11, 2008)
Es el momento de poner fin al análisis. Infinite Undiscovery, sin ser de lejos la mejor obra de tri-Ace ni el mejor RPG del extenso catálogo de Xbox 360, se presenta como una opción altamente recomendable. Los combates son divertidos, el apartado gráfico alcanza un buen nivel y es accesible para cualquier jugador. Tiene defectos como la duración (bastante escasa para un juego de sus características) y lo poco que aprovecha algunas cosas que podrían haberse convertido en grandes virtudes, pero todo jugador interesado en el género debería plantearse su adquisición, a menos que el idioma sea un problema, por supuesto. tri-Ace ha entrado con buen pie en la nueva generación, esperemos que sus próximas creaciones alcancen el verdadero nivel al que nos tienen acostumbrados.
Planet Xbox 360 (Sep 29, 2008)
In the end, Infinite Undiscovery is in the minority when it comes to providing real-time battles in an RPG setting, but that stand-out feature does not cure the game's far too many mistakes. The shallow battle system and slow story, combined with the awkward graphical system make it one game that many will tire of long before the conclusion.
GameZone (Sep 12, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery is a decent game that has the potential to be more than what it is. This is a great weekend rental game, but nothing more than that.
Worth Playing (Sep 11, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery's cobbled-together feel and thin story make this a disappointing experience on several levels, which is especially frustrating given tri-Ace's colorful history. Outside of its polished action formula, sharpened AI, and crafting system, the only thing that dungeon crawlers might discover is how finite the experience can unexpectedly feel in so many other ways.
IGN (Aug 27, 2008)
You probably shouldn't judge a game by its title, but in all honestly, Infinite Undiscovery tells you everything you need to know. It only half makes sense -- and only when you squint your brain. That is the design approach in a nutshell. Some of the choices tri-Ace made don't make a whole lot of sense, but you can certainly play through some of the gaffes. This isn't a game marred with horrendous bugs or unplayable combat. And it's not boring. It's just misguided. The story is intriguing enough that RPG fanatics should at least give this a rental. Considering it's on the short side for a Square-Enix RPG, you shouldn't have trouble beating it in a week.
UOL Jogos (Sep 18, 2008)
"Infinite Undiscovery" é, sem dúvida, um importante lançamento para o Xbox 360 e fará a alegria dos fãs do gênero e, principalmente, da Square-Enix. Mas não se trata de um título de ponta da companhia, parecendo mais um experimento na nova plataforma e geração, sem ousar muito e realizado com menos recursos do que o habitual. É uma aventura satisfatória que empalidece diante de outros RPGs melhores para o console, mas que garante algumas boas horas de diversão e certo envolvimento com a trama.
HonestGamers (Sep 23, 2008)
Pros and cons aside, the thing most players will take away from Infinite Undiscovery is that it’s a good RPG that doesn’t have the ability to “wow” us. It’s fun but isn’t overly addictive; it’s exciting but isn’t at all unique. The repetitive battle design doesn’t cater to marathon play (all-night play-throughs are a tradition for me) – instead, you’re better off playing for no more than a few hours a day. The story may intrigue some players, but it won’t leave anyone begging for more, and the graphics are only impressive when staring at the environments. The character designs, primary or otherwise, leave a lot to be desired. For these reasons, it is impossible to recommend Infinite Undiscovery as the must-buy RPG Square Enix fans have been waiting for.
The Next Level (Sep 19, 2008)
The combat is excellent, and the story is occasionally amusing, with visuals that sometimes approach awe inspiring. It's just all a bit thin. I grew tired of repeatedly using the same slash combos, of Capell's wishy-washy attitude, of buying new armor at every new town, and plot points I saw coming from a mile away. Yet it's still a game I'm going to keep on the shelf to blast through it on Hard and Infinite modes after a nice long break. Because the core of Infinite Undiscovery is slash happy fun.
WildGames (Oct 18, 2008)
A la espera de que salga Final Fantasy XIII, Infinite Undiscovery es un buen aperitivo para echarse a la boca pero se queda por debajo de lo que esperábamos de él.
70 (Sep 09, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery fait finalement penser à un travail de commande. Le jeu est plutôt bon, il se joue même avec plaisir mais il ne nous emporte pas. Cela a l’odeur d’un jeu tri-Ace, ça en a même le goût, mais ça n’en a pas tout à fait la saveur. Comme si les développeurs avaient réalisé un brouillon avant la sortie de Star Ocean : The Last Hope. Certes, beaucoup de studios aimeraient être capables de réaliser un tel brouillon. Et c’est aussi ça, la marque des grands. Mais les fans, eux, attendaient mieux de la part de tri-Ace.
JeuxActu (Sep 11, 2008)
On s’y attendait plus ou moins, mais la réalité compose avec cette âpreté qui a le don d’éliminer toute forme d’espoir. Infinite Undiscovery est loin d’avoir les épaules, la carrure, la trempe d’un grand. Bien trop hétérogène dans le fond comme dans la forme, le dernier-né des studios tri-Ace ne parvient jamais à émerveiller ou à se montrer addictif. Pour autant, les créateurs du fabuleux Valkyrie Profile n’ont pas accouché d’un mauvais titre, le soft ayant un certain nombre de vertus à faire valoir. Comme d’habitude, la qualité du système de combat, véritable marque de fabrique des développeurs, aide en partie ici à pallier à la mollesse autrement omniprésente. De même, l’envergure que revêt parfois la quête, avec ses passages à plusieurs équipes que l’on aurait aimé voir davantage exploités, offre un côté jubilatoire, surtout que le casting fourni et efficace se prête parfaitement à l’exercice.
Meristation (Sep 02, 2008)
Eso sí, lo que más lastra al título para nuestro mercado es que llegue en su totalidad en inglés, sobre todo porque en ocasiones nos deja algo perdidos buscando nuestro camino, y las pocas pistas que recibimos se pueden pasar desapercibidas. Y el diseño de los personajes no es precisamente el mejor. Pero debajo de todo esto, se encuentra una gran aventura que, sin ser excesivamente profunda, deja un buen sabor de boca. Como primera piedra de toque de Tri-Ace en Xbox 360, logra pasar la prueba. A ver qué nos depara Star Ocean: The Last Hope, la auténtica prueba de fuego.
Gamer 2.0 (Sep 17, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery is a great addition to the slowly-rising stock of Xbox 360 RPG titles, and a worthy inclusion to the library of Square Enix titles as well. The game shines on its fast and manageable battle system and intriguing story, but loses itself with the intense amount of vigilance needed to remain victorious. Minus a few annoying design choices, Infinite Undiscovery is a good adventure that avid RPG fans will no doubt enjoy, just don’t expect Final Fantasy's level of polish.
NZGamer (Sep 16, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a nice way to fritter away 20-30 hours. And perhaps because of its limited appeal, it may be wiser to rent than to buy without trying it first. But although Infinite Undiscovery won’t win any awards, it may win a handful of devoted followers. But it’s doubtful.
Gamervision (Sep, 2008)
It might be a little on the short end when compared to Square’s other JRPGs, but there is more than enough content to extend the game significantly. That said, anyone who isn’t already a fan of the genre will likely grow tired of the cliché locales and repetitive gameplay, as well as not being as forgiving of the game’s many other missteps either.
Gamernode (Sep 21, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery will serve RPG junkies well. It has all of the story elements of a fantasy tale, weapons, items, and character improvement to satisfy those needs, but for the less fanatical RPG players out there, or anyone who seeks a more complete and refined gameplay experience, there are most certainly better ways to spend your time and money.
Jolt (UK) (Sep 19, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery is by no means a bad game; it has a well-paced story, lots of fun characters and the action is far from unenjoyable. The RPG elements favour breadth over depth, but at least time spent under the hood will yield a number of useful surprises that less interested players might overlook. But when it comes down to it, there’s nothing really outstanding or recommendable about the game. Just like the protagonist Capell, the game itself is nice and well intentioned, but a bit dull and hesitant at following things through.
GameSpy (Sep 10, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery's greatest weakness is that it feels too much like other, better JRPGs, many of which were also developed by tri-Ace. However, in a strange way, that's also its greatest strength. If you're just looking for a JRPG fix, there's no reason not to pick up Infinite Undiscovery. It's a solid title by a veteran developer, with enough gameplay to justify the cost of admission. Granted, it's not likely to hold a great deal of appeal for those who weren't already JRPG fans, and it's not going to be the crossover smash that brings a ton of fans to the genre. But if you're already a fan of Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean, and tri-Ace's other venerable franchises, Infinite Undiscovery probably deserves a few hours of your time and a spot on your RPG shelf.
70 (Sep 10, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery isn’t particularly a bad game, in fact playing through the adventures is quite enjoyable. The games main problem is that it has too many flaws and not enough twists, it’s an average RPG, not an epic and that in some respects is its downfall.
Cheat Code Central (Sep, 2008)
In fact, that’s the best way to describe this title: it’s complex, yet boring. There is a lot here for JRPG hardcore fans to gush over, but the rest of you will likely tire of the game. Notwithstanding, the title has definitely seen its fair share of polish and, for fans of Tri-Ace, is still worth picking up before the release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope.
GamesRadar (Aug 29, 2008)
Taken as a whole, Infinite Undiscovery’s a game with a bit of an identity crisis. When it’s acting like a run-of-the-mill JRPG, it feels clichéd, but reasonably enjoyable. When it tries to be innovative, however, its unsatisfying combat, superfluous subsystems and wasted ensemble cast make the whole experience feel half-hearted. Like its hero Capell, the game’s caught between sticking to what it knows and the temptation to go out and be a real revolutionary. Unfortunately, Infinite Undiscovery never really figures itself out, leaving it an inconsistent game that’s awkward and shallow, but still intriguing. Just like its nonsensical name.
3D Juegos (Sep 10, 2008)
Square Enix nos trae un RPG de acción que, aunque no aporte mucho al género, sí que logra crear una historia épica, larga y capaz de contentar a los usuarios más puristas. El mundo de Infinite Undiscovery no descubre nada que no hayamos visto antes, pero es tan sugerente y cautivador como la batuta de Motoi Sakuraba. Tri-Ace podría haber hecho mucho más por la buena planificación del proyecto, pero su sólo correcta culminación y deficiente traducción (no está en castellano) han propiciado que se quede en un producto que roza el límite de calidad de los títulos de Square Enix.
GameSpot (Sep 02, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery has all the trappings of a mighty adventure, but it lacks the true soul. Some of that energy is siphoned off by a largely empty and repetitious world, some of it is drained by faulty scenario design, and much of it isn't allowed real depth because of the relatively short length. It's easy to grow fond of the characters and become involved in their plight, but the narrative is only one part of the whole.
Gameplayer (Sep 04, 2008)
We really wanted to like Infinite Undiscovery, but it was too much of a case of been there, done that (or more the case of been there, done that, and done it better). It has some cool concepts, yet they never really felt fully hashed out. The visuals and voice tracks were a distinct let down and it really didn’t feel all that next-genny to us. Maybe they’ll hit the nail on the head if they crank out a sequel…
65 (Sep 22, 2008)
It is hard to place the exact point that Undiscovery got lost. You'll be wondering at times what went wrong to keep this good game be great. What is there will be enjoyable, memorable and there are enough improvements to recommend gamers who have fallen out of favor with the genre to try it and see if it pulls you back. The world is waiting for you to Undiscover it but only a select group will truly appreciate this game.
GamingExcellence (Nov 07, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery is a flawed, frustrating but still strong game experience. Every time you really start to enjoy yourself you will hit a speed bump that jostles you out of the experience. This becomes a serious problem when you find yourself wondering how someone is so chatty with their mouth moving so little while a dramatic cut scene is going on. If you find yourself wondering if someone is talking without lip movement or if they’re doing an inner monologue don’t worry, that’s entirely natural. Just try to grin and bear it and you will find a diamond in the rough here.
RPG Site (Aug 24, 2009)
It's definitely an above average title and I had quite a bit of fun with it and I would definitely like to see what Tri-Ace could do with the same concepts and more time to polish. Infinite Undiscovery is in that respect a truly interesting title, as in almost every area of the game there's a disappointment - but when you consider them as a whole, the game is still somewhat successful despite its shortcomings. It's worth playing, if only to see what could have been.
Legendra (Oct 06, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery n'est pas la tuerie attendue et ne rencontre clairement pas les standards de réalisation actuels. Cependant le jeu propose de bonnes idées et des personnages attachants couplés à un système de combat efficace. Dommage donc que la réalisation entache, alors que c'est en général le point fort des productions Square-Enix. Reste tout de même un bon jeu qui vous fera passer de bons moments et particulièrement si vous êtes fans de Tri-Ace. Ce premier essai sur Xbox 360 laisse donc présager du bon pour les prochaines productions.
Good Game (Sep 15, 2008)
At its worst, you’ll be cringing at the horrible dialogue, fumbling around towns for a cutscene, and tracing the edges of the map in a frustrating waste of time. 6/10
Frictionless Insight (Oct 21, 2008)
Fundamentally, Infinite Undiscovery should be an amazing role-playing game for the Xbox 360, offering tons of entertainment and a story of stellar scope. Largely, it is... but it's also plagued by a series of minor design issues that can make the game majorly irritating. It's sad that such a strong underlying game can be undermined by something as simple as, say, the placement of save points. But it is. If you're in need of a role-playing game on the Xbox 360, Infinite Undiscovery will do, but Infinite Undiscovery should have been so much more.
Gamekult (Sep 05, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery a le potentiel pour rejoindre la longue liste des bons petits RPG, ceux que l'on aimera se remémorer transi d'émotions dans quelques années. Des passages épiques, un système de combat solide, des mélodies entraînantes et une galerie de personnages, cliché certes, mais attachants. Le jeu de tri-Ace souffre malheureusement de trop nombreuses lacunes pour prétendre à mieux, la faute à un rythme d'une indigente mollesse, de nombreuses saccades durant les combats et une tendance à jouer sur de trop grosses ficelles - couloirs, aller-retour - pour rallonger une aventure pourtant vite expédiée. Espérons que Star Ocean : The Last Hope, sur la même machine, saura tirer les leçons de ce premier essai pour mieux exploiter le potentiel de tri-Ace.
60 (Oct 18, 2008)
At the end of the day, though, Infinite Undiscovery is a game that will appeal to fans of tri-Ace and its games almost exclusively, which, given the hype and excitement surrounding its release, makes it a big disappointment. It's got an unforgivable opening, it looks worse than Final Fantasy XII, and that was released a year and a half ago on the PS2 and 70 per cent of the characters may as well not exist. But it does get better. And if you think of it as nothing more than a fairly simple action JRPG that tries some stuff that falls flat on its face, you'll probably end up having an OK time with it.
Infinite Undiscovery presents an easy walkthrough, reinforcing its pleasant, but not spectacular, gaming experience. We've been left wanting more, though, and have already set our sights - and hopes - on Square Enix's The Last Remnant. Maybe that will provide the kick up the arse that this genre needs.
GameDaily (Sep 09, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery isn't the grand adventure we hoped for. It's an average role-playing game that resembles other Japanese offerings, a majority of them from Square Enix. Whether or not you can tolerate its problems depends heavily on your appreciation of the genre. We, however, needed something fresh and exciting.
GamePro (US) (Aug 29, 2008)
Oh, what could have been! An RPG with this kind of pedigree should have been something Xbox 360 owners could be proud of; instead, it disappoints and is yet more proof that the 360 needs more quality RPGs and fast. Keep your fingers crossed, 360 fans, that Final Fantasy XIII delivers the goods.
It really is a crying shame that Infinite Undiscovery turned out to be exactly the sum of so many disparate parts that don't even work on an individual level. This is especially disappointing considering it came from two juggernaut Japanese RPG veterans. It really puzzles me that in a society where toilet bowls are served warm with, well, posterior-cleansing capabilities, that when it comes to games there's a distinct unwillingness to serve the customer and provide them with accessibility – and this game is one of the worse examples of this. It's a game that has fought me at every turn to prevent me from enjoying it, and that I did end up liking it somewhat is probably a testament to the strength of it story and the core combat mechanics.
HonestGamers (Jan 05, 2012)
Infinite Undiscovery is what I call a "junk food game". It can be fun, but has too many flaws to be something I'd gladly recommend. It has a fun combat system and some interesting ideas, but most characters are barely written into the plot, the few who are can be annoying and those interesting ideas often could have been utilized better. It's the sort of thing that can be fun to pick up, run through and put away; but not the first thing I'd grab if I wanted to show off my game library.
RPGamer (Feb 15, 2009)
Overall, Infinite Undiscovery lives up to its name. Players will spend an infinite amount of time trying to discover where go next and what to do, as well as hunting for the exciting features that were promised by the developers. Had the large party and the multi-party battles been handled in a decent manner, as well as having the situational battles play an important role in the game, this could have been one of the most unique and entertaining games of 2008. However, most of these features just break the flow of the game, such as limiting which party members are actually playable and having obscure combat controls. For those that are willing to spending the twenty or so hours it takes to complete Infinite Undiscovery, most will find themselves wishing the game could have done more to reach its lofty goals.
50 (GAF) (Nov 07, 2008)
So, Tri-Ace, I understand and appreciate Infinite Undiscovery. I understand that all you wanted to do was help, but unfortunately in this case it just didn’t turn out like you wanted. Your game was pretty lame – but hey – it could’ve been worse. I could’ve lost a computer speaker or something.
50 (Sep 09, 2008)
Square-Enix doet zijn naam geen eer aan met Infinite Undiscovery. Het is een wel erg doorsnee JRPG waarin je je een weg hakt door hordes monsters, van verhaalfragment naar verhaalfragment. De echte RPG-drive en diepgang ontbreken, maar zijn net genoeg aanwezig om het geheel op de been te houden.
50 (UK) (Sep 08, 2008)
With Star Ocean IV and Tales of Vesperia due next year, and Final Fantasy on its way to the 360, this needed to be something quite special to make its mark in a genre not known for its deviations from formula. Yet at its best Infinite Undiscovery is just another standard action JRPG following a strictly linear route through the same predictable story about another reluctant young hero overthrowing yet another evil empire. In its worst moments, it's an unwieldy collision of ill-conceived ideas and sloppy technical implementation that will test the patience of even the most hardened player. Such flaws are really only worth tolerating if you're so devoted to the JRPG genre that you'd settle for mediocrity rather than wait for the good stuff.
To summarize, in those rare moments when Infinite Undiscovery is not feeling tremendously dated, funky mechanics mar the good times. We don’t fault tri-Ace for trying to inject a little something different into one of the industry’s most slow-to-evolve genres, but the end result in this case is a deeply flawed one. Final Fantasy XII offered a far more elegant re-invention of genre conventions, and that was two years ago. For all of its ambitions, Infinite Undiscovery fizzles as an overwhelmingly average JRPG which is ultimately undone by some deep-seated flaws.
Game Shark (Sep 18, 2008)
Like its name, Infinite Undiscovery is a very confusing entity. With two highly respected and successful RPG titans behind it, one would think the game would at least be slightly better than the average JRPG. Instead, what we’re left with is a reminder that no matter who you are, the most important aspect of a game being successful and enjoyable is what goes into the product, not the names that are on the display case.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 24, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery is never particularly awful or broken. The music is excellent, and overall the presentation is pretty solid. It’s just that this is one of those games that seem to drag on even though it’s a relatively short game. I finished the first of two discs in eight hours and it felt like I had been playing the game for five times that length. Considering the pedigree behind this RPG, the sheer dullness and tedium of this “adventure” is inexcusable.
Destructoid (Sep 14, 2008)
Infinite Undiscovery seemed at one point as if it might have promise, and I wanted that promise to blossom into a rewarding gaming experience when I played the game, but regrettably, it never quite came to fruition. There were many times where the game fit the very definition of a chore – I experienced many moments where I found myself saying "Why am I doing this?" Your hard earned money is better saved towards one of the many excellent offerings coming later this year – I’d let this one slide off the radar if I were you.
Game Revolution (Sep 30, 2008)
Less is more. It’s a simple adage that usually goes ignored when a game like Infinite Undiscovery tries to be unique. Instead of concentrating on creating a clean, polished, and edited experience, everything in the pantry just gets tossed into the pot. Take away all the mind-numbingly painful design choices and there may be a game deserving of the Square Enix name here, but all the extraneous material makes that nearly impossible. A game that you will soon undiscover… infinitely.