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Game Chronicles (Dec 01, 2009)
At the end of my tour on Pandora I walked away with a smile on my face. It isn’t often that I find myself engrossed with a movie tie-in title. The movie is a work of art and it is reflected in the game. The environments are lush and the music was well done. I really enjoyed the combat especially on the Na’vi side. The multiplayer was cool with its well designed levels and various modes. I also really enjoyed being able to play both factions each with their own story. James Cameron's Avatar: The Game retails for $60 at most retailers, and while I usually wouldn’t drop that kind of cash on a movie tie-in I would so for this one.
Vandal Online (Dec 01, 2009)
Avatar logra algo poco habitual: que un juego basado en una película no nos plante una mueca de disgusto. Es más, en realidad nos encontramos con un título interesante y muy competente en su planteamiento, ofreciendo una buena propuesta de acción en tercera persona que destaca por la atmósfera y su buen planteamiento. Sea como humano o como na’vi, su fórmula funciona, y lo hace bien, llevándonos –pese a su lento comienzo- por una aventura de acción que captura al jugador, convirtiendo a este videojuego en una buena opción tanto para quienes disfruten con el cine de Cameron como para quienes estén buscando un nuevo juego de acción que llevarse al mando.
SOS Gamers (Jan 18, 2010)
Si te has quedado prendado del universo de Avatar, el videojuego te ayudará a expandir un poco su argumento y seguir disfrutando de él. No es la mejor propuesta del género de la acción y aventura en tercera persona, y si no estuviera inspirado en Avatar, su nota bajaría mucho, pero lo que ofrece cumple con las expectativas. Además, como os decíamos antes, ofrece el interés de terminar el juego en dos ocasiones (una con cada bando), opciones multijugador, y rejugabilidad en forma de pequeñas misiones y de un modo estratégico.
Cynamite (Dec 16, 2009)
Nicht nur für Fans des Films: Avatar ist eine überzeugende Filmumsetzung mit toller Fantasy-Atmosphäre und solider Technik. Pro: Atmosphäre, Mit Multiplayermodus / Koop-Modus, Rollenspiel-Elemente Contra: Kamera zickig.
games xtreme (Dec 18, 2009)
Avatar went the route of doing the game set in the world of Avatar, not trying to shoehorn in the movie. It is set 2 years before the movie and tells a self-contained story from two viewpoints, it has rpg elements and is actually a fun game if a little flawed. I can truly say this is actually one of the better movie based games I've played, but in the end there aren't that many great movie based games. Perhaps, Riddick and that's really it. Still, it's worth a play and that's what counts!
3D Juegos (Dec 01, 2009)
Avatar cumple con notable eficacia en su experiencia jugable, y ofrece una muy digna adaptación de película a videojuego. En estos tiempos encontrar decoro y ambición en un producto de este tipo es toda una sorpresa, y el título lo consigue con una campaña individual de planteamiento muy acertado y también gracias a un buen multijugador.
Official XBox Magazine (Dec 03, 2009)
Really, you’d forgive a developer, limited by usual movie-studio pressures, if half these pieces didn’t make the final cut. In Avatar’s case, “it’s better and more thorough than you thought it would be” is a backhanded compliment that does a disservice to a fun third-person action game. Nitpicks are plenty, but so are the surprisingly fun aspects — whichever side of planetary strip-mining you fall on.
Atomic Gamer (Dec 31, 2009)
Avatar is a game that for all its ambition, fails to actualize. While it deserves some credit for creating a storyline unique from that of the film, that credit is limited due to the game's automatic and largely unimaginative execution. Many of the missions feel like busywork, and seem inappropriate for a world in crisis. And while the combat system isn't bad, the character motivations--including your reasons for choosing a side in the conflict--are pretty thin, making for some abrupt and unbelievable developments. There is some fun to be had in this approximately 8 hour game (16 or more if you play through as both RDA and Na'vi and try out the multiplayer modes) but it just can't compete with the many excellent action games of recent memory. I recommend this one only for fans of the movie—and only after the price is cut in half.
Planet Xbox 360 (Dec 09, 2009)
Given all else there has been released over the last few months and the control issues with the game, it is hard to fault the gamers. Aside from the ordinary modes, the biggest issue with the online play is the lack of a 'quick play all' mode, which would put you directly in an active game. Instead, the game forces you to choose one of the ten options and leaves you hoping that a game is currently running; which is an issue with the limited player base. If the insane amount of studio boasting in the television commercials is to be believed, James Cameron’s Avatar is the future of movies. Unfortunately the same statement is not true when it comes to the Xbox 360 game. Still there are plenty of shining moments in Avatar.
TeamXbox (Dec 01, 2009)
Avatar nails the presentation, offering a richly rendered world that continually stings the senses. Any developer planning to place its game in a jungle-like setting now has a new benchmark to aspire to. The weapons and gear, especially those of the Na’vi, are a blast to unleash on your enemies, and vehicles and creatures make travel speedy and fun. There’s also a lot of game here; in addition to a beefy solo campaign, brimming with non-critical content, there’s a multiplayer mode, although the servers weren’t up in time for our review. Ubisoft Montreal has crafted one of the better licensed efforts we’ve seen in a while, but a weak story, poor pacing and a few minor gameplay flaws keep Avatar from competing with the likes of far superior, recent third-person efforts such as Assassin’s Creed II and Batman: Arkham Asylum.
GameZone (Dec 01, 2009)
Some camera problems and a somewhat predictable story throw up a few roadblocks. Still the game throws out a nice bit of eye candy, has enjoyable challenges and combat elements involving the more primitive Na’vi against the advanced weaponry of the humans. The movie tie-in will no doubt help the game.
Gamervision (Dec 04, 2009)
While James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game bring any new gameplay elements to the table, it will certainly provide at least a few hours of entertainment for those of you really looking forward to the actual movie. Given the lengthier development time that this movie tie-in received, I’m surprised the gameplay and story aren’t a bit more polished, but there’s nothing horribly wrong with James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. It’s a fairly run of the mill third-person shooter, with some less than enthralling multiplayer, and an impressive visual package. Hopefully the movie delivers more of a memorable experience.
70 (Dec 01, 2009)
James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is easily one of the best movie licensed games I've ever played, but at the same time it's not good enough to stand alone as a must-own title. While the presentation is great and the combat generally enjoyable, the missions leave a lot to be desired - and there's little of the sense of wonder that the movie promises. Had the two campaigns been packed with superbly entertaining moments, the missions been more diverse in their structure, and the "vehicles" been more fun to man, then yes, Avatar the Game might have reached the heights its source material looks set to achieve. It's still a great effort, and will go a long way to right the wrongs of publishers down the years, but it seems that even James Cameron's involvement isn't enough to turn a movie into a triple-A video game.
Console Monster (Dec 29, 2009)
To conclude; James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game is one of the better movie-to-game tie-ins. The amount of replayability and closeness to the film, outweigh the slight repetitiveness and short-lived online play to rate the title as a one to consider.
GameFocus (Dec 15, 2009)
Sadly, Avatar fails to find its own identity, barely managing to keep up interest and landing just north of the boring line. On the bright side, compared to other movie videogame adaptations like Wanted: Weapons of Fate or X-Men Origins: Wolverine, James Cameron’s AVATAR: The Videogame isn’t too shabby.
James Cameron’s new Avatar movie may revolutionize the movie industry with new 3D effects, but the game leaves a little bit to be desired. Unfortunately the game really has very little in the way of any evolution of the genre as it is a draw by numbers shooter which plays out fairly decently but brings nothing new to the table. It is too bad because there are a ton of the same type of games out there and Avatar will probably get buried somewhere in the middle.
69 (Dec 11, 2009)
Avatar ist ein Vorzeigespiel! Es präsentiert geradezu vorbildhaft, welche Lücke zwischen technischen Qualitäten und spielerischen Werten klaffen kann. Hier wird eine visuelle Glanzleistung unter solchen Mängeln geradezu begraben, die ein modernes Actionspiel nicht aufweisen darf. Das fängt bei der Technik an, die zwar idyllische Kulissen zum Leben erweckt - in der sich aber wie Zombies animierte Wesen aus der vorletzten Konsolengeneration tummeln. Es gibt ja gute Ideen: das lebendige Na'vi-Abenteuer z.B., das rundentaktische Minispiel, in dem man sich Vorteile für die Kampagne erarbeitet oder die zwei Handlungsstränge samt der verschiedenen Kampfstile ihrer Protagonisten. Doch warum macht Ubisoft daraus je nach Fraktion ein belangloses Run&Gun bzw. ein ähnlich monotones Run&Slay? Gerade die gut gedachten Rollenspiel-Elemente wirken so aufgesetzt, dass beim Erforschen der weitläufigen Areale trotz erwachtem Sammeltrieb Langeweile aufkommt.
68 (Dec 18, 2009)
Overall then Avatar is quite a disappointing game, where the movie promises to take things to a new level and be like nothing else before it, Avatar the game is just like most other movies turned game, disappointing. Sadly this game is not as inspiring as the film, nowhere near it.
James Cameron's Avatar: The Game doesn't pave any new horizons. Instead, it introduces a few new concepts while playing it safe in every other area. I loved the different sides of the story aspect of the game, it felt like getting two games in one, but because nearly everything else felt insipid, it didn't much influence the replayability of the game for me. Even though I am not amongst the rabid fans of the upcoming motion picture, I can say I hope this game is not an indicator of the caliber of the film, because if it is, moviegoers are in for a boring, bland experience.
IGN (Dec 01, 2009)
Avatar: The Game feels like all of the development effort was put into building out the look of Pandora. In 3D, if your TV or monitor can handle it, the world comes to life. Even in standard HD or SD, the lush jungle is inviting and exciting. Take all of that away and you aren't left with much worth talking about. The gameplay feels like it needs more work. Loose controls, bad melee combat, weak mission design, and a wonky camera dull the experience. Middling storytelling doesn't help matters, and it ultimately fails in matters of motivation. The thrill of the fight just isn't here, and that's a problem for an action game.
IGN Australia (Dec 01, 2009)
Avatar ultimately falls down as a game. It's just not that interesting, compelling or fun. It is, however, a remarkable demonstration of stereoscopic 3D – and for a very small percentage of players out there, that'll be enough to content with the dim-witted approach to the missions and, bafflingly, the lack of an end boss. Still, assuming you want the richest possible Avatar experience, small touches like the Pandorapedia, which features a wealth of information on Pandora's flora, fauna and main characters, will make the rest of the experience easier to swallow.
The A.V. Club (Dec 07, 2009)
Read all the unlockable notes in Avatar: The Game (they call it the Pandorapedia), and you’ll be up to speed on all the movie’s lore, lingo, and backstory. The downside, of course, is that after crawling through Pandora’s deadly jungles and culling its wildlife one bullet at a time, the movie may feel anticlimactic: Been there, killed that.
66 (Dec 02, 2009)
I problemi di James Cameron's Avatar risiedono, al di là della tanto chiacchierata implementazione della tecnologia 3D, in una campagna dalla duplice faccia: se tra le file dell'RDA ci si diverte abbastanza grazie sopratutto alle sezioni a bordo di mezzi, mecha ed elicotteri, combattere con i Na'vi risulta un'esperienza molto meno appagante. Spesso eccessivamente facile e davvero troppo breve non si risolleva con le missioni secondarie o con una modalità multiplayer che non aggiungono niente di concreto all'economia generale del gioco. Anche la necessità di non svelare niente della trama dell'attesissimo film mortifica la narrazione e l'immersività nello splendido (quello sì) pianeta Pandora.
65 (Dec 03, 2009)
Sperimentando per diverse ore James Cameron’s Avatar: Il Gioco si viene inevitabilmente colti da un certo dispiacere nel vedere buone potenzialità e discrete risorse non sfruttate a dovere. La trama, benchè non priva di clichè, sarebbe potuta risultare estremamente accattivante se esplicitata in tonalità più mature ed incentrata sulla scoperta delle origini e delle tradizioni del popolo Na’Vi. Anche il gameplay, divertente ed abbastanza vario, avrebbe potuto essere decisamente convincente implementando un’intelligenza artificiale leggermente più varia o anche solo dando la possibilità al giocatore di selezionare il livello di difficoltà. Fortunatamente la buona varietà dell’azione, l’ampiezza dell’ambientazione ed anche il multiplayer, seppur abbastanza scontato, contribuiscono a rendere Avatar un prodotto abbastanza longevo e discretamente divertente, che si pone nella media degli action game, ideale in particolare per chi cercasse diverse ore di divertimento disimpegnato.
GameTrailers (Dec 03, 2009)
Riding the XP train to level-land might not be the future of shooters, at least not as far as Avatar goes. Somewhere, there's a decent game hiding camouflaged in the canopies. When dinging levels leaves you feeling blue, even a Navi eco-terrorist will run for greener pastures.
Game Informer Magazine (Dec 01, 2009)
In the end however, these extra layers can’t fix the subpar combat and disappointing storyline at the game’s core, leaving Avatar a lackluster, though not entirely unpleasant, experience. While forgiving sci-fi fans might still appreciate this intergalactic romp, the average gamer is left with an easy choice: this game is a rental at best.
9lives (Dec 08, 2009)
Avatar: The Game is er jammer genoeg niet in geslaagd de vloek van de 'movie tie-ins' te ontlopen. De gameplay is repetitief en voelt ongeïnspireerd aan, de besturing van de personages laat veel te wensen over en het verhaal mist een goede uitwerking. Op audiovisueel gebied ziet de game er zeker goed uit, maar knappe graphics alleen zijn nu eenmaal niet genoeg om een game interessant te maken. Avatar: The Game is dan ook een gemiste kans die misschien wel een bij momenten leuk tussendoortje kan bieden voor gamers die niet kunnen wachten op de film.
GamingExcellence (Dec 18, 2009)
Avatar certainly avoids a lot of problems associated with being a movie tie-in. A relatively independent story, competent gameplay, and a relatively non-linear experience make for a game that is actually pretty fun. Some of the gameplay can get a little repetitive, however, and levelling up kind of loses its purpose when you can’t choose what you gain from it. Then there’s the lack of variety in the weaponry, and the too-similar humans and Na’vi. Overall, it’s certainly not a bad game, but leaves far too many things to be desired.
MS Xbox World (Jan 19, 2010)
Avatar feels like a lost opportunity. While the jungle and background scenery of the Pandora world are lush and vibrant, it feels like most of the game's budget was put into this one aspect of the title. Immersive background scenery is important, but not at the expense of actual gameplay itself. Gameplay on the whole, is shallow and clichéd following tired old formulas that fail to bring anything new to the shooter table. While there were some interesting ideas in the game such as the dual campaign, the game ultimately falls short in bringing a new experience to players. While Avatar is one of the better movie tie-in titles to be released it still falls far short of what discerning gamers demand from triple A titles. For the five of you out there with a 3D TV set the game may be a must buy, for everyone else we suggest saving your money to see the movie two or three times.
GamersGlobal (Dec 03, 2009)
Avatar strahlt mit jeder Pore aus, dass es zu den Top-Titeln des Weihnachtsquartals gehören möchte. Doch seine mannigfaltigen Defizite sind unübersehbar. Unter der extraterrestrischen Verpackung wartet relativ simple Action-Hausmannskost auf euch -- erfahrene Spieler sind schnell gelangweilt. Dass just ein eng an den zugehörigen Film angebundenes Spiel in der Story- und Charakter-Kategorie so belanglos bleibt, hätten wir nicht gedacht. Als Budget-Titel für Science-Fiction-Fans oder als "Schau mal her"-Spiel für Besitzer von 3D-Equipment mag Avatar interessant sein, ansonsten fällt uns beim besten Willen kein Kaufgrund ein.
Digital Chumps (Dec 11, 2009)
I refuse to say this is another example of why movies don't make good games. Ubisoft did their best with the amount of time they had to work with Avatar. I can see how this game was heading towards greatness, but regretfully they just came up short. The effort was there, unlike other companies that buy movie properties, but the execution wasn't exact.
Spazio Games (Dec 03, 2009)
James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game è un titolo legato a doppia mandata al colossal cinematografico, dal quale prende diversi spunti e funge da anticamera al complesso mondo di Pandora e alle sue interazioni. Per questo motivo visto in un contesto slegato a quello della pellicola il gioco non riesce a brillare di luce propria, limitato da qualità tecniche e ludiche non molto elevate, ma riuscirà probabilmente a divertire e coinvolgere i fan del film, alla ricerca di nuove avventure in questo universo.
Xboxygen (Dec 28, 2009)
Que penser d’Avatar ? Jeu à éviter ? Jeu incontournable ? Aucun des deux. Si on passe un excellent moment en solo malgré quelques défauts, le mode online est quant à lui des plus décevants à cause d’un manque d’équilibrage et de cartes, qui fait qu’on lutte plus pour être dans une équipe que pour jouer. Si vous aimez être emmené dans des paysages oniriques et si le manque d’originalité dans les missions ne vous rebute pas, Avatar est fait pour vous. Mais si vous aimez l’aventure variée et les passionnants affrontements multijoueurs d’anthologie, passez votre chemin. C’est cela Avatar : l’un ou l’autre.
IGN UK (Dec 01, 2009)
Of course, you will anyway. You can't possibly have already played Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands and Assassin's Creed 2 and Uncharted 2 and Bayonetta and Left 4 Dead 2 and The Ballad of Gay Tony and ODST and and and, which makes the very idea of purchasing Avatar just now rampant silliness. The RDA campaign is an adequate action game, but it's never an inspiring, tell all your friends one. It does little to endorse Ubisoft's claim that it's been in development for years, as underneath the admittedly high-detail visuals it's a pretty rudimentary thing. It's a long way better than bilge like the Quantum of Solace, but it's certainly got no sense of a landmark pop-cultural moment, in the way we're repeatedly told the film will. At least, if the film is on a par with its game, we're all in for a terrible disappointment.
60 (Dec 01, 2009)
Interessante per chi magari si scoprirà fanboy dell'opera di Cameron, solo uno dei tanti shooter disponibili per tutti gli altri.
Meristation (Dec 02, 2009)
Donde pocas pegas podemos ponerle es en el apartado visual, sobre todo en el caso de que tengamos un sistema que soporte las 3D estereoscópicas. En caso de no tenerlo, ni siquiera este apartado consigue destacar en esta adaptación cinematográfica. Esperemos que el día 18 de diciembre, las sensaciones de la película de James Cameron mejoren el ‘frio’ que nos ha causado esta fallida adaptación cinematográfica.
60 (Dec 13, 2009)
Avatar is one of the better movie games in existence. It is evident that some hard work was put into the game to make it more enjoyable than your typical movie game. That doesn't make it close perfect. It does score some nice marks for looking good, featuring nice combat mechanics but ultimately falls short on nearly every account. The Na'vi aren't as much fun to play as they ought to be and the RDA feel ultimately generic with their gun toting ways. If you end up being a fan of the movie, you might want to check out the game to explore the world in a more interactive sense but don't think for a second that the gameplay is going to be the reason you stay. If you play this game with low expectations, you'll be impressed but if you're expectations are any higher than that, prepare for disappointment.
As mentioned from the outset, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game really should have been better. It had a lot of the necessary ideas, it had a lot of the time and it has a great premise. It is by no means, a terrible game like Terminator: Salvation. Unfortunately, it’s gone the way of most movie titles. In failing to execute its ideas, we’re left with bloated fetch quest that struggles for meaning and identity. Sure, the use of 3D technology is certainly an interesting hook for those that already have access to it, but you wouldn’t buy such a TV or monitor just to play the game. For now, we’re still left to wait for a time when licensed games will do justice to their source material.
Avatar is a strange game. It's beautiful, and it does things in its own way, which is actually something of a rarity for direct movie licences these days. Sometimes, this works beautifully. Often, it's awkward and unfriendly. It's a beautiful duckling that doesn't turn into a swan.
Game Over Online (Jan 06, 2009)
I’ve probably made Avatar: The Game out to be worse than it is. The problem is I’ve seen Avatar, the movie, and I was profoundly moved by it. I figured the amazing team at Ubisoft Montreal would have been more than capable of doing the source material justice. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. In the end, Avatar: The Game joins a long list of misguided movie-turned-video games.
Worth Playing (Dec 20, 2009)
Sadly, though, all that beauty was wasted on an otherwise subpar game, one that gets the job done but otherwise doesn't bring much to the table. Playing as a member of the RDA can be fun in spurts, but it quickly boils down into a chore. Meanwhile, siding with the Na'vi is about as much fun as being repeatedly kicked in the head, and neither faction's story provides a strong enough narrative or decent incentives to keep playing after you begin to grow bored. James Cameron may be a cinematic mastermind, but it's clear that the team who created Avatar: The Game doesn't share his creative genius.
60 (Dec 21, 2009)
Avatar is a likeable title, but just a tad too dull to warrant investing too much of your time in completing both of its narrative components. Completists might get a kick out of collecting every last item and Pandorapedia article, but everyone else might find themselves getting very bored, very quickly. Still, as far as movie titles go, you could certainly do a lot worse.
Video Game Talk (Dec 30, 2009)
”Avatar: The Game” isn’t one of those rare fantastic tie-ins, but is by no means as haphazard as “Enter the Matrix” or as detached as “Lost: Via Domus.” It’s ultimately an average game due to a fairly solid, cookie cutter campaign and impressive audio/visual presentation. Had the developers wisely used their two years to iron out the bugs and add more depth to the gameplay, rather than throw together a disappointing multiplayer mode, I’d probably recommend this as a purchase, especially for “Avatar” fans. $60 is far too steep a price to pay for the experience; you’re going to get all you need to out of a rental fairly easily and that’s the best way “Avatar: The Game” should be experienced. Rent It.
XboxAchievements (Dec 19, 2009)
There is nothing overly wrong with the world and the gameplay mechanics (which are quite fun to start with) in Avatar, but there is no depth to it. It’s completely shallow and repeating the same mission type over, and over, and over, and over again for 8 hours is nothing but a chore. It’s like playing fetch, and in case Ubisoft Montreal didn’t realise, I’m not a chuffin’ dog! Despite the lengthy development process, it seems that Ubi forgot one key ingredient... to make the game fun. Such a shame really for a game that showed some early potential. In the end, it’s another shallow movie tie-in.
1UP (Dec 01, 2009)
Overall, Avatar's not a bad-looking or playing game -- it's just very average. You may have the whole planet to explore, but your primary objectives boil down to "go to a point, push a button and or kill some guys, then go back to the start." The framework's in place -- a wide array of weapons, big enemies to take down -- but Avatar just doesn't put them in an interesting setting.
GameSpot (Dec 01, 2009)
One of Avatar's main selling points is its use of 3D technology, so if you own a high-definition television equipped with stereoscopy, you may get a kick out of seeing Avatar pop out of your screen. Yet even if you're one of the few lucky enough to see the game this way, no TV yet has the capability of making James Cameron's Avatar: The Game play any better than it does. It's not a bad game, and portions of it are competent, if not quite remarkable. But Avatar wears thin quickly, and the story is too fragile to compensate for the deficiencies.
XGN (Dec 14, 2009)
e setting en wereld van James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is geweldig. Jammer genoeg kan dit niet gezegd worden over het verhaal en de gameplay van het spel.
Gamekult (Dec 03, 2009)
Malgré son statut d'adaptation de blockbuster ultime, Avatar avait su nous inspirer confiance au fil de son développement. Cette version finale n'est hélas pas aussi méritante que ce que l'on pouvait espérer, sans doute trop pressée de débarquer dans les étals juste avant le long métrage. Ainsi, malgré des environnements franchement dépaysants, plutôt vastes et détaillés, le titre se pare vite d'accrocs techniques dont un frame rate trop inconstant qui nuit au plaisir de jeu. Le game design pour sa part reste bien classique et peine à briser la monotonie impliquée par un gameplay beaucoup vu ces derniers temps et troublé par des approximations en tout genre. Bref, en dépit de certains efforts, Avatar laisse un arrière goût d'inachevé et c'est schtroumpfement dommage.
Boomtown (Dec 10, 2009)
The sad truth is that Avatar: The Videogame has published months before it was really finished to meet the deadline of the cinema launch. It's obvious in the stuttering framerate and lack of polish in some areas. If the game had more time - perhaps held back to launch alongside the DVD it might have been better. As it stands Avatar: The Videogame is a pretty mediocre release.
50 (Dec 04, 2009)
Aan een tekort aan ambitie ligt het niet bij Avatar, maar het spel is te simplistisch en repetitief opgezet om leuk te zijn. Het doet zich voor als een RPG, maar resulteert in dom knallen. Het verhaal laat elke kans om interessant te worden schieten en is zelfs ronduit wrang als je alleen als de mensen speelt. Avatar is een gemiste kans. Maar dat het een filmgame is, daar ligt het niet aan deze keer.
50 (UK) (Dec 01, 2009)
Investigating these things on my way out of Pandora for the last time made it all the more disappointing, because as you run around the world itself it's evident how well put together it is. It may be a bit silly with its giant bats and weirdo rhinos, but it's a beautiful place, and that gully and waterfall bit over there would make a great set-piece, and that cliffside section is very atmospheric, and so on. Pandora could well lend itself to a great film, and would lend itself fabulously well to a good third-person action game. Unfortunately, despite Ubisoft providing two third-person action games here for the price of one, both of them are dull and forgettable.
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 18, 2009)
Avatar does look awesome (even better, I'm told, when you're playing in Stereoscopic 3D) but there's so little fun here that your money is better spent elsewhere.
InsideGamer (Dec 07, 2009)
Een verhaal waar je weinig soeps van maakt, een morele keuze die uit de lucht komt vallen, een schietsysteem dat niet werkt en een missiestructuur van heb ik jou daar. Door al deze rotte bomen is het lastig te zien dat er in James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game ook nog een prachtig bos te bekennen is waardoor je de misère even kunt vergeten. Laten we dus hopen dat James Cameron weer tien jaar heel hard gaat zitten nadenken, dan hoeven wij voorlopig niet met zijn games lastiggevallen te worden.
GameSpy (Dec 02, 2009)
But it wouldn't really be worth it, because the basic gameplay of Avatar is so fundamentally flawed that even those few bright spots would only set you up for disappointment. Because, despite the guiding hand of Cameron, Avatar is ultimately just another big-name movie game that doesn't fulfill its early promise.
40 (Dec 07, 2009)
Todavía sin ver la película, mucho me temo que Avatar: el videojuego no le va a hacer justicia. Es una adaptación hecha sin gracia, aburrida y con mil fallos técnicos y de diseño. Uno no puede dejar de preguntarse cómo alguien que ha hecho joyas como Far Cry 2 o Assassin’s Creed nos viene con algo así. Una pena, la verdad, porque creo sinceramente que la licencia tenía mucho jugo y todos los ingredientes para poder triunfar.
Giant Bomb (Dec 11, 2009)
Fancy whiz-bang 3D effects wouldn't do much to rescue the clunky, mundane action here anyway. Avatar, the film, may indeed advance the art of filmmaking as its tremendous hype has portended--the early reviews at the time of this writing are positive enough, anyway--but Avatar: The Game won't change the poor reputation of movie-licensed games one iota.
Destructoid (Dec 06, 2009)
If this game is any indication as to the quality of the movie, then it's safe to say that this is one trip to the theater that you do not need to take.