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GamesCollection (Jan 09, 2011)
Kinect Sports è, sotto certi aspetti, uno dei migliori giochi per il sensore Microsoft finora sul mercato. La facilità d’utilizzo e la simpatia voluta dai programmatori lo rende appetibilissimo davvero per tutti. Diversi sono i momenti di ilarità che offre, dal menu sotto forma di spalto in cui gli spettatori fanno la ola al nostro passaggio agli esilaranti highlights di fine partita che mostrano, in un filmato montato a ritmo di musica, le migliori azioni e i momenti di esultanza finali! Nonostante qualche gioco sia meno intrigante di altri, le possibilità offerte dai minigame e dal comparto multiplayer (locale e online) lo rendono un titolo adatto ad una partitina veloce con gli amici oppure ad una “carriera” in singolo che premierà il duro allenamento! Provate la (scarna) demo gratuita disponibile sul Marketplace Xbox e fatevi un’idea...
Giant Bomb (Nov 12, 2010)
The quality of the games and implementation of the Kinect technology in Kinect Sports make this sports-themed minigame collection more than just another genre also-ran.
Chief (Nov, 2010)
Echt revolutionair is het allemaal niet, maar het zijn wel die evoluties die samen met de besturing van Kinect Sports de nieuwe koning van het 'genre' maken. Spelplezier is verzekerd. Hopelijk ben jij dat ook.
GameSpot (Nov 03, 2010)
There's nothing inherently wrong with multiplayer-focused games, but some sort of single-player progression beyond the option to choose different AI difficulties and earn experience points toward meaningless levels would've been most welcome. Some additional environments in which to play the included sports might also have gone some way in keeping things fresh. The colorful stadiums filled with avatars and the neon-soaked bowling alley where strikes are celebrated with laser light shows and short samples from licensed songs look great, but they never change. And that's the biggest problem with Kinect Sports: You need friends or family around to keep it interesting. If you don't have anyone to play with, you're probably not going to play it at all after checking out all of the events a couple of times. Convince your family to play on a holiday or get together with friends both online and locally, though, and good times are guaranteed.
70 (UK) (Nov 04, 2010)
As a demonstration of the tech, it offers fleeting glimpses rather than a comprehensive examination of the potential of controller-free gameplay – with Kinect Adventures arguably offering superior examples. And it does little to answer questions on the hardware's application in core games further down the line. But as a lively, funny, polished and varied genre title that will slap a smile on the face of the most jaded cynic, Kinect Sports does its job admirably. Just watch out for dangling lights.
70 (Nov 09, 2010)
Gerade Fußball ist ein spielerischer Griff ins Klo und auch das von Lags geplagte Boxen hätte man sehr viel besser umsetzen können - vor allem im Online-Duell sind die wilden Kloppereien nicht lange zu ertragen. Trotzdem zeigt Rare mit Kinect Sports zumindest ansatzweise, dass man mit Microsofts Bewegungstechnologie auch ihren Spaß haben kann, wenn sie richtig eingesetzt wird. Einen Anschaffungsgrund für Kinect stellt diese Minispielsammlung aber nicht dar, denn dafür wird abseits der wenigen Athletik-Disziplinen und den Ausflügen auf die Bowling-Bahn zu wenig Überdurchschnittliches geboten...
XboxAchievements (Nov 03, 2010)
Kinect Sports, as far as launch titles on a new piece of tech go, is actually surprisingly fun. There seems to be a few growing pains, including the fact that the recommended distance between you and the devices stands at 2.5 metres, and there often feels like there's a distinct lack of accurate control. Then there's the odd issue of latency when you up the ante, although, that being said, Kinect Sports will still keep you and your family entertained for a few cold nights this winter. It’ll probably be back in the cupboard come the end of the New Year though, just like Wii Sports was, but it's a fun-loving social title if ever there was one.
The Telegraph (Nov 15, 2010)
As party games go, Kinect Sports is infectiously good fun. It's highly doubtful that this title will be enough to woo Wii owners over to the Xbox 360 on its own. But for players who already own Microsoft's console and a Kinect sensor, it's more than worth a look. Just remember to take note of your surroundings before playing a round of volleyball ...
We Got This Covered (Nov 29, 2010)
Overall, Kinect Sports is a great way to be active and have fun with all your friends. The mini games are new and fun and never get old. Menus are fluid and easy to navigate and every sport is a blast to play. It’s exciting to have to use real physical activity to play video games and it’s certainly fresh and unique. Kinect Sports shows us what potential Kinect has and while it can be polished in certain areas, it’s a great way to experience the XBOX’s newest piece of hardware. Oh, and using your Avatar in game is always awesome!
Brash Games (Nov 27, 2010)
Although inevitably more energetic than the subsequent takes found on the Wii and Move, Kinect Sports nonetheless delivers a host of games that can be enjoyed by just about anyone…..well, you’re Nan might struggle with the hurdles. It’s essentially a great demonstration of what can be achieved with the hardware while leaving just enough room to imagine what could be potentially achieved further down the line. It’s far from perfect but I’ll be damned if it isn’t fun.
70 (Dec 03, 2010)
Sowieso is Kinect Sports net als Wii Sports een game die zowel de plus- als minpunten van de hardware waar het op draait toont en zeker in het begin vaak gespeeld zal worden. Over een half jaar wordt het spel hopelijk vervangen door games die meer inhoud bieden. Dat de sporten niet allemaal evenveel precisie bieden, valt over het algemeen nog wel te overzien, maar is vooral in het geval van boksen erg irritant. Het is ook jammer dat teamsporten niet echt tot leven komen. Bij voetbal blijf je toch denken: had ik maar een controller vast. En dat is een gedachte die Microsoft liever niet op de doos van Kinect zet.
65 (Nov 15, 2010)
Kinect Sports remplit bien son rôle de party-game convivial. Grâce à une reconnaissance déjà bien rodée de vos mouvements et à une précision irréprochable dans la majorité des disciplines, le Wii Sports de la 360 réunit très vite un groupe de potes ou une famille entière autour de sa caméra. Toutefois, si vous n'êtes pas adepte du scoring et si vous vous lassez rapidement, cette compilation de six sports risque de ne pas faire long feu dans votre ludothèque. Il va également de soi que Kinect Sports ne se destine qu'à un usage multi même si le online est plutôt bâclé. Appréciable mais pas forcément indispensable !
Games TM (Nov 25, 2010)
Lushly presented, and with enough of that trademark Rare with to keep you smiling, it's inoffensive enough fare before the real games arrive, but it's going nowhere Nintendo's not been already.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 15, 2011)
Silly cut-scenes and boring replays further delay the action, and the load screens are pretty long as well. It's fun when you're moving, but the cumbersome interface prevents Kinect Sports from fully hitting its stride.
Micro Hebdo (Jan 13, 2011)
Doté de graphismes agréables et colorés et d'une bande-son soignée, ce titre ne délivre son plein potentiel qu'à plusieurs. En effet, en solo on tourne vite en rond en cherchant à améliorer ses records.

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