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Joystiq (Feb 07, 2012)
Again, though, these are tiny quibbles in an otherwise sterling production. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning presents a world that is immaculately crafted and beautiful, yet still simple and accessible. Every corner reveals a person in need, a treasure to collect, a secret to uncover, a battle to wage. I don't know how much more time I'll spend in Amalur (dozens of hours? hundreds?), but I plan on savoring every minute.
Gaming Nexus (Feb 07, 2012)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a hell of a way to start 2012. Deep, polished gameplay wrapped around an interesting and engulfing universe with all of the bells and whistles RPG and action game lovers crave spread across enough content to keep you busy for months. And that is just for your first play through; this universe will call you back again and again.
Digital Chumps (Feb 06, 2012)
As I continue to play Amalur and try to find the edges of its vast expanse, I am continually delighted and entertained. I cannot recall a game that I have played that was so detailed and on such a huge scale. True, most things that KOAR does are not revolutionary -- but everything it brings it brings in an all-in manner, and the years of development that went into this experience at the hands of many talented folks is clear from the first hour.
NZGamer (Feb 08, 2012)
"Compelling", "engrossing", and "heaps of fun" are a few words that spring to mind when talking about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, but none of them do it justice. This has to be one of the hits of 2012 and it's only (barely!) February.
ZTGameDomain (Feb 14, 2012)
For what it’s worth, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an amazing game. I can’t suggest it enough. RPG fans will fall in love with the customization of both your character and equipment, action fans will love the thought out combat and fantasy fans will love the lore and story. There’s really something here for everyone, so much so that you may be put off by it all. I would say stick to the factions and main story quest lines if you start getting a little bored with the side quests. Even just doing those will give you over 25 hours of game play. For $60 you get a lot of game with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Is that game good? Absolutely.
GamingTrend (Feb, 2012)
I almost wish I didn’t have to review Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. A game like this isn’t meant to be powered through. Instead, you are encouraged to take your time, get to know the world and the inhabitants of it, and savor the universe surrounding you. This is a game that I want to be playing when not playing it. I wanted to see what new weapons I could get, what new equipment would show up, and see where the storyline would go to. The combat really sets the game apart, and once you play Reckoning you’ll notice how stiff the combat in other RPGs is. I have to hand it to 38 Studios and Big Huge Games with their first RPG attempt. They have not only hit a home run, they hit it out of the park.
RPGFan (Feb 07, 2012)
There's a lot more than can be said about this game than I could ever communicate in a review, but this is one that I feel especially strongly about. This is a game designed by lovers of RPGs, for lovers of RPGs. It sidesteps much of the typical issues and tedium found in the different subgenres of the role-playing game in elegant ways, offers brutal and inventive combat, a huge world full of lore and characters to steep yourself in, sky-high production values, and hours upon hours of content. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was clearly a labor of love from creative people with the ways and means to bring their ideas to fruition, and it shows.
Totally Gaming Network (Mar 07, 2012)
Ultimately, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a game for the nerdiest RPG aficionado AND the regular Joe who wants just a splash of fantasy. Featuring wonderfully original graphics, gameplay that is fun and approachable, and a story that entertains without entrapment, this game is definitely worth a spin. But even in light of all it does right, Amalur’s greatest accomplishment is boasting a very complex and intricate game while giving the appearance of something straightforward and effortless.
TeamXbox (Feb 07, 2012)
In closing, if you love any or all of the following - RPGs, rich fantasy worlds, action games - Reckoning is a rich action RPG with a deep narrative, even deeper character customization, and plenty of content right out of the box. Go get this game. It's not a perfect first title, but enough about it is truly great that very few would be upset about the depth of this game in both story and gameplay. It is good enough that it is already on my short list of games to bring up in ten months, during game of 2012 talks.
D+PAD Magazine (Mar 22, 2012)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has a lot to put you off of it. The silly name, the long introduction, even the involvement of a D&D author and a toy designer/creator of Spawn are things which could switch people off. But people are wrong. You’ve met people, you know what they’re like. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a hoot to play. It feels like Fable done right, like a third person Skyrim edited to a workable size. It’s smaller than the actual Skyrim, it’s more contained, but everything you do makes you feel dramatic, like a hero, all from the start, and it gets bigger from there. And isn’t that what epic fantasy should feel like?
90 (Feb 17, 2012)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a cracker of a game. Now I’m not going to spoil you experience of this beautiful game by talking about the excellent plot, but please don’t think that’s because it rubbish. As far as fantasy games go this is up there with the very best and, thanks largely to the involvement of R.A. Salvatore, feels both epic and relate-able. You do feel like you are awesome and that a great responsibility thus rests on your shoulders, and that you start as a player in a much larger scheme, but also that individuals matter and the mystery surrounding some of them is refreshing and pulls you through the game with both interest and appeal.
IGN (Feb 06, 2012)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning isn't the perfect game. Its random technical hiccups and inconsistent art style certainly holds it back from even higher levels of greatness. But no matter what you're looking for, whether it be amazing gameplay, immersive storytelling or perhaps a riveting new world to explore as you fully customize and re-customize your character at will, Reckoning has it all. And after I jump back into my own game to clean up all of the optional stuff I didn't do, I sense I'll want even more. And yes, so will you.
AusGamers (Feb 08, 2012)
(...) Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is one hell of a game. It leads the way for action RPGs bringing with it a whole new level of awesomeness to combat without sacrificing expansive plotlines or an incredibly immersive world. I sprinted through the entire game (literally) without knocking out a single side quest, avoiding anything that wasn’t directly in my way and it still took me nearly 40 hours. Yep. I speed ran my way through this baby and I still haven’t had even close to enough. Now leave me alone. I hear I’ve got another 160 or so hours worth of stuff to knock out. I’ll see you next month.
85 (Mar 01, 2012)
2nd review Kingdoms of Amalur is a surprising newcomer to the western role playing genre. Instead of focusing on the story, Big Huge Games focused on a fluid combat system and creating a beautiful world to fight in. While the story and quests are far from innovating, it shouldn’t detract you from playing one of the best games of the year so far.
Spazio Games (Feb 08, 2012)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning non è un gioco perfetto. L'esplorazione e l'atmosfera non sono al livello di quelle viste in Skyrim, tecnicamente lascia un po' a desiderare, e lunghi caricamenti rovinano in parte l'esperienza. Eppure, nonostante queste mancanze, non possiamo non premiarlo. Il titolo creato da 38 Studios e Big Huge Games è gigantesco, ricco d'azione, profondo, e vanta un sistema di crescita del proprio alter ego tra i più appaganti di sempre. Prendetevi un amaro da sorseggiare durante i loading screen, e godetevi uno dei migliori GDR di sempre.
Armchair Empire, The (Mar 02, 2012)
Offering much more action-heavy gameplay and battling with weapons and magic than Skyrim, but lacking some of Skyrim’s RPG complexity, Kingdoms of Amalur is still a long-lasting, adventurous game that will provide plenty of fantasy-infused dungeon-crawling fun.
1UP (Feb 07, 2012)
Reckoning stands as a triumph; it's a first-time RPG from a studio known for RTS games, and a new property from a new company. It's a bold and audacious game that impresses me enough to wonder what its follow-up will be like. And, to circle back, it reminds me of the first time I heard The College Dropout: I can trace its roots and identify what he's sampling from, but overall, it's a damn good first effort.
82 (Feb 12, 2012)
Overall, 38 Studios is off to a strong start as a development studio. While Amalur doesn’t do anything groundbreaking, the game knows what it wants to be and does it well. Amalur will give action-RPG fans tired of Skyrim or gamers looking for a new series that are tired of sequels.
GameTrailers (Feb 07, 2012)
Though it leans a little too heavily on well-trod genre conventions, there’s no denying that Reckoning has a whole lot to offer in terms of sheer breadth. Similarly, though the challenge tapers off dramatically toward the end, its combat is welcoming, gratifying, and hypnotic. There’s been no shortage lately of all-consuming RPGs that span dozens upon dozens of hours. If you’ve got room on your plate for one more, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is definitely worth a look.
Giant Bomb (Feb 07, 2012)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning creates an interesting world and gives you good combat options, but the whole thing overstays its welcome a bit.
Destructoid (Feb 07, 2012)
For anyone who needs little more than a sword, a shield, and some monsters to annihilate, there are few games more committed to delivery. For those addicted to looting dungeons and crafting increasingly arcane magic gloves, there are few games more willing to serve the goods. For those who want an RPG free of pretense and utterly devoted to indulgence, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is your game.
Game Informer Magazine (Feb 07, 2012)
Despite its problems, Reckoning is a good game with a lot of stuff worth checking out. But even with all of the talent backing it, it’s just on the edge of being something much greater than it is. For a game that’s all about breaking out of the confines of fate, it’s a shame that so much of the content feels stuck within such narrow conventions.
80 (UK) (Feb 07, 2012)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning does all the boring, difficult parts of RPG game design very well, and marries them to exceptionally slick combat and a towering stack of stuff to do. This well-oiled machine keeps you motoring through all the sludgy fantasy cliché and through a sluggish first act. Then - just as the world opens out and the story picks up traction - that motor really starts to sing. That's when a solid, workmanlike game becomes one that's virtually impossible to put down.
Inside Gaming (Feb 07, 2012)
Yes, Reckoning is a Big Huge game. The sum of those parts don’t all gel together in some kind of revolutionary way, but the influence from them stands out sufficiently that fans any of those games will find something to love here. Be prepared for the long haul if you intend to see the epic conclusion, but don’t expect the next generation in open world free option exploration, though allegedly there are numerous conclusions…but that will take just another epic wade through this world to discover.
Games TM (Feb 07, 2012)
It is, however, weaker in characterisation and dialogue, which can often be flicked through and ignored to pick up another mission, and questing is largely of an MMO ‘go here, kill that, collect this’ nature – mostly uninspiring with a few exceptions. But somehow, despite being made of patchwork parts, it is never less than good fun to play and, at its best, a surprisingly intense experience – all credit due there to the twitchy and intelligently designed combat system. Reckoning is a big, meaty game that will thoroughly satisfy both RPG and action fans, and if you are a Skyrim player, then you should definitely make room for this too. You’ll love it.
80 (Feb 10, 2012)
Destiné à une catégorie de rôlistes privilégiant un habillage soigné et une bonne accessibilité à l'originalité, Les Royaumes d'Amalur : Reckoning parvient sans problème à tirer son épingle du jeu face aux autres productions actuelles. Bénéficiant d'un design très réussi et d'un système de combat réjouissant, ce RPG haut en couleur aurait même pu atteindre l'excellence si ses développeurs avaient fait preuve de plus d'audace.
Splitkick (Mar 28, 2012)
It’s a shame that Reckoning feels like a 25-hour game stretched into a 45-hour one. The world uses a static enemy level system, forcing players to grind side quests to progress. Because progression is tied to geography I could never become fully invested in each questline, having to constantly switch gears as the story took me into an area over my character’s head. I would have eagerly traded ten hours of fetch quests to get a proper ending to the “bonus” faction, let alone the poor excuse of a thieves guild. That said, the fluid combat, gorgeous art direction, and twist-heavy quest lines carried the experience for me. If you’re patient with it, the core gameplay and plot are well worth the $60.
79 (Feb 07, 2012)
Machen wir uns nix vor: Lässt man Kingdoms of Amalur als klassisches Rollenspiel gegen Skyrim & Co. in den Ring steigen, dürfte von Reckoning nur noch Staub übrig bleiben. Denn was das Design als auch die Immersion und Spieltiefe der Welt betrifft, können sich die 38 Studios und Big Huge Games nicht mit Bethesda messen. Als beute- und kampforientierte moderne Variante eines Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance ist Amalur jedoch richtig gut - teilweise sogar sehr gut. Es ist im Prinzip genau das, worauf ich seit den Champions of Norrath und Dungeons & Dragons Heroes seit Jahren gewartet habe.
GameSpot (Feb 07, 2012)
How much you love Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning depends on what you look for in a role-playing game. Let's say you long for a pervasive sense of time and place, for a great story featuring memorable characters, or for varied quests given weight by superb context. If that's you, then Kingdoms of Amalur will disappoint. Then again, you might want wonderful battles against cool creatures, terrific looting and leveling, and lots of ways to customize your skills and equipment. If so, then this is the world you should inhabit. The context is hardly inspired, but you'll be having so much fun that you may not care.
XboxAchievements (Feb 13, 2012)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning offers fantastic combat, a decent story, intuitive menus and the occasional visual flourish. Yet it's almost entirely lacking in creativity.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is not all bad, it’s just very bland. For a game that was in development for roughly seven years, the different gameplay systems don’t seem all that well-thought-out. And perhaps the lengthy development also explains why Amalur brings absolutely nothing fresh to the table. It simply lacks its own identity, instead being a Frankenstein’s monster of cobbled-together pieces from several other, more distinct games.
GamesCollection (Jul 02, 2012)
Il titolo di KoA in sintesi è estremamente valido e giocabile, vuoi anche perchè il “noleggio” del meglio delle caratteristiche di diversi titoli in commercio è estremamente ben equilibrato ed accostato e la narrazione la fa veramente da padrona. In genere non delude, è avvincente e ben duraturo. Se volete giocare un Fable e sentirvi un Dio dell'Olimpo, vivere un esperienza artisticamente colorata e con un gameplay veloce ed immediato senza eccedere in una difficoltà troppo avanzata questo è il gioco che fa per voi, vi porterà a vivere epiche leggende facendovi amare un genere in cui sembrava che nulla più si potesse inventare.
Edge (Feb 07, 2012)
Amalur’s problem, like so many ideas in Reckoning, is its refusal to ask too much of the player. Clarity should be championed – in interface, control and item management – but not to the extent that the world is laid bare. Part of the appeal of RPGs is losing yourself in a virtual place, which is impossible if the entire game is a deliberately beaten track. For these reasons, Amalur is a very easy world to drop in and out of – if only Skyrim were so willing to share us with our real lives – but it is never a place where we can truly put down roots. And all this is a shame, since Salvatore’s encyclopaedic creation is something worth investing in.
Calm Down Tom (Feb 23, 2012)
So in the end Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a strange game. Its exactly the sort of title that industry pundits say don’t exist any more: a mid range title of middling quality that’s neither a AAA release or an indie darling. Its a Fisher Price Oblivion, a “My First RPG” experience that gets many of the fundamentals right but fails to add anything truly new or exciting. Its hard to see who you could recommend it to because you could spend sixty hours with it and you wouldn’t hate it, but you wouldn’t remember it either. If you love RPG’s, there’s simply too many better options out there.