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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Screenshots (Xbox 360)

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Game menu
Loading screen
One the top left are indicators for life, fate and mana. Below are the arrows you can fire ... they refill automatically!
Managing your private stash. Item quality is color coded.
Dialog sequence
You can reskill your character ... provided you have the required money
Equipment screen with item details
Quest log
Skill trees
Destinies are additional perks you can select based on your skills
Each unlocked move is described in detail including an animation
Map with fast travel spots
Here you can shop items
Important dialog options are marked in blue
People providing quests have the exclamation mark
Ingame movies feature a different graphics style
Loot can be obtained from either treasure chests or corpses.
You can also harvest plants for ingredients
Those spots also provide loot in water areas
Inside a cave with a crashed boat
Combat is fun and well paced. Some attacks and special moves are mapped to buttons as can be seen in the lower right corner.
Some areas can only be reached by jumping at special spots
Introduction movie of a newly discovered area
The game features a lot of different outdoor areas, here is some woodland
Do not get caught while looting this one!
Hidden objects are scattered all over the world. They can be easily detected with the right skill though
Some treasure chests are locked
Killing enemies grants fate, which can be collected and used in critical combats to gain the advantage
Weaker enemies always appear with their buddies.
This is a merchants screen
Lore stones provide information
If you activate your Fate, the screen changes color and enemies will slow down
Once an enemy is near death, you can start a special kill move to regain some fate
Harvested reagents can be used to create potions and other items.
Before you can create them you have to experiment with the ingredients
This mini game is played to open magically locked containers
What lies beyond this valley?
Sometimes, you have a chance to influence the outcome of dialogues.
Another area featuring grasslands