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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Screenshots (Xbox 360)

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Start screen
First scenes from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
Make use of each characters special abilities to solve puzzles
Indy uses his whip to swing across chasms
Watch out for the crocodiles
Rafting with a shovel
Collectible: Treasure
Beware of traps
Some puzzles can only be solved by team play
Indy swaps the idol ... that was close
Or not ... the rock ball is on the loose
Fix broken machines with the wrench
Level results
Your central hub, Barnett college
Buy new characters in the library
Enter cheats in the class room
Buy parcels to unlock ingame cheats
Some areas can only be reached by certain characters. Use a female character with the flowery spots to jump higher.
Indy can use enemy guns as well
Silver objects can only be destroyed by explosions
You need to disguise yourself before you can open this door.
Level select
Throw the monkey a banana to receive an item
Camel riders attack
You need a small character to enter this tight space
Decipher the hieroglyphs to open secret areas or receive items
The game is full with puzzles
Finally, the Ark
Infiltrating a submarine base
Selecting which movie to play
"Temple of Doom" starts in Shanghai
"The Last Crusade" starts in Venice
Escaping with your Dad
Inside the zeppelin
Your car is overtaken by a plane
Paratroopers drop in to attack
Some weird hairy dude in a secret area
As usual, there are many characters to unlock
Young Indy in the bonus level
Another bonus level is just plain Lego fun